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[1973 – back on the railing with Isaac and Luisa, Luisa offers her joint to Isaac again]
Isaac Sachs: I had…a girlfriend once, she kept trying to get me to read Carlos Castenada. You ever read any of that shit?
Luisa Rey: Oh,
[he takes a hit of the joint and gives it back to Luisa]
Isaac Sachs: But the relationship was doomed. Every time she brought up that karma, past life stuff, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. And yet…I can’t explain it, but I knew when I opened that door…
[he doesn’t finish his sentence, instead turns and leans on the railing looking out over the plant]
Isaac Sachs: They destroyed most of the copies of the report.
Luisa Rey: Most?
Isaac Sachs: There’s no good choice here, is there? If I help you, I could lose my job, or worse. If I don’t, a lot of people…it’ll be worse than worse.
Luisa Rey: You have to do, whatever you can’t not do.


[2321 – Zachry and Meronym sit in front of a fire on a mountain top, Zachry hears Old Georgie’s laugh and looks around him]
Meronym: Somethin’ preyin’ on you, Zachry?
Zachry: You really ain’t feary about meetin’ Old Georgie on the summit?
Meronym: I’m more scaresome ’bout the weather than any Devil.
Zachry: You cogg he’s real? Who tripped the Fall, if not Old Georgie?
Meronym: True-true?
[Zachry just looks at her]
Meronym: The Old Uns.
Zachry: That’s just a rope o’smoke. Old Uns got the Smart. They mastered sick and seeds, they make miracles and fly across the sky.
Meronym: True. All true. But they got somethin’ else. A hunger in their hearts, a hunger that’s stronger than all their Smart.
Zachry: Hunger? For what?
Meronym: A hunger for more.


[1973 – Isaac sits on a plane and writes a note, he notices Bill Smoke being let off the plane by a flight attendant before take-off]
Isaac Sachs: [voice over] Belief, like fear or love, is a force to be understood as we understand the theory of relativity and principles of uncertainty. Phenomena that determine the course of our lives. Yesterday, my life was headed in one direction. Today, it is headed in another. Yesterday, I believe I would never have done what I did today. These forces that often remake time and space, they can shape and alter who we imagine ourself to be, begin long before we are born, and continue after we perish. Our lives and our choices, like quantum trajectories, are understood moment to moment. At each point of intersection, each encounter, suggest a new potential direction.
[at the same time we see in 2321 as Zachry guides Meronym through what was once a city; in 1849 as Adam lies ill, Goose cuts off one of Adam’s waistcoat buttons and smiles to himself; in 1973 Luisa finds Sixsmith’s report in the hood of her car; in 2012 Cavendish sits in his room he sees a note slide under the door; in 1936 Frobisher is scribbling away writing his music; in 2144 the Enforcers escort Sonmi out of her cell]


[as the plane is getting ready to take off]
Isaac Sachs: [voice over] Proposition: I have fallen in love with Luisa Rey. Is this possible? I just met her, and yet…I feel like something important has happened to me.
[there’s a close up of a black briefcase beneath Isaac’s chair, at the same time the plane explodes, at the same time as Luisa drives away from the plant on a bridge, she sees a car behind her, it’s Smoke, she loses him for a moment when the lights on the bridge go out, suddenly his car slams right into the side of hers and sending her car off the bridge]


[1936 – as Frobisher stops playing his music on the piano, Ayrs comes up from behind]
Vyvyan Ayrs: That’s it. The music from my dream.
[Frobisher starts playing his music again and Ayrs walks up to stand beside him]
Vyvyan Ayrs: This is from my dream, that night I came to your room. This is the music I heard in my head, somehow I gave it to you.
Robert Frobisher: I’ve been working on this piece for weeks now, and I suspect you heard it, and incorporated it into your dream. I call it The Cloud Atlas Sextet.
[Ayrs sits next to Frobisher as continues to play his music on the piano]
Vyvyan Ayrs: This is obviously the result of our collaboration.
Robert Frobisher: The Atlas, I believe, is the only thing I have done in my life that has value. But I know I could not have written it, if I hadn’t met you. There are whole movements in the Atlas that I wrote imagining us, meeting again and again, in different lives and different ages.
Vyvyan Ayrs: Yes. Something as important as this cannot be described as ‘yours’ or ‘mine’, it is ‘ours’.
[Frobisher stops playing and nods his head]
Robert Frobisher: That this is exactly how I feel, Vyvyan.
[Frobisher turns and gently touches Ayrs cheek, but Ayrs bursts out laughing]
Robert Frobisher: I’m sorry, I…I thought…cloud-atlas-17
Vyvyan Ayrs: You thought? You thought what? That I might fancy a little buggering from a fine young dandy like yourself?
[angry and flustered, Frobisher stands, gathers his music notes and goes to leave the room]
Robert Frobisher: I’ll pack my bag and be gone by morning.
Vyvyan Ayrs: You’ll do no such thing, you’ll leave only when I say you can leave. You will continue working on Vyvyan Ayrs’ Cloud Atlas.
[this stops Frobisher in his tracks]
Vyvyan Ayrs: When it is finished, then I will decide what do with you.
Robert Frobisher: You can’t keep me here! I’m leaving! Good luck with your composing. I’m sure a sterile old fuck like yourself is still capable of something completely unmemorable.
Vyvyan Ayrs: I suggest you think about this, Robert. Think about reputation. Reputation is everything in our society. Yours, my disinherited reprobate, has expired. Did you not think that we would inquire about someone living under our roof? Mackerras himself wrote, and I quote, ‘He is a prostitute whose liaisons with perverts and sodomites were common place in his brief and forgettable career at Caius. Lock up the silverware.’ Unquote. Be warned. Leave here without my consent, and all of musical society will know of the degenerate Robert Frobisher. After that, even if you compose one of the greatest symphonies ever written, no one will hear it, because no one will want anything to do with you.


[2144 – as Sonmi is being led through the halls by the Enforcers one of the Enforcers takes out a gun and kills the other Enforcers, struggles with the last one and after killing him, he pulls off his helmet, revealing that it’s Chang, on seeing him alive, Sonmi throws her arms around him and he holds her tightly]
Hae-Joo Chang: I won’t let you go again.


[2012 – after receiving the note in his room, Cavendish sneaks into the basement of Aurora House and sees three people sat at a table]
Veronica: I told you he’d come.


[1936 – after receiving Frobisher’s latest letter Sixsmith rushes home from the University campus and starts packing]
Robert Frobisher: [voice over] Two things became clear. Hanging myself from Edinburgh’s flagpole is preferable to letting that parasite plunder my talents a day longer. I must complete my sextet. I can’t do it here, so tonight I plan to make my escape.


[2012 – Cavendish has joined the three other patients from Aurora House in the basement]
Ernie: Any jailbreak’s a risky proposition. One little cock-up, and we are dangling at her majesty’s pleasure.
Mr. Meeks: I know, I know.
Ernie: We could use code names, but the truth is I’d probably be the first to forget mine. So, Mr. Cavendish…
[he gives Cavendish a glass of drink]
Ernie: Ernie Blacksmith. This is Mr. Meeks and my girl Veronica Costello.
[Veronica raises her cup of drink to toast]
Veronica: To trust.
[Ernie raises his drink]
Ernie: To trust.
[Cavendish does the same with his drink before taking a sip]
Mr. Meeks: I know, I know.
[pointing to Meeks]
Timothy Cavendish: What about the parrot, then? If ever there was a likely songbird.
Veronica: Mr. Meeks is a fine and honorable gentleman, he would never betray us.
Ernie: Besides, no one’s ever heard him say anything else.
Mr. Meeks: I know, I know.
Ernie: Question is, old man, think you’re up to snuff?


[2144 – after Chang uses a delivery transport vehicle to make it out of the prison building, the Enforcers helicopters surround the vehicle]
Enforcer Pilot: Unanimity requires compliance. We have a security code Red, prepare to be boarded.
[Chang nods his head, from her hiding place in the back of the vehicle, Sonmi whispers]
Sonmi-451: What are you going to do?
Hae-Joo Chang: Stay calm, stay calm.


[1936 – Sixsmith reads Frobisher letter on the train]
Robert Frobisher: [voice over] ‘It will end in tears.’ You warned me. I suppose I’m as hopeless as Adam Ewing, oblivious to all the unspeakable forms lying in wait, blind to the fact his friend is poisoning him.



[1846 – as Adam gets progressively sicker his hands swell and his wedding ring is cutting off the circulation in his finger, so Goose prepares to cut the ring off]
Adam Ewing: Wait, please. The idea of losing this ring distresses me beyond measure.
Dr. Henry Goose: Don’t be a silly puffin, Adam. I’m sure your wife will set your health above a gold loop. I have seen the onset for dropsy and it is not a pretty sight!
[Goose cuts off Adam’s wedding ring]
Dr. Henry Goose: I know an excellent Spanish goldsmith, who works with such alacrity, that your Tilda may not have to know this was ever removed.
[he takes the ring and puts it in pocket]


[2012 – Cavendish and Ernie are fighting over a pudding cup in the dining room]
Timothy Cavendish: Give it to me!
Ernie: Get your fucking hands off my pudding!
Timothy Cavendish: It’s not your pudding, you Alzheimer riddled lout! You’ve already eaten…!
[as Cavendish and Ernie are struggling, the other patients try to separate them, Nurse Judd stands on the sideline and makes a call using her cell phone]
Nurse Judd: You better get in here.
[as she puts the phone in her pocket, Veronica watches her from behind, walks over and quickly slips her hand into Judd’s pocket and takes the phone, just then Nurse Noakes walks into the dining room]
Nurse Noakes: Mr. Cavendish!


[1936 – Frobisher sneaks into Ayrs’ room as he sleeps in his bed]
Robert Frobisher: [voice over] The room stank of bitter medicine.
[Frobisher opens the drawer of his nightstand and takes out the gun]
Robert Frobisher: [voice over] Curiously heavy things, guns. Why did I take it, exactly? Can’t say. An intuition. A sense of significance. That from this point on, there was no going back.
[he looks at Ayrs’ as he sleeps for a moment before leaving the room]


[2321 – as Zachry guides Meronym through the mountain, Meronym uses a special gun to hook a rope to the side of the mountain, she looks up at the sky]
Meronym: Sussin’ them clouds, we’ve run out o’ time.
[she ties the end of the round herself and goes to do the same to Zachry]
Zachry: Hey, I don’t need no smart rope.
Meronym: Yey, see you fall. I’ll catch you.


[2144 – as the Enforcer helicopters force Chang to land his vehicle, they point their guns at Chang]
Lead Enforcer: Hands in the air. Now! Move it, step off of the vehicle!
with his hands up in the air, Chang slowly steps out of the vehicle, speaking in some dialect
Scan Enforcer: Get down. Down, now!
[one of the Enforcers forces Chang to the side of the vehicle]
Lead Enforcer: Fuckin’ migrant monkey-talk. Why do they hire these greasy subs?
[the other Enforcers takes out his scanner and quickly scan Chang]
Scan Enforcer: Negative, sir. Definite illegal.
Lead Enforcer: Detain him for now.
Scan Enforcer: I’m reading a second life form!
Lead Enforcer: Where?
Scan Enforcer: In the truck.
Lead Enforcer: Check it out.
Scan Enforcer: Yes, sir.


[2321 – as Zachry and Meronym are slowly climbing the mountainside, suddenly Meronym loses her footing and slips, Zachry stops her from falling to the ground by grabbing hold of the rope, making his hands bleed, at that moment Old Georgie appear]
Old Georgie: You troddin’ on the Devil’s ground now, Valleysman. I’m sayin’ just once. That offlander ain’t gettin’ to the top. Time for you to let go that rope. You trespass, you pay the price. Now drop that rope. Drop that rope. Drop that rope.


[2144 – the Enforcers enter the back of the truck and find Sonmi hiding inside]
Scan Enforcer: It’s her!
Hae-Joo Chang: It’ll be okay, huh?
[Chang quickly turns, grabs hold of the Enforcers next to him and manages to quickly all the other Enforcers, then he throws a bomb which attaches itself to the Enforcer helicopter nearby and watches as it explodes, Sonmi is stunned as she watches all this]
Sonmi-451: Who are you?
[Chang bows his head]
Hae-Joo Chang: Commander Hae-Joo Chang. First Science officer of the Union Rebellion.
Sonmi-451: Why are you doing this?
Hae-Joo Chang: Because I believe you have the power to change this world.


[2321 – as Zachry holds on to the rope dangling Meronym on the side of the mountain]
Old Georgie: Drop that rope. Let go that rope.
[he looks at his hands, which are bleeding as he holds on to the rope, then he remembers Abbess’ prophecy]
Abbess: [voice over] ‘Hands a bleedin’, can’t let go.’
Zachry: Hands a bleedin’. Can’t let go. No!
[he heaves the rope up and brings Meronym up next to him]
Meronym: Thank you, Zachry. You savin’ me twice here now.
Zachry: You fall, I catch you.


[1936 – Ayrs finds Frobisher packing in his room]
Vyvyan Ayrs: What are you doing, boy? I thought I made myself clear.
Robert Frobisher: Do what you want. I’m leaving!
Vyvyan Ayrs: Fine, Frobisher. Go, but I take this.
[he takes Frobisher’s music sheets for The Cloud Atlas from his bed]
Robert Frobisher: Give that to me!
Vyvyan Ayrs: It’s mine!
Robert Frobisher: I’m warning you!
Vyvyan Ayrs: Under the conditions of this relationship, I’m certain within my legal rights.
[suddenly Frobisher grabs the gun from his bed and points it at Ayrs]
Robert Frobisher: Give it to me! Give it to me, or I swear to God I will kill you as you stand!
Vyvyan Ayrs: Please. You’re a coward.
Robert Frobisher: I’ll do it.
Vyvyan Ayrs: You won’t pull that trigger. Your kind never does.
[Ayrs moves closer and grabs hold of the gun, at that moment Frobisher shoots the gun, hitting Ayrs in the gut and as he falls to the ground we see the shell of the bullet has rolled under the bed where we the lost half of ‘The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing’, is wedged under the bed post]


[1849 – Goose is sitting next to Adam, who is lying asleep in his bed looking very ill, Goose fingers the key that Adam has on a chain around his neck, as he tries to slip the chain off Adam, he stirs awake]
Dr. Henry Goose: Yes. Yes, well…how…how fares our worm today, Adam?
Adam Ewing: I…I’m afraid it has taken the best of me.
Dr. Henry Goose: Oh, no, no, no. Nonsense. Nonsense. You mustn’t give up. You must think of your beautiful wife. You must think of Tilda.


[2144 – Chang is riding fast a high powered motorcycle with Sonmi holding onto him behind him, they are being chased by the Enforcers hovercrafts, when they enter an underwater tunnel]
Enforcer Pilot: They’re trapped in the dam way, we’ve got them.
[Chang stops the motorcycle in the tunnel and gets off]
Sonmi-451: What are you doing?
[Chang activates a bomb and throws it so it attaches itself against the tunnel wall]
Hae-Joo Chang: Come on! Come on, get in!
[he opens the door to an access tunnel and they get inside at the same time the bomb goes off which floods the tunnel and kills the Enforcers in pursuit]


[1973 – Luisa’s wakes to find her car sinking, frightened she screams, then the windshield explodes inward and after a moment she finds her way out of the car and swims up towards the shore]
Zachry: [voice over] Nay, the dead never stay dead. Open your ears, and they never stop a yibberin’.


[2321 – Zachry and Meronym find and enter the old Satellite Communication Center, they find skeletons scattered everywhere inside]
Zachry: What is this place?
Meronym: Before the Fall, Old Uns built dwellings, beyond the sky, among the stars, and this place joined here with there.
[as they walks further inside they find a large statue of Sonmi]
Zachry: Sonmi.
Meronym: Tis she.
Zachry: The Old Uns pray to Sonmi same as Valleysmen?
Meronym: Nay, not ‘zactly same.


[2144 – after escaping from the underwater tunnel, Chang and Sonmi walk in the busy slums]
Hae-Joo Chang: Come on. And stay close, fabricants get snatched here.


[1973 – Luisa waits outside her apartment building after getting herself out of the river, Javier opens the door]
Javier Gomez: All clear.
[Javier hands her a key]
Luisa Rey: Thank you.
Javier Gomez: No sweat. We’re partners. But you gotta tell me what’s happening.
[they enter the building]
Luisa Rey: Okay, let me take off these clothes, call the cops, and I promise I’ll tell you everything that happened in the morning.
[Luisa opens the door to her apartment]
Javier Gomez: Okay, but I hope you realize you just said exactly what every character in any decent mystery says right before they get killed.
Luisa Rey: Good night, Javier.
[Luisa closes the door to her apartment and locks the door, as he heads towards her room, we see a man is in her apartment wearing black leather gloves]


[2321 – the enter another room in the old Satellite Communication Center]
Zachry: What’d you mean down there? About The Old Uns and Valleymen prayin’ to Sonmi not ‘zactly the same?
[she works to turn on the main network and bring up the orison]
Meronym: Old men they were different.
Zachry: Different? How?
[she turns and looks at Zachry]
Meronym: You want the True-true?


[2144 – as Chang takes her round the slums]
Sonmi-451: This is where you live?
Hae-Joo Chang: This is where Union was born.
[Sonmi notices other fabricants like herself working as prostitutes]


[2321 – Meronym tries to explain to Zachry who Sonmi was]
Meronym: Sonmi weren’t no God. She died hundreds of years ago on a faraway pen’sula, deadlanded now.
Zachry: What?
Meronym: I cogg Valleysmens beliefs, I know Abbess teached you Sonmi was a miracle, birthed o’ Darwin God o’ Smart, but ain’t the True-true. Her life was sad n’ judased, she died tryin’ to change the Old-Uns thinkin’.
[Old Georgie emerges behind Zachry]
Old Georgie: Liiiies…nothin’ but lies.
Zachry: Nay, nay you’re…you’re lying.
[Meronym turns and bring the orison towards Zachry, suddenly Sonmi appears with one of her recorded messages]
Sonmi-451: The nature of our immortal lives is in the consequences of our words and deeds…
[Zachry watches in disbelief]
Zachry: Sonmi?!
Meronym: Before she died, she spoke of her acts n’ deedins’. Her words are heart saved blessin’, remindin’ me what’s the True-true.
[Old Georgie appears behind Zachry again]
Old Georgie: How long you goin’ lissin’ to this?! How long you jus’ stand there, and let a stranger keep fuggin’ your beliefs up n’ down, in n’ out!
[Zachry continues to watch Sonmi on the orison]
Sonmi-451: Our lives are not our own, from womb to tomb, we’re bound to others.
[Meronym flips the orison off]
Meronym: Zachry. You alright?
Zachry: Finish your sussin.


[1973 – in her apartment, Luisa feels that someone is behind her and Napier grabs her from behind and puts his hand across her mouth to stop her from screaming]
Joe Napier: Ssh! If I wanted to kill you, you’d be dead. Now I’m not gonna hurt you, I just wanna talk. Be cool. Alright.
[he slowly takes his hand off her mouth, suddenly Luisa attacks him by hitting in the stomach and smashing the back of her head into his face which pushes him against the wall, she takes out a switchblade and points it at his throat]
Luisa Rey: And if I wanted to kill you, you’d be dead already. How does that feel, huh? Good conversation start, isn’t it?
[Napier chuckles]
Joe Napier: You are Lester Rey’s daughter, that’s for Goddamn sure.
Luisa Rey: You knew my father?
Joe Napier: Korean War. I was in the two-one.
[pointing to the photograph on the wall of Luisa’s father and his army pals]
Joe Napier: That’s me on the end, next to your dad. Mortar landed so close it could have dropped out of my ass. If your father hadn’t done what he did, I wouldn’t be here.
[Luisa takes the knife way from his throat and backs off]
Luisa Rey: Guess that makes two of us.


[2321 – as Zachry watches Meronym trying to get the network up and working in the Satellite Communication Center, Old Georgie appears behind him]
Old Georgie: You ain’t let go that rope cause you’ a lustin’ for that darkly, sweet’meat. I cogg it all now. This whore, with her cokeynut skin, and her slywise mask, smilin’ n’ wormin’ her way so you trust and bring her here, scavin’ n’ sivvin’ for what? For what, fool? They want the island. The Prescients want it all. You judasin’ your kin for a piece of ass! She ain’t your tribe, she ain’t even your color. This jezebel ignores you your yarns n’ ways, spinnin’ n’ spoutin’ her whoahsome lies, and you lap it up, like a dog in heat!
Zachry: That ain’t truth.
Old Georgie: Ain’t it? Then do sumthin’ to stop her! Take your spiker an’ slit her throat! Protect your tribe, protect your sister, little Catkin, kill her now, before it’s too late!
[Zachry takes out his knife]


[1973 – back in Luisa’s apartment as Luisa backs off Napier]
Joe Napier: They will kill you. You don’t know these people like I do.
Luisa Rey: Yeah? Well if that’s all you came to tell me, you’re a little bit late. Somebody just forced me off the Swannekke Bridge.
Joe Napier: This is out of control.
Luisa Rey: Do you know who did it?
Joe Napier: The contractor calls himself Bill Smoke. And…
Luisa Rey: What?
Joe Napier: He got Sachs.
Luisa Rey: Isaac?
Joe Napier: A bomb on his plane. The press is blaming the PLO.
[visibly shocked and upset, Luisa sits]
Joe Napier: He was a threat. Like Sixsmith, like…you.


[2144 – Chang takes Sonmi to Union headquarters to meet the leader of Union]
An-kor Apis: Sonmi 451, I am most honored to meet you. I am General An-kor Apis, leader of Union.


[1973 – after finding out Bill Smoke killed Sixsmith and Isaac]
Luisa Rey: Who is paying them?
Joe Napier: The same guy that pays me.
Luisa Rey: Lloyd Hooks?
Joe Napier: Hughes & Pikes Consulting.
Luisa Rey: I’ve heard of them. They’re, uh…lobbiers for oil companies. But why would Big Oil hire Lloyd Hooks to run a nuclear reactor?
Joe Napier: You get that same look your father used to get. You see it, don’t you?
Luisa Rey: Hooks doesn’t want the report discovered, because he doesn’t want the reactor fixed. He wants it to fail.
Joe Napier: This is about the future of energy in this country. They want the explosion. The chaos and carnage. The more deaths, the better.


[2321 – as Zachry takes out his knife he slowly walks towards Meronym, pointing his knife, as he reaches he suddenly drives the knife into one of the nearby orison’s, startling Meronym]
Zachry: Can’t cogg o’ thing, words n’worrins’ like a wasp’s nest, proke’d n’prod’d by you! You come elbowin’ in’ my life, yibberin’ about the True-true, and never tellin’ the whole true. I need to cogg what you’re doin’!cloud-atlas-20
Meronym: I told you. I come to send a plea o’ help.
[Zachry takes hold of Meronym’s face with both his hands]
Zachry: Help, why? To steal our land? To kill n’ slave us all?! What do you want?!
[Meronym takes hold of Zachry’s hands]
Meronym: Prescients’ dyin’, Zachry. Just like Catkin. This world poison me n’ all my kin. We get no help, if I find no home, if I don’ find a way, I say so truesome. We not survive. We not survive.


[1936 – Frobisher is walking in town when he spots some policemen and hides behind a wall]
Robert Frobisher: [voice over] Ayrs has the dogs after me. The bullet passed through, killing little more than his appetite, yet he’s out for blood. I have to pay the piper.


[1973 – back in Luisa’s apartment after she’s found out the truth about Hooks]
Luisa Rey: I should call the cops.
Joe Napier: It won’t help.
Luisa Rey: How do I know you’re not lying to me?
Joe Napier: Smoke will be coming for me, as soon as he figures out I’m with you. We need that report. I can’t protect you for long without it.


[2144 – after Apis introduces himself to Sonmi]
Sonmi-451: General Apis…
An-kor Apis: You, my dear are proof our efforts were not in vain.
Sonmi-451: But I’m just a dinery server. I was not genomed to alter reality.
An-kor Apis: No revolutionary ever was.
Sonmi-451: I’m sorry. I cannot do what you’re asking.
An-kor Apis: It would be a difficult choice for anyone. But, before you call your decision final, there is one last thing I would like you to see, in order to fully understand what we are fighting for.


[2321 – as Meronym finishes making the control board work she turns to look at Zachry]
Meronym: Cross your fingers n’ toes.
[Meronym activates the control board which makes the machinery in the station rumble, then the top of the station opens and turns into a massive satellite dish, beaming out a light for a moment before the control board inside the station shuts itself off; Meronym smiles and turns to look at Zachry]
Zachry: If your pray’ be answered, many Prescients never return to the Valley again?
Meronym: Those wishin’ to come with us, be welcome.
Zachry: The Valley is my home.


[2144 – in their lodgings, Sonmi sits and stares out the window at the busy slum streets, then she walks to Chang’s room and as he sleeps she rests her head against his chest to listen to his heartbeat again, Chang awakens and looks at her]
Hae-Joo Chang: Are you alright?
Sonmi-451: I know it is forbidden.
[she leans closer to him and they start kissing]


[1936 – Frobisher sits on top of the Scott Monument watching the sun rise]
Robert Frobisher: [voice over] Sixsmith, I climb the steps of the Scott Monument every morning. And all becomes clear. Wish I could make you see this brightness. Don’t worry, all is well. All is so perfectly, damnably well. I understand now, that boundaries between noise and sound are conventions.
[at the same time we see in 1849 as Adam and Autua lie on the deck of the ship watching the sun rise; 1936 Sixsmith and Frobisher meet in a shop full of ceramics, they start breaking the ceramic statues]
Robert Frobisher: [voice over] All boundaries are conventions, waiting to be transcended.
[in 2144 Sonmi and Chang are making love]cloud-atlas-21
Robert Frobisher: [voice over] One may transcend any convention, if only one can first conceive of doing so.
[in 2321 Zachry sits on top of a mountain as the sun sets with Meronym asleep by the fire, he takes his cloak off and puts it on her as she sleeps]
Robert Frobisher: [voice over] Moments like this, I can feel your heart beating as clearly as I feel my own, and I know that separation is an illusion.
[in 2144 Sonmi and Chang continue making love]
Robert Frobisher: [voice over] My life extends far beyond the limitations of me.
[in 1936 in the ceramic shop Frobisher and Sixsmith start throwing plates around breaking everything; then Sixsmith awakens on the train realizing that it was a dream]


[1849 – as Adam and Autua are resting on the deck of the ship Autua hears thunder]
Autua: Storm is coming, Mr. Ewing. Gonna get you down below.
[he helps Adam up]


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