Starring: Aaron Paul, Charles Baker, Matt Jones, Jonathan Banks, Larry Hankin



Drama written and directed by Vince Gilligan. The story is as a continuation of the TV series Breaking Bad and follows the escape of a kidnapped Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and his quest for freedom.


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[first lines; in flashback we see Jesse and Mike discuss their departure from Walter White’s meth business]
Jesse: You know he’s not going to be happy.
Mike: No, I suspect he won’t. Only you can decide what’s best for you, Jesse. Not him, not me.
Jesse: I’m out.


Jesse: So, what are you going to do with all that money?
Mike: Same thing I do with all the other money. How about you, teenage retiree? You’ll be living the dream.
Jesse: Not sure I should stick around town.
Mike: Well, that’s a start.
Jesse: Nothing really keeping me here.


Jesse: Where would you go? If you were me.
Mike: It doesn’t matter. I’m not you.
Jesse: Seriously, come on. Like if you were my age. Just play along. Make some conversation.
Mike: Alaska.
Jesse: Yeah?
Mike: Yeah, if I were your age, starting fresh, Alaska. It’s the last frontier. Up there, you could be anything you want.
Jesse: Alaska. Start over. Start fresh.
Mike: One could.
Jesse: Put things right.
Mike: No. Sorry, kid, that’s the one thing you can never do.


[after Jesse escapes the compound, he goes to Skinny Pete for a place to sleep]
Badger: Come check out what’s on TV.
Skinny Pete: Man, what’s wrong with you? I ain’t watching no TV right now.
Badger: It’s the news.
[Skinny Pete closes the room where Jesse is sleeping; Badger and Skinny Pete watch the news]
Reporter #1: Is it true that a military grade firearm was altered and used to carry out this attack?
SAC Ramey: To the best of my knowledge, it was an M60 machine gun, which, yes, that’s strictly a military issue weapon. As to where he could have obtained such a weapon, or the so-called remote control aspect of it, anything I could say at this point would just be conjecture, and I’m not going to engage in that. Yes?
Reporter #2: Could you tell us more about this person of interest? We’re hearing a lot of conflicting information, and I’m unclear whether this person took part in the killings, or whether they were, in fact, I guess the word we keep hearing is liberated. Were they liberated by White from some sort of captivity?
SAC Ramey: I’m not prepared, at this time, to say any more than that. They’re a person of interest and they may have information relevant to this case, or other cases the DEA’s investigating.


[Joe is watching the news on TV about Jesse being wanted by the police when he gets a phone call]
Old Joe: Go For Joe.
[Joe listens for a moment before replying]
Old Joe: Yeah, I know who this is. At this point, who doesn’t?


[in flashback, Todd takes Jesse to his apartment]
Todd: How do you like my place?
Jesse: Uh, yeah, it’s nice. Kind of pastel, but in a good way.
Todd: Yeah, right? I was thinking of Easter eggs, but lately, I’m thinking I might like to try some new paint. This stuff is starting to feel pretty tired.
Jesse: Okay. Sure, so, you… Is that why I’m here? You want me to help you paint?
Todd: Maybe, yeah. Um, if we have some time left over. But, first, uh…
[they enter Todd’s kitchen, Jesse sees the dead body of Todd’s cleaning lady, who Todd had killed]
Jesse: Oh, sh*t! Jesus!


[in flashback, after Jesse has helped Todd bury the body of his cleaner bury in the desert, Jesse takes Todd’s gun from the glove compartment of his car]
Todd: I’ll take that, Jesse.
[Jesse takes a step back while holding the gun]
Todd: Jesse, I’ll take that.
[Jesse moves back again]
Todd: On the way home, I was going to get us some pizza. A couple large pies. Maybe a six-pack of beer? Some ice cold beer. Does that sound good? Because you earned it today. You definitely did. What kind of pizza do you like, Jesse?
[Jesse doesn’t reply]
Todd: Jesse, what kind of pizza?
Jesse: Pepperoni.
Todd: Pepperoni. Sure. Classic. I like that too.
[Jesse starts quietly sob and gives the gun back to Todd]


[after Jesse shows Neil the hiding place for Todd’s money]
Neil: God, there’s got to be there’s got to be a million here. Yeah.
[Jesse grabs a garbage bag]
Neil: What are you doing?
Jesse: Taking my half.
Neil: Wow. Yeah? A little man with big dreams? Yeah? Hey, if I were you, I’d walk the hell out of here right now.
[Jesse continues to take his share of the cash, Neil point his gun at Jesse’s head]
Neil: I’ll shoot you, you son of a b*tch. I will shoot you.
Jesse: Then do it already. If I don’t get this money, I am dead anyway. Alright? If you pull that trigger, then you are going to have to kill that loudmouth down the hall, and every other witness in the place. Then you will be as f**ked as I am. So what’s it going to be?
[Jesse pushes the gun away]
Neil: Three-way split. And you got your third. Don’t push it.


[Jesse shows up at the “disappearer”, Ed’s vacuum store, he turns the closed sign and locks the front door]
Ed: I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t do that. I’m open for business.
Jesse: Um, I’m looking for a Hoover Max. Pressure Max, Max Pressure. Hoover, or maybe it’s a Pro Max. Got like a filter.
Ed: Hoover products are right over there on the wall behind you.
Jesse: Look, I don’t remember the exact like password. Alright? But it was a vacuum thing.
[Ed just look at him]
Jesse: Okay, fine.
[Jesse puts his bag of money on the counter]
Jesse: Here you go.
[he takes out wads of cash]
Jesse: Four, six, ten, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen, twenty, twenty-two, twenty-four, twenty-five. There you go, a hundred and twenty-five thousand.


[as Ed is still unresponsive to Jesse]
Jesse: Come on, man, you know why I’m here.
Ed: I can’t say I do, no.
Jesse: Yeah, you do. You’re the guy. Yeah, you do. You’re the guy. Look, I am ninety-six percent sure that you’re the guy, so why don’t you just like admit it?
[Ed shows no response]
Jesse: Look, alright, no wire. Okay? No wire, and no gun. Okay? And nobody knows I’m here. I just need your services.


Jesse: The day at the pickup spot, you pulled up in a minivan, a red Toyota minivan. It looks like a kidney bean. Same exact minivan you got parked out back. Alright? I saw it. Alright. You got rules. Alright. I get that, and I apologize, seriously. I didn’t go with you that day, and I am sorry. Look, you will never know how sorry, but I am here now. Alright? And I have cash. So, please? Okay? Please?
Ed: You owe me for that first pickup.
Jesse: Yes! You’re the gu… Wait, what?
[referring to the cash Jesse’s put on the counter]
Ed: This is previously owed. Going forward, were we to, would require an additional one twenty-five.
Jesse: Alright. Fair is fair. A deal’s a deal.
[Jess starts putting more cash from the bag onto the counter]
Jesse: Alright. Look. Four, eight, ten, fourteen, eighteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two. Twenty-two.
[he realizes he has another was of cash in his pocket and takes it out]
Jesse: Yeah. Twenty-three.
Ed: By my arithmetic, you’re ten thousand shy.
[Jesse takes out more cash from his coat pocket and counts it]
Jesse: Eighty-two hundred. Eighty-two hundred.
[Ed takes the garbage bag Jesse had put the cash in]
Ed: May I borrow this?
[Ed starts putting the cash into the garbage bag]
Jesse: What are you doing?
Ed: I’m gathering your belongings.
Jesse: No, no no. No, no. Stop.
Ed: I’m not going to try to collect what you owe me. I don’t think it would end well for either one of us. This is not an inconsequential amount of money.
Jesse: Hey, listen to me.
Ed: Spend it wisely, it will last you for years.
Jesse: Please, you don’t understand.
Ed: Keep a low profile, travel by night.
Jesse: Oh, God.
Ed: With a little luck, you will soon find yourself many miles from here. Godspeed to you.
[he puts all the money back in the bag for Jesse to take back]
Jesse: So that’s it?
Ed: That’s it. Now, please leave.


Jesse: You are going to jack me up over a measly eighteen hundred?
Ed: I’ve got to reopen. The longer you stick around here, the more you jeopardize yourself.
[Ed reopens his store]
Jesse: No, hey. No. Hey. Have you been watching the news?
Ed: I have. Very much so.
Jesse: So you hear what they’ve been saying about me. Yeah?
Ed: Yeah.
Jesse: Look, these people, they have kept me in a concrete hole. Look, I don’t even know what month it is. They made me watch when they shot someone.
Ed: If you believe that you can pull on people’s heartstrings, you should take your chances with the police. From where I sit, you made your own luck. As did your former partner. As did your lawyer. You said it yourself, a deal’s a deal.
Jesse: No. I am not going anywhere. I am staying right here until you help me.
[Jesse turns the closed sign and locks the store door again]


[after Ed calls the police when Jesse refuses to leave his store]
Jesse: You are so full of crap. You didn’t call anybody just now. You faked it. And you want to know how I know? You got as much to lose as I do. More. Way more. When your “cops” get here and they bust me, first question they’re going to ask is, what am I doing here, trying to hand over a Hefty bag full of cash to a dude who runs a vacuum cleaner store? What comes out then? Huh?
[he chuckles]
Jesse: Oh, and you, uh, want to know what else is bullsh*t? You know, like word to the wise, next time you to try to pull this sh*t on someone, you don’t just hang up on a 9-1-1 call. They won’t let you. Because the lady, or dude, or whoever, is like, “Stay on the line with me, sir. Stay on the line until the officers arrive.” And if you did hang up, they’d call you back immediately. But, hey, guess what? Seriously, yoh. Pathetic.
[just then a police car parks up outside the store]
Ed: Wow, you got to love that response time.
[Jesse looks around, sees the cops and take off]
Ed: Take your money.
[Jesses rushes back, takes the bag of cash and rushes off out the back]


[after Jesse watches the cops leave Ed’s store, he calls Ed]
Ed: Best Quality Vacuum, how may I help you?
Jesse: A deal’s a deal? Your word is your bond?
Ed: It is.
Jesse: I’ll get you your money.


[Jesse calls his parents]
Mr. and Mrs. Pinkman: Jesse, where are you?
Jesse: I heard you saying that I should turn myself in.
Mrs. Pinkman: Yes. It’s the right thing to do. Quit running and get some help.
Mr. Pinkman: No one is trying to hurt you, son. Better you come forward on your own, it’ll be safer for you, better all around.
Jesse: You remember where we used to have those picnics, all those years ago, by the little lake, the one with all the ducks?
Mr. Pinkman: Yeah?
Jesse: Do you think you guys could come get me maybe?
Mr. Pinkman: We’re on our way.
Jesse: Hey. And, uh, it’s probably too late to say this. I don’t know if it’ll mean much to you, but you did your best. And whatever happened with me, it’s on me. Okay? Nobody else.
[Jesse hangs up, then after he watches his parents leave the house, he enters the house and takes two handguns from his father’s safe]


[after Jesse goes to Niel’s shop]
Neil: Now, how exactly do you plan on pulling this off? I mean, being that there’s five of us and one of you.
Jesse: I’m not here to rob you.
Neil: Oh, you’re not? Then how’s this work?
Jesse: All I need is eighteen hundred. I’m asking as a favor.
Casey: Oh, what, like charity?
[referring to Neil]
Casey: Seems to me this silly son of a b*tch already forked over, big time.
Neil: Casey, seriously, shut up.
[to Jesse]
Neil: Eighteen hundred, huh? Why not an even two grand? You know, nice round number.
Jesse: Eighteen hundred is all I need.
[referring to the gun in Jesse’s waistband]
Neil: So, what’s the gun for? It’s like personal protection?


[as Neil challenges Jesse to a duel]
Neil: You ready?
Jesse: Yeah.
[as Neil goes for his gun, Jesse shoots him with the concealed gun in his coat pocket]


[pointing his gun at them and holding their driving licenses]
Jesse: Sean, Kyle, Colin. I know where you live. You tell the cops about me, and I am coming for every goddamn one of you. You understand?
Sean, Kyle, Colin: Yeah.
Jesse: Go. Go!
[he opens the door which Neil’s dead body was propped against, Sean and Colin rush out the door]
Kyle: Dude, you’re on fire.
[he rushes out the door]


[in flashback, we see Walt and Jesse having breakfast at a hotel diner; as Jesse adds pineapples to his breakfast buffet]
Jesse: Yeah, b*tch.


[in flashback; to the boy serving them water as Jesse and Walt are about to eat breakfast]
Jesse: Leave the pitcher, would you?
Busboy: Sorry, can’t really do that.
Jesse: Wait.
[Jesse takes out a wad of cash, hands the boy a note and takes the pitcher]
Jesse: Sure you can.
Walt: Wow. It’s like I’m here with Sinatra.
Jesse: I know, right?


[referring to Jesse’s breakfast]
Walt: Certainly went big with the pineapple.
Jesse: Only an asshole doesn’t like pineapple. Guessing you don’t?
Walt: I can take it or leave it.
Jesse: Pineapple’s good for you. It’s got bromide.
Walt: Bromelain. But, close. Actually, it’s not close at all.


[referring to the latest batch of meth they’ve cooked]
Walt: How long will it take to sell this batch?
Jesse: Six months.
Walt: Jeez.
Jesse: Easy. Maybe more.
Walt: There’s no one that you can think of who might buy the entire amount?
Jesse: Uh, someone with a spare one point three million dollars lying around? No. Can’t say that I do.
Jesse: Your family is going to get every dime they got coming to them, Mr. White. No matter how long it takes.


Walt: What about you, Jesse? Hm?
Jesse: Huh?
Walt: After this. What then?
[Jesse shrugs]
Walt: Nothing? What about college?
[Jesse laughs]
Walt: No, what is stopping you from going to college?
Jesse: Um, nothing, I guess.
Walt: Yeah, nothing at all. Say you went to college.
Jesse: Uh-huh.
Walt: What would you study, you think, eh? What interests you?
Jesse: Sports Medicine?
Walt: Sports Medicine.
Jesse: Yeah.
Walt: That’s, yeah, sure. That’s…
Jesse: Yeah.
Walt: …could… Or business.
Jesse: Hm?
Walt: Business and Marketing. You could practically teach that class.
Jesse: Well, yeah.
Walt: I mean, you’d be a natural. And with a Business degree, I mean, that’s handy anywhere.
Jesse: Yeah. Yeah, I guess that could be cool.
Walt: Yeah. You could do it too. First step, get your GED, that’s no problem.
Jesse: What do I need a GED for? I got my diploma.
Walt: Oh. Oh, of course, yeah, right. Right, right, right.
Jesse: Yoh, you were standing right on stage when they handed it to me.
Walt: I know, it just slipped my mind.
Jesse: I totally graduated high school, d*ck. Which is like no thanks to you, alright?
Walt: Just stay on the subject here. Alright? I mean, the larger point being… You know, look, forget it. I don’t have a larger point. I’m just making conversation.
Jesse: Yeah.
[Walt looks out the window]
Walt: You’re really lucky, you know that? You didn’t have to wait your whole life to do something special.


[after Ed smuggles Jesse to a car parked in Alaska]
Jesse: This is Alaska.
Ed: This is Alaska. Forty miles in that direction gets you to Haines.
Jesse: It’s quiet.
Ed: Yeah. Figured you could use some of that.


[as Ed’s is about to leave Jesse in Alaska]
Ed: Not many of us get a chance to start fresh. Good luck, Mr. Driscoll.
[they shake hands, Jesse gets into the car and drives off]


[last lines; as Jesse is driving off in Alaska, he has flashback to his time with Jane]
Jesse: I was thinking about that thing you said about the universe. Going where the universe takes you? Right on. I think it’s a cool philosophy.
Jane: I was being metaphorical. It’s a terrible philosophy. I’ve gone where the universe takes me my whole life. It’s better to make those decisions for yourself.

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