Starring: Seth Rogen, Sarah Snook, Jorma Taccone, Sean Whalen, Joanna Adler, Eliot Glazer, Kalen Allen


HBO Max comedy directed by Brandon Trost based short story “Sell Out” by Simon Rich. The story follows Herschel Greenbaum (Seth Rogen), an immigrant worker at a pickle factory. One day he falls into a vat of brine and stays there, perfectly preserved, for a hundred years. He comes back to life in modern day Brooklyn and decides to seek out his family and finds that his only surviving relative is his great-grandson, Ben Greenbaum (Seth Rogen), a mild-mannered computer programmer whom Herschel can’t even begin to understand.


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[in Yiddish]
Sarah Greenbaum: Sometimes I imagine that I work hard, and save, and become rich.
Herschel Greenbaum: How rich?
Sarah Greenbaum: Like “afford my own gravestone” rich!
Herschel Greenbaum: Woh.


Herschel Greenbaum: [voice over] In old country of Schlupsk I am ditch digger. As far as jobs in Schlupsk, it’s pretty good.


Herschel Greenbaum: Sarah, I make this vow. One hundred years, our family will prosper.


Herschel Greenbaum: [voice over] We are the Greenbaums, and we have American dream. I find good job in pickle factory. And then one day, everything changed.


[after Herschel falls into a vat of brine and wakes up a hundred years later]
Scientist: It’s been one hundred years. The pickle brine preserved him perfectly.


Herschel Greenbaum: The world has changed. Everyone I know is gone.


Scientist: We were able to track down a great grandson.


[when he sees Ben for the first time]
Herschel Greenbaum: Greenbaum?
Ben Greenbaum: Greenbaum!
[they embrace]
Ben Greenbaum: This is nuts.


[pointing to a poster of David Bowie on Ben’s wall]
Herschel Greenbaum: Is this your father?
Ben Greenbaum: No, that’s David Bowie.
Herschel Greenbaum: Is this your mother?
Ben Greenbaum: No, that’s also David Bowie. That whole poster is David Bowie.


Herschel Greenbaum: Your parents, where are they?
Ben Greenbaum: They passed away. It was a car crash.
Herschel Greenbaum: You will tell me everything of their death. How their bodies died, their faces as their life left. We will bond over our pain.
Ben Greenbaum: Mm-hmm.


Ben Greenbaum: I understand why you’re a religious person, but I’m not.
Herschel Greenbaum: How do you grieve for dead parents?
Ben Greenbaum: I’m doing okay.


Herschel Greenbaum: I have idea. We start pickle business.
Ben Greenbaum: That’s a very stupid idea, Herschel.


Herschel Greenbaum: You have no wife, no children, no friends, no job. You need help!
Ben Greenbaum: I’m fine!


Herschel Greenbaum: We will become success.


[takes a whiff of the pickle jar]
Man #1: Wow! Ooh.
Herschel Greenbaum: Very pungent.
[as both men smell the pickle jar again]
Man #2: Mmm. Yeah, that’s straight from the devil.


Herschel Greenbaum: We will finally make dead parents proud.
Ben Greenbaum: Don’t talk about my parents. You never met them!


Reporter: You have captivated the hearts of the entire world.


Ben Greenbaum: I’m probably not the best case scenario for what the family’s become.


Herschel Greenbaum: In old country, we have saying.
Ben Greenbaum: I’m sure this has aged well.
Herschel Greenbaum: If man do not throw punch, it is because this man secretly has polio arms. Do something then! Throw your punch!


Ben Greenbaum: You know they cured polio right? A guy named Jonas Salk.
Herschel Greenbaum: Was he Jew?
Ben Greenbaum: He was.
Herschel Greenbaum: Yes!


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