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Starring: Lily James, Richard Madden, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, Stellan Skarsgård, Derek Jacobi, Ben Chaplin, Hayley Atwell, Sophie McShera, Holliday Grainger, Nonso Anozie



Disney’s live action romantic fantasy directed by Kenneth Branagh. The narrative follows the fortunes of young Ella (Lily James) who loses her mother (Hayley Atwell) tragically due to illness. In order to move past his despair her father (Ben Chaplin) remarries to the calculating Lady Tremaine (Cate Blanchett), who moves into their family home with her daughters. When Ella’s father suddenly passes away, she finds herself at the mercy of her jealous and cruel stepmother and stepsisters who relegate Ella to acting as their servant. Ella, determined not to give into despair, decides to make the best of her situation, but everything changes for her when she meets a dashing stranger in the woods unaware that he is really the Prince (Richard Madden).


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'I want to tell you a secret, a great secret that will see you through all the trials that life can offer. You must always remember this. Have courage and be kind.' - Ella’s Mother (Cinderella) Click To Tweet 'Just because it’s what’s done, doesn’t mean it’s what should be done.' - Cinderella (Cinderella) Click To Tweet 'This is perhaps the greatest risk that any of us will take. To be seen as we truly are.' - Fairy Godmother (Cinderella) Click To Tweet


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[first lines; we see baby Ella with her mother and father having a picnic]
Fairy Godmother: [voice over] Once upon a time there was a girl called Ella, and she saw the world now always as it was but perhaps as it could be with just a little bit of magic.
[Ella’s mother picks Ella up in her arms]
Ella’s Mother: My darling!
Fairy Godmother: [voice over] To her mother and father she was a princess. True she had no title nor crown nor castle, but she was the ruler of her own little kingdom whose borders were the house in the meadow on the forest’s edge where her people had lived for generations. With Mr. Goose, and all their animal family.


[we see young Ella feeding the animals in the garden; to Mr. Goose]
Ella (10 years): Hello, there. What do you think you’re doing? Let the little ones have their share. We don’t want you getting an upset stomach.
[Ella goes over to fee the mice as her mother watches]
Ella (10 years): Oh, Gus, you’re a house mouse not a garden mouse. Isn’t he, Jacqueline? And you mustn’t eat Mr. Goose’s food. Isn’t that right, mummy?
Ella’s Mother: Do you still believe that they understand you?
Ella (10 years): Don’t they, mother?
Ella’s Mother: Oh, yes. I believe that animals listen and speak to us if we only have the ear for it. That’s how we learn to look after them.
Ella (10 years): Who looks after us?
Ella’s Mother: Fairy Godmother’s, of course.
Ella (10 years): And do you believe in them?
Ella’s Mother: I believe in everything.
Ella (10 years): Then I believe in everything too.


Fairy Godmother: [voice over] Her father was a merchant who went abroad and brought a tribute back from all of Ella’s subject lands.
[Ella’s father rides in on his carriage]
Ella’s Father: Ella! Where are my girls, my beautiful girls?! Where are my darlings?!
Fairy Godmother: [voice over] Ella missed him terribly when he was away, but she knew he would always return.
[Ella runs towards her father]
Ella’s Father: There she is.
Ella (10 years): Pa, welcome home!
[Ella runs into her father’s arms and he picks her up]


Ella’s Father: You’ve grown! Let’s put you down.
he places her down and one of his men hands him a small box from behind
Farmer: There you go, sir.
Ella (10 years): Oh, what’s that?
[showing Ella the box]
Ella’s Father: Oh, this. I found it hanging on a tree. I think there may be something inside.
[Ella takes the box and opens it to find a butterfly ornament]
Ella’s Father: In French that is un papillon.
Ella (10 years): Un papillon.
Ella’s Father: Très bien! Voulez vous danser avec moi, mademoiselle?
Ella (10 years): Mm-hmm. Oui.
Ella’s Father: Merci beaucoup.
[Ella’s father takes her hands, Ella places her feet on top of her father]
Ella’s Father: Ouch! Ouch! You’re standing on my feet!
[they both laugh, Ella’s mother laughs as she watches them]
Ella’s Father: Shall we?
[they start dancing as they both laugh, Ella’s father goes over to his wife and hugs her]
Fairy Godmother: [voice over] All was just as it should be. They knew themselves to be the most happier families to live as they did and to love each other so.


[Ella’s mother sings Ella to sleep]
Fairy Godmother: [voice over] But sorrow can come to any kingdom, no matter how happy.
[Ella’s mother and father leave her bedroom when suddenly Ella’s mother collapses]
Fairy Godmother: [voice over] And so it came to Ella’s home.
[Ella is sat waiting outside her mother’s room when the doctor walks out with her father]
Doctor: I’m so sorry.
Ella’s Father: Thank you, doctor.
Doctor: This must be very difficult for you.
[Ella’s father turns to her]
Ella’s Father: Come, Ella.


[Ella’s father takes Ella to see her mother in her room as she lies in bed]
Ella’s Mother: Ella, my darling. I want to tell you a secret, a great secret that will see you through all the trials that life can offer. You must always remember this, have courage and be kind. You have more kindness in your little finger than most people possess in their whole body. And it has power, more than you know. And magic.
Ella (10 years): Magic?
Ella’s Mother: Truly. Have courage and be kind, my darling. Will you promise me?
Ella (10 years): I promise.
Ella’s Mother: Good.
[Ella begins to cry]


Ella’s Mother: Ella, I must go very soon, my love. Please forgive me.
Ella (10 years): Of course I forgive you.
[Ella’s mother holds Ella in her arms as she cries and Ella’s father puts his arms around them both]
Ella’s Mother: I love you.
Ella’s Father: I love you, my darling.
Ella’s Mother: I love you.


Fairy Godmother: [voice over] Time passed and pain turned to memory
[years after Ella’s mother has passed away, we see Ella has grows into a beautiful young woman]
Fairy Godmother: [voice over] In her heart Ella stayed the same, but she remembered her promise to her mother. “Have courage and be kind.” Father however, was much changed, but he hoped for the better times.
[Ella is sat with her father as she reads out loud from a book]
Cinderella: “And then so, and my wife and I singing to our great content. And if ever there were a man happier in his fortunes, I know him not.” Thus ends Mr. Peeps for today. I do love a happy ending, don’t you?
Ella’s Father: They’re quite my favorite sort.
Cinderella: As well they should be.


Ella’s Father: Ella, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time perhaps to begin a new chapter.
Cinderella: Indeed, father.
Ella’s Father: You recall that some time ago in my travels I made the acquaintance of sir Francis Tremaine.
Cinderella: Yes, the master of the Mercy’s Guild, is he not?
Ella’s Father: Was. The poor man has died alas. His widow, an honorable woman, finds herself alone, though still in the prime of her life.
Cinderella: You’re worried about telling me, but you mustn’t be. Not if it will lead to your happiness.
Ella’s Father: Yes. Happiness. Do you think I may be allowed one last chance? Even though I thought such things were done with for good?
Cinderella: Of course I do, father!
[she goes over to her father who hold her in his arms]
Ella’s Father: She’ll really be your stepmother, and you’ll have two lovely sisters to keep you company.


[to herself as she prepares to meet her stepmother and sisters]
Cinderella: Have courage, be kind.
[she joins her father as her stepmother’s carriage arrives]
Ella’s Father: Welcome, ladies! Welcome!
[Ella’s father helps the sisters out of the carriage; to Cinderella]
Drisella: You’re very nice.
Cinderella: I’m so happy to meet you.
Anastasia: You have such pretty hair.
Cinderella: Oh, thank you.
Drisella: You should have it styled.
Cinderella: Oh, I’m sure you’re right.


Cinderella: Would you like a tour of the house?
[to Anastasia]
Drisella: What did she say?
Anastasia: She wants to show us around her farm house. She’s proud of it, I think.
Drisella: Do they keep animals inside?
[just then Lady Tremaine drops her cat out of the carriage as she herself steps out]
Lady Tremaine: How charming. How perfectly charming.
[to her cat as she walks up the front stairs to enter the house]
Lady Tremaine: Lucifer.
Fairy Godmother: [voice over] Her stepmother to be was a woman of keen feeling and refined taste. And she too had known grief, but she wore it wonderfully well.


Lady Tremaine: You did no say your daughter was so beautiful.
Ella’s Father: She takes after her…
[Ella’s father doesn’t finish the sentence]
Lady Tremaine: Her mother. Just so.
[Drisella and Anastasia enter the room]
Anastasia: How long has your family lived here?
Ella’s Father: Over two hundred years.
Anastasia: And in all that time they never thought to decorate?
Lady Tremaine: Anastasia, hush. They will think you are in earnest.


Fairy Godmother: [voice over] Ella’s stepmother, high spirited lady that she was, set out to restore life and laughter to the house.
[we see Lady Tremaine enjoying herself as she hosts a house party]
Lady Tremaine: Oh, you are awful, Baron.
[as he wins a gambling]
Baron: Ah, fortune favors me.
[Cinderella wonders through the room and leaves to find her mice gathered together]
Cinderella: Well, look who’s having a party of their own! Jacqueline, Teddy, Matilda, greedy Gus Gus.
[Ella laughs when suddenly she sees Lucifer hissing at the mice]
Cinderella: Oh-oh.
[she picks up Lucifer]
Cinderella: What, yes what do you think you’re up to, Lucifer? Jacqueline is my guest and eating your guests is not allowed. Go on now, you have plenty of cat food to keep you happy.
[she lets Lucifer go; to the mice]
Cinderella: We ladies must help one another.
[she winks at them and walks off]


[Ella finds her father working in his office]
Cinderella: You’re missing the party.
Ella’s Father: It matters much like all the other ones. And I’m leaving first thing.
Cinderella: But you’re hardly back from the last trip. Do you have to go?
Ella’s Father: It’s just a few months, my darling. What would you like me to bring you home from abroad? Your sisters, uh, stepsisters have asked for parasols and lace. What will you have?
Cinderella: Bring me the first branch your shoulder brushes on your journey.
That’s a curious request.
[Ella laughs]
Cinderella: Well, you’ll have to take it with you on your way and think of me when you look at it. And when you bring it back, it means that you’ll be with it. And that’s what I really want. For you to come back, no matter what.
[as tears form in her eyes Ella’s father goes to her and embraces her]
Ella’s Father: I will.


[Lady Tremaine overhears Ella and her father in his office]
Ella’s Father: Ella, while I’m away I want you to be good to your stepmother and stepsisters. Even though they may be trying at times.
Cinderella: I promise.
Ella’s Father: Thank you. I always leave a part of me behind, Ella. Remember that. And your mother’s here too, even though you see her not. She’s the very heart of this place. That’s why we must cherish this house, always, for her.
Cinderella: I miss her. Do you?
Ella’s Father: Very much.
[they hold each other, Lady Tremaine, looking upset turns and walks back into the party]


[as the carriage is leaving with Ella’s father]
Anastasia: Remember the lace! I simply must have it!
Drisella: And my parasol! For my complexion! That means skin if you don’t know!
[Ella waves goodbye to her father]
Cinderella: Bye!
Ella’s Father: Goodbye, Ella!
Cinderella: I love you!
Ella’s Father: I love you, too!
Cinderella: Goodbye!
[Ella looks visibly upset as her father’s carriage rides away]


[Lady Tremaine notices Ella walking past the drawing room after her father leaves]
Lady Tremaine: Ella, dear.
[Ella walks into the room wiping away her tears and sits next to Lady Tremaine]
Lady Tremaine: Now, now. You mustn’t mope.
[she embraces Ella]
Cinderella: Yes, stepmother.
Lady Tremaine: Oh, you needn’t call me that.
[she wipes Ella’s tear with her handkerchief]
Lady Tremaine: Madam will do.


Lady Tremaine: Anastasia and Drisella have always shared a room. Such dear affectionate girls.
[we hear Anastasia and Drisella arguing loudly]
Lady Tremaine: I think they’re finding the sleeping quarters rather confining.
Cinderella: Oh, my bedroom’s the biggest beside yours and fathers. Perhaps they’d like to share it.
Lady Tremaine: What a wonderful idea. What a good girl you are.
[Ella smiles]
Cinderella: Well I can stay in the…
Lady Tremaine: The attic! Quite so.
Cinderella: The attic?
Lady Tremaine: Yes, only temporarily. While I have all the other rooms redecorated. The attic’s all nice and airy. You’ll be away from all the fuss and bother. You’d be even more cozy if you kept all this bric-a-brac up there with you, keep you amused.
[she hands Ella a box of ornaments]


[Ella takes the box of ornaments with her to the attic and looks around her]
Cinderella: Well, no one shall disturb me here.
[she starts putting some of the furniture in the attic out when she notices the mice gathered under a table eating cheese]
Cinderella: Hello, Gus Gus.
[as Gus tries to climb up carrying a piece of cheese]
Cinderella: Go on, Gus Gus. You can do it.
[Gus joins the other mice]
Cinderella: So this is where you take refuge. Me too it would seem. Right, will you guys help me?
[we see Anastasia and Drisella listening to her on the steps]
Anastasia: Simpleton.
Drisella: That’s the last straw.
Anastasia: Our little sister, up there, talking to the woodworm.


[walking around the attic]
Cinderella: How very pleasant. No cats, and no stepsisters.
[she closes the door]
Drisella: We’ve a half-wit for a stepsister.
[Drisella turns to go down the stairs]
Anastasia: I’ve got two.
Drisella: I heard that! Who is she talking to?
Anastasia: She’s mad.
[Anastasia laughs evilly as go down the stairs]


[Ella walks out singing “Sing Sweet Nightingale” quietly as she goes to feed the animals]
Cinderella: Good morning!
Tom: Good morning, Miss Ella.
Cinderella: Good morning, John!
[to the chickens as she goes to collect eggs]
Cinderella: Hello. Don’t mind if I… What a lovely, Chantecler. Well done. Thanks.


[Ella enters the kitchen where the servants are making breakfast]
Cinderella: Morning.
Maid: Morning.
[Ella puts the eggs she collected into a bowl]
Cook: Thank you, Miss Ella.
Cinderella: You’re welcome.
[as the cook turns Ella takes a swipe of the porridge she’s making with her finger]
Cook: Ella!
[Ella laughs as she leaves]


Fairy Godmother: [voice over] Mornings did not agree with Ella’s stepsisters. And they lacked accomplishment in such domestic arts as keeping house. In fact, they lacked accomplishment in any art.
[we see Drisella playing the piano and singing out of tune as Anastasia is sat drawing Lady Tremaine, also very badly; Lady Tremaine the on purpose drops her plate making Ella come and pick it up, as Ella is about the leave the room Lucifer tries to go after Gus and the other mice hiding under the chest of drawers but manages to knock himself out instead]


[after Ella leaves the room; to Drisella as she’s about to continue her singing]
Lady Tremaine: Do shut up.


Fairy Godmother: [voice over] Ella’s comfort were the letters that father would send from his travels. The weeks away lengthened to months, but everyday would bring his thoughts from some distant part. Until late one afternoon…
[Ella opens the front door]
Cinderella: Farmer John?
Farmer: Miss Ella. It’s your father, Miss Ella. He took ill on the road. He’s passed on, miss. He’s gone. Till the end he spoke only of you, miss, and your mother. I was to give you this.
[he gives her the branch Ella had asked her father for]
Anastasia: Well, what about my lace?
Drisella: My parasol.
Lady Tremaine: Can’t you see, none of that matters. We’re ruined! How will we live?
[Lady Tremaine walks off; Ella looks at Farmer John with tears in her eyes]
Cinderella: Thank you. It must have been very difficult for you.
[she closes the door, turns and looks at the branch then sinks to the floor as she begins to weeps]


Fairy Godmother: [voice over] How indeed to live? Economies had to be taken. Ella’s stepmother dismissed the household.
[we see Ella saying goodbye to the cook and the other servants]
Fairy Godmother: [voice over] Her stepmother and stepsisters ever misused her. And by and by they considered Ella less a sister than a servant.
[we see Ella helping Lady Tremaine lace up her shoes]
Fairy Godmother: [voice over] And so Ella was left to do all the work. This was a good thing, for it distracted her from her grief. At least that was what her stepmother said. And she and her two daughters were more than happy to provide Ella with lots and lots of distraction.
[we see Ella washing their clothes and cleaning their shoes]


Fairy Godmother: [voice over] In their defense, they did share with her the very food they ate. Or rather the scraps from their table. She had little in the way of friends. Well, her friends were very little.
[to the mice]
Cinderella: There you are! Have dinner with me, won’t you?
Fairy Godmother: [voice over] But those friends she had, she treated with an open heart and an open hand.
[Ella places a cup upside down on the floor with a napkin to cover it in front of the mice]
Cinderella: A table.
[she shares her food with them]
Fairy Godmother: [voice over] Sometimes, by the end of the day, the drafty attic was too cold to spend the night in, so she lay by the dying embers of the hearth to keep warm.
[we see Ella lie down in front of the fireplace to sleep]


[the next morning Ella is woken by the sound of the servant bells ringing, she has the ash from fireplace all over her face as she goes to do her morning chores]
Lady Tremaine: I thought breakfast was ready.
Cinderella: It is, Madam. I’m only mending the fire.
Lady Tremaine: Oh, in future can it not be cold until the work is done?
Cinderella: As you wish.
Lady Tremaine: Ella, what’s that on your face?
Cinderella: Madam?
Anastasia: It’s ash from the fireplace.
Lady Tremaine: Do clean yourself up.
Anastasia: You’ll get cinders in our tea.
Drisella: I’ve got a new name for her: Cinder Wench!
Anastasia: She looks so dirty. Oh, Dirty Ella!
[Anastasia and Lady Tremaine laugh]
Drisella: Cinderella! That’s what we’ll call you!
Lady Tremaine: Oh, girls. You’re too clever.


[as Ella sets out the breakfast table and includes a plate for herself]
Lady Tremaine: Who’s this for? Is there someone we’ve forgotten?
Cinderella: It’s my place.
Lady Tremaine: Oh, it seems too much to expect to prepare breakfast, serve it and still sit with us. Wouldn’t you prefer to eat when all the work is done, Ella? Or should I say, Cinderella? Hm?
[looking visibly upset Ella takes her plate and leaves as Lady Tremaine laughs with cruelty]


[carrying her breakfast plate, Ella enters the kitchen accidentally breaks the plate and begins to weep, she then sees her reflection in the kettle]
Fairy Godmother: [voice over] Cinderella. Names have power, like magic spells. And of a sudden it seemed to her that her stepmother and stepsisters had indeed transformed her into merely a creature of ash and toil.
[in her despair, Ella rides her horse into the woods, she comes across a massive stag, which frightens her horse]
Cinderella: Woh! Woh! Woh!
[Ella then stares at the stag in wonder when she suddenly hears the sound of men hunting; to the stag]
Cinderella: Run. Quickly, my friend, or they’ll catch you. Go!
[the stag suddenly turns and rides off with Ella following behind on her horse]
Cinderella: Oh, easy!


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