Here is our list of the best quotes from Peter Jackson’s fantasy adventure prequel, The Hobbit Trilogy, based on the novel “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien. The story follows Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman), who is convinced by the wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen) to join a group of dwarves, led by Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage), on a quest to reclaim the kingdom of Erebor. The journey takes Bilbo on a path through treacherous lands swarming with orcs, goblins, the dragon Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch), and other dangers, not the least of which is an encounter with Gollum (Andy Serkis) and a simple gold ring that is tied to the fate of Middle Earth in ways Bilbo cannot even fathom.


1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

'It is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folk, that keep the darkness at bay. Simple acts of kindness and love.' - Gandalf (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) Click To Tweet


Old Bilbo: My dear Frodo, you asked me once if I had told you everything there was to know about my adventures. And while I can honestly say I have told you the truth, I may not have told you all of it. I am old now Frodo. I’m not the same hobbit I once was. I think it is time for you to know what really happened.


Old Bilbo: It began long ago in a land far away to the East. The like of which you will not find in the world today. There was the city of Dale. Its markets known far and wide, full of the bounties of vine and vale, peaceful and prosperous. For this city lay before the doors of the greatest kingdom in Middle-Earth, Erebor. Stronghold of Thror, king under the mountain. The mightiest of the dwarf lords. Thror ruled with utter surety, never doubting his house would endure, for his line lay secure in the lives of his son and grandson.


Old Bilbo: Ah, Frodo. Erebor. Built deep within the mountain itself, the beauty of this fortress city was legend. Its wealth lay in the earth, in precious gems hewn from rock, and in great seams of gold running like rivers through stone. The skill of the dwarves was unequaled. Fashioning objects of great beauty, out of diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire. Ever they delved deeper down into the dark, and that is where they found it. The heart of the mountain, the Arkenstone. Thror named it the king’s jewel. He took it as a sign, a sign that his right to rule was divine. All would pay homage to him. Even the great Elven king, Thranduil. But the years of peace and plenty were not to last. Slowly the days turned sour, and the watchful nights closed in.


Old Bilbo: Thror’s love of gold had grown too fierce. A sickness had begun to grow within him. It was a sickness of the mind. And where sickness thrives bad things will follow.


Old Bilbo: Robbed of their homeland, the dwarves of Erebor wandered the wilderness. The once mighty people brought low. The young dwarf prince took work where he could find it, laboring in the villages of men. But always, he remembered the mountain smoke beneath the moon, the trees like torches blazing bright, where he had seen dragon fire in the sky, and a city turn to ash. And he never forgave, and he never forgot.


Old Bilbo: That, my dear Frodo, is where I come in. For quite by chance, and the will of a wizard, fate decided I would become part of this tale. It began, well, it began as you might expect. In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole full of worms and oozy smells. This was a hobbit hole. And that means good food, a warm hearth, and all the comforts of home.


Frodo: What’s this?
Old Bilbo: That is private. Keep your sticky paws off! It’s not ready yet.
Frodo: Not ready for what?
Old Bilbo: Reading.


Bilbo: Good morning.
Gandalf: What do you mean? Do you mean to wish me a good morning, or do you mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not? Or perhaps you mean to say that you feel good on this particular morning? Or are you simply stating that this is a morning to be good on?
Bilbo: All of them at once, I suppose.


Bilbo: Can I help you?
Gandalf: It remains to be seen. I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure.
Bilbo: An adventure? No, I don’t imagine anyone west of Bree, would have much interest in adventures. Nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things. Make you late for dinner!


Bilbo: I’m sorry, do I know you?
Gandalf: Well you know my name. Although you don’t remember I belong to it. I’m Gandalf, and Gandalf means me!


Bilbo: [to Gandalf] We do not want any adventures here, thank you. Not today. I suggest you try over the hill or across the water. Good morning.


Balin: Ooh! Ah-hah! Evening, brother!
Dwalin: By my beard! You are shorter and wider than last we met.
Balin: Wider, not shorter. Sharp enough for both of us.


Bilbo: Excuse me, that is a doily, not a dish cloth.
Bofur: But it’s full of holes!
Bilbo: It’s supposed to look like that. It’s crochet.
Bofur: Oh, and a wonderful game it is too, if you got the balls for it.


Gandalf: My dear Bilbo, what on earth is the matter?
Bilbo: What’s the matter? I am surrounded by dwarves. What are they doing here?
Gandalf: Oh, they’re quite a merry gathering, once you get used to them.
Bilbo: I don’t want to get used to them. Look at the state of my kitchen! There’s mud trod in the carpet. They’ve pillaged the pantry. I’m not even going to tell you what they’ve done in the bathroom, they’ve all but destroyed the plumbing. I don’t understand what they’re doing in my house!


Thorin: Tell me, Mr. Baggins, have you done much fighting?
Bilbo: Pardon me?
Thorin: Axe or sword, what’s your weapon of choice?
Bilbo: Well, I do have some skill at conkers, if you must know. But I fail to see why that’s relevant.
Thorin: I thought as much. He looks more like a grocer than a burglar.


[referring to the contract]
Balin: It’s just the usual summary of out-of-pocket expenses, time required, remuneration,
funeral arrangements, so forth.
Bilbo: Funeral arrangements?
[Bilbo starts reading the contract]
Bilbo: Ooh.
Thorin: I cannot guarantee his safety.
Gandalf: Understood.
Thorin: Nor will I be responsible for his fate.
Gandalf: Agreed.


[reading from the contract]
Bilbo: “Total’s cash on delivery, up to but not exceeding, one fourteenth of total profit if any.”
[to himself]
Bilbo: Seems fair.
[carries on reading]
Bilbo: “The present company shall not be liable for injuries inflicted by or sustained as a consequence thereof, including, but not limited to lacerations. Evisceration.” Incineration?
Bofur: Oh, aye. He’ll melt the flesh off your bones in the blink of an eye.
Balin: You alright, laddie?
Bilbo: Huh? Yeah. I feel a bit faint.
Bofur: Think furnace, with wings.
Bilbo: I need air.
Bofur: Flash of light, searing pain, then poof! You’re nothing more than a pile of ash!
Bilbo: No.
[then faints]
Gandalf: Oh, very helpful, Bofur.


[after fainting]
Bilbo: I’ll be alright. Just let me sit quietly for a moment.
Gandalf: You’ve been sitting quietly for far too long.


Gandalf: The world is not in your books and maps. It’s out there.
Bilbo: I can’t just go running off into the blue! I am a Baggins, of Bag End!


Bilbo: I do believe you made that up.
Gandalf: Well, all good stories deserve embellishment. You’ll have a tale or two to tell of your own when you come back.
Bilbo: Can you promise that I will come back?
Gandalf: No. And if you do, you’ll not be the same.


Thorin: There are a few warriors amongst us.
Balin: Old warriors.
Thorin: I would take each and every one of these dwarves over an army from the Iron Hills. For when I called upon them, they answered. Loyalty, honor, a willing heart. I can ask no more than that.


Hobbit: Here, Mr. Bilbo! Where are you off too?
Bilbo: I can’t stop. I’m already late!
Hobbit: Late for what?
Bilbo: I’m going on an adventure!


Gandalf: You’ll have to manage without pocket handkerchiefs, and a good many other things, Bilbo Baggins, before we reach our journey’s end. You were born to the rolling hills and little rivers of the Shire. But home is now behind you. The world is ahead.


Bilbo: Wait! You are making a terrible mistake.
Dori: You can’t reason with them. They’re half-wits!
Bofur: Half-wits? What does that make us?


Thorin: Where did you go to, if I may ask?
Gandalf: To look ahead.
Thorin: What brought you back?
Gandalf: Looking behind.


Bilbo: I have, I have never used a sword in my life.
Gandalf: And I hope you never have to. But if you do, remember this. True courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one.


Radagast: I’ll draw them off.
Gandalf: These are Gundabad wargs. They will outrun you!
Radagast: These are Rhosgobel rabbits. I’d like to see them try.


Thorin: You think the Elves will give our quest their blessing? They will try to stop us.
Gandalf: Of course they will. But we have questions that need to be answered. If we are to be successful this will need to be handled with tact, and respect, and no small degree of charm, which is why you will leave the talking to me.


[referring to the lettuce]
Dori: Try it. Just a mouthful.
Ori: I don’t like green food.
Dwalin: Where’s the meat?
Ori: Have they got any chips?


[as Bilbo looks at his sword]
Balin: I wouldn’t bother, laddie. Swords are named for their great deeds they do in war.
Bilbo: What are you saying, my sword hasn’t seen battles?
Balin: I’m not actually sure it is a sword. More of a letter opener really.


Saruman: Radagast? Do not speak to me of Radagast the Brown. He’s a foolish fellow.
Gandalf: Well, he’s odd, I grant you. He lives a solitary life.
Saruman: It’s not that. It’s his excessive consumption of mushrooms. They’ve addled his brain, and yellowed his teeth.


Galadriel: Why the Halfling?
Gandalf: I do not know. Saruman believes that it is only a great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. I’ve found it is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folk, that keep the darkness at bay. Simple acts of kindness and love. Why Bilbo Baggins? Perhaps it is because I’m afraid and he gives me courage.


Bilbo: I don’t want any trouble, you understand? Just show me the way to get out of here, and I’ll be on my way.
Gollum: Why? Is it lost?
Bilbo: Yes. Yes, and I want to get unlost, as soon as possible.
Gollum: Oh, we knows! We knows safe path for hobbitses. Safe path in the dark. Shut up!
Bilbo: I didn’t say anything.
Gollum: I wasn’t talking to you!


[referring to Bilbo]
Gandalf: Oh, what does it matter? He’s back.
Thorin: It matters. I want to know. Why did you come back?
Bilbo: Look, I know you doubt me. I know you always have. And you’re right. I often think of Bag End. I miss my books. And my arm chair. And my garden. See, that’s where I belong. That’s home. And that’s why I came back, because you don’t have one. A home. It was taken from you, but I will help you take it back if I can.


Thorin: Out of the frying pan.
Gandalf: And into the fire. Run. Run!


Thorin: You! What were you doing? You nearly got yourself killed! Did I not say that you would be a burden? That you would not survive in the wild, and you had no place amongst us? I have never been so wrong, in all my life.
[he embraces Bilbo]
Thorin: But, I’m sorry I doubted you.
Bilbo: No, I would have doubted me too. I’m not a hero, nor a warrior. Not even a burglar.


[as they notice a thrush flying]
Oin: A raven! The birds are returning to the mountain.
Gandalf: That, my dear Oin, is a thrush.
Thorin: Well, we’ll take it as a sign. A good omen.
Bilbo: You’re right. I do believe the worst is behind us.


2. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013)

'Such is the nature of evil. Out there in the vast ignorance of the world it festers and spreads. A shadow that grows in the dark. A sleepless malice as black as the oncoming wall of night. So it ever was. So will it always be.' Click To Tweet


Beorn: [to Thorin] I don’t like dwarves. They’re greedy and blind. Blind to the lives of those they deem lesser than their own. But Orcs I hate more.


Gandalf: You’ve changed, Bilbo Baggins. You’re not the same hobbit as the one who left the Shire.
Bilbo: I was going to tell you. I found something in the Goblin tunnels.
Gandalf: Found what?
[Bilbo hesitates as he holds onto the ring in his pocket]
Gandalf: What did you find?
Bilbo: My courage.
Gandalf: Good. Well, that’s good. You’ll need it.


[looking at one of the pictures]
Legolas: Who is this? Your brother?
Gloin: That is my wife!
[looking at the other picture]
Legolas: And what is this horrid creature? A Goblin Mutant?
Gloin: That’s my wee lad, Gimli!


Kili: Aren’t you going to search me? I could have anything down my trousers?
Tauriel: Or nothing.


[referring to Kili; in Elvish]
Legolas: Why does that Dwarf stare at you, Tauriel?
Tauriel: Who can say? He’s quite tall for a Dwarf. Do you not think?
Legolas: Taller than some, but no less ugly.


Thranduil: I will let you go, if you but return what is mine.
Thorin: A favor for a favor.
Thranduil: You have my word. One King to another.
Thorin: I would not trust, Thranduil, the great King, to only his word, should the end of all days be upon us!
Thorin: You, lack all honor! I have seen how you treat your friends! We came to you once, starving, homeless, seeking your help. But you turned your back! You, turned away from the suffering of my people and the inferno that destroyed us!


Thranduil: [to Thorin] Do not talk to me of dragon fire! I know its wrath and ruin. I have faced the great serpents of the North. I warned your grandfather of what his greed would summon, but he would not listen. You are just like him. Stay here if you will, and rot. A hundred years is a mere blink in a life of an Elf. I’m patient. I can wait.


Tauriel: We cleared the forest as ordered, my Lord. But more spiders keep coming up from the south. They are spawning in the ruins of Dol Guldur. If we could kill them at their source…
Thranduil: That fortress lies beyond our borders. Keep our lands clear of those foul creatures. That is your task.
Tauriel: And when we drive them off, what then? Will they not spread to other lands?
Thranduil: Other lands are not my concern. The fortunes of the world will rise and fall, but here in this kingdom, we will endure.


Radagast: But it cannot be the Necromancer. A human sorcerer could not summon such evil.
Gandalf: Who said it was human? The nine only answer to one master. We’ve been blind, Radagast. And in our blindness, the enemy has returned.


Thranduil: Such is the nature of evil. Out there in the vast ignorance of the world it festers and spreads. A shadow that grows in the dark. A sleepless malice as black as the oncoming wall of night. So it ever was. So will it always be. In time all foul things come forth.


Narzug: The Dwarf runt will never be King!
Legolas: King? There is no King Under the Mountain, nor will there ever be. None would dare to enter Erebor Whilst the dragon lives.


[referring to Thranduil decapitating Narzug]
Legolas: Why did you do that? You promised to set him free.
Thranduil: And I did. I freed his wretched head from his miserable shoulders.


[referring to Bard]
Dwalin: I don’t care what he calls himself. I don’t like him.
Balin: We do not have to like him. We simply have to pay him.


Legolas: Tauriel, you cannot hunt thirty Orcs on your own.
Tauriel: But I’m not on my own.
Legolas: You knew I would come.


Legolas: It is not our fight.
Tauriel: It is our fight. It will not end here. With every victory this evil will grow. If your father has his way, we will do nothing. We will hide within our walls, live our lives away from the light, and let darkness descend. Are we are not part of this world? Tell me, mellon, when did we let evil become stronger than us?


Bard: Death! That is what you’ll bring upon us. Dragonfire and ruin. If you awaken that beast, it will destroy us all.
Thorin: You can listen to this naysayer, but I promise you this, if we succeed all will share in the wealth of the mountain.


Bard: Have you forgotten what happened to Dale? Have you forgotten those who died in the firestorm? And for what purpose? The blind ambition of a Mountain King, so riven by greed, he could not see beyond his own desire!


Bard: You have no right. No right to enter that mountain.
Thorin: I have the only right.


[as Thorin orders the injured Kili to be left behind]
Thorin: Fili, don’t be a fool. You belong with the company.
Fili: I belong with my brother.


Radagast: Wait, Gandalf! What if it’s a trap?
Gandalf: Turn around and do not come back.
[to himself as Radagast walks away]
Gandalf: It’s undoubtedly a trap.


[referring to the engraving of the Arkenstone]
Bilbo: And what’s that above it?
Balin: The Arkenstone.
Bilbo: The Arkenstone. And what’s that?
Thorin: That, Master Burglar, is why you are here.


Balin: Oh, and, Bilbo.
Bilbo: Mm?
Balin: If there is in fact a live dragon down there, don’t waken it.


Smaug: Well, thief. I smell you. I hear your breath. I feel your air. Where are you? Where are you?! Come, now. Don’t be shy. Step into the light.


Smaug: There is something about you. Something you carry. Something made of gold. But far more precious.
[Bilbo hears the word “precious” in his head and he quickly pulls off the ring]
Smaug: There you are, Thief in the Shadows.


[referring to the rumblings from within the mountain]
Ori: Was that an earthquake?
Balin: That, my lad, was a dragon.


Thorin: You’re afraid.
Balin: Yes, I’m afraid. I fear for you. A sickness lies upon that treasure horde. A sickness which drove your grandfather mad.
Thorin: I am not my grandfather.
Balin: You’re not yourself. The Thorin I know would not hesitate to go in there.
Thorin: I will not risk this quest for the life of one burglar.
Balin: Bilbo. His name is Bilbo.


Smaug: You are being used, Thief in the Shadows. You were only ever a means to an end. The coward Oakenshield has weighed the value of your life and found it worth nothing.
Bilbo: No. No, you’re lying.
Smaug: What did he promise you? A share of the treasure? As if it was his to give. I will not part with a single coin. Not one piece of it!


Smaug: My teeth are swords. My claws are spears. My wings are a hurricane!


[looking deliriously at Tauriel]
Kili: Tauriel.
Tauriel: Lie still.
Kili: You cannot be her. She is far away. She is far, far away from me. She walks in starlight in another world. It was just a dream. Do you think she could’ve loved me?


Balin: We could try to reach the mines. We might last a few days.
Thorin: No. I will not die like this. Cowering, clawing for breath. We make for the forges.
Dwalin: He’ll see us, sure as death.
Thorin: Not if we split up.
Balin: Thorin, we’ll never make it.
Thorin: Some of us might. Lead him to the forges. We kill the dragon. If this is to end in fire, then we will all burn together.


Bilbo: I did not come to steal from you, oh Smaug, the unaccessibly wealthy. I merely wanted to gaze upon your magnificence. To see if you really were as great as the old tales say. I did not believe them.
Smaug: And do you now?
Bilbo: Truly. The tales and songs fall utterly short of your enormity, oh Smaug, the stupendous.
Smaug: Do you think flattery will keep you alive?
Bilbo: No. No.
Smaug: No indeed.


Smaug: Who are you and where do you come from, may I ask?
Bilbo: I come from under the hill.
Smaug: Underhill?
Bilbo: And under hills, and over hills my path has led. And through the air, I am he who walks unseen.
Smaug: Impressive. What else do you claim to be?
Bilbo: I am Luck Wearer. Riddle Maker.
Smaug: Lovely titles. Go on.
Bilbo: Barrel Rider.
Smaug: Barrels? Now that is interesting.


Bilbo: No dwarves here. You’ve got that all wrong.
Smaug: Oh, I don’t think so, Barrel Rider. They sent you in here to do their dirty work while they skulk about outside.
Bilbo: Truly, you are mistaken, oh Smaug, chiefest and greatest of calamities.
Smaug: You have nice manners for a thief and a liar.


Smaug: [to Bilbo] I know the smell and taste of Dwarf. No one better. It is the gold, they are drawn to treasure like flies to dead flesh. Did you think I did not know this day would come? That a pack of canting dwarves would come crawling back to the mountain.


Smaug: You think you can deceive me, Barrel Rider? You have come from Lake-town. This is some sordid scheme hatched between these filthy dwarves and those miserable trading lakemen. Those sniveling cowards with their long bows and black arrows. Perhaps it is time I paid them a visit.
Bilbo: Oh no! This isn’t their fault! Wait! You cannot go to Lake-town!
Smaug: You care about them, do you? Good. Then you can watch them die!


Thorin: I am taking back what you stole.
Smaug: You will take nothing from me, Dwarf. I laid low your warriors of old. I instill terror in the hearts of men. I am King Under the Mountain.
Thorin: This is not your kingdom. These are Dwarf lands. This is Dwarf gold. And we will have our revenge.


Smaug: Ah, revenge! Revenge! I will show you revenge!


Smaug: I am fire. I am death!
[Bilbo watches in horror as Smaug flies toward Lake-town]
Bilbo: What have we done?


3. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)

'If more people valued home above gold, this world would be a merrier place.' - Thorin (The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies) Click To Tweet


Dwalin: Thorin, we all would see the stone returned.
Thorin: And yet it’s still not found!
Balin: Do you doubt the loyalty of anyone here? The Arkenstone is the birthright of our people.
Thorin: It is the King’s jewel. Am I not the King?! Know this, if anyone should find it and withhold it from me, I will be avenged.


Thorin: What is that? In your hand.
Bilbo: It’s nothing.
Thorin: Show me.
Bilbo: It… I picked it up in Beorn’s garden.
Thorin: You’ve carried it all this way?
Bilbo: I’m going to plant it in my garden. In Bag End.
Thorin: It’s a poor prize to take back to the Shire.
Bilbo: One day it’ll grow. And every time I look at it, I’ll remember. Remember everything that happened, the good, the bad, and how lucky I am that I made it home.


Bard: What news from the night watch?
Alfrid: All quiet, Sire. Not much to report. Nothing gets past me.
Bard: Except an army of Elves, it would seem.


Bard: You have saved us. I do not know how to thank you.
Thranduil: Your gratitude is misplaced. I did not come on your behalf. I came to reclaim something of mine.


Thorin: This vest is made of silver steel. Mithril it was called by my forebears. No blade can pierce it.
[Bilbo puts on the vest]
Bilbo: I look absurd. I’m not a warrior, I’m a Hobbit.
Thorin: It is a gift, a token of our friendship. True friends are hard to come by.


Bilbo: Thorin, the quest is fulfilled. You’ve won the Mountain. Is that not enough?
Thorin: Betrayed by my own kin.
Bilbo: No, you made a promise to the people of Lake-town. Now is this treasure truly worth more than your honor? Our honor, Thorin. I was also there. I gave my word.
Thorin: For that, I’m grateful. It was nobly done. But the treasure in this Mountain does not belong to the people of Lake-town. This gold is ours, and ours alone. With my life I will not part with a single coin. Not one piece of it.


Gandalf: Since when has my council counted for so little? What do you think I’m trying to do?
Thranduil: I think you’re trying to save your Dwarvish friends. And I admire your loyalty to them. But it does not dissuade me from my cause. You started this, Mithrandir, you will forgive me if I finish it.


Thranduil: If I’m not mistaken, this is the Halfling who stole the keys to my dungeons from under the nose of my guards.
Bilbo: Yes. Sorry about that.


Bard: Why would you do this? You owe us no loyalty.
Bilbo: I’m not doing it for you. I know that Dwarves can be obstinate, and pigheaded, and difficult. They’re suspicious and secretive, with the worst manners you can possibly imagine. But they are also brave, and kind, and loyal to a fault. I’ve grown very fond of them, and I would save them if I can.


Bilbo: I’m not afraid of Thorin.
Gandalf: Well, you should be. Don’t underestimate the evil of gold. Gold over which a serpent had long brooded. Dragon-sickness seeps into the hearts of all who came to this Mountain. Almost all.


Thorin: You would steal from me?
Bilbo: Steal from you? No, no. I may be a burglar, but I like to think I’m an honest one.


Bilbo: You are changed, Thorin. The Dwarf I met in Bag End would never have gone back on his word. Would never have doubted the loyalty of his kin!
Thorin: Do not speak to me of loyalty.


[to Thorin, referring to Bilbo]
Gandalf: If you don’t like my burglar, then please don’t damage him. Return him to me.


Gandalf: You’re not making a very splendid figure as King under the Mountain, are you, Thorin, son of Thrain?


Gandalf: [to Thorin] This treasure will be your death.


Bard: Give us your answer. Will you have peace or war?
Thorin: I will have war.


[referring to Dain]
Bilbo: Who is that? He doesn’t look very happy.
Gandalf: It is Dain, Lord of the Iron Hills. Thorin’s cousin.
Bilbo: Are they alike?
Gandalf: I’ve always found Thorin the more reasonable of the two.


Dwalin: Dain is surrounded. They’re being slaughtered, Thorin.
Thorin: Many die in war. Life is cheap. But a treasure such as this cannot be counted in lives lost. It is worth all the blood we can spend.
Dwalin: You sit here in these vast halls with a crown upon your head, and yet you are lesser now than you have ever been.
Thorin: Do not speak to me as if I were some lowly Dwarf Lord. As is if I were still Thorin Oakenshield. I am your King!
Dwalin: You were always my King. You used to know that once. You cannot see what you have become.
Thorin: Go. Get out, before I kill you.


Thorin: [to his company] I have no right to ask this of any of you. But will you follow me, one last time?


Lake-town Woman: Alfrid Lickspittle. You are a coward.
Alfrid: Coward? Not every man’s brave enough to wear a corset.
Lake-town Woman: You’re not a man. You’re a weasel.


Bilbo: I’ll go.
Gandalf: Don’t be ridiculous, you’ll never make it.
Bilbo: Why not?
Gandalf: Because they will see you coming, and kill you!
Bilbo: No, they won’t. They won’t see me.
Gandalf: It’s out of the question. I won’t allow it.
Bilbo: I’m not asking you to allow it, Gandalf.


Tauriel: The Dwarves will be slaughtered.
Thranduil: Yes, they will die. Today, tomorrow, one year hence, a hundred years from now. What does it matter? They are mortal.
Tauriel: You think your life is worth more than theirs, while there is no love in it? There is no love in you.
Thranduil: What do you know of love? Nothing. What you feel for that Dwarf is not real. You think it is love? Are you ready to die for it?


Thorin: I’m glad you’re here. I wish to part from you in friendship.
Bilbo: No, you are not going anywhere, Thorin. You’re going to live.
Thorin: I would take back my words and my deeds at the gate. You did what only a true friend would do. Forgive me. I was too blind to see it. I am so sorry that I have led you into such peril.
Bilbo: No, I’m glad to have shared in your perils, Thorin. Each and every one of them. It is far more than any Baggins deserves.


Thorin: Farewell, Master Burglar. Go back to your books and your armchair. Plant your trees, watch them grow. If more people valued home above gold, this world would be a merrier place.
Bilbo: No! No, no, no, no! No! Thorin! Thorin, don’t you dare…
[Thorin dies]
Bilbo: Thorin? Look, Thorin. Thorin, hold on. You hold on. You see, the Eagles. The Eagles. The Eagles are here. Thorin, the Eag…
[Bilbo begins to weep]


Legolas: I cannot go back.
Thranduil: Where will you go?
Legolas: I do not know.
Thranduil: Go north. Find the Dunedain. There is a young ranger amongst them, you should meet him. His father Arathorn was a good man. His son might grow to be a great one.
Legolas: What is his name?
Thranduil: He is known in the wild as Strider. His true name you must discover for yourself.


Thranduil: Legolas, your mother loved you, more than anyone, more than life.


[referring to Kili]
Tauriel: If this is love, I do not want it. Take it from me. Please! Why does it hurt so much?
Thranduil: Because it was real.
[she kisses Kili on his lips]


Bilbo: Well, I think I’ll slip quietly away. Will you tell the others I said goodbye?
Balin: You can tell them yourself.
Bilbo: If any of you are ever passing Bag End, tea is at four. There’s plenty of it. You are welcome any time.
[the dwarves bow their heads in acknowledgment]
Bilbo: Don’t bother knocking.


Gandalf: Ah, the borders of the Shire. It is here I must leave you.
Bilbo: That’s a shame. I quite liked having a wizard around. It seems they bring good luck.
Gandalf: You don’t really suppose, do you, that all your adventures and escapes were managed by mere luck? Magic rings should not be used lightly, Bilbo. Don’t take me for a fool. I know you found one.
Bilbo: No.
Gandalf: In the Goblin tunnels, and I’ve kept my eye on you ever since.
Bilbo: Well, thank goodness.


Bilbo: You needn’t worry about that ring. It fell out of my pocket during the battle. I lost it.
Gandalf: You’re a very fine person, Mr Baggins. And I’m very fond of you. But you’re only quite a little fellow in a wide world after all.


Tosser Grub: Who is this person you pledged your service to? Thorin Oakenshield?
Bilbo: He was my friend.


[as there’s knocking on his door]
Old Bilbo: No, thank you! We don’t want any more visitors, well-wishers, or distant relations!
Gandalf: And what about very old friends?
[Bilbo opens the front door]
Old Bilbo: Gandalf?
Gandalf: Bilbo Baggins!


Old Bilbo: My dear, Gandalf!
Gandalf: It’s good to see you. One hundred and eleven years-old. Who would believe it?
Old Bilbo: Oh, come in. Welcome. Welcome.