By Dean Kim


This movie blew me away, it was a lot better than I expected and even though it is a Disney animated movie it deals with every modern day issues in-depth and they did a fantastic job doing it.

When I first saw the trailer, I just thought this is going to be a movie with cute animals in their little animal world called Zootopia. Well I was wrong. In the movie all the animals live in the world where they are so called ‘civilized’ means that predators and prey live in same space and predators do not eat prey and they co-exist in society. However the animals who live in this world still has inherent characteristics of what kind of animal they are; which, I think it made the movie very interesting. The main character Judy Hops is the first bunny cop who teams up with a sly con-man fox named Nick Wilde. These two oddly matched partners try to solve a crime of missing animals.

That is the basic plot of the story. Even though the plot seems really simple, throughout the movie many social issues of modern society are discussed such as: stereotypes, racism, discrimination and parts of the movie involved a lot of politics. This reminded me a lot of the movie, Inside Out which came out last year. It was also animated film that dealt with very mature issue of human emotions. Even though these movies look like they are aimed for children, I see no reason why adults cannot enjoy these films. I would even say for Zootopia, more adults would have fun looking at social issues through the lens of cute animals.

I think this movie was very well made. I think they did a really good job with writing because the adults who are watching this have directly or indirectly experienced the issues that are being dealt in the movie, and that makes people relatable to these cute characters. At least for adult audiences they could really feel what these animated charters were going through. Some situations in this movie are so real and close to real life that you begin to take very word they say very seriously.

For kids it was a good movie, I think it had decent humor in it and the character designs were good to children love these characters. My concern was that this movie felt like they focused to adult audience a bit more than they did for “Inside Out” and I can see some kids will get bored watching this film. However as they grow up I feel like they will begin to understand this movie better and realize what the movie was trying to show.

Overall I really enjoyed this film. Even if you are an adult; I still really encourage you to get some friends and go watch this movie. This film is very relatable to a lot of people out there and I think they conveyed the material they wanted to very effectively.



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