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Love, Simon

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Tomb Raider

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Death Wish

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Red Sparrow

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Black Panther

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The Cloverfield Paradox

Review By: Joseph M. Flint

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Latest Reader-Submitted Movie Reviews

October (2018) Movie Review

By Kishor Barua – “October is not a love story”, that’s how it was promoted and after watching this movie I do agree with this, it’s…

Dunkirk (2017) Movie Review

By Phillip Guy Ellis – When you bother to look at the European map when you think about the war you realize just how close…

Rampage (2018) Movie Review

By Yousef – Rampage is a monster movie which is inspired by a game with the same name, directed by Brad Peyton starring…

Love, Simon (2018) Movie Review

By Cameron – Love, Simon is a new movie that came out very recently and it’s revolutionary as it’s the first main stream movie…

Get Out (2017) Movie Review

By Jason McBride – Hype is great for ticket sales, but not so great when it comes to the critics. A big target is an easy target…

I, Daniel Blake (2016) Movie Review

By Phillip Guy Ellis – Director Ken Loach is a bit like public service – we know we need it but we don’t like paying for it, and with…

Twilight (2008) Movie Review

By Cameron – I wonder how Bram Stoker the creator of Dracula would react to the modern age of vampires, How they’re nothing…

Patriots Day (2016) Movie Review

By Phillip Guy Ellis – A recent trend in an increasingly non creative Hollywood (apart from big budget action comic book movies…

Game Night (2018) Movie Review

By Cameron – Just this weekend I saw Game Night. (Please don’t tell me how late I am. I Know.) Anyway with Blockers right…

99 Homes (2015) Movie Review

By Phillip Guy Ellis – In the 1970s, people who got mortgages and bought houses were the type of people who paid their…

Annihilation (2018) Movie Review

By Michael Kalafatis – Annihilation opens in a government facility located on a southern coast called Area X, Lena a professor in…

Arrival (2016) Movie Review

By Phillip Guy Ellis – So Arrival, the much talked about cerebral Science Fiction film of 2016-17, the only Best Picture Oscar…

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