The Adjustment Bureau Quotes: Stylish and Intriguing

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Directed by: George Nolfi
Written by:
George Nolfi (screenplay)
Philip K. Dick (short story “Adjustment Team”)
Matt Damon – David Norris
Emily Blunt – Elise Sellas
John Slattery – Richardson
Anthony Mackie – Harry Mitchell
Terence Stamp – Thompson
Michael Kelly – Charlie Traynor
Anthony Ruivivar – McCrady
James Carville – Himself
Mary Matalin – Herself
David Bishins – Burdensky
Donnie Keshawarz – Donaldson
Mike DiSalvo – Thompson’s Aide


Intriguing, smart, stylish and imaginative are the words that best describe The Adjustment Bureau quotes. The movie is a an interesting adaptation of Philip K. Dick short story and although it has elements of a cliched love story, it is well written and infused with suspense and imagination.

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[first lines]
Voice of announcer: Let’s welcome our favorite alumnus and the next senator of the state of New York, David Norris.



[speaking in front of a crowd at a political rally]
David Norris: Thank you!
[a woman in the crowd shouts his name]
Voice of woman in crowd: David!
David Norris: Thank you! Well, hi there.
[the crowd cheers]
David Norris: My name is David Norris and I’d like to be the next senator of the great state of New York.


[speaking at a press conference with David standing beside him]
Michael Bloomberg: For the last eight years, David Norris has represented Brooklyn, New York city and America.


[speaking in front of a crowd at a political rally]
David Norris: This is not gonna be easy gettin’ there, I have some real opposition. And what they’re saying about me is that I’m too young to hold this office.


[speaking in front of a crowd at a political rally]
David Norris: But that’s okay, cause even the same people who say that young people don’t vote, young people don’t care about politics, but I’m here to tell you, you’re future is about you’re choices, not theirs. So today I’d like to put them on notice, because come November I want them to know that it was young people like you who kicked their asses.
[the crowd cheers]


[answering his cell phone]
Harry Mitchell: Yeah.
Richardson: Any ideas?
Harry Mitchell: I’m working on it.
Richardson: Keep me posted.
Harry Mitchell: Yeah.


[in his hotel David watches the CNN news show TV as they discuss him]
CNN News Presenter: David Norris, until recently he was way ahead of the polls. Mary Matalin and James Carville are here. Uh…Mary, this is a…a surprise still.
Mary Matalin: It is a surprise. Such political promise, his compelling story. He grew up in a rough neighborhood in Brooklyn, he overcame the loss of his entire family. His mother and his brother when he was ten, his father before he got to high school. He got over that. He had such promise.
CNN News Presenter: And…and he was what, the youngest person ever elected to the house of representatives, James?
James Carville: Yeah, he was elected when was actually twenty four. But he gets into a bar room fight the night that he’s elected! I kinda like this, all right. Then you have this photo coming out in The Post. I think that the cretion of this stuff was just too much for the voters. I…I, there…there…was su…there kinda reeked of some level of…of imaturity here, of impulsiveness.
Mary Matalin: People want maturity, they want adults in congress.


[four men in dark suits and hats walk on the rooftop of a building and stand at it’s edge]
Richardson: Big night for us, gentlemen. Everybody ready?
[the men nod in agreement. Richardson looks at Mitchell]adjustment-bureau-4
Richardson: You look exhausted. You should take a vacation when all this is finished. You’ve earned it.
Harry Mitchell: I’m not sure the kind of tired I am can be fixed by a vacation.
Richardson: Everybody needs a vacation. Even us. All right, let’s get him back on track.


[after losing the votes in Suffolk County]
Kar: NBC has us up next.
David Norris: I’m gonna go work on my speech.
[he starts walking away]
Charlie Traynor: David? David? Hey?
David Norris: I’m sorry I wasted your time, Charlie.


NBC News Presenter: NBC is now calling the election for Roger Lynnfield. After a shockingly a poor showing at Suffolk County and his home county Kings, it now appears David Norris will lose this election badly.


[David is in the men’s bathroom practicing his speech when he hears a noise]
David Norris: Hello?
[Elise comes out from one of the booths]
David Norris: It’s the mens.
Elise Sellas: Yep. Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, I just didn’t know what to do. Because I heard you come in and say hello and I probably should have say hi, but then I thought that would be weird, cause it’s the mens. Um…and then you started talking to yourself and…and it was obviously very personal, so I was kinda stuck in no mans land. And uh…then it all got it to be too much, so I came out.
David Norris: Wh…What are you doing in here?
Elise Sellas: Just…I’m hiding from security.
David Norris: Why?
Elise Sellas: I crashed a wedding, upstairs.
David Norris: People still do that?
Elise Sellas: It was a dare.
David Norris: Who dared you to crash a wedding?
Elise Sellas: Me.
David Norris: Oh! I crashed a wedding once.
Elise Sellas: Did you?
David Norris: Yeah. In high school.
Elise Sellas: Oh!
[they both start laughing]
David Norris: But I got caught, I spent the night in jail.
Elise Sellas: I think that happened more that once from what I heard.


Elise Sellas: You’re that guy running for senate, aren’t you?
David Norris: Yeah, I am that guy.
Elise Sellas: And judging from your speech, you’re not winning?adjustment-bureau-3
David Norris: No.
Elise Sellas: Oh, that’s too bad the other guy’s such a tool.
David Norris:[laughing] He is a tool! I…I wish I could have made that clearer in the campaign ads.
Elise Sellas: Yeah, I mean personally I think mooning your friends at a college reunion is no big deal.
David Norris: The Post did not have to run the photo.
Elise Sellas: Oooph, what a page!
David Norris: Yeah, I know.
[they both laugh]
Elise Sellas: It’s my favorite moment of your whole campaign.
David Norris: Really? I could have used you on my team a couple months ago.
Elise Sellas: Yeah, I could help poll test every word that comes out of your mouth before you say it.


David Norris: Oh, you like politicians then.
Elise Sellas: I like it when they do stuff I can relate to.
David Norris: Like pull their pants down.
Elise Sellas: I love that.
[they laugh]
David Norris: See that kind of candidate wouldn’t even get elected to the student council.
Elise Sellas: My guy would know how to tie his own tie.
David Norris: It’s a clip on.
Elise Sellas: Oh, I wish. That would have been my other favorite moment of your campaign.


Elise Sellas: Do you still have a chance? Is it over?
David Norris: He…he crushed me.
Elise Sellas: Sorry.
David Norris: Well, losing has it’s advantages.
Elise Sellas: Like what?
David Norris: Uh…for one thing as a politician you’re never really alone unless you’re asleep or in the bathroom, usually. Uh…that gets…that gets old.
Elise Sellas: Really?
David Norris: Yeah, I mean I guess I’m mostly just looking forward to having sometime by myself.
Elise Sellas: I don’t buy it. I think you’ll love it.
David Norris: It…do I know you?
[they start to laugh]
David Norris: Yeah, I guess I could have been more convincing.
Elise Sellas: Okay, you don’t have to worry about being convincing till the next election.

David Norris: Are you a registered New York voter?
Elise Sellas: Do I sound like I am?
[they look at each other and suddenly start kissing passionately]
David Norris: Holy shit!



Elise Sellas: I gotta go. Sorry.
[she runs out of the bathroom]
Charlie Traynor: Wow!
[to Charlie]
David Norris: Hang on.
Are you gonna do your speech?
David Norris: Hang on.
[David goes after Elise]
David Norris: Hey? Hey?
[she stops and two security guards call out to her from down the corridor]
McCrady: Ma’am?
Elise Sellas: I gotta go.
McCrady: Ma’am?
[she loosens David tie]
Elise Sellas: That is so much better.
McCrady: She’s on the move.
[she turns and runs to get away]


[giving his concession speech in front of his campaign supporters]
David Norris: But we had a rule in my neighborhood, when you got in a fight, it wasn’t whether or not you got knocked down. It’s what you do when you get back up.
[the crowd cheers]
David Norris: And I came here to tell you tonight that I will get back up!
[the crowd cheers again but David goes quite]
David Norris: Um…that’s bullshit! We…we didn’t have that saying in my neighborhood. It’s just one of those phrases that uh…that has some attraction with a focus group and so we kept using it. That’s not true. You know nineteen ninety eight I did a cover for GQ, the title was ‘Youngest Congressmen Ever’, and since then every story I tried to explain how I got here so fast. And…and the word that people kept uh…using was authentic and…
[the crowd cheers and claps]


[continuing his speech in front of his campaign supporters]
David Norris: But here’s the problem, this isn’t even my tie. This tie was selected for me by a group of specialists, in Tenafly New Jersey, who chose it over fifty six other ties we tested. In fact, our data su…suggests that I have to stick to either a tie that is red or a tie that is blue. A yellow tie made it look as if I was taking my situation lightly and I may in fact pull my pants down at any moment.
[the crowd laughs]
David Norris: A silver tie meant that I’d forgotten my roots. My shoes, you know shiny shoes we associate with a high priced lawyers and bankers. If you want to get a working mans vote you need to scuff up your shoes a little bit, but you can’t scuff ’em so much that you alienate the lawyers and the bankers, cause you need them to pay for the specialist back in Tenafly.


[continuing his concession speech]
David Norris: So what is the proper scuffing amount? Do you know we actually paid a consultant seventy three hundred dollars…
[he turns to his campaign aids standing in the stage wings]
David Norris: Was…was it seventy three hundred dollars, Charlie?
[Charlie whispers something to the other campaign aids]
David Norris: Seventy three hundred dollars for a consultant to tell us that…
[he takes off his shoe and brings it up to show everyone]
David Norris: …this is the perfect amount of scuffing.


[sits down next to Mitchell on a park bench]
Richardson: He is to spill his coffee on his shirt by seven oh five. Seven oh five at the latest.
Harry Mitchell: I’ll get him as soon as he enters the park.
[Richardson gets up to leave]
Richardson: Can’t imagine being on this guy as long as you have.


[David watches the morning news on TV]
Female News Presenter: RSR Venture Capital announced yesterday that former Congressman, David Norris would become a senior partner. Norris led an unsuccessful bid for senate last month, but his concession speech was considered by many to be electrifying and has made him the obvious front runner in the two thousand ten senate race. Investment banker Charles Traynor founded RSR under the countries most successful venture capital firm. Traynor is a childhood friend of Norris and was the Chairmen of his senate campaign.


[talking on the phone to Charlie]
David Norris: Hey, I just saw you on TV.
Charlie Traynor: Really?
David Norris: Mmm.
Charlie Traynor: What did I say?
David Norris: You’re bald.
[Charlie laughs]
Charlie Traynor: Nice.
David Norris: Yeah, it was weird too because it was a financial show. But they were really, just kinda captivated by your receding hairline.
Charlie Traynor: I gotta go, you jackass!
David Norris: [laughing] Bye.


[man in the park calls out to Norris]
Man in Madison Square Park: Congressman? I have to tell you, I really admire what you did last month.
David Norris: Oh, thank you. I appreciate it.
Man in Madison Square Park: I…I wish there were more politicians like you.
David Norris: Thank you. I’m retired now. I had to go get a real job.
Man in Madison Square Park: You’ll do well.
David Norris: Thank you.


[Norris notices Elise asleep on the bus he’s just got on and takes the sit next to her, she wakes up and sees him]
Elise Sellas: Oh my God!
David Norris: [jokingly] Have we met?
Elise Sellas: You look vaguely familiar, yeah.
David Norris: Yeah. Waldorf, men’s room.
Elise Sellas: You got it. Were you just staring at my legs while I slept?
David Norris: I was defenseless against the small dress stare.
Elise Sellas: It’s a skirt!
David Norris: It’s a belt.


David Norris: What is it with you and the argyle?
Elise Sellas: What is the deal with you and the boring shades of blue?
David Norris: My clothes match!
Elise Sellas: Did your team pick that out for you or…?
David Norris: No team. Team is gone.
Elise Sellas: Wow!
David Norris: I did it all by myself.


Elise Sellas: I saw your speech.
David Norris: Yeah, the speech. Somethin’ must have got into me.
[his cell phone rings loudly]
Elise Sellas: Wow! That is somethin’.
David Norris: Really, up against the moment.
[he takes out his cell phone from his pocket and answers it]
David Norris: Hello? Hello?
[he gets no reply]
David Norris: Doesn’t even work.
Elise Sellas: Could that ring any louder? You pretty much had that maxed out.
David Norris: [laughing] It’s a new phone.


Elise Sellas: Are you gonna run again?
David Norris: Don’t know. I’m startin’ a new job today.
Elise Sellas: You have to run again, you can’t do that. The country’ll end up being run by tools like Lynnfiled.
David Norris: Kinda is.


[the coffee in Norris’s hand spills on Elise’s skirt]
Elise Sellas: Wow!
David Norris: Oh, sorry! I don’t know what just happened.


David Norris: Here, I’ll pay for the dry cleaning.
Elise Sellas: No. It’s really fine. Please don’t.
[she counts the money in his wallet]
Elise Sellas: Wow!
David Norris: Seven bucks will probably cover it.
[the both laugh]
Elise Sellas: You keep that. You might need it.
David Norris: You know what, here?
[he gives her a card]
David Norris: You write your number down and then I will call you and come and pick up your skirt?
Elise Sellas: Oh, my goodness me! That is very smooth.


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