Starring: James Franco, Kate Mara, Amber Tamblyn


Verdict: 127 Hours quotes are immersive in the most gut wrenching sense but leave you feeling cathartic. The story itself is a fantastic look at the strength of the human spirit and takes you to the edge and back. Danny Boyle has taken what could be labeled as an unwatchable movie and turned it into an engrossing tale that signifies human triumph and perseverance without sentimentality.


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[first lines; Aron’s phone rings and goes to answering machine]
Aron Ralston: Hey, Aron here. Leave a message.
[beep of answering machine goes off and we hear a voice message being left]
Sonja Ralston: Hey Aron, it’s Sonja here again. I knew that you’re probably going to be away this weekend, but listen just think about what we’re gonna play, please. Cause we have to decide and we really need to practice, okay. Anyway, it will be fun. I promise. And oh, please call mom, please cause she worries, which you know already. Okay. Later A, bye.


[whilst he’s still driving Aron turn on his camera round to himself and starts recording]
Aron Ralston: Hey, it’s Friday night, April 25th, two thousand three. I’m just heading through Canyon lands. Just me, the music and the night. Love it!


[talking into his camera that’s mounted on the handlebars of his bicycle]
Aron Ralston: Blue John Canyon. Guidebook says four and a half hours to the big drop propel, I aim to take forty five minutes off that.
[he starts riding his bicycle again]



[Aron comes upon two girls during his tour of the Canyon]
Aron Ralston: Hey.
Megan: Whoa…
Aron Ralston: You doin’ Blue John too, huh?
Kristi: Uh…no. Actually we’re headed for the Dome. But I think we’re lost.
Megan: She’s lost.
Aron Ralston: Hang on.
[Aron scrambles down towards them]
Kristi: Oh my God.
Megan: God.
Aron Ralston: Let’s see this.
[he looks at their map]
Aron Ralston: You are here.
[pointing to the map]
Kristi: We are?
Aron Ralston: Hmmhmm.
Kristi: Oh yeah, yeah. I knew that! I knew that! I knew that!
Aron Ralston: And…and the Dome is there.
Kristi: Oh!
Aron Ralston: Umm…I could take you that way if you like.
[the girls look at each other not sure what to say, then he gets that he still has his bandanna on his face]
Aron Ralston: Sorry. The uh…Friday the 13th there, Child-Killer look.
[he gets the bandanna off his face]
Aron Ralston: I’m only a psychopath on weekdays. And it’s Saturday, so…
[the girls still look apprehensive]
Aron Ralston: I can’t take this off. It’s my face.


[he sticks out his to introduce himself to the girls]
Aron Ralston: Aron.
[Kristi shakes his hand]
Kristi: Kristi. Allow me to introduce you to my friend, Megan.
[Megan shakes his hand]
Megan: Nice to meet you.
Aron Ralston: An honor.
[they laugh]
Aron Ralston: What do you say? You’re lost. I’m a guide. I’m good.
Megan: Why not.
Kristi: Sure.
Aron Ralston: All right. This way.


[whilst hiking]
Megan: So you biked from Horseshoe, huh? What is that like, twenty miles?
Aron Ralston: Seventeen on the odometer.
Megan: [teasing] Oh, oh. I thought it was seventeen point two?
Aron Ralston: Uh…seventeen point three, actually.
Megan: Ah, you’re one of those.
Aron Ralston: I’m not one of those.
Kristi: You spend a lot of time out here?
Aron Ralston: It’s my second home.


Aron Ralston: Ah, see? There’s the fork right there.
Kristi: Oh. Okay. I totally missed that. Glad we bumped into you.
Aron Ralston: Yeah.
Megan: Yeah. What are the odds, considering we’re all the way out here?
Aron Ralston: Exactly. You go to the one place in America you’re pretty much guaranteed not to run into a weirdo and what happens!
[he starts running towards the fork]
Aron Ralston: All right. So the guide book says that the rout’s through here, but I know a better way. The cool way. Guaranteed best time you can have with your clothes on. Although, it’s better with your clothes off. It is a bit of a climb.
[the girls reply in unison]
Kristi and Megan: We climb.
And a bit of squeeze.
[the girls reply in unison]
Kristi and Megan: We squeeze.


[whilst squeezing between the narrow walls of the fork]
Kristi: So you get us all the way back in here and then you tell us that you are not a guide.
Aron Ralston: Well, no. I’m an engineer. This is what I really wanna do.
Megan: That’s wonderful. You know I…I’ve always wanted to be a supermodel but I don’t think that’s actually really gonna work out. You know?
[they all laugh]127-hours-1
Megan: Jesus! What if these things move?
Kristi: They’ve been here for millions of years. They’re not gonna move!
Aron Ralston: Sure they will.
Megan: What?
Aron Ralston: Yeah. Everything’s moving all the time. But just hope not today.
Megan: Great!


[whilst they are lodged in between the narrow fork walls]
Aron Ralston: All right. Now, all you gotta remember is that everything will be okay.
[he suddenly lets go of his hands and legs from the wall and drops down]
Kristi: Oh my God! Oh my God!
[Aron drops into the water below]
Megan: [shouting] Aron! Are you okay? Aron? Aron?
[he comes up through the water and stars singing]


[relieved they listen to Aron singing]
Kristi: He’s fine!
Megan: He’s bad shit!
[Aron hears Megan shouting from above]
Megan: You’re bad shit!
Aron Ralston: Come on! You gotta come down here!
[we see the girls listening to Aron]
Aron Ralston: Trust me!
Kristi: Trust you? I’ll kill you Aron Ralston!
Megan: Oh, please! You love this!
[they laugh and Kristi suddenly lets of her hands and legs and drops down]


[shouting up to Megan]
Aron Ralston: Megan, you’re missing it!
Kristi: Come on! It’s amazing!
[we see Megan still holding on in between the narrow fork walls]
Megan: Fuck! Fuck!
Kristi: Just jump!
Megan: Fuck! Fuck!
Aron Ralston: Just jump, Megan!
Megan: Fuck!
[she suddenly lets go and drops down]


[whilst hiking through the canyon]
Aron Ralston: So, Blue John is named after this guy, Blue John who was Butch Cassidy’s cook. From you know, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Wild Bunch gang.
Kristi: Ah, that’s cool.
Megan: Yeah.
Aron Ralston: And they would hideout in these canyons, I guess. But also what they do is, they run horses, wild horses into here, and they trap ’em at the end of the canyon.
Kristi: Wow!
Megan: No way.
Aron Ralston: That’s how they’d catch the horses.


Aron Ralston: Well, will I ever see you again?
Megan: That depends. Do you party?
[the girls laugh]
Aron Ralston: Do I party? Uh…yeah, sometimes.
Megan: Okay. Tomorrow night we’re actually, seriously, throwing a party if you wanna come.
Aron Ralston: Yeah.
Kristi: Yeah, you should come by and have a beer. Kick back.
Aron Ralston: Okay, where am I goin’?
Megan: Uh…it’s about twenty miles away, near Green River. You know the old motel, it’s…it’s behind that. There’s gonna be a huge inflatable Scooby Doo. You can’t miss it.
Aron Ralston: Really?
Megan: Yeah.
Kristi: Yep.127-hours-2
Aron Ralston: Okay. Cool.
Megan: Okay.
Aron Ralston: It was good to meet ya. See ya.
[he turns and jogs away from them]
Megan: Bye! Scooby Doo!
[whilst jogging away]
Aron Ralston: Yeah! Rock on!


[referring to Aron after he’s left them]
Megan: Do you think he’s actually gonna show up?
Kristi: I don’t think we figured in his day at all.
Megan: Oh!
Kristi: You liked him.
[they both laugh]


[after falling between the crack in surface of the canyon and trapping his right hand and trying desperately to free his hand]
Aron Ralston: This is insane!



[whilst trying desperately to move the rock to free his trapped hand]
Aron Ralston: Move this fucking rock!


[after realizing he’s drunk most of his water supply]
Aron Ralston: Should have saved it. Oh, God!


[he looks at his watch which shows time is 3.14, he looks above and starts shouting]
Aron Ralston: Kirsti! Megan! Kristi! It’s Aron! Megan! Kristi….
[camera pans out showing he’s fallen so far into the canyon slit that there would be no way anyone could hear him]



[talking into his camera for the first time after his fall and being trapped for 24 hours]
Aron Ralston: It’s three oh five on Sunday, April twenty seventh, two thousand three. Uh…this marks twenty fours hours of being stuck in Blue John Canyon, right where it slots up before the big drop. My name is Aron Ralston, my parents are Donna and Larry Ralston of Englewood, Colorado. Um..whoever find this can keep the…the recorder, uh…just please try and get in touch with my parents and…and give them this tape. I’d appreciate it. Uh…I was descending Blue John yesterday uh…when this uh…chuck stone came lose….
[he pans the camera towards the stone where his arm is trapped]
Aron Ralston: …and rolled on to my arm. Now it’s stuck. And the thumb is kinda of this grey, blue color. It’s been without circulation for twenty four hours. So I think it’s pretty well gone. I’m low on food.
[he shakes his water bottle in front of the camera]
Aron Ralston: Uh…that’s about three hundred, four hundred mill. And that’s it for water.
[he pauses and looks into the camera]
Aron Ralston: I’m in pretty deep doo-doo here.


[a shower of stones and dirt comes down on him from above]
Aron Ralston: [shouting] Hello! Please there’s someone down here! Help! I’m in the canyon! Help! Help! Help! Help!
[when he stops shouting all he can hear is his own voice echoing back to him]


[talking to himself]
Aron Ralston: Don’t lose it. Aron, do not lose it!


[he has flash back to when his mom left him a voice message as he was coming out of the shower]
Aron’s Mom: Aron, it’s mum. I was hoping to catch you. Are you there? Hello? Okay, nothing urgent. Dad’s in New York, so it’ll be a quite weekend. Call me, okay? Lots of love.



Total Quotes: 45

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