Starring: Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel, Barbara Hershey, Winona Ryder, Benjamin Millepied, Ksenia Solo, Kristina Anapau, Janet Montgomery, Sebastian Stan, Toby Hemingway



Psychological horror directed by Darren Aronofsky. The story follows Nina (Natalie Portman), a ballerina whose passion for the dance rules every facet of her life. When artistic director, Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel), decides to replace prima ballerina, Beth MacIntyre (Winona Ryder), for the opening production of their new season, Swan Lake, Nina is his first choice. However, she has competition in newcomer Lily (Mila Kunis). While Nina is perfect for the role of the White Swan, Lily personifies the Black Swan. As rivalry between the two dancers transforms into a twisted friendship, Nina’s dark side begins to emerge and threatens to destroy her.


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[first lines]
Nina Sayers: I had the craziest dream last night. I was dancing the white swan. It was different choreography though, it was more like the Bolshoi’s. It was the prologue, when Rothbart casts his spell.


Erica Sayers: You’re in a good mood.
Nina Sayers: He promised to feature me more this season.
Erica Sayers: Well, he certainly should. You’ve been there long enough and you’re the most dedicated dancer in the company.


Veronica: Did you see Beth today? I can’t believe she’s back.
Galina: Of course she’s back.
Veronica: Don’t know why she can’t take a hint. The company’s broke, no one comes to see her anymore.
Madeline: Uh, nobody actually comes to see ballet full stop.
Veronica: That’s not true, I hear the Royal had one of their best season yet.
Galina: He just needs to try something new that’s all.
Veronica: No. Someone new.
Madeline: Like who?
Veronica: Like someone who’s not approaching menopause.
Nina Sayers: It’s sad.
Veronica: What’s sad?
Nina Sayers: Beth’s such a beautiful dancer.
Galina: Yeah, so is my grandmother.
Nina Sayers: Well, Fonteyn danced into her fifties.
Veronica: [sarcastically] Yeah, we know.


[to the soloists as they are practicing tapping the shoulder of each dancer he’s selected]
Thomas Leroy: We all know the story. Virginal girl, pure and sweet, trapped in the body of a swan. She desires freedom, but only true love can break the spell. Her wish is nearly granted in the form of a prince. But before he can declare his love, her lustful twin, the Black Swan, tricks and seduces him. Devastated the White Swan leaps off a cliff, killing herself and in death finds freedom.


Thomas Leroy: Good morning, company.
[they respond ‘Good morning’ in quite voices]
Thomas Leroy: We open our season with Swan Lake. Done to death I know, but not like this. We strip it down, make it visceral and real. A new production needs a new Swan Queen. A fresh face to present to the world. But which of you can embody both swans? The white and the black? All the soloists I tapped go to your scheduled rehearsals this afternoon. And the girls I didn’t tap, meet me at the principle studio at five. Thank you.
[he walks away and Nina smiles to herself as he hadn’t tapped her]


[to Nina after she has just finished her rehearsal dance]
Thomas Leroy: If that was only casting the White Swan, she’d be yours. But I’m not. Maestro, Odile’s Coda, please. Now show me your Black Swan, Nina.
[nervously Nina begins to dance]
Thomas Leroy: Not so controlled! Seduce us! Not just the Prince, but the court, the audience, the entire world! Come on! The fouettes are like a spider spinning her web.
[as Nina is spinning]
Thomas Leroy: Attack it! Attack it! Come on!
[just as Nina is about to finish her dance Lily clangs the door open and she loses her focus and stumbles]


Thomas Leroy: Well, good of you to join us.
Lily: Sorry.
Thomas Leroy: Girls, this is Lily. Straight off the plane from San Fransisco. She’s filling Rebecca’s old spot.
Lily: Hey.
Thomas Leroy: Get warmed up.
Lily: No, it’s okay. I’m good.
Nina Sayers: Should I go again?
Thomas Leroy: No. Thanks, Nina. I’ve seen enough.


[just as Nina walks in through the front door to their apartment]
Erica Sayers: So how did it go?
[Nina doesn’t answer]
Erica Sayers: You were late, so I called Susie in the office. An audition! I can’t believe he’d just spring that on you. So?
Nina Sayers: It was fine.
Erica Sayers: Just fine? What…?
[Nina starts crying and embraces Erica]
Erica Sayers: Oh, sweetheart! Oh, you tell me about it.


Erica Sayers: You’re working yourself too hard. We all have off days.
Nina Sayers: If that girl hadn’t barged in.
Erica Sayers: I’m sure she didn’t mean to. Remember when you first started? I hadn’t taken you to each of your classes you would have been completely lost.
Nina Sayers: I’m going to talk to him tomorrow. I’m going to tell him I finished it.
Erica Sayers: You don’t need to lie. It won’t convince him one way or the other.
[Nina lies down on her bed]
Erica Sayers: Oh, sweetheart. I know it’s disappointing and when you start getting older there’s all this ridiculous pressure. God knows I understand. But it’s all right. No matter what.
You’ll probably get to dance the Pas de Quatre again. That’s such a wonderful part. Or maybe he’ll make you a Big Swan. Either way, you’ll shine.
Nina Sayers: I know.
[Erica starts stroking Nina’s hair]
Erica Sayers: Everything will be better in the morning. It always is. Sweet girl.


Nina Sayers: I just wanted to tell you that I practiced the coda last night and I finished.
[Thomas doesn’t say anything but just gives her ‘so what’ look]
Nina Sayers: I thought you should know.
Thomas Leroy: Okay, Nina, listen. Honestly, I don’t care about your technique. You should know that by now.
Nina Sayers: Yeah, but yesterday…
Thomas Leroy: No. Anyway, I’ve already chosen Veronica. So…
[he walks over and opens the door to his office]
Nina Sayers: Okay, thank you.


[just as Nina is about to leave walk out the door he closes the door stopping her]
Thomas Leroy: That’s it? You’re not going to try and change my mind? You must have thought it was possible. Otherwise, what are you doing here all dolled up?
Nina Sayers: I came to ask for the part.
Thomas Leroy: Well, the truth is, when I look at you, all I see is the White Swan. Yes, you’re beautiful, fearful, fragile. Ideal casting. But the Black Swan, it’s a hard fucking job to dance both.
Nina Sayers: I can dance the Black Swan too.
Thomas Leroy: Really? In four years, every time you dance, I see you obsess, getting each and every move perfectly right. But I never see you lose yourself. Ever. All the discipline, for what?
Nina Sayers: [quietly] I just want to be perfect.
Thomas Leroy: You what?
Nina Sayers: I want to be perfect.


Thomas Leroy: Perfection is not just about control. It’s also about letting go. Surprise yourself so you can surprise the audience. Transcendence. And very few have it in them.
Nina Sayers: I think I do have it in me…
[suddenly he kisses her hard and then jerks away in pain]
Thomas Leroy: Aahh! You bit me! I cannot, I can’t believe you bit me!
Nina Sayers: I’m sorry.
[she opens his office door and walks out]
Thomas Leroy: Now, that fucking hurt!


[as the dancers all go to find out what parts they’ve been cast in Swan Lake]
Nina Sayers: Veronica. Congratulations
[Veronica does a little triumphant smile thinking she has the part and walks off to find out for herself but suddenly returns]
Veronica: Hey, why would you say that? Hmm? You’re idea of some sick joke?
Nina Sayers: [confused] What?
Veronica: Fuck you!
[she storms away]


[in the theater bathroom stall talking on her cell phone]
Nina Sayers: Hi.
Erica Sayers: What is it? What’s wrong?
Nina Sayers: I’m fine. Um, he picked me mommy.
[Erica doesn’t answer]
Nina Sayers: Did you hear me?
Erica Sayers: For Swan Lake?
Nina Sayers: I’m going to be the new Swan Queen.
[Erica responds with excitement over the phone]
Nina Sayers: Well, um, I’ll be home soon. I just wanted to let you know.
Erica Sayers: I love you.
Nina Sayers: I love you too.
[she hangs and cries in excitement. She comes out of the bathroom stall to suddenly see the word ‘WHORE’ written on the mirror in lipstick]


Erica Sayers: My daughter, the Swan Queen!
[Nina runs to Erica and hugs her]
Erica Sayers: It’s our favorite, vanilla with strawberry filling.
[Erica starts cutting into the cake she’s bought]
Nina Sayers: Oh, mom not too big. Oh, that’s way, way too much!
Erica Sayers: It’s a celebration! It’s just this once.
Nina Sayers: Mom, my stomach’s still in knots.
[Erica’s face suddenly hardens]
Erica Sayers: Fine. Fine. Then it’s garbage.
[she takes the cake to the kitchen and opens the garbage can]
Nina Sayers: No. Mom, don’t! I’m sorry!
[Nina smiles and Erica closes the garbage can, her face softens again]
Erica Sayers: I’m just, I’m just so proud of you.
Nina Sayers: It looks so yummy.


[to Nina after she’s finished her rehearsal dance]
Thomas Leroy: Thank you, Nina. It’s very nice. Very nice. But I knew the White Swan wouldn’t be a problem. The real work will be your metamorphosis into her evil twin and I know I saw a flash of her yesterday. So get ready to give me more of that bite.


[Nina’s watching Lily dance in rehearsal when Thomas comes up behind her]
Thomas Leroy: Watch the way she moves. Imprecise but effortless. She’s not faking it.


[at the fund raiser gala, Thomas leads Nina to top of the staircase and hands her a glass of champagne]
Thomas Leroy: Ready to be thrown to the wolves? We need their cash, so please don’t forget to smile.
[he turns and speaks to the crowd below]
Thomas Leroy: Ladies and gentlemen, please may I have your attention! Good evening. Let me make this very important announcement. You all have had the chance and the privilege to be enchanted, transported, and even sometimes devastated by the performances of this true artist of our company. She’s been a crucial inspiration to my work, a role model to all dancers and even more than that, a deeply appreciated presence our stage. You all know who I’m talking about. Ladies and gentlemen, Beth Macintyre.
[the crowd claps]
Thomas Leroy: But as we all know every great career has to come to an end. Beth is retiring at the end of the season. She will be giving her farewell performance as Melpomene, the role she originated in my first ballet. My little princess, we honor you, you will be greatly missed and never forgotten.
[Thomas sees Beth quickly sneaks out of the crowd]


[after Thomas sees Beth leave he continues addressing the crowd at the fund raising gala]
Thomas Leroy: But as we bid adieu to one star, we welcome another! We’re opening our season with my new version of Swan Lake. Taking the role of our new Swan Queen, the exquisite, Nina Sayers.
[there’s a restrained applause from the crown, then Nina hears Lily giggle]
Thomas Leroy: You’ll soon have the pleasure of seeing her perform, but right now please lets raise a glass, to all of us, to Beth, to Nina, to beauty!


[in the bathroom at the fund raising party]
Lily: Hey, it’s you! I don’t think we ever officially met. I’m Lily.
Nina Sayers: Hi, I’m Nina.
[they shake hands]
Lily: Yes, our new Swan Queen. Here hold this.
[she gives Nina her purse and Nina watches as she takes off her stocking]
Lily: Oh, you must be so excited! Oh! Are you freaking out?
Nina Sayers: Yeah.
Lily: Yeah. Aah! It’s okay. I’d be losing my mind.
Nina Sayers: Well, I should get back.
Lily: No! No, no! Come on, stay! Keep me company.
Nina Sayers: Excuse me.
[Nina walks out of the bathroom]


[Nina is waiting in the fund raising gala hallway]
Thomas Leroy: Hey. They tried to eat you alive, but here you are. You did well.
Nina Sayers: Really?
Thomas Leroy: Hm-hmm. Where are you going?
Nina Sayers: Upper West Side.
Thomas Leroy: Stop at my place for a drink. It’s on the way.


[Beth suddenly sneaks up behind Nina in the fund raising gala hallway]
Nina Sayers: Beth! I’m so sorry to hear you’re leaving the company.
Beth Macintyre: Aah! What’d you do to get this role? Huh? He always said you were such a frigid little girl. What did you do to make him change his mind? Did you suck his cock?
Nina Sayers: Not all of us have to.
Beth Macintyre: You fucking whore! You fucking little whore!
[Thomas walks towards them]
Thomas Leroy: Woh, woh, woh! What’s going on here?
Beth Macintyre: Hey, hey. I need to talk to you.
Thomas Leroy: I think you’ve drunk…
Beth Macintyre: I need to talk to you!
Thomas Leroy: I think you should go home.
Beth Macintyre: No! Don’t you do that! Don’t you dismiss me like that!
Thomas Leroy: Beth, my little princess. Please, hold it together.
[he walks over to Nina]
Thomas Leroy: Come on.
[Thomas and Nina start to walk away]
Beth Macintyre: I’m coming by later. I have something for you. It’s a token of my appreciation.
Thomas Leroy: Right.
Beth Macintyre: You make the most of it, Nina!


Thomas Leroy: So, you got a boyfriend?
Nina Sayers: No.
Thomas Leroy: And you had many in the past?
Nina Sayers: A few, but no one serious.
Thomas Leroy: You’re not a virgin, are you?
Nina Sayers: No.
Thomas Leroy: Well, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. And you enjoy making love?
Nina Sayers: Excuse me?
Thomas Leroy: Ah, come one! Sex, do you enjoy it?
[Nina doesn’t respond]
Thomas Leroy: Well, we need to be able to talk about this.
[Nina just nods her head]


Thomas Leroy: I got a little homework assignment for you. Go home and touch yourself. Live a little.
[Nina looking shocked doesn’t say anything]
Thomas Leroy: Well, it’s late. Lots of work tomorrow.
[he gets up and starts walking away from her]
Thomas Leroy: The doorman will find a cab for you.
[and he leaves her]


[referring to fund raising gala]
Erica Sayers: Sounds like quite and evening. I wish I could have been there.
Nina Sayers: You know I asked.
Erica Sayers: I know you did. Susie told me. Guess he wanted you all to himself.
Nina Sayers: That’s not why.
Erica Sayers: I don’t blame him.


[Erica walks up to Nina and starts to help her take off her evening dress]
Nina Sayers: I can do it.
Erica Sayers: He must have been by your side all night. Showing you off.
[as Erica finishes taking the straps off of Nina’s dress she notices the scratch marks on Nina’s back]
Erica Sayers: Oh, Nina…
Nina Sayers: It’s just a rash.
Erica Sayers: What rash? What are you talking about?
Nina Sayers: It was worse a few days ago. It’s fine already.
Erica Sayers: You’ve been scratching yourself again.
Nina Sayers: No, I haven…
[Erica unzips and pulls down Nina’s dress]
Nina Sayers: Mom!
Erica Sayers: I thought you’d outgrown this disgusting habit.


[Erica drags a half naked Nina into the bathroom]
Erica Sayers: Jesus Christ! I thought you were done with this, Nina. Shrugs, you keep wearing the shrugs. Sit down.
Nina Sayers: I have been.
Erica Sayers: You have the white one and the pink one, and that’ll hide it.
[she starts cutting Nina’s nails short]
Erica Sayers: And then, and then I’ll dig out that, that expensive cover-up, we still have some. No one will see it.
Nina Sayers: Mom, please!
Erica Sayers: It’s the role, isn’t it? It’s all this pressure. I knew it would be too much. I knew it!
[she suddenly cuts one of Nina’s nails too short catching the skin]
Nina Sayers: Ow!
Erica Sayers: Oh, shh…
[she kisses Nina’s hand]
Erica Sayers: You’re all right. You’re all right. You’ll be all right.
[she continues cutting Nina’s nails]


[referring to Beth who’s in hospital due to grave injuries to her legs]
Nina Sayers: What happened?
Thomas Leroy: She walked into the street and got hit by a car. And you know what? I’m almost sure she did it on purpose.
Nina Sayers: How do you know?
Thomas Leroy: Because everything Beth does comes from within, from some dark impulse. I guess that’s what makes her so thrilling to watch. So dangerous. Even perfect at times. But also so damned destructive.
Nina Sayers: Was it right after we saw her?
Thomas Leroy: Oh, no! Wait, wait, wait! This has nothing to do with you. It’s not your problem, so don’t let yourself be distracted. This is your moment, Nina. Don’t let it go.


[Thomas follows Nina, instructing her as she’s rehearsing dancing with her partner]
Thomas Leroy: And, come on! Forget about control, Nina! I want to see passion! Come on! Reach! Board, you’re stiff! Stiff like a dead corpse! Let it go! Let it go! Let it go! And, again.


[Thomas watches Nina and her partner finish another rehearsal dance]
Thomas Leroy: David, can I ask you a question? Honestly, would you fuck that girl?
[David doesn’t answer he just snickers]
Thomas Leroy: No. No one would. Nina, you’re dancing is just as frigid.
[suddenly the lights go out in the studio]


[Thomas is dancing with Nina in the rehearsal studio, he runs his hands seductively on her upper thigh]
Thomas Leroy: Feel my touch, respond to it. Come on.
[he then goes to kiss her but she pushes him away, but he grabs her again and kisses her]
Thomas Leroy: Open your mouth. Open your mouth. Open it. Open it!
[she opens her mouth and he kisses her passionately]
Thomas Leroy: Open it.
[he continues to kiss and touch her heatedly, running his hands on her body and then touching between her legs, suddenly he stops and walks away]
Thomas Leroy: That was me seducing you, when it needs to be the other way around.
Nina Sayers: Please…
[he ignores her and walks out of the room]


[Nina is sitting in the studio alone, crying when she hears someone in the shadows behind her]
Nina Sayers: Who is that?
[Lily emerges from the shadow putting a cigarette into her mouth]
Lily: Hey. You okay?
Nina Sayers: You can’t smoke in here.
Lily: Well, I won’t tell if you won’t.
[she comes over and sits on the floor next to Nina]
Lily: So, big day is getting closer and closer, huh? Well, I can’t wait. I think you’re going to be amazing.
[she hands her a cigarette]
Nina Sayers: Thanks.


Lily: So, do you want to talk about it?
[Nina begins to cry]
Nina Sayers: I just had a hard day.
Lily: Leroy playing a little too rough for you?
[Nina doesn’t answer]
Lily: Come on, Nina. He’s a prick!
Nina Sayers: He’s brilliant.
Lily: Sure, but it’s not like he’s all warm and fuzzy.
Nina Sayers: Well, you don’t know him.
Lily: Uh, someone’s hot for teacher.
[Nina gives her a look and stands up to leave]
Lily: Oh, come on. It’s okay. I don’t blame you.
Nina Sayers: I should go home.
Lily: Nina, come on. I’m just playing around.
[Nina walks away]
Lily: Nina?
[Nina ignores her and walks out]


[Thomas asks Nina and David to repeat their dance move for the third time, Nina stops mid dance]
Nina Sayers: Do you have any corrections?
Thomas Leroy: Lilly told me that she saw you crying. That you were very upset and now that I should take it easy on you.
Nina Sayers: I didn’t tell her that.
Thomas Leroy: Maybe you need a little break. Like a day or two.
Nina Sayers: Thomas…
Thomas Leroy: Or maybe a month. What do you think?
Nina Sayers: She shouldn’t have said anything.
Thomas Leroy: No, you shouldn’t be whining in the first place.
Nina Sayers: I didn’t!
Thomas Leroy: You could be brilliant, but you’re a coward.
Nina Sayers: I’m sorry.
Thomas Leroy: [angrily] Stop saying that! That’s exactly what I’m talking about! Stop being so fucking weak! Again!
[the music starts to play and Nina and David begin to dance again]


Nina Sayers: You told Thomas about last night?
Lily: Oh, uh, yeah. I ran into him in the morning and he said you guys were having some trouble.
Nina Sayers: Why would he talk to you?
Lily: Excuse me, your highness. I just told him that you were working your ass off and that I think you’d be great.
Nina Sayers: Well, you shouldn’t have.
[Lily looks angry]
Lily: Okay.


Erica Sayers: Has he tried anything with you?
[Nina doesn’t answer]
Erica Sayers: He has a reputation. I have a right to be concerned, Nina. You’ve been staying late so many nights rehearsing. I hope he isn’t taking advantage, that’s all.
Nina Sayers: He’s not.
Erica Sayers: Good. I just don’t want you to make the same mistake I did.
Nina Sayers: Thanks.
Erica Sayers: Not like that. I just mean as far as my career was concerned.
Nina Sayers: What career?
Erica Sayers: The one I gave up to have you.
Nina Sayers: You were twenty-eight.
Erica Sayers: So?
Nina Sayers: Only that…
Erica Sayers: Only what?
Nina Sayers: Nothing.
Erica Sayers: What?
Nina Sayers: Nothing!


Erica Sayers: How’s your skin?
Nina Sayers: It’s fine.
Erica Sayers: Are you leaving it alone?
Nina Sayers: Mm-hmm.
Erica Sayers: Let me see.
[Nina doesn’t respond]
Erica Sayers: Take off your shirt.
Nina Sayers: No!


[in the apartment building hallway after she finds Lily has rung the bell at her door]
Nina Sayers: What are you doing here?
Lily: Well, I just came by to apologize. You were right, I should have never spoken to him about you.
[Erica opens the door]
Erica Sayers: Sweetheart.
Nina Sayers: Give me a second.
Erica Sayers: Your dinner.
Nina Sayers: Mom, please!
[Erica shuts the door shut]
Lily: Well, she’s a trip.


Nina Sayers: How do you know where I live?
Lily: I have my ways.
[Nina looks at her suspiciously]
Lily: Jesus, relax I got it from Susie in the office. Well, I just, I feel really shitty about what I did and I just really want to make it up to you. So how about I take you out to dinner?
Nina Sayers: I don’t think…
Lily: Okay, that’s fine. What about, um, drinks?
[Erica opens the front door again]
Erica Sayers: Sweetie, you need to rest.
Lily: Jesus!
Nina Sayers: Wait.
[Nina goes walks to the apartment door and grabs her coat]
Erica Sayers: What are you doing?
Nina Sayers: Going out.
Erica Sayers: What?
Nina Sayers: [to Lily] Stairs.
Erica Sayers: Nina, you’re on the stage tomorrow.
[Nina ignores her and walks away]


[sitting at a table in a burger joint]
Lily: I can’t believe her calls her that. It’s so gross.
Nina Sayers: I think it’s sweet.
Lily: Little princess? When he probably calls every girl that.
Nina Sayers: No way. That’s just for Beth.
Lily: Well, I bet he’ll be calling you little princess any day now.
Nina Sayers: I don’t know about that.
Lily: Oh, sure he will. Just gotta let him lick your pussy.


[the waiter suddenly puts a plate down in front of Lily]
Waiter Scott: Cheeseburger, extra bloody.
Lily: Mmmm. Dankeschön.
Waiter Scott: Let me know if that’s juicy enough for you.
Lily: Oh, I will.
Waiter Scott: You got enough cheese?
Lily: No, but you do.
Waiter Scott: Enjoy.
[looking slightly embarrassed the waiter leaves]


Lily: So, how is he?
[Nina doesn’t answer]
Lily: Come on.
Nina Sayers: I wouldn’t know.
Lily: Come on!
Nina Sayers: I really don’t want to talk about that.
Lily: Ah, okay.


Lily: You really need to relax.
[Lily gets her cigarette case from her bag in which are two white pills]
Lily: One for you. One for me. Oh, and don’t worry. It’s pure, I promise. I brought it with me straight from San Fransisco.
Nina Sayers: What is it?
Lily: What, are you kidding?
[Nina doesn’t answer]
Lily: You’ve never rolled?
[Nina still doesn’t answer]
Lily: Oh, it’ll relax you. It’ll loosen you up. Let you see the night sky.
Nina Sayers: How long does it last?
Lily: Couple hours. Tops.
Nina Sayers: It’s okay.
Lily: Okay.
[Lily puts the pill back in her cigarette case]


[Nina watches Lily at the bar as she takes the white pill and pour its contents into a drink then Lily catches Nina watching her comes over to her]
Lily: Hi! Look, I thought maybe you and I could use a couple of drinks.
Nina Sayers: I’m going to head out.
[Lily takes her over to bar where there are two guys waiting]
Lily: So, this is Tom and this is Jerry.
Andrew: Actually it’s Andrew.
Tom: Tom.
Nina Sayers: Hi. Um, I have to go.
Lily: Oh, come on you can’t go. I just got us some drinks.
Nina Sayers: I shouldn’t. We’re on the stage tomorrow.
Lily: So, what are you going to do? Go home to mommy? Come on, live a little!
[Nina looks at the drink Lily had spiked with the pill]
Nina Sayers: It’s just a couple of hours, right?
Lily: Tops.
[Nina goes over to the bar to get the drink]


Andrew: You haven’t told me who you are?
Nina Sayers: I’m a dancer.
Andrew: No, I mean your name.
Nina Sayers: Oh, uh, Nina.
Tom: So you two sisters?
[at the same time]
Lily: Yes.
Nina Sayers: No.
Lily: Blood sisters.
Nina Sayers: We dance in the same company.
Tom: Ahh, ballerinas. No wonder you two look alike.
Lily: So you know Tom and Jerry here are gays lovers.
Tom: Very funny.
Lily: I like to amuse myself.


Andrew: I’ve never been to the ballet.
Nina Sayers: Oh, really?
Lily: Oh, well then you’re definitely not gay.
Tom: I think it’s kind of boring though, isn’t it? Be honest.
Nina Sayers: No, it’s not.
Lily: No, you know what? It’s just, it’s not for everyone.
Nina Sayers: You guys should come sometime. I can comp you tickets whenever you want.
Andrew: Yeah.
Tom: Yeah. That’d be neat, thanks.
Lily: Um, well, I think it’s time for another round. Bottoms up.


Andrew: So what are you guys working on now?
[Nina’s cell rings, she goes to grab the phone]
Nina Sayers: I’m sorry.
[she quickly looks to see who the caller is and turns the phone off]
Nina Sayers: Uh, Swan Lake.
Andrew: Okay. Yeah?
Nina Sayers: You know it?
Andrew: No, not really. Heard of it. What’s it about?
Nina Sayers: Uh, it’s about a girl who gets turned into a swan and she needs love to break the spell.
Andrew: Okay.
Nina Sayers: But her prince falls for the wrong girl, and so she kills herself.
Andrew: So, a happy ending then?
Nina Sayers: It’s beautiful, actually.
[she starts to feel the effects of the drugs]
Andrew: Like you.
Nina Sayers: Huh?
Andrew: I said you’re beautiful.
[Nina laughs]
Andrew: That’s funny?
Nina Sayers: My hands are sweaty.
[Lily comes back from bar and sits next to Nina]
Lily: Hey.
[Nina puts her head on Lily’s shoulder]
Lily: Oh, hey. Well, it looks like someone might be rolling. All right, come on. Come on, it’s time to go dance.


[Nina and Lily enter the apartment trying not to make any noise]
Erica Sayers: Do you have any idea what time it is?
Nina Sayers: Mm-hm. Uh, late.
Erica Sayers: Where have you been?
Nina Sayers: To the moon and back.
Erica Sayers: You’ve been drinking.
Nina Sayers: Ding, ding ding ding ding!
Erica Sayers: What else?
Nina Sayers: Hmm?
Erica Sayers: What else have you been doing?
Nina Sayers: Oh, you want to know their names?
Erica Sayers: You need to sleep this off.
Nina Sayers: There were two. There was Tom, there was Jerry.
Erica Sayers: Be quite, Nina.
Nina Sayers: And I fucked them both.
[Erica angrily puts her hands on Nina’s mouth to shut her up]
Erica Sayers: Shut your mouth!
[Nina grabs Lily’s hand and goes to her room]


[Erica tries to enter Nina’s room but the door won’t open as Nina has placed a piece of wood between her wall and door]
Nina Sayers: Don’t come in here!
Erica Sayers: What’s this?
Nina Sayers: It’s called privacy! I’m not twelve anymore!
Erica Sayers: You’re not my Nina right now!
Nina Sayers: Leave me alone!


[realizing she’s woken up late she quickly dresses and goes to leave the apartment and sees Erica sitting in living room]
Nina Sayers: Why didn’t you wake me up? I’m moving out!


[after Nina’s discovered Lily is rehearsing to her dance and music]
Lily: Hey. Look he just wanted to mark it and asked me to step in, okay?
Nina Sayers: I overslept.
Lily: Oops! Well, hey, at least you had a good time, right?
Nina Sayers: You put something in my drink?
Lily: Yeah.
Nina Sayers: And then you just took off in the morning?
Lily: In the morning?
Nina Sayers: Yeah, you slept over.
Lily: Um, no. Unless you’re name is Tom and you got a dick.
Nina Sayers: We…
Lily: We what, Nina?
[Nina looking confused doesn’t answer]
Lily: What, did you have some sort of lezzy wet dream about me?
Nina Sayers: Stop.
Lily: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! You did! You fantasized about me!
Nina Sayers: Shut up!
[Nina walks away angry]
Lily: Haaa, was I good?


[giving instructions to Nina as she’s dancing out her role during the rehearsal]
Thomas Leroy: The final act! Your final dance! You’ve tasted your dream! Touched it! Only to have it crushed! Your heart is broken! Wounded! Your life force fading! The blood drips! The Black Swan stole your love! There’s only one way to end the pain! You’re not fearful, but filled with acceptance! And you look down at Rothbart! And then at the Prince! And then yes, at the audience! And then you jump!
[Nina hesitates and looks down at the mattress that will cushion her fall when she jumps]
Thomas Leroy: Come on! Go ahead! Jump! You’ll be fine! Jump!
[Nina jumps landing safely on the mattress]


[Nina sees Lily asking to be measured for the Swan Queen costume]
Nina Sayers: [to costumer] What she doing here?
Lily: He made me your alternate.
[Nina walks away angrily]
Lily: Because, just in case!


Thomas Leroy: What’s going on?
Nina Sayers: Lily. You made her my alternate.
Thomas Leroy: Well, there’s always an alternate. Lily’s the best choice.
Nina Sayers: No, but she wants my role.
Thomas Leroy: Every dancer in the world wants your role.
Nina Sayers: No, this is different. She’s after me. She’s trying to replace me.
Thomas Leroy: Nobody’s after you.
Nina Sayers: No, please believe me!
[Nina begins to cry]
Thomas Leroy: Hey, shh-shh-shh. I know it’s been a struggle. But you just had a break through this morning. Tomorrow’s yours, just give a great performance and you won’t have to worry about Lily or anybody else. Now, go home and rest.


[at the hospital Nina is returning some of Beth’s items as she’s sleeping in her wheelchair]
Beth Macintyre: What are you doing here?
Nina Sayers: [crying] I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I know how it feels now. She’s trying to replace me. What do I do?
Beth Macintyre: You stole my things?
Nina Sayers: I was just trying to be perfect, like you.
Beth Macintyre: Perfect.
[she picks up the nail file that Nina had returned]
Beth Macintyre: I’m not perfect. I’m nothing.
[suddenly she repeatedly stabs herself in the face with the sharp end of the nail file]
Beth Macintyre: Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!
[Nina grabs her hand to stop her stabbing herself, but Beth suddenly turns into her own double and continues to stab herself]
Beth Macintyre: Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!
[Nina runs out of the hospital room]


[Nina is looking at herself in her mirror her eyes are red blood and the skin on her back is bumpy and she pulls out a small black feather, Erica breaks the door open]
Nina Sayers: Get out!
Erica Sayers: What’s wrong with you?
[Nina struggles to get Erica out of her room]
Nina Sayers: Get out!
Erica Sayers: Your sick! Your sick!
[Nina pushes Erica out the door, Erica’s hand holds onto the door frame]
Nina Sayers: Get out!
Erica Sayers: Nina!
[Nina slams the door smashing Erica’s hand]


[Nina wakes up in her bed to find Erica sat in the chair beside her bed]
Erica Sayers: It’s okay. I’m here.
[Nina notices the thick socks on hands]
Erica Sayers: You were scratching all night.
Nina Sayers: Where’s my clock.
Erica Sayers: Oh, don’t worry about that.
Nina Sayers: What time is it?
Erica Sayers: Shhh.
Nina Sayers: My show is tonight. I have to…
Erica Sayers: No, no, no. Don’t worry. I called the theater and I told them you weren’t feeling well.
Nina Sayers: I have to go!
[Nina tries to get out of her bed but Erica stops her]
Erica Sayers: No, no! Lie down!
Nina Sayers: Let go of me!


[Nina tries to get out of her room when she notices there’s no handle on the door]
Erica Sayers: You’re staying in here until you feel better.
Nina Sayers: Where is it?
Erica Sayers: This role’s destroying you.
[Nina realizes that the door handle is under the chair cushion Erica is sitting on]
Nina Sayers: Move.
[Nina tries to pull Erica off the chair]
Erica Sayers: Nina!
Nina Sayers: Move!
Erica Sayers: What happened to my sweet girl, huh?
[Nina crushes Erica’s hand making her scream]
Erica Sayers: She’s gone!
[Nina pulls Erica off the chair and grabs the door handle from under the cushion]
Erica Sayers: Nina! Nina, No, please! You’re not well!
[Erica grabs Nina’s leg]
Nina Sayers: Let go of me!
Erica Sayers: You can’t handle this!
Nina Sayers: I can’t? I’m the Swan Queen! You’re the one who never left the Corps.
[she opens the door and walks out of the room]


[Nina walks backstage to see Lily in Swan Queen make-up talking to Thomas]
Lily: What are you doing here?
Thomas Leroy: Nina?
Lily: You were supposed to, she was supposed to be sick!
[Nina enters her dressing room]


Thomas Leroy: Are you okay?
Nina Sayers: I’m fine.
Thomas Leroy: Nina?
[Nina doesn’t answer but starts to put her stage make-up on]
Thomas Leroy: Nina?
Nina Sayers: What?
Thomas Leroy: I’ve already asked Lily.
Nina Sayers: Have you announced it?
[Thomas doesn’t answer, meaning he hasn’t yet]
Nina Sayers: After Beth, do you really need another controversy? I’m here, Thomas. I’m doing it.
Thomas Leroy: The only person standing in your way is you. It’s time to let her go. Lose yourself.


[after the curtains go down on the first act; referring to David dropping Nina on stage]
Thomas Leroy: [angrily] Can you tell me what the fuck happened?
[he starts to speak in French angrily]
Nina Sayers: It wasn’t my fault. He dropped me!
Thomas Leroy: What a fucking disaster!


[Nina goes to her dressing room to find Lily sat at her dressing table putting on make-up]
Lily: Rough start, huh? Must have been pretty humiliating.
Nina Sayers: Get out of my room!
Lily: See, I’m just, I’m worried about the next act. I’m just not sure you’re feeling up to it.
Nina Sayers: Stop. Please stop!
Lily: How about I dance…
[Lilly turns to face Nina when her face suddenly changes to Nina’s double]
Nina’s Double: …the Black Swan for you.
Nina Sayers: Leave me alone!
[Nina pushes the double into the wall length mirror crashing it, the double falls unconscious but suddenly wakes to grab Nina’s neck strangling her]
Nina’s Double: It’s my turn! My turn! My turn!
[Nina’s grabs a piece of broken mirror and suddenly stabs the double in the stomach]
Nina Sayers: It’s my turn!
[Nina’s double turns into Lily coughing up blood and then dying]


[Nina is hears a knock at her dressing room door, she opens door to suddenly see Lily alive]
Lily: Hey, you were amazing. Seriously, I know that things got a little messed up between us, but I mean, holly shit! You completely blew me away!
[Nina just looks at her confused]
Lily: Okay, well I guess, um, that’s it. So I’ll, I’ll let you finish. Merde.
[Nina closes the door, realizes she hasn’t killed Lily but instead stabbed herself]


[after she’s done her final act and fallen on the mattress, she can hear everyone clapping]
Thomas Leroy: Can you hear them? They love you! They love you!
My little princess. I always knew you had it in you. Come on. Let’s take your bow.
[Lily gasps as she notices the blood on Nina’s stomach]
Thomas Leroy: [to the dancers] Go get some help. Go get some help!


[last lines]
Thomas Leroy: What did you do? What did you do?
Nina Sayers: [weakly] I felt it.
Thomas Leroy: What?
Nina Sayers: Perfect. I was perfect.

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