The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Quotes: Frenzied and Inconsistent

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Directed by: Marc Webb
Written by:
Alex Kurtzman (screen story & screenplay)
Roberto Orci (screen story & screenplay)
Jeff Pinkner (screen story & screenplay)
James Vanderbilt (screen story)
Stan Lee (Marvel comic book)
Steve Ditko (Marvel comic book)
Andrew Garfield – Spider-Man / Peter Parker
Emma Stone – Gwen Stacy
Jamie Foxx – Electro / Max Dillon
Dane DeHaan – Green Goblin / Harry Osborn
Colm Feore – Donald Menken
Felicity Jones – Felicia
Paul Giamatti – Aleksei Sytsevich
Sally Field – Aunt May
Embeth Davidtz – Mary Parker
Campbell Scott – Richard Parker
Marton Csokas – Dr. Ashley Kafka
Louis Cancelmi – Man in Black Suit
Max Charles – Young Peter Parker
B.J. Novak – Alistair Smythe
Sarah Gadon – Kari
Stan Lee – Graduation Guest


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 quotes are affable enough but the story is so overstuffed and chaotic that it’s also frustratingly inconsistent.

The movie follows Peter Parker as he continues to adjust to his crime fighting life as Spider-Man and his relationship with Gwen Stacy. Peter hasn’t forgotten about the promise he made to Gwen’s father to protect her by staying away, but that’s a promise he just can’t keep. Things change for Peter when a new villain, Electro, emerges and an old friend, Harry Osborn, returns, and Peter uncovers new clues about his past.

Tonally the narrative in this sequel is fun and lighthearted but the vibrancy of the movie is smothered by the pacing and too many ridiculous clichéd villains with clunky dialogue. They may have worked if they had been enough time for character development, but as it is they are lifeless with poor motivations.

The parts that do work is the chemistry between Garfield and Stone, they are charming together and bring energy and life to their characters.

Verdict: It isn’t a terrible film, but it’s not good either, it’s hampered by a messy and clumsy script that is jam-packed with too much of everything which is only redeemed by Garfield and Stone’s performances.

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[first lines]
Richard Parker: People will say that I’m a monster for what I’ve done, and maybe they’re right. I always thought that I’d have more time…
[he’s interrupted by a young Peter calling out to him]
Young Peter Parker: Dad. Dad!
[into the camera]
Richard Parker: I’m sorry.
[he ends the recording and rushes up from the basement]
Richard Parker: Peter!
[he enters his office to find that it has been ransacked with Peter standing behind his desk]


[Richard takes his family to his sister’s and we see Mary Parker saying goodbye to Peter]
Mary Parker: He likes to sleep with a little light on at night.
Richard Parker: Mary, we have to go.
[Richard and Mary go to leave the house when Peter grabs Richard’s hand]
Young Peter Parker: Dad.
Richard Parker: Be good.
[Richard lets go of Peter’s hand and shuts the door front door, Peter watches his parents walks away; we see Richard and Mary are on a private jet]
Mary Parker: I found a safe place for us to spend the night at Lake Geneva.
[Richard is uploading project files from his laptop]
Mary Parker: Are you uploading it?
Richard Parker: To Roosevelt folder, just in case we…
[Mary looks out the window with worry]
Richard Parker: We’re gonna be fine, Mary.
Mary Parker: Did you see his face? He’s never gonna understand.
Richard Parker: Mary, we’ve been through this. Our life, as we know it, is over. We’re gonna spend every day from now on looking over our shoulders and never feeling safe. We can’t do that to him.
Mary Parker: He’s just a little boy.
Richard Parker: I know. I know.
[Richard holds Mary’s hand]
Richard Parker: It’s going to be okay.
[Mary begins to cry]
Richard Parker: It’s going to be alright.
[Mary wipes her tears and gets up to go to the bathroom]


[as Mary pops into the bathroom the co-pilot steps out of the cockpit]
G-5 Co-Pilot: No rest for the weary, huh?
Richard Parker: No, I’m afraid not.
G-5 Co-Pilot: Occupational hazard, I guess.
[as Richard is typing into his laptop]
G-5 Co-Pilot: What is it you’re working on?
[Richard looks at the pilot with suspicion as he washes his hand in the side sink]
Richard Parker: Uh…just-just planning ahead. Do you think I could speak with the pilot?
G-5 Co-Pilot: Something you need? Perhaps I could help.
Richard Parker: Oh, I’d just like to radio ahead and make sure everything’s in order for when we land.
[as Richard rises the co-pilot grabs a gun from a drawer and points it at Richard]
G-5 Co-Pilot: I think we both know that’s not an option, Dr. Parker.
[Richard sits back down and as the co-pilot locks Mary in the bathroom Richard quickly uploads his files on the computer, the co-pilot then puts on a parachute and Mary tries to come out of the bathroom]
Mary Parker: Richard!
G-5 Co-Pilot: They say you’re a genius.
Mary Parker: Richard!
[the co-pilot grabs Richard’s laptop, Richard goes to stop him but the co-pilot points his gun at him]
G-5 Co-Pilot: Not if you thought you could escape.


Mary Parker: Richard!
[suddenly Mary bursts out of the bathroom]
Richard Parker: Mary!
[Richard attacks the co-pilot and punches him, a struggle ensues and Mary is shot]
Richard Parker: Mary!
[Richard knocks out the co-pilot, grabs his gun and goes to help Mary]
Richard Parker: Mary. It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.
[he places Mary in a seat]
Richard Parker: I got you. Are you okay? Okay. I’m just gonna make you safe.
[he straps the seat belt on to her and gives her an oxygen mask to breath through, but she pushes his hand away]
Richard Parker: It’s done. Breathe. Mary?
Mary Parker: Roosevelt.
Richard Parker: What?
Mary Parker: Roosevelt.
[Richard grabs the laptop from the floor and quickly opens it to continue the process of uploading the files and then goes over to Mary]
Richard Parker: It’s back up. It’s back up. Everything’s fine. Hey, hey, hey. We’re going to be alright, okay? Listen to me…
[just then the co-pilot gets up and attacks Richard, as he’s hitting Richard we see that the pilot is dead and the plane falls into a steep dive, as the co-pilot and Richard are fighting he manages to shut the laptop, seeing that Mary is dead, Richard grabs hold of the co-pilot’s gun and shoots a window making the co-pilot fly out of the plane, Richard manages to hold onto the laptop and finishes the process of uploading the file, he then looks at Mary as the plane plummets]


[we see Peter in his Spider-Man suit falling to earth, then we follow him as makes his way though the city using the city enjoying himself]
Peter Parker: What have you got for me today, New York?
[as he goes past a helicopter he overhears their radio]
Helicopter Radio: An OsCorp truck carrying plutonium has been hijacked. A police chase is in…
Peter Parker: Alright, let’s get to work.
[Peter springs down to help as we see a big tow truck driving through the city by a Russian as police cars are chasing him]
Aleksei Sytsevich: Say hello to Aleksei Sytsevich!
[his armed assistants set explosives to blow the hatch as Sytsevich rolls over police cars, Peter swings through buildings in hot pursuit]
Pedestrian: Spider-Man!
[as he swings past a street full of people]
Peter Parker: Hello, pedestrians!


[Sytsevich’s assistants blow the hatch and hop into the van where there’s a container of vials, Peter then swings onto the truck and knocks on the driver’s side window]
Peter Parker: Knock, knock. Mr. Criminal?
[he indicates for Sytsevich to roll down the window which he does]
Peter Parker: Hey, my name is Spider-Man. You can call me Web Head, you can call me Amazing, just don’t call me late for dinner, you get it? Okay!
[Sytsevich goes to punch Peter but Peter dodges it then looks back through the window again]
Peter Parker: No handshake? Are you a hugger? Or not…
Aleksei Sytsevich: I’m a killer!
[Sytsevich gets his gun out and starts shooting at Peter which he quickly dodges]
Peter Parker: Woh! Okay!


[as Sytsevich’s men open the container they get a warning message]
Container Warning: Warning, plutonium 2-3-8 is a radio-active material and is highly explosive.
[it cuts OsCorp employee Max Dillon, stumbling through a crowd with an armful of blueprints]
Max Dillon: Excuse me. There’s room for all of us on the sidewalk, folks. Please, I’ve got blueprints here.
[someone knocks into him and the blueprints fall from his arms and roll into the street]
Max Dillon: A little help. Some help, please!
[he starts picking them up from the middle of the street; cut back to Peter and Sytsevich]
Peter Parker: You having problems with your gun? Let me help you out with that.
[Peter goes to grab Sytsevich’s gun from his hand and the truck starts swerving]
Peter Parker: Uh…Mr. Bad, I’m gonna be right back.
[Peter leaps off as the truck starts ploughing into the cars ahead and he rescues Max from getting hot by a cab]
Peter Parker: Watch out! Wooh.
[he helps Max up]
Peter Parker: Okay, there you go. You okay? You hurt?
[Max, with his glasses knocked to the side of his face, looks at Peter in shock]
Max Dillon: You’re Spider-Man.
Peter Parker: Costume gives it away, huh?


[Peter uses his web to pick up the blueprints from the street and hands them to Max]
Peter Parker: These looks pretty important, Max.
[Peter straightens Max’s glasses]
Max Dillon: How do you know my name?
Peter Parker: It’s written on your badge.
Max Dillon: But I’m a nobody.
Peter Parker: Hey, you’re not a nobody. You’re somebody.
[he holds out his hand]
Peter Parker: Lick that.
[Max licks the tips of Peter’s hand and he uses it to straighten Max’s hair]
Peter Parker: Listen to me. Now, I need you. You’re my eyes and ears out here.
Max Dillon: Okay.
Peter Parker: Alright?
Max Dillon: Alright.
Peter Parker: See you out there.
[Peter swings off]


[inside the back of the truck, Sytsevich’s men start taking the vials from the container]
Container Warning: Warning, radiation critical.
[Sytsevich suddenly slams onto the breaks causing the plutonium vials to topple over, outside dozens of police cars crash into the truck pinning it, so Sytsevich’s men burst open the doors and start firing at the cops at which point Peter uses his web to yank the men from the truck and suspend them over the cops]
Cop: Hands up!
[Sytsevich puts his foot on the gas and starts driving off making the vials toss around in the back, Peter then jumps into the back and starts catching the vials]
Peter Parker: Got ya! Got ya! Oh! Got you too!
[as Sytsevich is driving off fast, Peter frantically tries to catch and keep hold of the vials]
Peter Parker: No! You! You’re not going anywhere! No! Come here! Come here!
[Sytsevich continues to plough through the streets as Peter juggles to catch all the vials]
Peter Parker: Okay! Stop it! Stop it!
[Peter finally manages to catch all the vials, hanging like a chandelier on the ceiling when suddenly he drops one vial]
Peter Parker: Oh, come on!
[he goes after the vial as it rolls out into the street and hangs the other vials inside a web by the side a building to keep safe]
Peter Parker: Hey, wait! Come back here!
[he finally manges to catch it from the middle of the street]
Peter Parker: Got you!
[just then an ambulance crashes into him]


[as he’s hanging onto the front of the ambulance his phone suddenly rings and he sees its Gwen]
Peter Parker: Hey, I’m…I’m sorry. I’m running a bit late, I got stuck in some traffic.
[Gwen is at her graduation]
Gwen Stacy: You’re timing is terrible, it’s started already.
Peter Parker: I know, I’m sorry.
Gwen Stacy: Where are you?
Peter Parker: 1st in Broadway, 2nd in Broadway, 3rd in Broadway. Uh…five minutes, ten tops.
Gwen Stacy: Are those sirens?
Peter Parker: No.
Gwen Stacy: Peter?
Peter Parker: No!
Gwen Stacy: Peter?
Peter Parker: No sirens. No…
[Peter looks to his side and sees a police car riding along side him with Captain Stacy inside it]
Gwen Stacy: Peter? What’s happening? Peter? Peter?
[Peter sees Captain Stacy looking straight at him but suddenly we see it’s just a cop looking a him]
Gwen Stacy: Hello? Peter?
Peter Parker: I’ll be right there, I promise.
[he ends the call]
Gwen Stacy: Peter…


Dr. Jallings: Now I’d like to introduce an extraordinary young lady. This year’s valedictorian, please welcome, Gwen Stacy.
[everyone cheers for her, including Aunt May, who’s sitting in the audience, as Gwen goes to the stage]
Gwen Stacy: Good morning, esteemed faculty and families of my fellow graduates. It’s an honor to be standing up here today.
[we cut back to Peter continuing to chase after the truck, he lands on the windscreen]
Peter Parker: Hello!
Aleksei Sytsevich: Hey! Get off!
Peter Parker: I told you, I am running a bit late!
Aleksei Sytsevich: It’s over, Spider!
[then we cut back and forth between the speech and Peter trying to stop the truck]
Gwen Stacy: I know that we all think that we’re immortal. We’re supposed to feel that way, we’re graduating. But like our brief four years in high school, what makes life valuable is that it doesn’t last forever, what makes it precious is that it ends. I know that now more than ever. And I say it, today of all days, to remind us that time is luck. So don’t waste it living someone else’s life, make yours count for something. Fight for what matters to you, no matter what. Because even if you fall short, what better way is there to live?
[as Peter tries to break through the truck’s windscreen the truck crashes into a bus, so Peter leaps over the bus to stop it from overturning and protect some pedestrians in the process]


[as Sytsevich is shooting at Peter, Peter swings over to him and easily grabs his gun away from him]
Peter Parker: I’ll take that.
[he then takes the plutonium vial from his hand]
Peter Parker: That’s mine too.
[Peter then uses his web to hold Sytsevich hands captive and then uses his web to pull down Sytsevich’s trousers, Peter then turns and starts walking away]
Peter Parker: This is not over, Spider!
[just then Sytsevich’s gun lands on his head]


[as the students are going up to the stage to receive their graduate certificates, Peter quickly swings in and changes into his graduation robe, as he walks over to the ceremony he realizes he’s forgotten to take his Spider-Man mask off, as he goes to take it off one of the guests (Stan Lee) notice him]
Graduation Guest: I think I know that guy.
[just then Peter’s name is called out]
Dr. Jallings: Peter Parker. Peter Parker.
[Peter makes it to the stage just in time, gets his certificate and kisses Gwen on stage as everyone cheers]


[Peter runs over to Aunt May as she’s taking a picture of him]
Aunt May: Wait! Do that again! Do that again!
[Peter embraces Aunt May]
Aunt May: What’s this? I almost had the camera ready, I’ll have to run up there myself!
Peter Parker: Well, I’d love to have seen that. That would have been pretty awesome.
[holding up his graduation certificate as Aunt May tries to take a picture of him]
Peter Parker: No. No. This is for you.
Aunt May: Oh, I am so proud of you.
Peter Parker: You earned it.
Aunt May: Sweetheart, I’m so proud of you. I know the first thing that your Uncle Ben would say.
Peter Parker: Yeah, I know too.
Aunt May: Yeah.
Peter Parker: “You better hurry up, the party’s over.”
Aunt May: No.
Peter Parker: “You’ve got to…you’ve got to get a job.”
Aunt May: Alright, the second thing he would say, “don’t just follow the path, make your own trail.”
Peter Parker: Ralph Waldo Emerson?
Aunt May: No.
Peter Parker: Who did he mean then?
Aunt May: Ben told me he made it up.
[they both laugh]
Aunt May: Well, you really did learn something here. I wish your Uncle could have been here.
Peter Parker: Yeah, me too. And my folks.
Aunt May: Yeah. Yeah.


[Peter looks over to Gwen who’s talking to her family]
Aunt May: Alright, you can go. Go on.
[to her family as she notices Peter]
Gwen Stacy: I’ll be right back. Okay.
[she goes over to join Peter and Aunt May]
Aunt May: Alright, guys, get together. Get together, right now. A quick one.
[Peter puts his arm over Gwen’s shoulder as Aunt May takes a picture of them]
Aunt May: Alright. Cheese!
Peter and Gwen: Cheese!
Aunt May: Okay.
Peter Parker: Alright.
[Aunt May turns to leave]
Aunt May: I’ll just go over there.
Peter Parker: Yeah, just give me two seconds. Alright?
Aunt May: Okay.
Peter Parker: Don’ go too far.
Aunt May: Alright.
Gwen Stacy: Good to see you.
Aunt May: Alright.
Peter Parker: Alright.


Gwen Stacy: Did your um…did your traffic jam have anything to do with the Russian mob, and machine guns, by any chance?
[she holds up her phone and shows him a photo of the OsCorp truck Sytsevich and his men had stolen and Peter had caught]
Gwen Stacy: Why didn’t you just tell me?
Peter Parker: Because, what am I gonna do? You were about to give your speech.
[Gwen’s mother calls out to her]
Helen Stacy: Gwen, honey?
Gwen Stacy: Yes?
Helen Stacy: Family photo.
Gwen Stacy: Okay.
[turning to Peter]
Gwen Stacy: Hey, you coming for Dim Sum?
Peter Parker: Can’t keep me away.
Gwen Stacy: It’s at eight o’clock, don’t be late.
Peter Parker: I won’t be.
Gwen Stacy: Okay.
[she kisses Peter]
Gwen Stacy: And I’m gonna do my speech for you.
Peter Parker: All night? I want to hear it all night long.
Gwen Stacy: I’m gonna do my speech for you over and over again, all night long.
Peter Parker: Okay.
[Gwen turns to walks over to her family]
Helen Stacy: Peter, join us?
Peter Parker: I gotta find my Aunt. I gotta find my Aunt, but uh… I’m gonna catch up later. Thank you.
[as Gwen joins her family Peter suddenly glimpse of Captain Stacy standing with his family and has a flashback to the moment Stacy was about to die]
Captain Stacy: You’re gonna make enemies, people will get hurt. So I want you to promise me something, okay? Leave Gwen out of it. Promise me that.


[later that night as the Gwen is with her family at the restaurant, Peter shows up outside and watches Gwen, then decides not to go in and turns to leave, but Gwen sees him]
Peter Parker: What are you doing? What are…?
[Gwen steps out of the restaurant and goes over to him]
Gwen Stacy: Peter? What is it?
Peter Parker: Hey.
Gwen Stacy: What’s wrong? You alright?
Peter Parker: I don’t know what I’m doing.
Gwen Stacy: It’s my father, isn’t it?
Peter Parker: Yeah, I see him everywhere I go. I can’t…I don’t know what…I don’t know what to do with it. I can’t get him out of my head.
Gwen Stacy: Yeah, but we’ve talked about this.
Peter Parker: I know, but Gwen…
Gwen Stacy: It’s not his choice.


Peter Parker: Gwen, I promised him that I would keep away from you. And now I’m gonna come and eat dinner with your family. How can I do this? What does that…what does this make me?
Gwen Stacy: I don’t know, what does that make you?
Peter Parker: It makes me not able to live with myself.
Gwen Stacy: I thought that it meant you loved me.
Peter Parker: I do love you. I love you.
Gwen Stacy: But why isn’t that enough? Hm?
Peter Parker: Because what if something happens to you, just like it happened to him because of me?
[as Gwen goes to reply Peter interrupts her]
Peter Parker: No! Wait!
Gwen Stacy: Listen. No…
Peter Parker: Wait! I cannot let that happen.
Gwen Stacy: Listen to me. You’re Spider-Man, and I love that. But I love Peter Parker more. That’s worth it to me.
Peter Parker: I can’t lose you too.
Gwen Stacy: Because you can’t lose me, we can’t be together? Who does that work out for, Peter?
Peter Parker: I can’t. I’m sorry, Gwen.
Gwen Stacy: Wow. You have done this to me, again and again. Peter, I can’t live like this. I break up with you. I break up with you.
[she turns and goes back into the restaurant to rejoin her family, visibly upset, Peter looks through the restaurant window at Gwen one last time before turning to leave]


[the next morning, Peter goes on another city patrol as a radio call-in show plays in the background about Spider-Man]
Radio Female DJ: Good morning, New Yorkers. Looking for another beautiful day here in the city…
Radio Male DJ #1: The city increases in sightings of Spider-Man spark a national debate over the role of vigilantes in American crime fighting.
Radio Male DJ #2: How about that Spider-Man? Last night on Manhatten Bridge he saved a dozen lives. We want to hear your calls.
Radio Male Guest #1: I think without Spider-Man there’d be no hope for this…
Radio Male Guest #2: Well who do you think pays the bills for all the damages he causes, huh? Its you and me, taxpayers!
[Peter rescues a school kid from a gang of bullies attacking him, as the kids leave Peter picks up the kids science project from the ground]
Peter Parker: You did this?
Gordon: Yes.
Peter Parker: This is a wind turbine! You made this?
[Gordon nods his head]
Peter Parker: No way! This is amazing!
[he mends the broken wind turbine with a couple of shots of his web]
Peter Parker: As good as new, right?
[he gives the project back to Gordon, who’s smiling]
Peter Parker: I’ll walk you home.
[Peter starts walking Jorge home]
Peter Parker: What’s your name?
Gordon: Gordon.
Peter Parker: Gordon, I’m…I’m Spider-Man.


[we see a montage as the radio call-in show debates carry one while we see Peter save a girl from getting hit by a cab]
Radio Male Guest: I don’t feel like my kids are safe with him out there. Get out of the way and let the police do their job!
Radio Female DJ: Some folks think that there might be more than one man. What do you think? One guy or many?
[we see Peter changing his Super-Man clothes several times after he’s been saving people]
Radio Female Guest: I’d love to know who’s behind that mask.
[we see Peter standing in the street with a group of people wearing fancy dresses, the woman next him dressed as Statue of Liberty looks at him]
Fancy Dressed Pedestrian: Hey, nice outfit.
Peter Parker: Thanks.
[Peter steps out into the road and grabs the back of an ambulance to hitch a ride]
Radio Male DJ: We have a caller on the line who say he’s met Spider-Man.
Max Dillon: Listen, I’m upset. Spider-Man to me is being misunderstood. He’s a very good person, he’s protecting us. Not only that, but he saved my life one time, which is when we came best friends.


[after getting a cold, Peter goes to a Bodega to buy some medicine and notices the cashier is being robbed, he saves the cashier by taking down the robber with his web and then goes to the counter to buy his medicine]
Peter Parker: How much?
Bodega Cashier: Hey, you’re that Spider guy!
[Peter struggles to speak due to his heavy cold]
Peter Parker: I’m Spider-Man.
Bodega Cashier: Huh?
[suddenly Peter sneezes]
Peter Parker: I’m Spider-Man.
[Peter then notices a newspaper which has his photo on the front cover with the headline “Spider-Menace?”, frustrated Peter leaves the store]
Radio Male Guest: This Spider-Man guy, he’s not the police, he’s not a fireman. What gives him the right to get involved in other people’s business?
[we see Peter watching over Gwen from top of a building as she walks in the street to meet her friends, as she senses someone watching she looks up but Peter quickly disappears]


[Aunt May knocks on Peter’s bedroom door]
Aunt May: Peter, honey? Can I come in?
[she tries turning the door knob but it’s locked, we see Peter just come back from saving someone looking all dirty and disheveled]
Peter Parker: No!
Aunt May: Peter, the final starts at nine, honey. And you said you would take my car to the shop because it keeps dying. Remember?
[Peter frantically tries to get out of his Spider-Man costume]
Peter Parker: Give me second, I’ll be out! I’m gonna get the door! Just give me a second.
Aunt May: Peter, please just let me in, alright?
[Peter climbs about in his room frantically trying to get his costume off]
Peter Parker: I’m…trying to get…!
Aunt May: The final is at nine. You said you’d take my car to the shop.
Peter Parker: Yes! Just give me a…!
[suddenly Peter drops his boot and it lands on the switch for the automatic lock on his door, which accidentally unlocks the door, Peter drops down onto his bed and pulls the covers on himself]
Peter Parker: Woh! Don’t come in! Stay outside! I’m so naked!
Aunt May: Peter! For goodness sake!
[just as Aunt May is about to enter Peter notices his Spider-Man boot on the floor and quickly shoots out a web to grab it and pulls it under the bed covers]


[Aunt May enters Peter’s room]
Aunt May: You said you’re gonna take my car into the shop because…
[she notices Peter lying in bed under the covers with only his face showing which is covered in dirt]
Aunt May: Are you alright?
Peter Parker: Yeah, I’m okay. I’m just…I’m very naked right now.
Aunt May: What happened to your face, it’s filthy?
Peter Parker: It is?
Aunt May: Yes.
Peter Parker: Oh, yeah, yeah. I was cleaning the chimney.
Aunt May: We have no chimney.
Peter Parker: Whaaat?!
Aunt May: You’re late!
Peter Parker: I know! I’m late!
Aunt May: Downstairs, now! Alright?
Peter Parker: Can you…can you leave. I’m completely naked here.
Aunt May: I’m leaving.
[as she goes to leave Aunt May notices the ceiling lamp swinging from side to side, she then leaves and closes the door]
Peter Parker: Morning! I love you!
Aunt May: I love you too! Hurry up!
[after Aunt May leaves his room, Peter notices his father’s briefcase on the floor and has a flashback to a day when young Peter was having a family photo taken with his parents, feeling angry Peter throws the bag into his closet and uses his web to slam the door shut]


[inside his apartment Max has an obsessive collection of Spider-Man paraphernalia, as he starts to shave he starts talking Spider-Man as if he’s actually there with him]
Max Dillon: Woh-ho, look who’s here? Spidey! How was your morning? He says, “Hey, Max.” And then he says, “I’ve been out saving the world, protecting everybody. But it’s soon somebody’s Birthday today?”
[replying to his fantasy Spider-Man]
Max Dillon: That’s why you’re here. You remembered my Birthday! All the crime fighting you’ve been doing, and all of a sudden you take time out to come visit me? Little old me, Max. It’s…it’s amazing. But…of course you would. Why wouldn’t you visit me? We’re best friends.
[he opens his fridge door and acts surprised when he sees a small birthday cake inside]
Max Dillon: What are you doing? You baked me a cake? People don’t get a chance to see these small kind these that you do for people. I…I know what they say about you in the press, but it doesn’t matter to me because I know the real you, because you’re amazing. Wow! That’s what the press needs. They should call you “The Amazing Spider-Man.” You like that, Spidey?
[pretending to be Spider-Man]
Max Dillon: I like it a lot, Max.
[replying to his fantasy Spider-Man]
Max Dillon: Good, because today is going to be amazing!
[suddenly the lights go out]
Max Dillon: Circuit thirty-nine.


[talking on the phone as she does the laundry]
Aunt May: I’m not late, Harvey. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. I just want to know if you can find another waitress to replace me because I start my training because I…I start my training rounds at the hospital. And don’t mention any of this to Peter, I…I don’t want him to know. Because he’ll worry, that’s all.
[she holds up a uniform which has a student nursing badge on it and puts it in the washing machine, suddenly Peter appears in the kitchen and Aunt May quickly changes the subject]
Aunt May: Uh…yeah. Yeah. Okay, you got it. Uh…a double shift on Thursday. Okay. Bye.
[she ends the call]
Peter Parker: Who was that?
Aunt May: Harvey.
Peter Parker: Doing a double shift, huh?
Aunt May: Sometimes. I got nothing else to do, I like the girls, I…I miss Ben. It give me a little extra in the cookie jar.
Peter Parker: Hm. Well, I sold another…another couple of photos to the Bugle, so that ought to help.
Aunt May: Yeah, it would really help if that guy would pay you a fair wage.
Peter Parker: Oh, Jameson…Jameson pays me a fair wage, if it was 1961, he’d pay me a fair wage.


[Peter goes to put his Spider-Man costume into the laundry but Aunt May stops him, neither wanting their secrets revealed]
Aunt May: Hey! Hey! Hey! Wait, wait, wait! What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? No, I do the laundry.
Peter Parker: I’m doing my laundry.
Aunt May: No, I do the laundry. This is my…
Peter Parker: No, I know. I’m…
Aunt May: No, this is my job. I’ve been doing your laundry since you were six years old.
Peter Parker: I understand that, but I’m in college now. I think it’s time that I took care of my own dirty underwear.
Aunt May: You know what? I…the last time you did the laundry you turned everything blue and red! So no!
Peter Parker: That was a mistake!
Aunt May: Yeah.
Peter Parker: Because I was washing the…the…the American flag. My…can I please just…
Aunt May: No one washes the flag!
Peter Parker: I do, and I won’t anymore! Forget it, fine! Can I just do my laundry?
Aunt May: This is my machine!
Peter Parker: It’s just underwear! Please!
Aunt May: This is my laundry, my home, my machine! Back off! Eat your breakfast.
[she holds up a sandwich]
Peter Parker: Alright, laundry sheriff. I’ll do it later.
Aunt May: I’ll do it.
Peter Parker: No, forget it.
Aunt May: Give it to me.
Peter Parker: No, I’ll do it some other time. Forget it.
[Peter takes the sandwich and turns to leave]


[we see Max walking to work at OsCorp, he knocks into another pedestrian as he walks]
Pedestrian: Hey!
Max Dillon: Excuse me.
[he then approaches the main building door where all the workers are entering and says to himself with frustration]
Max Dillon: Lock jam. Come on, come on, come on.
OsCorp Employee: Watch it, buddy.
[inside the building K.A.R.I (Kinetic Artificial Reactive Intelligence), OsCorp’s artificial intelligence is giving a virtual presentation]
Kari: OsCorp Industries is proud to announce the worlds first electromagnetic power grid. By converting aging power stations into a field of hydro-electric towers, we are generating clean, green, sustainable energy to power Manhattan and finally the rest of the world…
[Max enters the building and his boss, Alistair Smythe, notices him as he walks past him]
Alistair Smythe: Dillon, you’re late.
Max Dillon: Double decker trains were so slow, sir.
Alistair Smythe: Don’t you realize that OsCorp is now responsible the entire city’s energy?
Max Dillon: Oh, I do. I submitted a lot of designs for the power grid, and…and they used a lot of them. And I noticed that in those power grids were designed by me.
Alistair Smythe: You designed them? Sure you did. And I’m Spider-Man.
[suddenly Max flips out and grabs hold of Smythe]
Max Dillon: You’re no Spider-Man, he’s a Leo you’re a Sagittarius! You ever speak of him again, I’m gonna rip your flat-goon head off!
[suddenly we realize that Max was just fantasizing as Smythe and Max are stood in the same position]
Alistair Smythe: Now get to work.
[Smythe turns and walks off]


[Max enters the elevator]
Kari: What floor, please?
Max Dillon: Seventy-four.
Kari: Thank you.
[just as the elevator doors are closing Gwen calls out]
Gwen Stacy: Oh, hold that!
[Max holds the elevator doors open for Gwen to enter]
Max Dillon: I got it.
Gwen Stacy: Thank you, you’re a gentleman. Most people would have just let the doors close.
Max Dillon: Yeah, well, most people don’t notice other people.
Kari: What floor, please?
Gwen Stacy: Um, sixty-three…
Max Dillon: I got it. What is it?
Gwen Stacy: Uh, sixty-three.
[to Kari]
Max Dillon: Sixty-three, please.
Kari: Thank you.
Max Dillon: In a hurry.
Gwen Stacy: Thank you.


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