Starring: Delroy Lindo, Clarke Peters, Norm Lewis, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Chadwick Boseman, Jonathan Majors, Jasper Pääkkönen, Jean Reno, Paul Walter Hauser



Netflix’s war drama directed and co-written by Spike Lee. The story follows four African American veterans, Paul (Delroy Lindo), Otis (Clarke Peters), Eddie (Norm Lewis), and Melvin (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.), who return to Vietnam in search of the remains of their fallen Squad Leader, Norman (Chadwick Boseman), as well as the buried treasure they found during the Vietnam War. These heroes battle forces of humanity and nature while confronted by the lasting ravages of the war.


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'War is about money. Money is about war.' - Stormin' Norman (Da 5 Bloods) Click To Tweet 'Nothing is more confused than to be ordered into a war to die, or to be maimed for life, without the faintest idea of what's going on.' - Hanoi Hannah (Da 5 Bloods) Click To Tweet 'We won't let nobody use our rage against us. We control our rage.' - Stormin' Norman (Da 5 Bloods) Click To Tweet


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[after they meet up at the hotel in Vietnam]
Eddie: Yeah, brother man, we are back.
Melvin: The Bloods is back!
Paul: Five Bloods don’t die, we just multiply!
Eddie: Yeah, yeah!
Otis: Soon to be five.
All: Amen.


Melvin: I got thug-a** hardheads moving into my hood. Now Cissy wants to move out.
Paul: You got a piece for protection?
Melvin: Yeah, I got a piece for protection. I got a side piece. I got Smith on one side and Wesson on the other.


[to Paul, Eddie, Otis, and Melvin]
Vinh Tran: Gentlemen, welcome back to Vietnam.


[during Vietnam; after the five friends find the box full of gold bars]
Paul: Out of sight!
Melvin: Great googly-moogly.
Stormin’ Norman: You know what this means? We gold standard. We gold standard.


[as Vinh is giving them a tour of the city]
Eddie: They didn’t need us. They should’ve just sent Mickey D’s, Pizza Hut, and The Colonel, and we would have defeated the VC in one week. Finger-licking good.


Eddie: All them Holly-weird m*therf***ers trying to go back and win the Vietnam War.
Otis: Yeah. I would be the first cat in line if there was a flick about a real hero. You know, one of our blood. Somebody like Milton Olive.
Eddie: Yeah, that man jumped on that grenade and saved his Bloods lives.
Otis: And he was the first brother to be awarded the Medal of Honor in Nam. Eighteen years-old.
Melvin: Hey, look, I love y’all, and all that bulls**t, but I ain’t doing that.
Paul: Man, nobody want you to die for them.
Melvin: Because I ain’t. Like Aretha sang, You better think.


[after meeting Tiên’s daughter, Michon]
Otis: Is that our daughter? Our…
Tiên Luu: Yes, she is. She was a bastard child of the enemy. I was a whore. Her father was a moi, the n*****. The white GI taught us that word. Everyone want us out. We was too dirty to even clean the toilet. They call our beautiful Michon the cockroach.


[after Desroche questions them as to how they know about the gold]
Melvin: We ain’t no international criminals, you dig?
Desroche: In my line of work, I have to be very careful, and that means knowing exactly who I am in business with.
Paul: This cat getting on my last goddamn nerve, man.
Desroche: Gentlemen, I believe our business is finished.


Paul: Where were Frenchies in World War II? Hitler had y’all by the snails. The goddamn US of A saved your a**es. If it wasn’t for good ol’ Uncle Sam, all of yous, y’all be speaking the Deutsche, eating bratwurst, schnitzels, and sauerkraut instead of croissants, snails, and escargot.
Otis: Come on, Blood. Let it go.
Paul: No, man. No.
Otis: Just let it go!
Paul: No, f*** that. I ain’t done. This m*therf***er can’t tell me s**t. My daddy, God rest his soul, landed in Normandy and killed beaucoup goose-stepping N**is. Let me tell you something, them N**is weren’t no punks neither. Not like you. Yeah, okay, I’m done.
Otis: You feel better?
Paul: Yeah.
Desroche: Well, I thank you for this ignorant American one-sided version of World War II.


[during Vietnam; after they find the box full of gold bars]
Stormin’ Norman: We bury it. For now. They ask, we say the VC got it. Later on, we come back and collect.
Melvin: You mean rip it off.
Stormin’ Norman: We ain’t ripping off s**t! Who feel like they’re ripping something off? We was the very first people that died for this red, white, and blue! Yeah, that’s right. It was a soul brother, Crispus Attucks at the m*therf***ing Boston Massacre. We’ve been dying for this country from the very get, hoping one day they’d give us our rightful place. All they give us was a foot up our black a**es. Well, f*** that! I say the USA owe us. We built this b**ch!


Otis: So, what you saying, Blood?
Stormin’ Norman: I’m saying, we repossess this gold, like they about to come repossess your cash yield convertible now. We repossess this gold for every single black boot that never made it home. Every brother and sister stolen from Mother Africa to Jamestown, Virginia way back in 1619. We give this gold to our people. You feel that? You feel it? Now, let’s bury our gold.
Paul: Reparations.
Stormin’ Norman: Bloods.


Paul: How do I know that you two ain’t a con artist team?
Desroche: As you said, you simply must trust us.


Desroche: [to Paul] And, sir, Uncle Sam did no better than France in Vietnam.


[after Paul finds that his son David has followed him to Vietnam]
David: You’re here for the gold. Don’t lie. You’re going after the gold. I read Otis’s emails. You got to choose better passwords. “1-2-3-4”? Come on now, dad.


Paul: What do you want, David?
David: An equal share for helping you find it.
Paul: Hell to the no!


David: The authorities find out about this, y’all go back to the crib empty-handed.
Paul: So you just a lil’ jive-a** gangster now, huh?
David: After everything you’ve put me through, I’d say you getting a basement bargain.
Paul: You ungrateful lil’ Black Studies teacher n*****. You want to tell your Bloods, or should I?


[referring to David]
Eddie: You sure know how to raise them, don’t you?
Melvin: What happens if we bum-rush your boy and throw his a** off that balcony?
David: Just know I’m taking a couple of you OGs with me.
Paul: Don’t ever threaten my son, man.
Melvin: Or what?
Paul: Or you will nab more trouble than you know what to do with.


Otis: David, you are not getting a full share. You and your daddy can split a share.
Paul: You can forget that.
Otis: You take it or leave it.
[to David as the mango on his plate then falls to the floor]
Paul: You see what you made me do, man? Let me tell you something. You ain’t been nothing but an anchor around my neck since the day you were born. Yeah, I said it. And I mean it too.


Otis: David, you’re a buck private in this outfit. You do what we say, when we say it. No questions asked. Understood?
David: Overstood, Godfather.


[as they’re setting off to find the buried gold]
Tiên Luu: I have bad feeling about this, Otis.
Otis: I’m going to be alright.
Tiên Luu: Gold does strange things to people. Even old friends. Be safe.
[she then hands him a newspaper concealing a gun]
Otis: Alright. Yeah. I just hope I don’t have to use it.


Otis: Your pops was never the same after we lost Norman.
David: You know, he calls his name in his sleep.
Otis: I can believe that.
David: Who was that guy?
Otis: Norm? That brother was the best damn soldier that ever lived.


Otis: Wasn’t many brothers who made squad leader. The man was using Bloods for cannon fodder. White boys who stayed in college, they’d dodge that s**t. They put our poor black a**es on the front line, killing us off like flies. Stormin’ earned his name, was in all kind of firefights. Trained us in the way of the jungle. Made us believe that we would get home, alive.


Stormin’ Norman: War is about money. Money is about war. Every time I walk out my front door, I see cops patrolling my neighborhood, like it’s some police state. I can feel just how much I ain’t worth.


[referring to Norman]
Otis: Gave us something to believe in. A direction, a purpose. He taught us about black history when it wasn’t really popular back then. Schooled us about drinking that
anti-commie Kool-Aid they was selling. Yeah, he was our Malcolm, and our Martin. Norm had a way of keeping us from going off. He wasn’t no Tom. He was a bad mother, shut your mouth. Like Ali.


[at Radio Hanoi]
Hanoi Hannah: Black GI, in Memphis, Tennessee, a white man assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King who heroically opposed the cruel racial discrimination in the USA. Dr. King also opposed the US war in Vietnam. Black GI, your government sent six hundred thousand troops to crush the rebellion. Your soul sister and soul brothers are enraged in over a hundred twenty-two cities. They kill them while you fight against us, so far away from where you are needed.


[at Radio Hanoi]
Hanoi Hannah: Black GI, the South Vietnamese people are resolute against these fascist acts against N****es who struggle for civil rights and freedom. N****es are only eleven percent of the US population, but among troops here in Vietnam, you are thirty-two percent. Black GI, is it fair to serve more than the white Americans that sent you here? Nothing is more confused than to be ordered into a war to die, or to be maimed for life, without the faintest idea of what’s going on. I dedicate this next record to the soul brothers of the 1st Infantry Divisions. Big Red One, 2nd Battalion, 136th Regiment. Have a good day, gentlemen. Be safe.


Melvin: The Bible says an eye for an eye.
Eddie: And a tooth for a tooth.
Otis: We need to kill some crackers.
Paul: Our brothers and sisters are burning s**t down back home, Norm. I love you, man, but you’re wrong. Dead wrong!
Stormin’ Norman: You’re talking about Dr. King. You’re talking about a man of peace.
Paul: And that’s what got Dr. King killed.


Stormin’ Norman: I’m as mad as everybody. All us Bloods got a right to be, but we Bloods. We won’t let nobody use our rage against us. We control our rage. Now, what y’all are trying to do right now ain’t changing s**t. So, stand down. That’s an order!
Paul: No! F*** an order, Norm!
Stormin’ Norman: You’re going to have to kill me first. Blood on Blood.


Otis: [to David] And let me tell you, out of all of us, your pops was closest to him. Believed in Norman like a religion. I don’t think he believed in anything since.


Paul: I see ghosts, y’all. I see ghosts.
Eddie: Well, it happens to all of us, man!
Paul: You seen them too?
Eddie: Yeah.
Paul: Dead come to you at night? Huh? Stormin’ Norm comes to me damn near every night. Now, he talk to y’all like he talk to me?
Otis: Brother, come on.
Paul: I don’t think so.


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