Starring: Daisy Ridley, Tom Holland, Mads Mikkelsen, Demián Bichir, Cynthia Erivo, Nick Jonas, David Oyelowo, Óscar Jaenada, Kurt Sutter



Sci-fi adventure directed by Doug Liman, based on the first book of a trilogy of novels of the same name by Patrick Ness. Set in the not too distant future, Chaos Walking (2021) follows Todd Hewitt (Tom Holland), who discovers Viola (Daisy Ridley), a mysterious girl who crash lands on his planet, where all the women have disappeared and the men are afflicted by “the Noise”, a force that puts all their thoughts on display. In this dangerous landscape, Viola’s life is threatened, and as Todd vows to protect her, he will have to discover his own inner power and unlock the planet’s dark secrets.


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Todd: [thoughts] Quiet out here. Peaceful. No Noise except my own.


Todd: [referring to his dog, Manchee] Poo and eat, it’s all you do.


Todd: [thoughts as he sees Aaron] Why is the preacher here? We don’t even need a preacher. Nobody goes to church anymore.
Aaron: [thoughts as rides by Todd] Boy sinned. Judgment.
Todd: S**t, he heard me. Don’t run. Oh, he’s hearing that too. Just hide your Noise.


Aaron: I know your truth. An orphan, runt. Unwanted. Weak. Like a woman.
Todd: [thoughts] Yeah. Well, I wouldn’t know. Never seen a real woman before. They’re all gone.


Davy Prentiss Jr.: S**t-shoveler Hewitt and his dumb dog.
Todd: [thoughts] Thinks he’s a man, but he’s never killed a thing.
Davy Prentiss Jr.: Better watch your Noise.
Todd: [thoughts] Snake.


Davy Prentiss Jr.: [thoughts as he falls off his horse] Don’t let him see that it hurts.
Todd: [thoughts] I can hear everything you’re thinking, you dumb s**t.


Todd: [thoughts while eating dinner] Beets. Always beets. I hate beets. It turns my s**t red.


Mayor Prentiss: I’m the circle, the circle is me and you.


Todd: [thoughts] I’m the last boy in the world. Someday, I’ll be the only one left. I’ll just be all alone. I wonder if you can actually die from boredom.


Todd: [to Viola] Stop! Don’t come any closer!
Todd: [thoughts] Girl. Girl. It’s a girl. Girl. Oh, my God. Where are you from? You’re a girl. No Noise. Are you from Earth? Girl! Thief! Shut up, Todd.


Todd: [to Viola] Sorry. I’m sorry. I’ve just never…
Todd: [thoughts] I’ve seen a girl before. Breathe.
Todd: [to Viola] Are you from Earth?
Todd: [thoughts] You’re really pretty. Yellow hair. Found her.


Mayor Prentiss: That must be overwhelming.
Viola: It’s loud.
Mayor Prentiss: We call it the Noise. Happened to all the men when we landed on this planet. Every thought in our heads on display. It’s fairly harmless though. Some of us can control it better than others.


Viola: [referring to her thoughts] Can you see mine?
Mayor Prentiss: No. It didn’t affect the women.
Viola: Where are all the women?
Mayor Prentiss: They’re dead. There was a war. A terrible war, against the native species. The Spackle. They overran our colony and they killed all the women. Slaughtered them.


Aaron: [thoughts] The angel is here to punish us. And so much…
Mayor Prentiss: [referring to Viola] She’s not an angel, she’s a girl. She’s all alone and she’s got nothing.
Aaron: [thoughts] Martyr. Truth demands a martyr.


Todd: [thoughts as he sees Viola] Oh, my God. Girl! She’s here. Yellow hair. S**t. Uh, what the hell? Space girl. Oh, my God. Girl! Be a man, be a man. Be strong. No Noise. No Noise. Girl.
Todd: [to Viola] What are you doing here?
Todd: [thoughts] Why are you here? Yellow hair. You can’t be here. Scary. She’s scared. Don’t be scared. Thief. Should I turn her in?


Todd: I’m not going to give her back to the mayor, Cillian. I can’t do that.
Todd: [thoughts] I like her hair. It’s pretty.
Todd: She can’t go back there. Please, Ben, we have to help her.


Cillian: Todd, if you want to help the girl, you have to go.
Todd: Go where? There’s nowhere else out here.
Ben: There is. There is somewhere else.


Todd: [thoughts after he’s had to kill his injured horse] Say something to her. This is her fault. Not that.
[Viola turns to leave]
Todd: Hey, where are you going?
Todd: [thoughts] Deaf. She deaf too?


Todd: Stop, I’m not trying to hurt you. I’m trying to help you. Will you stop?
Viola: Don’t touch me!
Todd: [thoughts] Holy s**t! She can talk. Oh, my gosh. She can talk.
Viola: Back off!
Todd: [thoughts] She has a high voice. It’s nice.


Viola: [referring to Farbranch] Could I contact my ship there? I need to warn them.
Todd: Yeah.
Todd: [thoughts] I have no idea. I don’t know. Shut up, Todd.


Todd: [thoughts] Whatever happened to “stay ahead of me”, huh? Don’t girls ever get tired? Been walking for hours. Gosh, space girl is fast. Damn, I’m tired. Be a man. Be a man. Don’t let her know you’re tired. I know you’re tired. Don’t be weak. God, I hope this is the way. God, I hope this is the right way.


Viola: Do you know where you’re going though?
Todd: Yeah. Definitely.
Todd: [thoughts] Maybe. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Definitely.


Todd: So you’re not from Earth?
Viola: It took sixty-four years to get from Earth to here.
Todd: I mean, you don’t look sixty-four years old.
Todd: [thoughts] Yellow hair. Pretty. Really pretty.
Todd: Please ignore that.


Todd: Why did you come all this way if you didn’t know exactly what was here?
Viola: Why does anyone look for a new place to live? They hoped things would be better here. But they didn’t know about the Noise.


Viola: I didn’t ask for any of this, just so you know.
Todd: I didn’t say you did.
Viola: Yeah, but your Noise said it.


Viola: It’s just strange to see everything you’re thinking.
Todd: You know, it’s strange for me too, not knowing what’s going on in your head.
Todd: [thoughts] Not knowing what you’re thinking.
Todd: I mean, I don’t know, you might not like my dog, or you’d want to hit me over the head with a rock or something.
Viola: Why would I do that? You have the map.
Todd: That’s a good point.
Viola: And I like your dog.


Viola: Aren’t we the aliens?
Todd: What does that mean?
Viola: [referring to the Spackle] They’re native, that means we’re the aliens.
Todd: They killed all the women in my town, including my mom. So, yeah, they’re the aliens.


Todd: It feels like we’ve been walking all night.
Viola: How do you know it’s night? It’s never dark.


Viola: [referring to her parent] They gave it all up for me to have this. It’s not exactly what I’d imagined.
Todd: [thoughts] Lonely, like me.
Viola: Yeah, a little.