Starring: Frank Grillo, Mel Gibson, Naomi Watts, Michelle Yeoh, Annabelle Wallis, Ken Jeong, Will Sasso, Selina Lo, Meadow Williams



Action sci-fi directed and co-written by Joe Carnahan. The story follows retired special forces soldier Roy Pulver (Frank Grillo), who finds himself trapped in a sinister program, which results in a never-ending time loop leading to his death. In a race against the clock, Pulver must hunt down Colonel Ventor (Mel Gibson), the powerful head of the government program, while outrunning skilled ruthless assassins determined to keep him from the truth in order to break out of the loop, save his ex-wife, Jemma (Naomi Watts), and live once again for tomorrow.


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Best Quotes


Roy Pulver: [narrating] Can you imagine waking up every day, with some random a**hole, like Mr. Good Morning here, trying to hack you up with a f***ing machete. Seriously.


Roy Pulver: [narrating] This might have been fun for a while. Once the shock wore off, once I realized what the hell was happening, after nearly a hundred and forty times, it just f***ing got annoying. And I want it to stop. But I know it won’t.


Roy Pulver: [narrating] As many times as I’ve seen this happen to my apartment, I still can’t help but think, “F***, man, this is a lease. The landlord is already an a**hole, anyway. And I’m never ever getting my security deposit back.”


Roy Pulver: [narrating] It wasn’t always like this. I was happy once. I really was. I had a woman that I loved. But now I’m just pi**ed off.


Roy Pulver: [narrating] Know how it feels, falling four storeys to the street below? It f***ing hurts is how it feels.


Roy Pulver: [narrating] I used to complain that every day it felt the same. And then May 9th came. And now every day is the same. Same wake-up scream, same machete-wielding a**hole. Same everything, with slight variations.


Roy Pulver: [narrating] One thing that never changes is I die. Every single day. I die.


Roy Pulver: [narrating] Now, truth be told, I don’t even know why they want to kill me, or what I’ve done to deserve getting killed, but there’s a s**t-ton of them.


Guan Yin: [as she kills Roy] I am Guan Yin. And Guan Yin has done this.
Roy Pulver: [narrating] Her name means Goddess of Mercy. I think she digs irony.


Roy Pulver: [narrating] I gave them all nicknames. Pam, Smiley, the German twins, Roy number 2, who just happens to be some a**hole who looks exactly like me. And sometimes I manage to kill them. But it doesn’t matter. They always find me. And eventually, they take me out.


Roy Pulver: [narrating] I don’t know how this is possible, or why I keep repeating the same day. I’ve never had time to figure it out. It’s a s**t show from the second I open my eyes.


Roy Pulver: [narrating] Jemma. The only woman I’ve ever loved, and the one person who has the answers I’m looking for.


Roy Pulver: [narrating, referring to Jemma] Why is she dead? Who killed her? I have never lived long enough to find out.


Chef Jake: You look like death taking a dump. What happened to you?
Roy Pulver: I just woke up wrong. I’m fine, Jake. It happens all the time.


Roy Pulver: Can I get a large bottle of that Baijiu, please? You know what, Jake? Make it two large bottles.
Chef Jake: Two! Jesus Christ! Hear ye, hear ye! Sir Osis of Liver. I’m kidding. Alcoholics unanimous, am I right?
Roy Pulver: You know you got today, right, Jake?
Chef Jake: Because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.


Dave: [as Roy drinks straight from the bottle of Baijiu] How can you drink like that?
Roy Pulver: How can you not?


Chef Jake: [referring to Dai Feng] S**t. She just stared at me.
Roy Pulver: Have you ever been with a woman?
Chef Jake: Excuse me?
Roy Pulver: Have you ever been with a woman?
Chef Jake: I think I’m catching a fish, if you know what I mean.
Roy Pulver: I think you have a better chance of growing a p**is on your forehead, Jake.


Roy Pulver: Have you ever been shot in the face, Dave? I was shot in the face. A funny thing happened to me right before I died. This was a while back now. It was a forty-five ACP round. Enters here. Clean. Bullet winds up in my mouth, almost intact. And I remember tasting steak. Yeah. Like a really, really good rib-eye. And it wasn’t only until much later, when I was alive again, I said, “S**t. That was my tongue, being cooked by the heat of the bullet.” That’s what I tasted. My tongue. Can you believe that s**t? That’s f***ing wild. That is a true story, Dave.


Roy Pulver: [narrating] Why do I let it happen? Why not? Because outside this bar, no matter what direction I run, and no matter how hard I fight, I’ve never lived past 12:47 PM. They always get me. A bunch of a**holes I’ve never met, killing me for reasons that remain a mystery. And she’s dead. My girl. Gone in a moment further back than I can ever go. Stuck here in the death loop of a never-ending day.


Roy Pulver: [narrating] I know I can’t keep drinking my way through it. Not when every day ends like this. I need a plan now. I need to make somebody pay. They have an army. All I have is time.


[the day prior to the time loop, Roy visits Jemma at her work]
Roy Pulver: I mean, it’s really just luck that you got in touch with me at all.
Jemma Wells: Oh, yeah. The amount of luck it took to find you in the bar at the bottom of your apartment building. What would be odds?
Roy Pulver: Well, hello there, sarcasm. How you been, stranger? Haven’t heard from you in a while.


Roy Pulver: [referring to the device] What does it do?
Jemma Wells: What’s it do? Unmakes all of time and space. And destroys the planet in its entirety, if improperly used.
Roy Pulver: No s**t. Wait, like Doomsday destroy? Well, you must be really stressed.


Jemma Wells: You loved that life a lot more than you loved the idea of sharing one with us. Getting shot at is way more exciting than diapers and minivans.
Roy Pulver: Right, right, right. There’s your go-to argument, and you know that. I’m just an a**hole who didn’t want to stick around, right?


Roy Pulver: [referring to Joe] I lost you. Okay? I know that I blew it. I made my peace with it. Please don’t let that happen with my son. That’s all I’m asking. He’s our boy, Jemma.


Brett: [referring to Roy] He doesn’t look like much.
Colonel Clive Ventor: No one ever notices the housefly until he f***s up a good bowl of soup, Brett. There’s something I don’t like about him. He has that trait.
Brett: What trait is that?
Colonel Clive Ventor: The overachiever who makes up for a lack of talent with hustle. The guy on the playground I grew up hating.


Jemma Wells: I see a lot of you in Joe, I do. His determination, his willingness to succeed no matter what. He has some of your best qualities. But he also has your selfishness, and your ability to just disappear when it suits him, and run from responsibility.
Roy Pulver: Just when I thought we were turning a corner.


Roy Pulver: What do you want from me? Just tell me. Just tell me!
Jemma Wells: I want the man I fell in love with a long time ago, the one who gave me a son. The strong, confident version of you. Not the Roy who’s out every night getting hammered and banging a different bimbo.
[she embraces him as Brett enters the room]
Jemma Wells: Remember this. Osiris.


Roy Pulver: Alice is a dental hygienist.
Alice: Which is weird, because I really hate teeth. I mean, just the texture of them grosses me out.
Gabrielle: Then a career in dentistry seems like…
Alice: Like the last thing I should be doing? Yeah, I know. I know. But, you know, I’m all about the challenge. I like to really push myself out of my comfort zone.
Roy Pulver: It’s the only way to grow really.
Alice: So true.


Gabrielle: [Roy] You’re still in love. With someone else. It’s in your eyes. In the sadness I see there. There is a woman you long for, but it’s not me. And it’s not our lovely hygienist.


Jemma Wells: [over phone] I think I might have to do something drastic, and if anything happens, promise me you’ll do what you do.
Roy Pulver: I can’t hear you, Jemma.
Jemma Wells: I’m going to need your help.


Alice: What did I miss?
Roy Pulver: Oh, hi. Well, you know, we were talking about the hottest people on the planet. And naturally, your name came up.


Roy Pulver: [narrating] I should have tried to call Jemma back when I was drunk, and horny, and I didn’t give a s**t. I didn’t know how important it was. I didn’t know it would be the last time that I’d ever hear her voice. Some things you can’t re-do. And some things you’re forced to do, over and over again. I know this whole thing leads back to her. I just have no idea what “this whole thing” actually is.



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