Starring: Idris Elba, Caleb McLaughlin, Jharrel Jerome, Byron Bowers, Lorraine Toussaint, Clifford “Method Man” Smith



Netflix drama directed and co-written by Ricky Staub. Inspired by the real-life Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club, Concrete Cowboy (2021) follows fifteen year-old Cole (Caleb McLaughlin), who is sent to with his estranged father, Harp (Idris Elba), in North Philadelphia. There he discovers the city’s vibrant urban cowboy subculture, which has existed for more than a hundred years, providing a safe haven for the neighborhood, despite the surrounding poverty, violence, and encroachment of gentrification.


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'The past is not the present.' - Nessie (Concrete Cowboy) Click To Tweet 'Hard things come before good things.' - Nessie (Concrete Cowboy) Click To Tweet 'Home ain't a place. It's a fam. That's what make us cowboys.' - Harp (Concrete Cowboy) Click To Tweet


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Amahle: This life isn’t working, Cole. You are drowning out here. You are going to drown! I’ve literally done everything I could think of for you. And still, here I am again, leaving work, trying to convince another principal, and another police officer, that my son knows better. And you don’t. And neither do I anymore.


Nessie: I know you. You Harp’s boy.
Cole: Where’s he at?
Nessie: Stables.
Cole: The what?


Cole: There’s a horse in your house.
Harp: [points to the couch] Well, this you, right here.
Cole: I ain’t staying here.
Harp: Alright. I’m going to hit it though. But once you step out, that door stays locked till morning.
Cole: I’ll leave in the morning.


Cole: What home I got here?
Smush: F*** you talking about? Home ain’t a place, dummy. It’s fam, alright? You got fam here.
Cole: What fam, man? I don’t even know that n****, man. Plus, he’s living with some nasty-a** horse.


Smush: [to Cole] Your moms ain’t coming back, alright? I seen plenty n****s get dropped off at the stoop, and that summertime s**t becomes years. So I suggest you cozy up with them nasty-a** f***ing horses.


Harp: You want to ride the street life? You can’t be in my house. Alright? You want to wise up, you say your goodbyes to Smush, you’re welcome back.
Cole: Welcome back to what? Old beer and sliced cheeses? I ain’t got no home here.
Harp: That’s your choice.


Cole: I got nowhere to stay.
Nessie: Uh-uh. You can’t come at me with that. Now, your daddy got rules that you not abiding by. Guess what? I got rules too.


Nessie: Lookit here. I’m on my knees at 4:00 AM every morning, praying for every boy on this block. I keep a warm meal, and a clean bed, for when the prodigals return.
Cole: Fine, fine. Fine. Then I’m a prodigal.
Nessie: No, you’re not. No, you still running out there. You ain’t ate that pig slop yet.
Cole: What does that even mean?
Nessie: You think about what I just said. I got to get up early. My prayer list just got longer.


Nessie: [referring to Cole spending the night in the stables] You should have got your head bashed in. What do I find? Daniel laying there in the lions den, snuggled up side by side.
Cole: What that mean?
Nessie: Means that Boo’s yours.
Cole: No.


Nessie: Ooh, you got a mouth like your daddy.
Cole: Well, that’s the only thing I got from him.


Nessie: [to Cole] Listen to me. The past is not the present. Alright? What, you too dumb to play by some rules? Well, alright. But you not going to get to sleep in my stables.


Cole: I’ll be done with Smush, and I’ll be ready to ride horses, or whatever.
Harp: You want to ride a horse? You got to work the stables.


Smush: S**t, you thought I was going to let you ride with banged-up jawns on your feet? You got some Chewbacca-a** feet.
Cole: You’re so dumb.


Nessie: [as Cole starts to work at the stables] Haul everything out to the s**t pit.
Cole: What’s the s**t pit?
Nessie: Dumpster full of s**t.


Nessie: Hard things come before good things.


Cole: They got you shoveling s**t too?
Esha: Hard things come before good things.
Cole: This some cult life, for real.


Cole: How long I got to be doing this s**t-pit duty?
Esha: As long as it takes.
Cole: For what?
Esha: Horses ain’t the only thing that need breaking around here.
Cole: What are you talking about?


Cole: No one told me I had to do all this s**t.
Paris: Yeah. No one told me I was going to have a lazy-a** young boul here.


Cole: [referring to the horse] Why you name him Little?
Paris: I named him after my little bro. He got killed a couple years ago.


Cole: What you think they’re going to do with Boo?
Paris: I guess that’s up to you.


Rome: Fifty percent of all cowboys were Black, brown, bronze, or some other color.
Harp: [laughs] You said fifty? Where you getting them numbers from?
Rome: Look it up! Real rap! Even the Lone Ranger was Black.
Cole: Who’s the Lone Ranger?
Rome: Get the f*** out of here. Harp, you teaching this boy?


Nessie: Look, Hollywood has whitewashed us. They just deleted us right out of the history books.
Rome: They’re always trying to delete us from history books. “Cowhand” became “cowboy”. Did you know that? That’s what they called us. “Hey, boy. Hold that cattle down while I brand it. Hey, boy. Go break that horse.”


Nessie: People used to believe that breaking a horse meant crushing the will of the animal, dominating them, making them believe that the only way it was going to survive was to submit, right? Well, Black folks, we knew that a horse wasn’t meant to be dominated. A horse is meant to be free. Only way you can realize its true spirit, its nature, is through love.


Harp: The history here is deep.


Harp: Like, Fletcher Street, right here, we like some cowboy orphans. You know what I’m saying? We like the Wild West out here. The last remaining.


Leroy: See, what happens is, you don’t own any of this s**t. Y’all just renting. So that brings me to my next question. What are we doing about it?
Paris: “We”? You speaking French?
Rome: What do you mean, “we,” white man?
Harp: Man, look. We ain’t doing s**t. You traded in your saddle for your city brass.


Leroy: History going to repeat itself, and you all out here, just another night of drinking, and smoking, and lying to each other, when you need to be…
Harp: Man, L, you know what? Do me a favor. Drink that, or go write some parking tickets.


Cole: How did you end up in the chair?
Paris: Couple years ago, me and my brother went out riding and got into an altercation. Ended up in the hospital. I woke up. He didn’t. The bullet shattered my spine. Now I’m spending the rest of my life in this chair. Fighting over nothing. Fighting over a corner. The city, they built a Starbucks right on the corner. S**t we was fighting over. All over nothing.