Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Aylin Tezel, Carlo Kitzlinger, Paul Wollin, Omid Memar



Amazon Studios’s drama thriller directed by Patrick Vollrath. The story follows co-pilot Tobias (Gordon-Levitt), on a flight from Berlin to Paris, where shortly after takeoff, terrorists armed with makeshift knives suddenly storm the cockpit, seriously wounding the pilot, Michael (Carlo Kitzlinger), and slashing Tobias’s arm. As a fight begins between the crew and attackers, the cockpit door becomes a battleground, and Tobias ends up being the arbiter over life and death.


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[as she kisses Tobias]
Gökce: Babe.
Tobias Ellis: What?
Gökce: What did you eat today?
Tobias Ellis: What do you mean?
Gökce: You smell.
[Tobias laughs]


[as he enters the cockpit]
Michael Lutzmann: Nice airplane. Two wings, two engines.
Tobias Ellis: Sounds good.


[referring to Tobias and one of the flight attendants, Gökce]
Michael Lutzmann: You guys seem to know each other.
Tobias Ellis: Yeah, we try to keep our professional lives separate. But, yeah.
Michael Lutzmann: What, you’re married?
Tobias Ellis: We’re not married yet, but we have a boy at home.


[referring to the passengers]
Gökce: Are you ready for boarding, guys?
Michael Lutzmann: Oh, we were born ready.


Michael Lutzmann: So for how long have you been flying, so far?
Tobias Ellis: About ten years now.
Michael Lutzmann: Wow. How old are you?
Tobias Ellis: Thirty-one.
Michael Lutzmann: Wow, you look younger, definitely.


[to the passengers]
Michael Lutzmann: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Your captain. My name is Michael Lutzmann. On behalf of the entire crew and ESW, I’d like to welcome you on our flight to Paris. You’ve probably heard that boarding is completed. That means all passengers are on board, so we should be able to leave our position on scheduled time. My colleague Mr. Tobias Ellis will fly you tonight, and we’ll come back to you with some more information during cruise flight. For the time being, I hope you feel comfortable aboard, wish you a nice day, and thank you for your trust in us.


[after Michael has been injured by terrorists]
Tobias Ellis: Michael?
Michael Lutzmann: I’m fine.
Tobias Ellis: Okay.
Michael Lutzmann: Just focus now on bringing down the airplane.


Bremen Radar: [over radio] European 162, what’s your emergency?
Tobias Ellis: We have a seven-five-zero-zero.
Bremen Radar: Okay, understood. Could you explain what happened?
Tobias Ellis: This is Tobias Ellis, the first officer, speaking. The captain is injured, but he’s okay. Several men attacked our cockpit. We stopped them for now. One of them is still in the cockpit. He’s unconscious, the rest are in the cabin. The status of the crew, I don’t know. I just hope they’re safe in the back.


[as Tobias is trying to to tie the unconscious terrorist, Kenan, in the cockpit]
Bremen Radar: European 162, can you read me? What’s your status?
Tobias Ellis: I have control of the airplane, but I need a minute!
Bremen Radar: Roger. We will stand by.


Bremen Radar: European 162, federal police just confirmed you have no sky marshals on board. Do you have any other information?
Tobias Ellis: No, I don’t have any other information.
Bremen Radar: Okay, do you know how the rest of the crew is doing?
Tobias Ellis: Yeah, one flight attendant is wounded or probably dead. The others, I still don’t know. I hope they’re safe.


Bremen Radar: You know how many hijackers are on board?
Tobias Ellis: I counted four. There could be more in the back of the plane, I don’t know.
Bremen Radar: Are they armed?
Tobias Ellis: I don’t know. I didn’t see real weapons. It’s glass. They made knives out of glass.
Bremen Radar: Okay, got it.


[after Tobias unsuccessfully attempts CPR on Michael]
Tobias Ellis: European 162. I’m with you again.
Bremen Radar: European 162, what’s going on? What happened?
Tobias Ellis: The captain is dead.
Bremen Radar: S**t. I’m sorry.


Tobias Ellis: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking. We have full control over the airplane. A moment ago several men tried to enter the cockpit, but we prevented it. We’ll be making an emergency landing in Hannover in about twenty minutes. In the meantime, please try to remain calm. Fasten your seat belts.


Tobias Ellis: European 162, they have a hostage. They’re going to kill him if I don’t open the door.
Bremen Radar: I’m sorry, but you know that under no circumstances you’re allowed to let them into the cockpit.
Tobias Ellis: Yeah, I know that!


[referring to the hostage]
Vedat: You have ten seconds. When you don’t open the door in ten seconds, he will die.
Tobias Ellis: Don’t do that.
Vedat: Open the door!
Tobias Ellis: Stop, please. Just leave him alone.


[referring to Daniel holding the hostage]
Vedat: He will kill him!
Tobias Ellis: I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do.
Vedat: Open the door!
Tobias Ellis: I can’t open the door. I’m sorry.


Bremen Radar: European 162, Hannover reports that they are prepared. Can you give us any update of your status?
Tobias Ellis: I didn’t open the door. The hostage is dead.


Vedat: You didn’t open the door.
Tobias Ellis: Listen, I’ve spoken to authorities. When we land and refuel, they’ll take you anywhere you want to go. You can negotiate whatever you want. Okay? It’s going to be okay.


[after they take another hostage, which turns out to be Gökce]
Tobias Ellis: Let her go. Do you hear me? Let her go.
Vedat: Then open the door.
Tobias Ellis: I’ll kill your man. He’s sitting here in front of me, unconscious. I could kill him right now.


Tobias Ellis: Passengers, listen to me. This is the pilot speaking. There’s a young woman in the front of the plane, and the hijackers are threatening to kill her. But you can stop them. There’s only two of them. All they have is glass! They don’t have guns! They don’t have knives! They have glass! They’re going to kill a young woman! Please! If you work together, you can beat them. Please! Please come to the front of the plane! You can beat them!


[referring to Daniel]
Vedat: Why you don’t open the door? He will kill everybody!
Tobias Ellis: Listen, you don’t want to do this. You don’t want to do this. I can tell you don’t want to do this. You don’t want to kill that girl. She didn’t do anything to you. You’re better than he is. You hear me? You don’t want to kill everybody.
Vedat: He will kill everybody!
Tobias Ellis: You don’t want to kill anybody!
Vedat: But he will kill everybody!
Tobias Ellis: You’re better than he is. You don’t want to kill anybody. You can stop him.
Vedat: I can’t.
Tobias Ellis: Yes, you can. You can stop him. You can do it. I can see it. You’re better than that. You can stop it.


[as Daniel is about to kill Gökce]
Gökce: Tobi! It’s fine. My love, take care of my child! Look after Deniz, and please don’t open the door. It’s okay. You’re going to be alright! Just don’t open the door.
Daniel: [in German] That’s enough! Shut up!
Vedat: No! Daniel!
Gökce: It’s okay.
Tobias Ellis: Gökce!
[Tobias watches in horror as Gökce is killed]


[after Kenan knocks Tobias unconscious and brings in Vedat into the cockpit; in German]
Bremen Radar: Who are you?
Kenan: I’m in control. Both your pilots are dead, so you can give up all hope.
Bremen Radar: What do you want?
Kenan: This isn’t a hijacking! This plane is about to crash. We’re ready to die and there’s nothing you can do. And I know very well that your laws forbid you to shoot us down, so listen carefully, okay? Today, we’re avenging the deaths of our brothers and sisters.


[after Vedat kills Kenan and frees Tobias]
Tobias Ellis: This is Tobias Ellis. First officer of the airplane. I have regained control. One of the hijackers has been overpowered. The other one is here with me.
Bremen Radar: It’s so good to hear you. Are you okay?
Tobias Ellis: I’m hurt, but I’m going to make it. Are we still good for a emergency landing in Hannover?
Bremen Radar: Yes, of course. Hannover is still prepared.


Vedat: We can’t land! You have to fly me somewhere else. Do you understand me?
Tobias Ellis: Yes.
Vedat: So fly me somewhere else.
Tobias Ellis: You’re in control. But we need fuel. Okay, I told you this before. We’re going to land, and then we put more fuel in the plane. And then you’ll fly somewhere else.
Vedat: You lied to me.
Tobias Ellis: No, I didn’t.
Vedat: You lied to me.
Tobias Ellis: No, that’s what I said.


Tobias Ellis: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking. The hijackers have control of the airplane, but they’ve agreed to an emergency landing in Hannover. Sorry, the landing is not going to be a smooth one, so please fasten your seat belts and assume safety positions.


Tobias Ellis: Okay, this weather is stronger. It’s too strong for the autopilot. So I’ll have to fly it. But I don’t have my left arm, so you have to help. Okay? Say, “Okay.”
[Vedat nods]


[after they’ve landed the plane and Vedat sees the police waiting for him]
Bremen Radar: European 162, great job. European 162, I just heard the police will contact you on this frequency. I wish you all the best.


[after the police have told him that they need longer that 20 minutes to refuel]
Vedat: Look at me. How long you need to refuel?
Tobias Ellis: Forty-five minutes, an hour. It depends where we are in the airport.
Vedat: Don’t lie to me.
Tobias Ellis: I’m not lying. That’s how long it takes.


[as the police are trying to negotiate with Vedat]
Tobias Ellis: You should stop this. It’d be better for you if you stopped now.
Vedat: I can’t.
Tobias Ellis: You can.
Vedat: I can’t. There’s nowhere I can go. Not after this. Not after this.
[he begins to sob]
Tobias Ellis: How old are you?
Vedat: Eighteen.


[after Vedat catches Tobias trying to take a piece of glass from the floor]
Vedat: What is that?
Tobias Ellis: I don’t know. I don’t know.
Vedat: It wasn’t there before.
Tobias Ellis: How do you know it wasn’t there before?
Vedat: It wasn’t there before!
Tobias Ellis: There’s a lot of things on the floor!
Vedat: Why you do this to me?!
Tobias Ellis: I didn’t do anything!
Vedat: Why?!
Tobias Ellis: I didn’t do anything!


[as the police are trying to negotiate with Vedat to not hurt Tobias]
Tobias Ellis: Listen. Put the knife down. Put it down. Put it down. Okay? Okay?
[Vedat lowers the piece of glass in his hand]
Tobias Ellis: Okay, good. Now drop it. Hold up your hands and show them.
Vedat: No.


[as Vedat is holding the piece of glass against his throat]
Tobias Ellis: Listen to me. You know me. Okay?
Vedat: I don’t know you.
Tobias Ellis: Yes. Yes.
Vedat: I don’t know you!
Tobias Ellis: My name is Tobias. You’re Vedat. We live in Kreuzberg. I go there with my son.
His name is…
[suddenly Vedat is shot by a sniper, after which the police swarms in and Tobias leaves the cockpit]


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