Starring: Jessica Chastain, John Malkovich, Common, Geena Davis, Colin Farrell, Ioan Gruffudd, Joan Chen



Action thriller directed by Tate Taylor. The story follows Ava (Jessica Chastain), a deadly assassin who works for a black ops organization, traveling the globe specializing in high profile hits. However, when a job goes dangerously wrong she is forced to fight for her own survival.


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'Count no man is happy until his end is known.' - Duke (Ava) Click To Tweet 'It's not until you know how someone dies that you know what really mattered to them. What they cared about. What they'd sacrifice for. What they would die for. Who they loved, and who loved them in return.' - Duke (Ava) Click To Tweet 'We don't have much control over our lives. But our end? Sometimes we write that story.' - Duke (Ava) Click To Tweet


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[Ava disguised as Brandy and is driving Peter from the airport]
Peter: I had this meeting, and this passive-aggressive m*therf***er insinuates all this s**t about me. Why was I so blind to this f***ing p**ck who was suggesting I wasn’t very good at my job? Which I am, by the way.
Ava: God love him. You know, Croesus once said, “Count no man happy until the end is known.”


Peter: Let’s make a deal. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. And since we don’t know each other, we’ve got nothing to lose. We can just be real. Okay? No masks. Just the experience of Brandy and Peter. What do you say?
Ava: Does this usually work? Okay. No masks, no bulls**t.


[after Ava pulls the car over and gets in the back with Peter]
Ava: I didn’t come back here for a drink, Peter. I wanted to see what you looked like from this angle.
Peter: You like what you see?
Ava: Your pictures do not do you justice.


[as Peter goes to kiss Ava]
Ava: I just want to ask you a question first.
Peter: Yes, ma’am. You’re the boss now.
Ava: What did you do?
Peter: What did I do?
Ava: Well, I don’t know when you did it, but I know you did something, Peter.
Peter: What are you talking about?
Ava: Why would someone not want you to be alive anymore?
[she pulls out her gun on him]


Ava: [to Peter] You know, if you modernize it, what Croesus actually said is, “Count no man happy until he’s had a good death.” I genuinely try to give my subjects a good death when I can. But I can’t do that unless I know what you did.


Peter: Please don’t, please!
Ava: Don’t beg. Just think of it as though it’s already happened, because it has. Now answer my question.
Peter: Nothing! I’m a nothing! I’m a nobody! I just move money around for companies!
Ava: So you don’t have an answer for me?


[after she’s killed Peter she calls Duke]
Ava: Confirmed. Subject’s closed.
Duke: You sound a little off, kiddo. Anything to share?
Ava: Nope.


Duke: Nothing to report?
Ava: I got to get a new set of wigs. I don’t know if they’ve shrunk, or my head’s grown.


Duke: Any hiccups?
Ava: You can stop worrying about me now.
Duke: I’ll stop worrying when I stop worrying.


Duke: How’s the mind?
Ava: Clear. Fine.
Duke: You don’t sound clear.
Ava: Shut up.
Duke: Or fine.
Ava: Just please shut up. I’m just still in it, that’s all.


Duke: Did you close this subject with dignity?
Ava: Yep.
Duke: Was management compromised?
Ava: Nope.
Duke: Then move the f*** on.


Duke: I’ll call you if you don’t call me. Keep your head down and your powder dry, kiddo.
Ava: Head down, powder dry. Got it.


[referring to Judy relationship with Michael]
Ava: So that’s still happening, huh?
Judy: I’m sorry, okay?
Ava: You’re my f***ing sister.
Judy: Yeah, and you f***ing left! It happened. I haven’t seen you for eight years!
Ava: I called you.
Judy: Yeah, every six months, for you to deflect all our questions about where the f*** you are! You just quit drinking, disappeared, and left me holding all these bags of s**t. I liked you better when you were a drunk.
Ava: Nice.


[as Ava and Judy are vising their mother, Bobbi, in hospital]
Bobbi: I would have thought maybe you’d be shocked to see me this old, considering you haven’t laid eyes on me in such a long time.
Ava: You look exactly the same age. It’s really great work.
Judy: Come on, Ava.
Bobbi: Thank you, Ava. But really, it’s just my moisturizer. It’s on the shelf in the bathroom if you want to grab some for yourself.


Bobbi: Your hair looks terrible.
Ava: Thank you.
Bobbi: Well, it just sits there like, meh. You could wear it with some style. You’re not in the army anymore.
Ava: Well, I don’t have anyone to impress.


[to Ava, referring to the next assassination job]
Duke: So this one could be tricky. The approach should be flirty but classy. Anything aggressive is going to scare the General off.


[after she’s given the general a lethal injection]
Ava: You did something bad. Right? They wouldn’t have sent me if you hadn’t. I wish I knew what it was.


[after the general’s killing went wrong from bad intel]
Ava: Who was responsible?
Duke: Well, let’s say for the purposes of this conversation, it’s my fault. I’m supposed to get you in and out safely. I failed. I’m sorry, darling.


Ava: It was meant to look like natural causes. I can do natural causes.
Duke: I know you can.
Ava: I can do an accident. I can do gentle.
Duke: I know.


Ava: Duke, if you’re going to close me, just do it now.
Duke: Management knows it’s not your fault.


Duke: Ava, don’t tell me you’ve been asking the subjects what they did wrong again. We’re not going to survive another episode of that. Have you been using again?
Ava: No.


Duke: You’re an addict. Do you remember what that behavior led to last time?
Ava: Yeah.
Duke: The hospitalization of three wait staff because they…
Ava: It’s not like that this time. It’s just, sometimes I just want to know why I’m closing somebody.
Duke: Who gives a s**t? You’re client-facing. You’re not a member of the parole board, or a prison shrink. You’re there to get the SignEasy on the toe tag. Yours is not to reason why, yours is to do or die.


Duke: You know, I’m not going to be able to protect you a second time.
Ava: Duke. I’m good. Alright? I promise you.


Ava: My father died.
Duke: I know.
Ava: You didn’t kill him, did you?
Duke: Okay.
[Ava laughs]


[during her AA meeting]
Ava: About ten years ago, at my most f***ed up, I caught my dad having an affair. And I told him that if he didn’t tell mom, that I was going to do it myself. So, he cried. And he promised me that he would tell her about it. But what he did instead was tell her that he caught me stealing money from his wallet. He said that I tried to blackmail him into giving me a thousand dollars, and that if he wouldn’t do it, that I would make up a story about him having an affair.


[continuing her story at the AA meeting]
Ava: I was a total alcoholic addict piece of s**t at the time, who had been caught stealing money for drugs, so naturally, she believed him. I don’t blame her. But him, the look on his face when she was confronting me about it. It was like he was amused for using me to save his a**. I couldn’t get through that day without using. Made me want to kill him. Oh, I f***ing fantasized about it. And I knew that if I didn’t leave immediately, that I would. So, I left and I joined the army. When I heard he was dead, I knew it was safe to come back. That’s all I got.


[referring to Ava’s botched assassination in Saudi Arabia]
Simon: Goodness gracious me.
Duke: That was a hiccup.
Simon: Oh, that was more than a hiccup.


Duke: They say there’s no way it can lead back to us.
Simon: There’s one way.
Duke: No. Not her. I recruited her. I trained her.
Simon: You recruited me. You trained me. I say she’s a liability.


Duke: She’s best of breed. There’s no way she can be ID’d.
Simon: There’s a risk factor. Have you forgotten?
Duke: That was two years ago. She had valid doubts about the ethical merits of a couple of closures.
Simon: Valid doubts, the pursuit of which led her to have a f***ing meltdown.
Duke: And she got back on track.


Simon: She’s talking to the f***ing targets! Again! You told me when soldiers disobey the chain of command, people die
Duke: How do we know this?
Alejandro: I heard her.


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