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Directed by:
Anthony Russo
Joe Russo
Joss Whedon (post-credits scene)
Written by:
Christopher Markus (screenplay)
Stephen McFeely (screenplay)
Ed Brubaker (concept and story)
Joe Simon (comic book)
Jack Kirby (comic book)
Chris Evans – Steve Rogers / Captain America
Samuel L. Jackson – Nick Fury
Scarlett Johansson – Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
Robert Redford – Alexander Pierce
Sebastian Stan – Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier
Anthony Mackie – Sam Wilson / Falcon
Cobie Smulders – Maria Hill
Frank Grillo- Brock Rumlow
Maximiliano Hernández – Jasper Sitwell
Emily VanCamp – Kate / Agent 13
Hayley Atwell – Peggy Carter
Toby Jones – Dr. Arnim Zola
Stan Lee – Smithsonian Guard
Callan Mulvey – Jack Rollins
Jenny Agutter – Councilwoman Hawley
Bernard White – Councilman Singh
Dale Coffman – Councilman Rockwell
Chin Han – Councilman Yen
Garry Shandling – Senator Stern
Georges St-Pierre – Georges Batroc


Picking up two years after the events of The Avengers; Captain America: The Winter Soldier quotes are tonally darker, cleverer and raise many thought provoking questions. The story follows Steve Rogers on his emotional journey to adjusting to life in the 21st Century. He becomes disillusioned with his job working for SHIELD and when Nick Fury comes under attack by the fabled Winter Soldier, Steve becomes entangled in a mystery and uncovers a horrifying conspiracy that may endanger the world.

This Phase 2 film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a game changer and present us with a more serious, darker plot that deals with real world issues, instead of the typical superhero movie we get a conspiracy-espionage thriller. The story unfolds gradually, slowly building the tension and comes with surprising developments making this film the perfect set up for future MCU films.

The action and violence are the most grounded we’ve seen in a Marvel movie and the film also makes great use of all of its supporting characters with standout performances from new cast members Anthony Mackie as Falcon and Sebastian Stan as The Winter Soldier. Also, once again Chris Evans and Scarlett Johannson both proved that they fit their roles well, adding more depth to their respective characters.

Verdict: This Phase 2 sequel is definitely the best MCU superhero movie to date taking it to a new level with a more real-world complex story which is completely engaging and entertaining and ends on a cliffhanger note that should have huge repercussion for future MCU movies.

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[first lines; Sam Wilson is jogging around Washington, D.C. when Steve quickly catches up to him and runs past him]
Steve Rogers: On your left.
[as Sam is continues to jog Steve comes around again quickly after doing another lap]
Steve Rogers: On your left.
Sam Wilson: Uh-huh, on my left. Got it.
[as Sam is still jogging Steve comes around again from behind him from another lap]
Sam Wilson: Don’t say it! Don’t you say it!
Steve Rogers: On your left!
Sam Wilson: Come on!
[Sam gets angry and tries to catch up to him but only after a few seconds he’s unable to carry and stops to rest]


[as Sam is resting catching his breath sitting by a tree Steve walks over to him]
Steve Rogers: Need a medic?
[Sam laughs]
Sam Wilson: I need a new set of lungs. Dude, you just ran like thirteen miles in thirty minutes.
Steve Rogers: I guess I got a late start.
Sam Wilson: Oh, really? You should be ashamed of yourself. You should take another lap.
[he hesitates for a moment before saying sarcastically]
Sam Wilson: Did you just take it? I assumed you just took it.
Steve Rogers: What unit are you with?
Sam Wilson: Fifty-eighth, Para-rescue. But now I’m working down at the VA. Sam Wilson.
[Steve gives Sam a hand to rise]
Steve Rogers: Steve Rogers.
Sam Wilson: I kind of put that together. Must have freaked you out coming home after the whole defrosting thing.
Steve Rogers: It takes some getting used to. It’s good to meet you, Sam.


[as Steve turns to leave]
Sam Wilson: It’s your bed, right?
Steve Rogers: What’s that?
Sam Wilson: Your bed, it’s too soft. When I was over there I sleep on the ground and used rock for pillows, like a caveman. Now I’m home, lying in my bed, and It’s like…
Steve Rogers: Lying on a marshmallow. I feel like I’m gonna sink right to the floor.
[Sam smiles and nods his head]
Steve Rogers: How long?
Sam Wilson: Two tours. You must miss the good old days, huh?
Steve Rogers: Well, things aren’t so bad. Food’s a lot better, we used to boil everything. No polio is good. Internet, so helpful. I’ve been reading that a lot trying to catch up.
Sam Wilson: Marvin Gaye, 1972, “Trouble Man” soundtrack. Everything you’ve missed jammed into one album.
Steve Rogers: I’ll put it on the list.
[Steve gets his small notebook and pen out and notes it down on his list which also includes I Love Lucy; Moon Landing; Berlin Wall (Up + Down) Steve Jobs (Apple); Disco; Thai Food; Star Wars/Trek (with Star Wars crossed out, indicating that he has seen it); Nirvana (Band); Rocky (Rocky II?)]


[Steve gets the text message, “Mission alert. Extraction imminent. Meet at the curb. :)]
Steve Rogers: Alright, Sam, duty calls. Thanks for the run. If that’s what you wanna call running.
[they shake hands]
Sam Wilson: Oh, that’s how it is?
Steve Rogers: Oh, that’s how it is.captain-america-winter-soldier-8
[Sam laughs]
Sam Wilson: Okay. Any time you wanna stop by the VA, make me look awesome in front of the girl at the front desk, just let me know.
Steve Rogers: I’ll keep it in mind.
Sam Wilson: Okay.
[just then Natasha pulls up in her car by the curb and rolls down the window]
Natasha Romanoff: Hey, fellas. Either one of you know where the Smithsonian is? I’m here to pick up a fossil.
Steve Rogers: It’s hilarious.
[Steve walks over to her car and gets in, Sam gives Natasha and her car an appreciative look]
Sam Wilson: How you doing?
Natasha Romanoff: Hey.
Steve Rogers: You can’t run everywhere.
Sam Wilson: No, you can’t.
[he watches as Natasha quickly pulls away and drives off]


[flying over the Indian Ocean the duo are with SHIELD agents, led by Brock Rumlow]
Brock Rumlow: The target is a mobile satellite launch platform: The Lemurian Star. It was sending up their last payload when pirates took them, ninety-three minutes ago.
Steve Rogers: Any demands?
Brock Rumlow: A billion and a half.
Steve Rogers: Why so steep?
Brock Rumlow: Because it SHIELD’s.
Steve Rogers: So it’s not off course, it’s trespass.
Natasha Romanoff: I’m sure they have a good reason.
Steve Rogers: You know, I’m getting a little tired of being Fury’s janitor.
Natasha Romanoff: Relax, it’s not that complicated.
Steve Rogers: How many pirates?captain-america-winter-soldier-4
Brock Rumlow: Twenty-five, top mercs, led by this guy. Georges Batroc.
[he shows them a photo of Batroc on the monitor]
Brock Rumlow: Ex-TGSE, Action Division. He’s at the top of Interpol’s “red notice”. Before the French demobilized him, he had thirty-six kill missions. This guy’s got a rep for maximum casualties.
Steve Rogers: Hostages?
Brock Rumlow: Uh…mostly techs. One officer, Jasper Sitwell.
[he pulls up Sitwell’s photo on the monitor]
Brock Rumlow: They’re in the galley.
Steve Rogers: What’s Sitwell doing on a launch ship? Alright, I’m gonna sweep the deck and find Batroc. Nat, you’ll kill the engines and wait for instructions. Rumlow, you sweep aft, find the hostages, get them to life pods. get ’em out. Let’s go.
Brock Rumlow: STRIKE, you heard the Captain. Gear up!


[as they are getting ready to dive off the jet; into his radio]
Steve Rogers: Secure channel seven.
Natasha Romanoff: Seven secure.
[to Steve]
Natasha Romanoff: You do anything fun Saturday night?
Steve Rogers: Well, all the guys from my barbershop quartet are dead, so… No, not really.
Brock Rumlow: Coming up by the drop zone, Cap.
Natasha Romanoff: You know, if you ask Kristen out, from Statistics, she’ll probably say yes.
Steve Rogers: That’s why I don’t ask.
Natasha Romanoff: Too shy or too scared?
Steve Rogers: Too busy!
[Steve jumps out of the jet]
STRIKE Agent: Was he wearing a parachute?
[Rumlow smiles]
Brock Rumlow: No. No, he wasn’t.


[after jumping out the jet Steve dives into the ocean and then climbs onto the ship, he then beats everyone on the deck swiftly before anyone raises the alarm when he’s interrupted by one of the pirates pointing his gun at him]
French Pirate #1: [subtitled] Don’t move!
[he’s shot dead by Rumlow as he parachutes down onto the deck behind Steve]
Steve Rogers: Thanks.
Brock Rumlow: Yeah. You seemed pretty helpless without me.
[Natasha and another agent parachute down onto the deck to join them]
Natasha Romanoff: What about the nurse that lives across the hall from you? She seems kind of nice.
Steve Rogers: Secure the engine room, then find me a date.
Natasha Romanoff: I’m multitasking.


[below deck we see the pirates are holding the ship’s crew, including Sitwell, hostage]
French Pirate #1: [subtitled] I said to Batroc, if we want SHIELD to pay, we have to start sending bodies now!
[to the hostages]
French Pirate #1: [subtitled] I have a bullet for someone.
[shouting in English]
French Pirate #1: You want a bullet in your head?!
[he kicks one of the hostage’s leg]
French Pirate #1: [subtitled] Move that leg. Want a bullet in your head?
meanwhile on the deck Steve moves quickly to find the hostages; in the control room
Georges Batroc: [subtitled] I do not like to wait. Call Durand. I want the ship ready to go as soon as the rescue arrives.
French Pirate: [subtitled] Yes, Batroc.
[he makes the call]
French Pirate: [subtitled] Durand. Start the engine.
Durand: Okay.
[Durand puts the phone down, turns and sees Natasha behind him]
Natasha Romanoff: Hey, sailor.
[she quickly knocks him down and manages to swing down below deck shooting several of the pirates on the way]


[to one of the hostages]
French Pirate #1: [subtitled] Shut up. What is it? Want to be a hero?
[he looks at the hostages who keep their heads down]
French Pirate #1: [subtitled] Well, I’ve waited long enough.
[he goes over to the locked door and bangs on it to get the attention of the pirate guarding outside]
French Pirate #1: [subtitled] Hey, look for Batroc. If I do not hear in two minutes, I’ll start to kill them!
French Pirate #2: [subtitled] Okay. I’ll find him!
[as the pirate turns to leave Rumlow, who’s standing behind him with a stun gun, shoots him, on the other side of the door the other pirate senses something but dismisses it]
French Pirate #2: [subtitled] Two minutes.
[we see Rumlow and another STRIKE Agent places a bomb on the locked door]


[in the control room]
French Pirate: [subtitled] Radio Silence from SHIELD, Batroc.
[Steve watches them from the deck, we see another STRIKE agent getting in position]
STRIKE Agent: Targets acquired.
[below deck Rumlow points his gun at the bomb placed against door where the hostages are being kept]
Brock Rumlow: STRIKE in position.
[into his radio]
Steve Rogers: Natasha, what’s your status?
[we see Natasha jumping down below deck to knock out one of the pirates]
Steve Rogers: Status, Natasha?
Natasha Romanoff: Hang on!
[as the pirate attacks her she quickly knocks him out; into her radio]
Natasha Romanoff: Engine room secure.


French Pirate #1: [subtitled] Time’s up. Who wants to die first?
[to one of his men]
French Pirate #1: [subtitled] Hey, you! Take the girl.
[into his radio]
Steve Rogers: On my mark. Three. Two. One.
[the STRIKE team start shooting at the pirates, blow open the door and Rumlow quickly kills the head pirate]
Jasper Sitwell: I told you, SHIELD doesn’t negotiate.
[back in the control room one of Batroc’s men tries to get hold of the pirate below deck]
French Pirate: [subtitled] Hello? Batroc, the line is dead. I lost contact with them.
[just then Steve smashes in through the window using his shield but Batroc manages to escape; to Steve as he goes looking for Batroc]
Brock Rumlow: Hostages enroot to extraction. Romanoff missed the rendezvous point, Captain. Hostiles are still in play.
Steve Rogers: Natasha, Batroc’s on the move. Circle back to Rumlow and protect the hostages.
[there’s no reply from Natasha]
Steve Rogers: Natasha!
[suddenly Batroc attacks Steve, they fight on the deck of the ship, with Batroc getting quickly back up on his feet]
Georges Batroc: [subtitled] I thought that you were more than just a mask.
[Steve puts the shield on his back and takes off his mask]
Steve Rogers: [subtitled] Let’s find out.
[they start fighting again, Steve manages to finally knock Batroc down by smashing through into one of the rooms where Natasha is downloading something from the computer]
Natasha Romanoff: Well, this is awkward.


Steve Rogers: What are you doing?
Natasha Romanoff: Backing up the hard drive. It’s a good habit to get into.
Steve Rogers: Rumlow needed your help. What the hell are you doing here?
[Steve goes over to Natasha and looks at what Natasha is backing up]
Steve Rogers: You’re saving SHIELD Intel.
Natasha Romanoff: Whatever I can get my hands on.captain-america-winter-soldier-5
Steve Rogers: Our mission is to rescue hostages.
Natasha Romanoff: No. That’s your mission.
[she finishes backing up and pulls the flash drive out]
Natasha Romanoff: And you’ve done it beautifully.
[as Natasha goes to leave Steve grabs her arm]
Steve Rogers: You just jeopardized this whole operation.
Natasha Romanoff: I think that’s overstating things.
[suddenly Batroc rises and throws a grenade at the two as he runs off, Steve deflects the bomb with his shield, grabs Natasha and jumps through a window before it explodes]
Natasha Romanoff: Okay. That one’s on me.
Steve Rogers: You damn right.
[Steve gets up and leaves in anger]


[The Triskelion, S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters; Steve walks into Fury’s office]
Steve Rogers: You just can’t stop yourself from lying, can you?
Nick Fury: I didn’t lie. Agent Romanoff had a different mission than yours.
Steve Rogers: Which you didn’t feel obliged to share.
Nick Fury: I’m not obliged to do anything.
Steve Rogers: Those hostages could’ve died, Nick.
Nick Fury: I sent the greatest soldier in history to make sure that didn’t happen.
Steve Rogers: Soldiers trust each other, that’s what makes it an army. Not a bunch of guys running around and shooting guns.
Nick Fury: The last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye. Look, I didn’t want you doing anything you weren’t comfortable with. Agent Romanoff is comfortable with everything.
Steve Rogers: I can’t lead a mission when the people I’m leading have missions of their owns.
Nick Fury: It’s called compartmentalization. Nobody spills the secrets because nobody knows them all.
Steve Rogers: Except you.
Nick Fury: You’re wrong about me. I do share. I’m nice like that.


[Fury steps into an elevator with Steve following behind him]
Nick Fury: Insight bay.
SHIELD Computer: Captain Rogers does not have clearance for Project Insight.
Nick Fury: Director override, Fury, Nicholas J.
SHIELD Computer: Confirmed.
[the elevator starts moving down]
Steve Rogers: You know, they used to play music.
Nick Fury: Yeah. My grandfather operated one of these things for forty years. My granddad worked in a nice building, he got good tips. He’d walk home every night, roll of ones stuffed in his lunch bag. He’d say “hi”, people would say hi back. Time went on, neighborhood got rougher. He’d say “Hi”, they’d say, “Keep on steppin’.” Granddad got to grippin’ that lunch bag a little tighter.
Steve Rogers: Did he ever get mugged?
Nick Fury: Every week some punk would say, “What’s in the bag?”
Steve Rogers: Well, what did he do?
Nick Fury: He’d show ’em. A bunch of crumpled ones and loaded 0.22 Magnum.
[Fury smiles]
Nick Fury: Granddad loved people. But he didn’t trust them very much.


[as they continue to ride down the elevator Steve notices the giant Helicarriers]
Nick Fury: Yeah, I know. They’re a little bit bigger than a 0.22.
[as Fury shows Steve round]
Nick Fury: This is Project Insight. Three next generation Helicarriers synced to a network of targeting satellites.
Steve Rogers: Launched from the Lemurian Star.
Nick Fury: Once we get them in the air they never need to come down. Continuous suborbital flight courtesy of our new repulser engines.
Steve Rogers: Stark?captain-america-winter-soldier-6
Nick Fury: Well, he had a few suggestions once he got an up close look at our old turbines. These new long range precision guns can eliminate a thousand hostiles a minute. The satellites can read a terrorist’s DNA before he steps outside his spider hole. We gonna neutralize a lot of threats before they even happen.
Steve Rogers: I thought the punishment usually came after the crime.
Nick Fury: We can’t afford to wait that long.
Steve Rogers: Who’s “we”?
Nick Fury: After New York, I convinced the World Security Council we needed a quantum surgeon threat analysis. For once we’re way ahead of the curve.
Steve Rogers: By holding a gun at everyone on Earth and calling it protection.
Nick Fury: You know, I read those SSR files. Greatest generation? You guys did some nasty stuff.
Steve Rogers: Yeah, we compromised. Sometimes in ways that made us not sleep so well. But we did it so the people could be free. This isn’t freedom, this is fear.
Nick Fury: SHIELD takes the world as it is, not as we’d like it to be. It’s getting damn near past time for you to get with that program, Cap.
Steve Rogers: Don’t hold your breath.
[Steve turns and walks off]


[Steve takes off on his motorcycle; in the Smithsonian Museum there is an exhibit dedicated to Captain America]
The Smithsonian Narrator: A symbol to the nation. A hero to the world. The story of Captain America is one of honor, bravery and sacrifice.
[Steve, keeping his face hidden under a baseball cap, walks over to the exhibition]
The Smithsonian Narrator: Denied enlistment due to poor health, Steven Rogers was chosen for a program unique in the annals of American warfare. One that would transform him into the world’s first super soldier.
[a boy recognizes him, Steve smiles puts his finger against his mouth to indicate for the boy to keep quiet and the boy nods, Steve then watches an old footage of himself]
Old Footage Recording: In this rare footage, everyone’s favorite warrior, Captain America…
[Steve goes to the display where there are mannequins with costumes of Steve’s old commando squad]
The Smithsonian Narrator: Battle tested, Captain America and his Howling Commandos quickly earned their stripes. Their mission, taking down HYDRA, the Nazi rogue science division.
[Steve walks over to the a display of his friend Bucky Barnes]
The Smithsonian Narrator: Best friends since childhood, Bucky Barnes and Steven Rogers were inseparable on both school yard and battlefield. Barnes is the only Howling commando to give his life in service of his country.
[Steve watches and older looking Peggy Carter being interviewed]
Peggy Carter: That was a difficult winter. A blizzard had trapped half our battalion behind the German line. Steve…Captain Rogers, he fought his way through a HYDRA blockade that had pinned our allies down for months. He saved over a thousand men, including the man who would…who would become my husband as it turned out. Even after he died, Steve was still changing my life.
[Steve looks at the photo of Peggy he’d kept in his old compass]


[Steve visits Peggy, who is now lying sick in bed]
Steve Rogers: You should be proud of yourself, Peggy.
[Steve looks at Peggy’s family photos by her bedside table showing her with her husband and children]
Peggy Carter: Mm. I have lived a life. My only regret is that you didn’t get to live yours.
[Steve looks sad]
Peggy Carter: What is it?
Steve Rogers: For as long as I can remember I just wanted to do what was right. I guess I’m not quite sure what that is anymore. And I thought I could throw myself back in and follow orders, serve. It’s just not the same.
[Peggy chuckles]
Peggy Carter: You’re always so dramatic. Look, you saved the world. We rather…mucked it up.
Steve Rogers: You didn’t. Knowing that you helped found SHIELD is half the reason I stay.
[Peggy takes Steve’s hand]
Peggy Carter: The world has changed and none of us can go back. All we can do is our best, and sometimes the best that we can do is to start over.
[Peggy starts to cough, Steve turns to get her some water and goes to hand it to her]
Steve Rogers: Peggy.
[suddenly Peggy looks at Steve like she’s seeing for the first time since he was frozen]
Peggy Carter: Steve?
Steve Rogers: Yeah.
Peggy Carter: You’re alive! You…you came, you came back.
Steve Rogers: Yeah, Peggy.
[Peggy begins to cry]
Peggy Carter: It’s been so long. So long.
Steve Rogers: Well, I couldn’t leave my best girl. Not when she owes me a dance.


[Fury is alone in his office; to his voice controlled computer]
Nick Fury: Secure office.
[all the windows are blackened, Fury takes out the flash drive Natasha had downloaded all the files from the Lemurian Star and places it in his computer]
Nick Fury: Open Lemurian Star satellite launch file.
SHIELD Computer: Access denied.
Nick Fury: Run decryption.
SHIELD Computer: Decryption failed.
Nick Fury: Director override, Fury, Nicholas J.
SHIELD Computer: Override denied. All files sealed.
Nick Fury: On whose authority?
SHIELD Computer: Fury, Nicholas J.
[Fury looks confused and worried]
Nick Fury: World Security Council.
SHIELD Computer: Confirmed.


[Alexander Pierce is holding a virtual meeting with the World Security Council]
Councilman Rockwell: If Nick Fury thinks he can get us costumed thugs and STRIKE commandos to mop-up his mess, he’s sadly mistaken. This failure is unacceptable.
Councilman Singh: Well, considering this attack took place one mile from my country’s sovereign waters, it’s a bit more than that. I move for immediate hearing.
Councilwoman Hawley: We don’t need hearings, we need action. It’s this Council’s duty to oversee SHIELD.
Councilman Yen: A breach like this raises serious questions.
Councilman Rockwell: Like how the hell did a French pirate manage to hijack a covert SHIELD vessel in broad daylight?
Alexander Pierce: For the record, councilman, he’s Algerian. I can draw a map if it’ll help.
Councilman Rockwell: I appreciate your wits, Secretary Pierce. But this council take things like international piracy fairly seriously.
Alexander Pierce: Really? I don’t. I don’t care about one boat, I care about the fleet. If this council is going to fold a rancor every time someone pushes us on the playing field, maybe we need someone to oversee us.
Councilman Yen: Mr. Secretary, nobody is suggesting…
[they are interrupted by Pierce’s assistant walking in and whispering something to Pierce; to the council]
Alexander Pierce: Excuse me.
Councilman Rockwell: More trouble, Mr. Secretary?
Alexander Pierce: It depends on your definition.
[the meeting ends as Pierce leaves]


[Pierce walks into his office where Fury is waiting for him]
Alexander Pierce: I work forty floors away and it takes a hijacking for you to visit?
Nick Fury: Well, a nuclear war would do it too.
[they shake hands; referring to Pierce’s meeting with the World Security Council]
Nick Fury: Busy in there?
Alexander Pierce: Nothing some earmarks can’t fix.captain-america-winter-soldier-7
Nick Fury: I’m, uh…here to ask a favor. I want you to call for a vote. Project insight has to be delayed.
Alexander Pierce: Nick, that’s not a favor, that’s a subcommittee hearing. A long one.
Nick Fury: It could be nothing, probably is nothing. I just need time to make sure it’s nothing.
Alexander Pierce: What if it’s something?
Nick Fury: Then we’ll both be damn glad those Helicarriers aren’t in the air.
[Pierce hesitates a moment before replying]
Alexander Pierce: Fine. But you gotta get Iron Man to stop by my niece’s birthday party.
[Nick shakes his hand]
Nick Fury: Thank you, sir.
Alexander Pierce: And not just a fly-by, he’s got to mingle.
[Pierce turns and leaves]


[Steve goes to a PTSD group meeting where Sam is counseling other veterans]
Female War Veteran: The thing is I think it’s getting worse. A cop pulled me over last week, he thought I was drunk. I swerved to miss a plastic bag. I thought it was an IED.
Sam Wilson: Some stuff you leave there, other stuff you bring back. It’s our job to figure out how to carry it. Is it gonna be in a big suitcase or in a little man-purse? It’s up to you.
[after the meeting ends Steve waits for Sam as he finishes saying goodbye to the veterans]
Female War Veteran: I’ll see you next week.
Sam Wilson: Yeah.
Female War Veteran: Yeah.
[Sam walks over to Steve]
Sam Wilson: Look who it is. The running man.
Steve Rogers: Caught the last few minutes. It’s pretty intense.
Sam Wilson: Yeah, brother, we all got the same problems. Guilt, regret.
Steve Rogers: You lose someone?
Sam Wilson: My wingman, Riley. Fly in the night mission. A standard PJ rescue op, nothing we hadn’t done a thousand times before, till RPG knock Riley’s dumb ass out of the sky. Nothing I could do. It’s like I was up there just to watch.
Steve Rogers: I’m sorry.
Sam Wilson: After that, I had really hard time finding a reason for being over there, you know?
Steve Rogers: But you’re happy now, back in the world?
Sam Wilson: Hey, the number of people giving me orders is down to about zero. So, hell, yeah. You thinking about getting out?
Steve Rogers: No. I don’t know. To be honest, I don’t know what I would do with myself if I did.
Sam Wilson: Ultimate fighting?
[Steve laughs]
Sam Wilson: It’s just a great idea off the top of my head. But seriously, you could do whatever you want to do. What makes you happy?
Steve Rogers: I don’t know.


[as Fury drives he instructs his car computer to make a call]
Fury’s Car: Activating communications encryption protocol.
Nick Fury: Open secure line zero-four-zero-five.
Fury’s Car: Confirmed.
Maria Hill: This is Hill.
Nick Fury: I need you here in D.C. Deep shadow conditions.
Maria Hill: Give me four hours.
Nick Fury: You have three, over.
[Fury stops at a red traffic light, he looks over to the next car and sees the two police officers in the car look at him with suspicion]
Nick Fury: Want to see my lease?
[the policemen quickly sound their police horn once before they start to drive off, as Fury goes to drive off suddenly another police car smashes into his car, his car is then surrounded by several other police cars crashing into him; inside his car Fury is injured]
Fury’s Car: Fracture detected. Recommend anesthetic injection.
[as Fury is giving himself the injection a SWAT team truck pulls up]
Fury’s Car: D.C. Metropolice dispatch shows no units in this area.
[Fury is surrounded by the police and SWAT team, he quickly realizes they are all disguised mercenaries; to his car computer]
Nick Fury: Get me out of here!
[the mercenaries suddenly start shooting at Fury’s car]
Fury’s Car: Propulsion systems offline.
Nick Fury: Then reboot, dammit!


[the armor on Fury’s vehicle starts to become weaker, the mercenaries bring out a battering ram to break in]
Fury’s Car: Warning! Window integrity compromised.
Nick Fury: You think? How long to propulsion?
Fury’s Car: Calculating.
[the mercenaries start to use the battering ram on Fury’s car window]
Fury’s Car: Window Integrity thirty-one percent. Deploying countermeasures.
Nick Fury: Hold that order!
[the battering ram is smashed against the car window again]
Fury’s Car: Window Integrity nineteen percent. Offensive measures advised.
Nick Fury: Wait!
[the battering ram is smashed against the window again]
Fury’s Car: Window Integrity one percent.
Nick Fury: Now!
[suddenly a minigun pulls up from inside the car and Fury uses it to return fire on the mercenaries causing the SWAT truck and some of the police cars to explode]
Fury’s Car: Propulsion systems now online.
Nick Fury: Full acceleration, now!
[as he continues to fire at the mercenaries Fury’s car automatically backs up and drives off]
Nick Fury: Initiate vertical take-off!
Fury’s Car: Flight systems damaged.
Nick Fury: Then activate guidance camera!
[Fury goes over into the driver’s seat]
Nick Fury: Give me the wheel!


[Fury takes over driving his car as the mercenaries chase after him in their police cars]
Nick Fury: Get me Agent Hill.
Fury’s Car: Communications array damaged.
Nick Fury: Well, what’s not damaged?
Fury’s Car: Air conditioning is fully operational.
[the police cars continue to chase after Fury as he weaves through the cars on the road]
Fury’s Car: Traffic ahead.
Nick Fury: Give me an alternate route.
Fury’s Car: Traffic alert on Roosevelt Bridge. All vehicles stopped. 17 Avenue clear in three blocks, directly ahead.
[as Fury heads into the traffic he smashes into some cars causing a pile up which stops the police cars, the mercenaries get out and start shooting at Fury’s car, Fury manages to kill two of the mercenaries by running them down before getting past the traffic, but the remaining mercenaries continue to chase after him and manage to sandwich Fury’s vehicle between them]
Fury’s Car: Warning, approaching intersection.
[as they approach the intersection Fury manages to shake off the two police cars, killing off the mercenaries]
Nick Fury: Get me off the grid!
Fury’s Car: Calculating route to secure location.
[Fury sees a mysterious figure emerge ahead which suddenly shoots a bomb that attaches itself to Fury’s vehicle causing it to explode and flip over; trapped inside his car, Fury watches as the figure walks over to the car but he manages to escape just in time by using a laser weapon to burn a hole out]


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