Starring: Tom Holland, Ciara Bravo, Kelli Berglund, Thomas Lennon, Jack Reynor, Michael Rispoli, Jeff Wahlberg, Forrest Goodluck, Michael Gandolfini, Pooch Hall, Kyle Harvey



Apple TV+ crime drama directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. The story follows Cherry (Tom Holland), an army medic who suffers from PTSD following his experiences in the Middle East and comes home only to sink into a dangerous cycle of drug addiction and crime to feed that addiction.


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'Sometimes I feel like I've already seen everything that's going to happen. And it's a nightmare.' - Cherry Click To Tweet


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Cherry: [narrating] I’m twenty-three years-old, and I still don’t understand what it is that people do. It’s as if all of this were built on nothing, and nothing were holding all this together.


Cherry: [narrating] Sometimes I wonder if life was wasted on me. It’s not that I’m dumb to the beauty of things. I take all the beautiful things to heart, and then they f*** my heart, till I about die from it. It’s just something in me has always drawn me away, until there’s nothing holding me together.


Cherry: [as he’s about to rob a bank] The scarf is to cover the lower half of my face. Although it’s a little late for it to do any good. I’ve been at this a while now. And it’s no secret what my face looks like.


Cherry: I got a lot of sadness in the face to make up for, so I got to act like I’m crazy, or people will think I’m a p***y.


Cherry: The one thing about robbing banks is you’re mostly robbing women. So the last thing you want to be is rude.


Cherry: [as he points his gun at the bank clerk] Ma’am, it’s nothing personal.


Cherry: [narrating] As I stood there holding a gun, taking her in, something overtook me. Like a kind of sadness. It’s as if I’d always known that this was how things were supposed to end. But I wasn’t made to realize it until that exact moment.


Cherry: [narrating] The first time I saw Emily, I was attending one of the local universities. The one with the Jesuits. It was a decent school. And I don’t want to tell lies, but I thought, “Man, I’d really like to f*** this girl.”


Cherry: [narrating] I had a job, and I’d go to work when I could have been doing better things, such as anything. But I had to work.


Cherry: Hey, I’m really happy you’re here.
Emily: And why is that?
Cherry: Because I like you. A lot.


Emily: I was just thinking.
Cherry: What are you thinking?
Emily: Just thinking that you’re shady.


Cherry: Sometimes I feel like I’ve already seen everything that’s going to happen. And it’s a nightmare.


Emily: You don’t ever have to be sorry for the way that you feel.
Cherry: Why are you being so sweet to me?
Emily: I have a thing for weak guys.
Cherry: [narrating] That’s how you find the one to break your heart.


Cherry: [narrating] Can you look back to when you met the one you love the most, and remember exactly how it was? Not as in where you were, or what she was wearing. But rather in what you saw in her that made you say, “Yes, this is what I came here for.”


Emily: Sometimes I feel like love doesn’t actually exist. It’s just pheromones playing tricks on people.
Cherry: Well, I love you.
Emily: [pause] Thank you.


Sgt. Whomever: So what makes a joker like you want to join the Unites States Army for?
Cherry: [narrating] This guy had a face like death. And every other word out of his mouth was “joker”.


Cherry: Well, I’ve just been seeing on the news, you know, that there are kids dying over there. You know? Guys from Cleveland, who are my age, just trying to do something good. And here I am, feeling sorry for myself because my girlfriend broke up with me.
Sgt. Whomever: Damn. She broke your heart.
[Cherry nods]
Sgt. Whomever: You’re searching for that gold in the gutter. A sense of purpose, right?
Cherry: Yeah. Sense of purpose.
Sgt. Whomever: Hot damn! I’ll tell you about purpose. I like him.
Cherry: [narrating] I was too easy. He knew he had me, and so by the next day I was sworn in.


Tommy: What do you do, kid?
Cherry: I actually just joined the army.
Tommy: You joined the army? Those people don’t give a s**t about you. What are you thinking?
Cherry: I just, I didn’t have any better ideas.
Tommy: But do you have the balls to put a gun to a guy’s head and blow his brains out?


Cherry: I joined the army.
Emily: What? Why would you do that?
Cherry: Because I was sad, baby.
Emily: So you joined the army?
Cherry: Yep.


Cherry: It’s just a couple years. Just a couple years in a lifetime together. And I mean that. I really mean that. Like you’re it for me.
Emily: I feel the same way.
[they kiss]
Emily: Maybe we should get married.


Cherry: [narrating] So we went down to the courthouse, and we got married. And then we went to celebrate. It’s as if we were the two most beautiful things in the world, and no one had it on us. But the days ran out. And I had to go to basic training.


Cherry: [narrating] Next, we got about a hundred f***ing shots. And I found out that I was actually…
Nurse: Color blind.
Cherry: [narrating] That explains a lot.
Cherry: Can I still be a medic?
Nurse: You know what color blood is, right?


Cherry: [narrating] They had us strip down to our underwear and duckwalk the circuit of a big room. The room smelled of balls, unwashed. And feet, ditto.


Cherry: [narrating] I started to get this weird feeling like it was all just make-believe. That we were just pretending to be soldiers. The drill sergeants were just pretending to be drill sergeants. And the army was pretending to be the army.


Cherry: [narrating] The only way not to graduate basic training was to try and kill yourself. One kid tried to hang himself from a water pipe in the latrine. He didn’t die, but he didn’t graduate either.


Cherry: [narrating] When they finally taught us how to be medics, there was a lot of f***ing around with mannequins.


Cherry: [narrating] There were mannequins that were just trunks with heads. There were mannequins with rubber bones sticking out of their legs. There were mannequins that could squirt fake blood. There were even little baby mannequins with cherubim faces.


Cherry: [narrating] Jimenez and I saved the lives of forty-seven dummies. And so we passed the class.


Cherry: [narrating] And from that day on, whenever the company was called to attention, something that happened no less than a million times on any given day, the company cheer was to be recited in its entirety. No exceptions. And to make matters worse, after a while, it got to be expected that the guidon bearer, which was me, would do the robot throughout the refrain. So don’t ever join the f***ing army.



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