Starring: Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Lari White, Chris Noth, Nick Searcy, Dennis Letts, Paul Sanchez, Jenifer Lewis



Survival drama directed by Robert Zemeckis. The story follows FedEx executive Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks), who whilst en-route to an assignment his plane crashes over the Pacific Ocean during a storm. The sole survivor of the flight, Chuck washes ashore on a deserted island. When his efforts to sail away and contact help fail, Chuck is tested mentally, physically, and emotionally in order to survive on the island, where he remains for years, accompanied by only his handmade volleyball friend, Wilson.


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[first lines; FedEx truck drives up to a barn to collect a package]
Ramon: Mrs Peterson.
[woman is working on a metal sculptures]
Bettina Peterson: Oh Ray. I’m sorry
Ramon: How you doing?
Bettina Peterson: Uh, see there, it’s right there on the desk.
[Ramon notices the FedEx package with a Butterfly logo on it]
Ramon: Where’s she headed?
Bettina Peterson: Ah, she’s snow bound Ramon.
Ramon: I see you went with the pink.
Bettina Peterson: Yeah, yes. It’s kind of a pink day today. Oh, I’m going to have another pick up for you on Thursday.
Ramon: All right, see you then.
Bettina Peterson: All right. Thanks Ramon.


Chuck Noland: Time rules over us without mercy. Not caring if we’re healthy or ill. Hungry or drunk. Russian, American, beings from Mars. It’s like a fire, it could either destroy us or it could keep us warm. That’s why every FedEx office has a clock, because we live or we die by the clock. We never turn our back on it and we never ever allow ourselves the sin of losing track of time.


[holding up a FedEx package to the Russian employees]
Chuck Noland: You all recognize this, don’t you? I took the liberty of sending this to myself. I FedExed it before I left Memphis. I wonder what could be in here? What could it possibly be? Is it architectural plans? Maybe technical drawings? Is this a new wallpaper for the, for the bathroom.
[takes a digital clock out of the package]
Chuck Noland: It is a clock, which I started at absolute zero and it’s now at eighty seven hours, twenty two minutes and seventeen seconds. From Memphis, America to Nikolia in Russia eighty seven hours. Eight seven hours is a shameful outrage. This is just an egg timer! What if it had been something else, like your paycheck, or poison berries, or adoption papers? Eight seven hours is an eternity, the cosmos was created in less time. Wars have been fought and nations toppled at eighty seven hours! Fortune made and squandered.


[pointing to Nikolai]
Chuck Noland: Nikolai. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Four minutes.


[into the answering machine]
Chuck Noland: Hello, Kelly. Are you there? Pick-up, pick-up, pick-up, pick-up, pick-up, pick-up, pick-up, pick-up, you’re not there. You’re not going to believe this, I’m doing the sorts in the middle of Red Square. In the shadow of Lenings tomb. I miss you…
[we see Chuck continuing to leave his message]
Chuck Noland: I miss you I really want to kiss you. I’m outta here in about two minutes and I’m picking up the sweep through Paris, so I should be back in Memphis in about eighteen hours or so. That’s the good news, the bad news is I got to go to the dentist this week. I got something and it’s hurting. Uh, I love you and I’m going to see you soon and you know what that means. Bye bye.


[shouting to Nikolai]
Chuck Noland: Nikolai. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock!


[to the airline pilot]
Chuck Noland: I absolutely, positively have to get to Memphis tonight.
Pilot Jack: Cannot help you. Try UPS.


Chuck Noland: Relentless is our goal. Relentless!
Stan: What do you expect, from the guy who stole a cripple kid’s bicycle when his truck broke down?
Chuck Noland: I borrowed it. I borrowed it. What I love is that the kids now a cripple.


[to Stan]
Chuck Noland: It’s about the trucks. Today’s truck was two minutes late, tomorrow’s will be four minutes late, and then six minutes late, and then eight minutes late. And the next thing you know, we’re the U.S. mail.


[Chuck watches Kelly standing by the photocopying machine, she turns and smiles, they hug and kiss each other]
Kelly Frears: You’re home
Chuck Noland: Home indeed.
Kelly Frears: I love that you’re home.


[during the family Christmas meal]
Dennis Larson: Speaking of marriage Chuck, when are you going to make an honest woman out of Kelly?
Chuck Noland: Here it is! Let’s look at the clock.
Kelly Frears: How long?
Chuck Noland: All right. By my time it took fourteen minutes into the meal so I win.
[Kelly and Chuck shake hands]
Kelly Frears: Okay. I owe you five dollars.
Chuck Noland: Way before the pie
[to the woman sat next to her]
Kelly Frears: I told him on the way over here, right about the pie came out, the marriage…


[looking at their diaries]
Kelly Frears: Okay, I’ll cancel Saturday.
Chuck Noland: No, don’t, don’t. If I’m not here, I’m not. But if I am, well, then I am.
Kelly Frears: Chuck, it’s canceled. But you got to be here New Year’s eve.
Chuck Noland: Malaysia can’t be that bad. I’ll be here New Year’s eve.


Kelly Frears: What about our Christmas? I got a gift for you.
[looks at his watch]
Chuck Noland: We have to do in the car.


[Chuck opens Kelly’s Christmas present. It’s an antique watch]
Kelly Frears: My grand-daddy used it on the southern pacific.
[Chuck opens the watch and notices a pictures of Kelly is on one side]
Chuck Noland: Hey, I took this. It’s my favorite picture of you. You know what I’m going to do, I’m always going to keep this on Memphis time. Kelly time!


[checking if Kelly liked the Christmas presents he gave her]
Chuck Noland: Sorry about the hand towels
Kelly Frears: No, no. I love them.
Chuck Noland: You’re hard to shop for.
Kelly Frears: Every time I wash my hands I will think of you.
Chuck Noland: All right, I got to go. Merry Christmas.
[leans over and kisses Kelly]
Kelly Frears: Merry Christmas.
Chuck Noland: I love you.
Kelly Frears: I love you too.


[Chuck gets out of the car and walks towards the airplane]
Kelly Frears: Chuck. Keys?
[Chuck turns back, dangling the car keys in front of him and hands it over to Kelly]
Kelly Frears: Thank you.
Chuck Noland: You know that reminds me, I almost forgot I had one more present for you. [he brings out a ring box] Only this isn’t, uh, an open in the car kind of present. Or like say hand towels, which were a goad by the way.
Kelly Frears: I’m terrified.
Chuck Noland: Just take it and hold onto it and you can open it on New Year’s eve. And I love you.
[he kisses Kelly and turns to walk towards the airplane]
Chuck Noland: I’ll be right back.


[minutes before the plane crashes; to the pilots]
Chuck Noland: Hey, is all this turbulence from Santa and those eight tiny reindeer.


[the next morning after the plane has crashed and ending up on a deserted island]
Chuck Noland: Helllooo! Anybody?! Anybody?! Help! Help!


[after he keeps hearing a thumping noise he shouts]
Chuck Noland: What is that?! Hey?! Hey? Anybody?


[after burying and standing over the grave of one of the dead crew members]
Chuck Noland: So that’s it.


[notices the light of a ship in the distance out on the sea at night]
Chuck Noland: Hey. A ship. Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey, a ship! Over here! Hey! Hey! Over here! Over here! Hey!
[runs to get his small flash light]
Chuck Noland: Over here! Over here! Over here! Help Me! Help! Right here! Right here! Help! Come on! Look! Look! Look! Look!
[turns on and off the flash light in his hand]
Chuck Noland: S.O.S. Please! Help! Come on! Help!


[opening one of the FedEx boxes that had washed up on shore, Chuck finds a birthday card and reads the card]
Chuck Noland: Happy Birthday. The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself. Johnny have the happiest birthday ever! Score! Your Grandpa.
[takes out a volleyball from the box. It has brand name of WILSON written on it]


[trying to light a fire Chuck looks over at the volleyball, Wilson]
Chuck Noland: You wouldn’t have a match by any chance would you?
[the wood starts to smoke but the fire goes out]
Chuck Noland: The air got it!
[looks over at Wilson]
Chuck Noland: The air got it!


[Chuck is celebrating on the beach after successfully lighting up a fire]
Chuck Noland: Look what I have created. I have made fire. I have made fire!


[talking to the volleyball, Wilson]
Chuck Noland: You’ve got to love crab. In the nick of time too. I couldn’t take much more of those coconuts. Coconut milk is a natural laxative. Things that Gilligan never told us. We’ve made real fire, huh, Wilson. So, Wilson?


[drawing on the cave walls and talking to Wilson]
Chuck Noland: We were in route from Memphis for eleven and half hours, for about four hundred and seventy miles an hour. So they think that we were right here, but we went out of radio contact and flew around that storm for about an hour. So that’s a distance of what? Four hundred miles. Four hundred miles square, that’s a hundred and sixty thousand times Pi.
[starts doing the calculations]
Chuck Noland: That’s a search area of five hundred thousand square miles. That’s twice the size of Texas. They may never find us.


[in the cave where Chuck is painting a picture of Kelly on the cave wall and Wilson is propped up on a rock next to him]
Chuck Noland: This tooth is just killing me. It started out just hurting when I bit down, but now, now it just hurts all the time. All the time. It’s a good thing there’s not much to eat around here, cause I don’t think I could chew it. Just have to keep sucking on all that coconut and all that crab. And to think I used to avoid going to the dentist! Like a kid. I’d avoid it every single chance I got. But now, oh, what I wouldn’t give to have a dentist right in this cave. In fact I wish you were dentist. Yeah, Doctor Wilson. You want to hear something funny. Back home in Memphis, my dentist’s name is Doctor James Spalding.
[looks at his drawing of Kelly]
Chuck Noland: She’s much prettier in real life.


[reading label on a the part of port-a-potty that has washed ashore]
Chuck Noland: Bakersfield? Bakersfield!


[figuring out that he can use the port-a-potty as a shield to sail in the water; to Wilson]
Chuck Noland: This could work. This could work!


[counting the amount of wood he’s brought to make his boat]
Chuck Noland: Twenty-two. Forty-four lashings? Forty-four lashings.
[looks over at Wilson]
Chuck Noland: We have to make rope again. Wilson, we’re going to have to make a hell of a lot of rope.


[in the cave making rope and talking to Wilson]
Chuck Noland: Here we are today
[pointing at the calendar line he’s drawn on the cave wall]
Chuck Noland: That give us another month and a half, until we’re into March and April, which is our best chances for the high tide in the ocean freezes. We need nearly four hundred and twenty-four feet of good rope plus another fifty feet, say for miscellaneous, that rounds that off to four hundred and seventy-five feet of good rope. And for the average, fifteen feet a day, plus we have to build it, we have to stock it, we have to launch it. That’s going to be tight and there’s not much time. But we live and die by time and we must not commit the sin of turning our back on time.
[laughs bitterly]
Chuck Noland: I know. I know.


[showing Wilson the last bit of rope he’s just brought down from the top of the cliff]
Chuck Noland: Here, here you see. Huh. There. You happy? Did you have to keep bringing that up? Can’t you just forget it, huh? You were right. You were right it was a good thing that we did a test cause it wasn’t going to be just a quick little snap. I would have landed on the rocks, broken my leg or my back or my neck and bled to death. It was the only option I had at the time though, okay. It was what, a year ago? So let’s just forget it.
[pauses as if listening to Wilson’s reply]
Chuck Noland: And what is your point? Well, we might just make it. Did that thought ever cross your brain? Well regardless, I would rather take my chance out there on the ocean, that to stay here and die on this shit hole island spending the rest of my life talking to a God damn volleyball!
[he then kicks Wilson out of the cave]
Chuck Noland: Shut you up.
[he suddenly looks up with regret]
Chuck Noland: Wilson! Wilson!


[after he’s found Wilson]
Chuck Noland: Oh! Never again! Never again. Never again. You okay? You okay? Yeah?


[putting fresh paint onto Wilson’s face on the volleyball]
Chuck Noland: Yeah, I know you. I know you! I know you! So, we okay? Okay?
[nods his head]
Chuck Noland: Yep.


[in the cave trying to sleep, Chuck looks at Wilson]
Chuck Noland: You still awake? Me too. You scared? Me too.


[getting ready to launch his make-shift boat]
Chuck Noland: Okay. Here we go, Wilson. You don’t have to worry about anything. I’ll do all the paddling. You just hang on.


[paddling his boat he’s getting near to a large sea wave]
Chuck Noland: Not yet. Not yet. Not yet! Standby, Wilson. Hold on! Hold on, Wilson!
[he lets go of the rope holding the top of the port-a-potty which now springs up to act as shield against the sea wave, letting the boat sails through the wave]
Chuck Noland: Ha-ha! I think we did it! I think we did it! Wilson, I think we did it!
[looks over at the island and start to cry as he paddles further away from the island]


[after the thunderstorm from the previous day, Chuck wakes up and notices Wilson is not on the boat]
Chuck Noland: Where’s Wilson? Where’s Wilson? Wilson where are you? Wilson? Wilson! Wilson!
[he sees Wilson floating away in the sea water behind him. He jumps into the water and tries to swim to Wilson]
Chuck Noland: Wilson, I’m coming. Wilson!


[after realizing he can’t swim to rescue Wilson and hold on to his boat at the same time]
Chuck Noland: Wislon! I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Wilson. Wilson, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Wilson! I can’t! Wilson! Wilson!


[after he’s been rescued, on the plane back to Memphis]
Stan: Well, here’s the drill. Um, plane folds in, we get off and there’s a little ceremony right there in the hanger. Fred Smith will say a few words, all you have to is smile and say thank you. Then we’ll take you over to see Kelly.
Chuck Noland: She’s actually going to to be there?
Stan: Well that’s what we have arranged. I mean if you’re sure you want to do this.
Chuck Noland: Oh, yeah! Yeah! Yes. I don’t know what I’m going to say to her. What in the world am I going to say to her?
Stan: Chuck, Kelly had to let you go. You know? She thought you were dead. We buried you. We had a funeral, a coffin, a gravestone, the whole thing.
Chuck Noland: You had a coffin? Well what was in it?
Stan: Well everybody put something in. Uh, just a cell phone, a beeper, some pictures. I put in some Elvis CD’s.
Chuck Noland: So you had my funeral and then you had Mary’s funeral. Stan I’m so sorry I wasn’t around when Mary died. I should have been there for you. But I wasn’t. I’m so sorry.


[whilst waiting for Kelly, door opens and Kelly’s husband walks in]
Chuck Noland: I’m, I’m sorry I must be in the wrong place.
Jerry Lovett: No you’re in the right place. You probably don’t remember me. I actually did root canal on you about five years ago. Jim Spalding referred you.
Chuck Noland: Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Jerry Lovett: I’m Kelly’s husband. Jerry Lovett. Kelly wanted, Kelly wanted to be here. Uh, well this is very hard for everyone. I can’t even imagine how hard this is for you. Kelly, uh, she’s had it rough. First when she thought she lost you and now dealing with all this. It’s confusing, it’s very emotional for her. She’s sort of lost. Maybe you could just give her a little more time. Anyway, uh, I’m sorry.


[Chuck saying good night to his FedEx colleagues in his hotel room]
Stan: You got everything you need.
[Chuck nods]
Stan: Okay, well if you need anything just sign for it and see you in the morning. Get some sleep, okay. We got another big day tomorrow. It takes a lot of paper work to bring back a man.
[he hugs Chuck]
Stan: Bring you back to life, man.
Becca Twig: Good night, Chuck
FedEx Colleague: Take care now.
Stan: Tomorrow, tomorrow we’re going to you bring you back to life!


[Chuck goes to Kelly’s house at night. Just before he rings the doorbell the door]
Kelly Frears: I’m awake. I saw your taxi drive up. Get in her out of the rain.
Chuck Noland: I saw you down at the hub today, so I know you were down there.
[Kelly hugs him]


Chuck Noland: It’s a nice house.
Kelly Frears: Yeah, we got a nice mortgage too.
Chuck Noland: What’s your daughter’s name?
Kelly Frears: Katie.


Chuck Noland: So, let me get one thing straight here.
[he pauses and looks at Kelly]
Chuck Noland: We have a pro football team now, but they’re in Nashville?
[Kelly looks worried but then smiles when she hears the question]
Kelly Frears: Um, yeah. Oh, my God! Okay, they used to be in Houston. First they were the Oilers now they’re the Titans.
Chuck Noland: Houston Oilers are the Tennessee Titans.
Kelly Frears: Yeah. That’s not all, we went to the Super Bowl last year.
Chuck Noland: Well, I missed that.
Kelly Frears: I nearly died it was so exciting. They almost won by one yard. One lousy yard right at the end.


Chuck Noland: What happened to you becoming a professor. You’re not Doctor Kelly Frears Lovett?
Kelly Frears: When you, um, when your plane went down, everything just sort of got put on hold. I think about taking it up again though.


Chuck Noland: I came out here to give you this.
[he holds out the watch Kelly had given him for Christmas present before his plane had crashed]
Kelly Frears: Oh, my God!
Chuck Noland: I’m sorry it doesn’t work. I, uh, I kept the picture. It’s all faded anyway.
Kelly Frears: I want you to have it. I gave it to you.
Chuck Noland: It’s a family heirloom and it should stay in your family.


Kelly Frears: They said they never figured out what caused the crashed. Probably some mislabeled hazardous material caught fire.
[shows him the map of where they were looking for him]
Kelly Frears: So here’s where that ship found you. And you drifted about five hundred miles onto where your island was. So that’s six hundred miles south of the Cook islands and these are the search grids. Ships went back and forth for weeks looking for you.
Chuck Noland: I never should’ve gotten on that plane. I never should’ve gotten out of the car.


Kelly Frears: So what now?
Chuck Noland: I don’t know. I really don’t know.
[gets into his car which Kelly had kept]
Kelly Frears: You said you’d be right back.
Chuck Noland: I’m so sorry.
Kelly Frears: Me too.
[leans in through the car window and kisses him]


[Kelly running towards Chuck in the rain, she jumps into his arms and they kiss passionately]
Kelly Frears: I always knew you were alive, I knew it. But everybody said that I had to stop saying that, that I had to let you go. I love you. You’re the love of my life.
Chuck Noland: I love you too, Kelly. More than you’ll ever know.
[she gets into the car with Chuck. He goes to start the car]
Kelly Frears: Chuck?
[pauses and looks at her]
Chuck Noland: You have to go home?
[Kelly nods her head]


Chuck Noland: [to Stan] We both had done the math. Kelly added it all up, knew she had to let me go. I added it up, knew that I had lost her. Cause I was never going to get off that island. I was going to die there, totally alone. I mean I was going to get sick, or get injured or something. The only choice I had, the only thing I could control was when, and how, and where that was going to happen. So I made a rope and I went up to the summit, to hang myself. I had to test it, you know? Of course. You know me. And the weight of the log, snapped the limb of the tree, so I couldn’t even kill myself the way I wanted to. I had power over nothing. That’s when this feeling came over me like a warm blanket. I knew, somehow, that I had to stay alive. Somehow. I had to keep breathing. Even though there was no reason to hope. And all my logic said that I would never see this place again. So that’s what I did. I stayed alive. I kept breathing. And one day that logic was proven all wrong because the tide came in and gave me a sail. And now, here I am. I’m back. In Memphis, talking to you. I have ice in my glass. And I’ve lost her all over again. I’m so sad that I don’t have Kelly. But I’m so grateful that she was with me on that island. And I know what I have to do now. I got to keep breathing, because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?


[last lines]
Bettina Peterson: You look lost.
Chuck Noland: I do?
Bettina Peterson: Where you headed?
Chuck Noland: Well, I was just about to figure that out.
Bettina Peterson: Well, that’s 83 South. And this road here will hook you up with I-40 East. Um, if you turn right, that’ll take you to Amarillo, Flagstaff, California. And if you head back that direction, you’ll find a whole lot of nothing all the way to Canada.
Chuck Noland: I got it.
Bettina Peterson: All right, then. Good luck, cowboy.
Chuck Noland: Thank You.
[when she drives away he notices the butterfly logo on the back of her truck is the same as on the FedEx package he found on the island and had never opened]

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