Starring: Owen Wilson, Salma Hayek, Madeline Zima, DeRon Horton, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Joshua Leonard, Nesta Cooper, Steve Zissis



Amazon Prime’s sci-fi drama written and directed by Mike Cahill. The story centers on recently divorced Greg (Owen Wilson), who, after recently being divorced and then fired, meets the mysterious Isabel (Salma Hayek), a woman living on the streets and convinced that the polluted, broken world around them is a computer simulation. Doubtful at first, Greg eventually discovers there may be some truth to Isabel’s wild conspiracy.


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'The thing is that it's amazing how easy humans can get used to even something spectacular.' - Isabel Clemens (Bliss) Click To Tweet Most people say, ”Ignorance is bliss.” But I say, you have to experience the good to appreciate the bad.' - Isabel Clemens (Bliss) Click To Tweet 'Bliss is not a feeling. It's not a place. Bliss is a state of mind that can only be achieved by understanding the contrast with the opposite state of mind.' - Isabel Clemens (Bliss) Click To Tweet


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Greg Wittle: I have a picture in my head of a place. Home. A woman. I don’t know if any of it’s real. But it has a feeling, and the feeling’s real.


Emily Wittle: [on the phone] I wanted to talk to you about my graduation.
Greg Wittle: I can’t believe you’re graduating.
Emily Wittle: Can’t believe? Really?
Greg Wittle: Oh, it’s hard to keep track of the time, but I’m really proud of you.


Greg Wittle: I have so many thoughts I wish you could see.
Emily Wittle: Are you sure you’re okay, daddy?
Greg Wittle: Yes, I’m better than okay. I’m great.


Bjorn: Look, there’s no easy way to tell you this, but you’re fired. Greg, you’re fired. Greg?
[Greg just stares]
Bjorn: The inside of your head must be amazing. This is the beginning of your new life.


Isabel Clemens: You’re real.
Greg Wittle: Sorry?
Isabel Clemens: You know you’re real, right?


Greg Wittle: I’m sorry, do I know you?
Isabel Clemens: You deflected my powers.
Greg Wittle: I’m sorry?
Isabel Clemens: Stop apologizing.
Greg Wittle: I’m not apologizing. I don’t hear you. I can’t understand what you’re saying.


Isabel Clemens: I don’t recognize you.
Greg Wittle: I don’t know you.
Isabel Clemens: It’s always blurry at first.


Isabel Clemens: I am going to help you because, personally, I feel a little bit responsible for your situation.
Greg Wittle: Why do you feel responsible?
Isabel Clemens: Let’s just say it’s kind of my fault this world exists. Don’t worry about it. It’s going to be okay. I’m going to fix it.


Greg Wittle: You keep saying “real”. What do you mean by “real”?
Isabel Clemens: You see all these people outside? They’re not real. The bartender, not real. Nothing, nothing, nothing of this is real. There’s very few of us.
Greg Wittle: I think you need help.
Isabel Clemens: No, you need help.


Greg Wittle: How do you know my name?
Isabel Clemens: I took it from your mind. I’m just kidding. The bartender just said it like a minute ago.


Isabel Clemens: The world is simply light bouncing around your neurons. It’s manufactured and malleable. You’re free.


Isabel Clemens: Dude, you’re homeless.
Greg Wittle: The reason why I’m not going home is because I’m recently divorced.
Isabel Clemens: Okay, then just stick around until things cool off. And then you can go get your wallet, get yourself a house, or a new wife, whatever it is that you want to do.


Isabel Clemens: [to Greg] See, I’m not homeless, just off the grid. I am offering you a safe place to hide out. Take it or leave it. Okay? I’m not going to be begging. It’s not like I enjoy your company or anything.


Greg Wittle: I do feel bad about Bjorn.
Isabel Clemens: Of course you feel bad.
Greg Wittle: Well, because he was, you know, he was not a horrible guy. He could be, actually, a pretty nice guy sometimes. He let us wear shorts sometimes to work. You know, in the summertime.
Isabel Clemens: No, I understand. I mean, I understand how you must feel. You killed a nice guy that let you wear the shorts. And you think it’s real. But you know what? You just have to observe the feeling, and then let it go.


Isabel Clemens: Do tell me about this dream home.
Greg Wittle: It’s just this persistent fantasy that I can’t shake, where I’m always drawing this little abode that’s on a peninsula, and I completely get lost in it.


Isabel Clemens: [referring to his drawings of his dream home] Greg, where do you think this is? Where is it?
Greg Wittle: Well, it’s right in the brain-powered mind of Greg Wittle.


Isabel Clemens: [referring to his drawing] And who’s this?
Greg Wittle: I kind of forgot that one was in there.
Isabel Clemens: That is me. Look at her face. You drew me. Greg, this is not a fantasy. This is our real life, outside of here.


Isabel Clemens: You’re my guy.
Greg Wittle: I’m your guy?
Isabel Clemens: You’re my guy. Kiss me.


Greg Wittle: I’m a little disoriented, but in a good way.


Greg Wittle: [after Emily finds him in the street] Graduation. Oh, my God. I did not forget, and I’m definitely going to be there. And I want to take you, and Arthur, to Cliff’s Edge, with your mother, if she’ll allow it.
Emily Wittle: I already graduated, dad.
Greg Wittle: What?
Emily Wittle: Like two weeks ago.


Kendo: [referring to Greg] Is he real?
Isabel Clemens: Wouldn’t you like to know.


Isabel Clemens: Who was that?
Greg Wittle: That’s my daughter.
Isabel Clemens: Ignore her. She’s not real.
Greg Wittle: Why would you say that?
Isabel Clemens: Because it’s the truth. What do you want me to say? I’m not making this s**t up.


Greg Wittle: Here, give me one of those.
Isabel Clemens: I thought you didn’t want any.
Greg Wittle: Yeah, people make mistakes. I made a mistake. Don’t make me beg.


Isabel Clemens: [to Greg] Look at you. You’re like the telekinetic warrior!


Isabel Clemens: [to Greg] You’re getting sucked into the illusion, and you’re dragging me in with you. I know this is not real, and I can barely breathe. And my stomach is turning, and my skin hurts, and I feel like I’m drowning. And I know this is not real! You are getting seduced by the simulation, and I’m losing you.


Isabel Clemens: You’re my soul mate. You can’t just walk away, and think that you can disconnect from me. If you could see the difference between what’s real, and what’s illusion, you’d know that. And you’re supposed to know that by now.
Greg Wittle: How am I supposed to know? You’re the one telling me he’s real, and she’s not real. And then I have to take your word for it, right? That’s really your trick, is it forces me to depend on you. No, no, no. It’s very clever. It makes me believe in you. But guess what, I don’t believe in you. I’ve never believed in you. How could someone believe you? Tell me something that makes me believe in you. Show me something.


Isabel Clemens: We have to exit this stupid simulation.
Greg Wittle: Is it safe?
Isabel Clemens: Kind of.


Liang: [referring to the simulation] Well, if you don’t mind me asking, what did this one feel like?
Isabel Clemens: It wasn’t war, or extreme poverty, but, hell, it was icky. I’m so glad to be able to breathe this fresh air.



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