Starring: Tom Hardy, Linda Cardellini, Jack Lowden, Noel Fisher, Kyle MacLachlan, Matt Dillon, Kathrine Narducci, Tilda Del Toro, Mason Guccione, Caiden Acurio



Bio-crime drama written and directed by Josh Trank. The story follows the notorious gangster Al Capone (Tom Hardy), who after nearly a decade of imprisonment, suffers from dementia and is haunted by his violent past.


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'The only thing that really matters is how a man treats his family.' - Johnny (Capone) Click To Tweet 'A man who spends his entire life lying to everyone about everything, the truth rots in there.' - Crawford (Capone) Click To Tweet


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[during a family Thanksgiving dinner, explaining the meaning of Thanksgiving to his granddaughter]
Al Capone: So we would sit up by the broke window with them three rats, and we would look out that window at all them other families, out there, having their lavish parties, and all their home cooked pies, and their roasted turkeys, and their stuffing with topped cranberries, and mountains of mashed potatoes and gravy, all that fancy stuff. All them families out there, except for us.
Roberta: Why?
Al Capone: Because we was broke. We had nothing. So every, every year about this time we get together as a family, and we shove it in Brooklyn’s face. Yeah, that’s Thanksgiving.


[as his statues and paintings are being moved to be sold]
Al Capone: You lay one finger on my Lady Atlas, I will cut your f****ing head off. Do you understand me?
Rodrigo: Si.


[after having a nightmare vision whilst in bed]
Al Capone: What time is it in Ohio? What happened?
Mae Capone: You sh*t the bed, that’s what happened.


Karlock: A Three, two, a one. Ta-dah!
[he holds up a cloth]
Karlock: Do we know what these are?
Mae Capone: Diapers?


Karlock: So we’re still having nightmares, are we? Fonse, could I have your attention for a moment?
Mae Capone: Fonse.
Karlock: You know who I am?
Al Capone: [jokingly] J. Edgar Hoover. Who sent this f****ing guy?
Mae Capone: I did.
Karlock: I’m your doctor.


Karlock: I want to tell you something, and I mean this with the utmost respect. You should consider letting the family stay. Having a man, or two around, just in case he gets more confused, and hurts himself, or somebody else.
Mae Capone: Twenty-eight years I had to wait for some peace and quiet. He don’t scare me.


Johnny: Chicolini here might look like an idiot, he might talk like an idiot, but don’t let that fool you. He really is an idiot. I say we give him ten years in Leavenworth, or we give him eleven years in Twelveworth.
Al Capone: Tell you what I’d do. I’d take the five to ten in Woolworth.
Johnny: Jesus. You sound like a dying horse.


[as they’re going out for a ride with Capone dressed in drag to disguise himself]
Johnny: Check it out.
[gives Capone a photo of Capone when he was younger]
Johnny: Look at you there, huh? Look at He-Man. Remember that guy?
Al Capone: No.
Johnny: Those were the f****ing days.


[as they are out fishing on a boat]
Al Capone: I hid ten million bucks.
Johnny: You did what?
Al Capone: I hid ten million bucks.
Johnny: You hid ten million bucks?
Al Capone: Yeah.
Johnny: Where?
Al Capone: I don’t f****ing know.


[after revealing he’s hid ten million dollars]
Al Capone: That’s all I have left.
Johnny: Anyone else know? It’ll come back to you. Guys like you just don’t misplace ten million dollars.


[after Capone shoots an alligator for taking his fish rod]
Johnny: You want to go back to prison? Over a f****ing swamp animal? You know, this is what happens when people spend too much time in Florida. They turn into f****ing hillbillies! That’s what you’re turning into. You know that, don’t you? F****ing nut ball. Send you to Bellevue for a f****ing head check.


[as Capone is sobbing over losing his fishing rod to the alligator]
Al Capone: You tell anybody I will cut your f****ing eyes out, do you understand me?
Johnny: Tell anybody what?


Johnny: [to Capone] It’s time to just let go.


[after they’ve watched Wizard of Oz]
Johnny: I don’t get it. I mean, he’s got the whole forest to himself.
Al Capone: Yeah.
Johnny: Right? And all of a sudden, some goofy looking broad shows up…
Al Capone: Judy Garland.
Johnny: Okay. Whatever. She turns up with a couple goons, who look like they just escaped from Barnum and Bailey’s circus, and they scamper off down to, what’s it?
Al Capone: Emerald City.
Johnny: Emerald City.
Al Capone: Yeah.
Johnny: And they talk to that egghead.
Al Capone: He’s a wizard. But he’s not a wizard when you see him. You see?
Johnny: This guy, he’s standing on a gold mine, and the lion says, “Oh, I want to go back to being the King of the Forest.” Get the f**** out of here.
Al Capone: He ain’t a coward no more. You understand?
Johnny: Yeah, but that Emerald City is wide open.
Al Capone: It a f****ing movie. He got his courage. He goes back. That’s it.
Johnny: Alright. I don’t know.


[after Capone insults Mae, she slaps him hard, and he gets knocked down]
Mae Capone: Are you okay?
Al Capone: No. I’m not okay. I want all of these f****ing bums away from me, you understand? You got goons walking around, and they got guns in front of the kids.
Mae Capone: There are no kids here, Fonse.
Al Capone: Do you even know what these people do?
Mae Capone: They do whatever you tell them to do.


Al Capone: Sweetie, listen. I can see it on your face, and I can see it in your eyes, that you are an angel. I can see that you got broken wings. Yeah. Now, I would very much like to fix those broken wings for you, if I could. But I don’t know who the f**** you are. And I don’t even need to know who the f**** you are to know you’re letting it happen.
Mae Capone: Stop it.
Al Capone: Shame on you.


[Capone makes a call to the police]
Al Capone: I think I may have been kidnapped.
Police: Where are you, sir?
[we see his phone is tapped and FBI Agent Crawford is listening to his conversation]
Al Capone: I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on, but they got weapons, and they… I can’t do this no more, you know?
Police: Sir?
Al Capone: Because it ain’t me.


[over the phone]
Al Capone: See, I live on a farm.
Police: I can’t hear you, sir.
Al Capone: I said I live on a f****ing farm.
Police: On a farm, you said?
Al Capone: No, not on a f****ing farm. I’m in this f****ing house!


[as Capone is having visions from his past]
Party Guest: [in Italian] They are listening. The treasure is closer than you think. Don’t let them take it.
Al Capone: Where is it?
Party Guest: [in Italian] Dig where it’s wet.


[Karlock meets with the FBI and Crawford; referring to Capone]
Karlock: He had a stroke.
Crawford: And?
Karlock: He’ll live. I’ll stay with him for a while. Maybe I can get him to talk with me.
Crawford: Well, if you don’t get some answers, Doc, the clemency is as good as dead.
Karlock: I’ll see what I can do.


[after Capone wakes up from having had a stroke]
Karlock: Can you answer me some questions first? How many fingers am I holding? Hm?
Al Capone: Four.
Karlock: Mm-hmm. How old are you?
Al Capone: Four.
Karlock: No. You’re forty-eight years old. You’re forty-eight.


Karlock: He’s sustained a permanent degree of damage to his brain functions. Minor paralysis on his left side, mainly up his shoulder to his mouth. Although I suspect that could get a little better over time, with daily rehabilitation.
Rosie: We ain’t going anywhere, so we’re here.
Karlock: I think that would be best. For his sake.


Karlock: There’s a few changes that we need to make. No cigars.
Ralphie: For how long?
Karlock: Ever. I suggest we give him one of these.
[he holds up a carrot and imitates using it like a cigar]
Ralphie: What is he, f****ing Bugs Bunny? He’s going to go on a f****ing rampage.


Karlock: We want to keep him alive and as comfortable as possible, for as long as we have him here.
Ralphie: He ain’t going to fall for that sh*t?
Karlock: He’s going to have to accept it. I’m sorry.


[to a deteriorating Capone]
Ralphie: I’ll always remember, even when we was kids, you always had it all up here. You always hated paper. You didn’t trust nobody, nothing. Not even your own f****ing family. I never took offense by it or nothing. I want you to tell me if you hid anything. Like money. I need to know where the f**** it is. These c**ks**kers are going to get it either way, so it makes no difference. We got nothing, Fonse. You understand?
[Capone is unresponsive]
Ralphie: Well, I hope one of our kids has in him what you had in you, because that’s our only hope.


[after we realize that Johnny was killed by Capone and his men and Capone has just been imagining seeing him all along]
Johnny: They never get it right. I never sold no one out. You know that. I took a little off the top. I’m not proud of it. You made the right move. I’d have done the same thing if I was you. You don’t skim.


Johnny: The only thing that really matters, Fonse, is how a man treats his family. You’ll always be a hero to every stiff breaking his back. Not a lot of goons from Carol Street could state that claim. You’re a good man, Fonse.


Johnny: [to Capone] Don’t worry, pal. I didn’t feel nothing. You took me off the street. I’ll always respect you. You know, you seem like a really nice fella. Maybe if you had some courage you might be able to find yourself some new friends.


Johnny: I think I know where you buried that money.
[he takes a knife and takes out his eyes and offers them to Capone]
Johnny: Look in these. They’ll help guide you to the key. I’ll see you sometime, Fonse.
[Capone starts yelling when he sees the detached eyeballs]


[referring to Capone]
Crawford: He’s been saying a lot of very interesting things.
Director Nordhoff: Sure, he has full blown dementia.
Crawford: I think I kind of owe it to a twenty year investigation to look in his eyes and know for sure before he’s gone.
Director Nordhoff: I don’t know how to break this to you, son. I don’t give a sh*t about Al Capone. I don’t. He dies, we dig his place up, find whatever’s there, and move on.


Crawford: [to Nordhoff] Do you know what the difference is, sir, between Adolf Hitler and Al Capone? Hitler’s dead. Capone lives like a king in Florida. Maybe he’s crazy, maybe he’s not. All I know is, a man who spends his entire life lying to everyone about everything, the truth rots in there. Let’s catch some of his marbles on their way out.


[as Crawford is trying to interview an incapacitated Capone]
Crawford: So we understand it that you have been ill now for quite some time.
Al Capone: Yeah.
Crawford: In fact, I have here that you originally contracted syphilis while you were under the age of fifteen years old. Is that correct?
Harold Mattingly: Yes, per his medical records.


Crawford: Mr. Capone, were you, or were you not, defacto chief of the Chicago Outfit Criminal Organization, which presided over the illicit sale of liquor products during the nationwide ban prior to its lift in 1933?
Harold Mattingly: Nope. On behalf of my client, nope.


Harold Mattingly: What’s this about, Crawford?
Crawford: We have information that your client may have tucked away a very large sum of money. About ten million dollars.
Harold Mattingly: I know nothing of this.
Crawford: Well, I think your client does. Mr. Capone, can you tell me where you hid that money?


Crawford: Let me explain something to you, Mr. Capone. While I personally believe that you deserve every ounce of torture and everlasting despair that awaits you in the next life, your family has done nothing to deserve what’s coming to them in this one. No prominent jobs.
Harold Mattingly: This is harassment.
Crawford: No decent education, so long as their last name is Capone. Other than this pile of cement here, they’re going to be left with nothing of your legacy.
Harold Mattingly: Hey!
Crawford: Only a penniless, bitter life of alienation.
Harold Mattingly: Crawford!
Crawford: No new friends, no new beginnings. And we will watch them. Every single day, until the day they die, just like you.
[Capone starts to defecate himself]


[after the family is forced to sell their belongings, we see them gathered for another Thanksgiving dinner]
Mae Capone: So, Vince, what are you thankful for?
Vince: My front teeth.
Mae Capone: Gabi?
Gabi: I’m thankful for my new puppy, Eugene.
Mae Capone: And, Ralphie?
Ralphie: I’m thankful that the weather finally isn’t terrible.
Mae Capone: Berta.
Roberta: I’m thankful for grandpa Fonse.
Family: Aw.
[Mae whispers to Capone]
Al Capone: Let’s eat.


[last lines; Tony, the son Capone’s been imagining, comes to visit him]
Mae Capone: Fonse, you got a visitor.
[to Tony]
Mae Capone: Come on. I’ll let you two have some time together.
Tony: Thank you, Mae.
[he sits next to Capone and holds his hand]


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