Starring: Chloe Bennet, Albert Tsai, Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Eddie Izzard, Sarah Paulson, Tsai Chin, Michelle Wong



Animated adventure directed by Jill Culton and Todd Wilderman. The story follows teenager Yi (Chloe Bennet), who after encountering a young Yeti on the roof of her apartment building in Shanghai, she and her friends, Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor) and Peng (Albert Tsai), name him “Everest” and embark on a quest to reunite the magical creature with his family at the highest point on Earth. But the trio of friends will have to stay one-step ahead of Burnish (Eddie Izzard), a wealthy man intent on capturing a Yeti, and zoologist Dr. Zara (Sarah Paulson) to help Everest get home.


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[as Yi is about to leave the apartment]
Yi’s Mom: Where are you going?
Yi: I’ve got stuff to do.
Nai Nai: Stuff? What is this stuff? It’s summer holiday. “Either be busy, or be on holiday,” that is what I say.
Yi’s Mom: Be careful out there.
Yi: Of course.
Nai Nai: Be back before dinner.
Yi: I’ll try.
Yi’s Mom: Warm enough?
Yi: Toasty.
Nai Nai: No boys.
Yi: What? No. No boys.
Yi’s Mom: Do you need any money?
Yi: Mom, Nai Nai, I’ve got it covered. Bye.
[she leaves]


[looking at the photos of the places she wants to travel]
Yi: I will take this trip.
[counts the money she’s earned and sighs]
Yi: Someday.


[as Yi puts all the freshly baked dumplings into her bag for Everest]
Nai Nai: Oh, so you’re hungry now, hmm?
Yi: Oh, yeah. Starving.
Nai Nai: Let them cool. You’ll burn your mouth. I keep telling your mother, you need to slow down. Spend more time here, at home. with your family.


Nai Nai: Mrs. Lui called me today. Says you’re fixing her computer. And Mrs. Yuan, in 4B, says you’re going to trim her poodle’s toenails. I like that you’re ambitious. No one wants a lazy granddaughter. But, uh, busy, busy, busy. What do you need to do all that for?
Yi: I guess I just like being busy.
[Yi opens the door to leave]
Nai Nai: Yi.
Yi: Can we just talk about this later, Nai Nai? You don’t have to worry.
[Yi closes the front door as she leaves]
Nai Nai: You should listen to Nai Nai!


[after finding a scared young Yeti on her apartment roof]
Yi: Hey, boy. Or girl. Are you hungry?
[Everest snatches the dumplings she placed on the floor, eats them and belches loudly]
Yi: Hooh! Yeah, you’re definitely a boy.


[as she watches Everest taking a nap]
Yi: I don’t know where you came from, but you sure don’t belong here.
[referring to her cubby house on the roof of her apartment building]
Yi: You stay in here, okay? There are people looking for you.


[referring to the giant billboard photo of Everest]
Yi: Wait. Do you know that place? Is that your home? You know, uh, um, home.
[she mimics the mountain top with her hands, Everest does the same]
Yi: No way.


[after reading up on about Yetis]
Yi: There’s a Yeti on my roof.


[as Yi, Jin, Peng and Everest flee on a ship carrying red cola cans]
Jin: [on the phone] Uh, Beijing is, um, is great. And the dorms the dorms are clean. Peng? Oh, Peng is, uh…
[we see Peng has his head inside Everest’s mouth]
Peng: Look at all those teeth.
Jin: Peng’s fine.


[as they are being hit by the giant blueberries]
Peng: I’m hit! Tell Nai Nai’s pork buns I love them.


[after their ordeal with the giant blueberries]
Peng: Hey, Jin, did you get enough to eat?
Jin: Let’s just say I’ve got blueberries in places where blueberries should never be.


Jin: Great. No reception. I’m entirely cut off from my social life.
Yi: Mm. How traumatic.
Jin: Yeah, Yi, it is. Because, unlike you, I like having friends. I’m not some kind of a…
Yi: Loner? Is that what you were going to say? Well, for your info, I’m a self-proclaimed loner. There’s a difference, okay?


[referring to Everest]
Yi: I can’t leave him.
Jin: Yi.
Yi: You’ve seen what he can do. He’s amazing. He’s magical.
Jin: Oh, so now he’s a magical yeti. Do you realize how crazy you sound?
Yi: Look what happened with the blueberries.
Jin: That wasn’t him! That was a natural phenomenon. Just one that I can’t explain yet.


[as Everest and Peng are goofing around]
Jin: Will you two please just give it a rest! Oh, my gosh, I’m beginning to sound like my parents.
Yi: That’s it! That’s why they get along so well. Everest is just a kid. He’s probably like the same age as Peng but in yeti years.
[they watch Peng using Everest’s fist to hit Everest in the face playfully]
Peng: Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself.
Jin: Right. There’s no way that giant thing is a kid.


[as she’s trying to prove to Jin that Everest is a kid; she holds up a rock]
Yi: [to Everest] This is you, and your parents.
[she places two bigger rocks next to the smaller rock]
Peng: Aw, you have your mother’s eyes.


Yi: [to Everest] Don’t worry. I will make sure you get home.
Jin: What are you going to do? Take him all the way back to Mount Everest?
Yi: Maybe I am.


[referring to Everest]
Yi: Jin, he needs to get back to his family.
Jin: And what about your family? Don’t they need you too? Always busy, never home. What’s that all about, Yi?
Yi: Don’t talk to me about family. You have no idea. No idea! Your life is so easy, Jin. Do you even want to be a doctor? Or do you just think that you’ll, I don’t know, you’ll look good in white?
Jin: Alright. Call me shallow all you want. At least I’m not delusional.
Yi: I don’t care if you think I’m crazy.
Jin: You’re impossible.


Dr. Zara: [in British accent] I’m Dr. Zara.
Jin: I know who you are.
Dr. Zara: You do?
Jin: Yeah. You’re the bad guys.


Jin: Your gerbil is freaking me out.
Burnish: A boy that knows his gerbils. I like him.
Dr. Zara: Bad? Listen, you’ve got this all wrong. That wild beast is unpredictable, even dangerous. We were trying to rescue your friend when the yeti kidnapped her.
Jin: He did kidnap her.
Burnish: Listen, you twit! I own that yeti. He is my yeti. I want my yeti back! Right? Just nod.


Jin: I just need to find my cousin, and my friend, and get them back to the city in one piece.
Dr. Zara: I can get all of you back to the city. But the only way I can help your friends is if I know where they are. Do you know?
[Jin shrugs]
Dr. Zara: That yeti is the pinnacle of my research. I really need him back.
Jin: I don’t know where they are. But I do know where they will be.


Burnish: Suddenly, I saw it. A yeti. A real yeti. Cold eyes staring. It tried to kill me! I needed to protect myself. I swung my ice ax, and it was gone. No footprints. Nothing. I rushed back to tell the world what had happened, but without proof they laughed at me. They laughed at me.
Jin: You spent all these years trying to get your proof?
Burnish: Mm-hmm. I’m so used to looking down on the world, it’s amazing how small one feels just by looking up.


[as the trio try to sneak Everest through the crowd with the other yaks in the village]
Yak Leader: Oh, your yak is odd-looking.
Peng: Hey, don’t body-shame my yak!


[referring to Everest causing a field of yellow flowers to blossom to giant sizes]
Peng: This is amazing!
Jin: This is impossible!


[after Yi’s violin breakes as they crash their boat]
Jin: You okay?
Yi: Yeah, um, that violin meant everything to me. When we were little, you know, my dad used to play all the time. Um, but every night, when he was tucking me in, he would play this one song just for me. And, I don’t know, it made me feel like everything was going to be okay.


Jin: Yi, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what I said. “Too busy, never home.” I…
Yi: No. No, no, no, you’re right. I know I keep busy. I just, I don’t know why. I mean, I miss him, and I don’t want to miss him. But I haven’t even cried yet, Jin. And my family, we’re all so distant, and I don’t know. I don’t know what to do.
Jin: Well, are you sure they’re the ones who are distant? But you were right about me too. Yeah, I hate to admit it, but, I mean, that thought about looking good in the white doctor’s coat? It did cross my mind. I am a horrible, horrible person.
Yi: [chuckles] Yeah, you are the worst.
Jin: I really, I am.


[referring to Everest’s powers]
Goon Leader: What do those powers mean for us?
[Zara replies in an American accent]
Dr. Zara: That yeti’s price tag just doubled.


[after Peng and Everest fix Yi’s violin by using Everest’s hair as strings; referring to the postcards]
Peng: Hey. When did you buy these?
Yi: Oh, I didn’t buy them. They were my dad’s. He kept postcards of all the places he wanted to take us someday. The whole family.
Peng: Yi, they’re all of the places we’ve been.
[looking through the postcards]
Yi: What? No way. What, how is this possible?
Jin: That can’t be.
Yi: We’ve been to all of these. All but one.
[Everest places the postcar of the Leshan Buddha in Yi’s hands]
Yi: The Leshan Buddha. This is the place that my dad wanted me to see the most. This is incredible.
[to Everest]
Yi: You brought me here, didn’t you?


[as they reach the Leshan Buddha statue]
Yi: I wish dad were here to see this.


[after Yi plays her violin and the magic from Everest’s hair causes the Buddha statue to become covered in flowers]
Yi: It’s beautiful. Thank you, Everest.
Peng: You did that, Yi. You did.
Yi: I did that?


Burnish: Everest, you are by far the most extraordinary creature I’ve ever seen. That is exactly why the world must never know you exist. They would not understand. I didn’t.
[to Yi]
Burnish: Now, can I please help you get back to the city?
Yi: Thank you, but I promised to take Everest home, and he’s not home yet.
Burnish: You’re going to take Everest all the way to Everest? That is impossible.
Jin: Sir, with all due respect, when Yi sets her mind on something, nothing is impossible.
Burnish: Yes.


[after reunite Everest with his family and returning too her home with the help of Burnish]
Nai Nai: Everybody, dig in.
[as he takes a bite]
Jin: Mmm. Wow. You know, I totally see what you mean about these pork buns.
Peng: Uh-huh. There is no one in the world who likes these pork buns more than me.
Yi: Well, maybe one.
Nai Nai: Who? Who else like my buns?
[the others laugh]
Nai Nai: No laughing. I’m serious.


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