Starring: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, John Lithgow, Mel Gibson, Linda Cardellini, John Cena



Comedy sequel directed and co-written by Sean Anders which follows father and stepfather, Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) and Brad (Will Ferrell) who are now living harmoniously as co-dads, raising their kids. When Christmas comes around they decide to join forces to provide their kids with the perfect Christmas.

However, their newfound partnership is put to the test when Dusty’s old-school, macho dad, Kurt Mayron (Mel Gibson), and Brad’s ultra-affectionate and emotional dad, Mr. Whitaker (John Lithgow), arrive just in time to throw the holiday into complete chaos.


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Brad Whitaker: [voice over] Stepdads and dads don’t always get along, but Dusty and I have this co-dad thing on lockdown.


Brad Whitaker: You made treats for tonight, right?
Dusty Mayron: I’ll hit the bakery on the way to the pageant.
Brad Whitaker: Bakery?
Dusty Mayron: Oh, so you don’t want to go to the bakery?
Brad Whitaker: No, I mean…
Dusty Mayron: Usually when you repeat what I say and you shake your head up and down it really means you don’t want me to do it.
Brad Whitaker: I’m just thinking…
Dusty Mayron: What?
Brad Whitaker: Maybe homemade.
Dusty Mayron: No problem, Brad, homemade snickerdoodles coming right up.
[the car waiting behind Brad’s car honks the horn]
Dusty Mayron: Hey, honk it again you better your teeth!
Dusty Mayron: [to Brad] Thank you so much for the coco.


[to the parents]
Jessie, Theater Manager: Before we get started notice we have several video and still photographers, so just relax and be in the moment.
[every parent in the audience gets out their mobile devices to start recording and taking photos]
Brad Whitaker: That’s so great that they do that. Worth every penny.


Dusty Mayron: Hey, guys, we got a big surprise for you.
Megan: Cool! Is it money?
Dylan: A trampoline?
Megan: Another pony?
Dusty Mayron: This year, Christmas, both families together.
Megan and Dylan: Yay!


Dusty Mayron: Hey, guys, we got a big surprise for you.
Megan: Cool! Is it money?
Dylan: A trampoline?
Megan: Another pony?
Dylan: Fake ID’s?
Dusty Mayron: It’s even better. This year, no more back and forth at Christmas
Brad Whitaker: We’re not doing the back and forth.
Dusty Mayron: Nope. I just said that.
Brad Whitaker: Yeah.
Megan and Dylan: Yay!
Dusty Mayron: A together Christmas like a normal family!
Brad Whitaker: A together Christmas!


[picking up the phone]
Dylan: Hello? Grandpa Kurt?


Dusty Mayron: My dad is going to scoff at everything we do. Nothing’s ever good enough for him.
Brad Whitaker: Your father hasn’t met the new evolved Dusty. I mean who wouldn’t be impressed with you.


[as they see Kurt riding down the escalator]
Brad Whitaker: Dear God. This is going to come off weird, Dusty, but he’s beautiful.


[waiting to meet their dads at the airport]
Brad Whitaker: Look, your father hasn’t met the new evolved Dusty.
Dusty Mayron: That’s exactly the stuff he’s going to make fun of us for, you’ll see.
[as they see Kurt riding down the escalator]
Brad Whitaker: Dear God. Is that him? He dresses so cool, yet I can’t picture him actually going shopping.
[Kurt walks over to Dusty]
Kurt Mayron: Dusty.
[gives his bag to Brad]
Kurt Mayron: Here you go. Bring the car around on the curb.
Dusty Mayron: This is Sara’s husband.
Kurt Mayron: Why is he here?
Brad Whitaker: Oh, because my dad’s coming too.


[gives his bag to Brad]
Kurt Mayron: There you go. Why don’t you bring the car around and we’ll meet you at the curb?
Brad Whitaker: Right away, sir. I mean, no. I’m sorry, I’m not the driver. I’m Brad. The stepdad.
Kurt Mayron: [to Dusty] Why is her here?
Brad Whitaker: Because my dad’s coming too.


[as Brad’s dad is coming down the escalator]
Brad Whitaker: Dad. That sweater, he wears a red sweater so that I can see him in a crowd.


[as Brad’s dad is coming down the escalator]
Brad Whitaker: Dad! Daddy!
Mr. Whitaker: There’s my big man!
[they hug each other and then kiss each other on the mouth as Dusty and Kurt are watching them]
Dusty Mayron: He hasn’t seen his dad in a long time.
Mr. Whitaker: It’s only been two week, but it feels like forever!
Brad Whitaker: It does, doesn’t it?
Kurt Mayron: [to Dusty] And this guy’s raising your kids half the time?


[entering the house]
Brad Whitaker: We’re back with more daddies!
Mr. Whitaker: Look who’s here!
Megan and Dylan: Grandpa!
[Megan and Dylan run to hug Brad’s dad]
Dylan: Tell us papa jokes!
Mr. Whitaker: Why does a duck have feathers?
Dylan and Megan: Why?
Mr. Whitaker: To cover up his butt quack.
Kurt Mayron: Here, kids, I got a good one for you. Two dead hookers wash up on the shore…
Brad Whitaker: Oh, no, no!
Sara: No, no, no, wait.
Dusty Mayron: Shut up!


Dusty Mayron: He’s going to ruin Christmas, Brad, I’m telling you.
Brad Whitaker: The only person that can ruin your Christmas is looking back at you from that mirror.
[he points to the mirror which is just showing Brad]
Dusty Mayron: All I see is you, Brad.
Brad Whitaker: Sorry. Right. Here.
[he swaps positions with Dusty]
Brad Whitaker: There. There we go. Hm?
[they look over to the mirror and it’s still only showing Brad]
Dusty Mayron: Still you, Brad.


[to Dusty; referring to Brad]
Kurt Mayron: His total lack of masculinity, I mean his weak chin and soft underbelly bothers you not a bit?
Brad Whitaker: You know, I’m just getting the feeling maybe you guys would like some privacy.


Kurt Mayron: So this co-dad thing, you’ve got to ask another man’s permission to see your own kids?
Dusty Mayron: Everything is rock solid between me and Brad here. In fact, we’re best friends.
Brad Whitaker: Really?
[Brad gets emotional and starts to cry]
Brad Whitaker: Thank you.
Dusty Mayron: Brad, stop it.
Brad Whitaker: I’m good, because we’re boys.


Dusty Mayron: Hey, kids, why don’t you jump in my car so Grandpa Kurt can join pop-pops company the way up.


Dylan: I don’t get the whole girls thing.
Brad Whitaker: Here’s the game plan, you want to be that one that she tells you about all of her problems with the guys she’s actually dating. It’s called the friendzone.
Dusty Mayron: No, no, no! That’s the worst advice anyone could give you. Do you want to be like Brad and be in the friendzone or do you want to be like Dad and get in the endzone?


[Dusty and Kurt are listening in behind the Christmas trees]
Dylan: Brad, I just want to talk to you about the whole girls thing.
Brad Whitaker: yeah, the girl talk. You want to be the one that she confides in. It’s called the friendzone, but you’ll be sad ultimately knowing that she’s not with you and eventually you’ll be invited to their wedding and they’re dad’s like, “Brad, what are you doing here? Teresa never talks about you.” And you’re like, “I’m invited,” and he’s like, “I wonder about that.”
[just then Brad jumps out from his hiding place]
Dusty Mayron: Wait! No, no, no!


[as Kurt stands in front of Brad and scowls at him]
Brad Whitaker: Oh, gosh. Those piercing eyes, like a velociraptor.


Dusty Mayron: Don’t you see what he’s up to, he thinks you and me are harboring bad feelings.
Brad Whitaker: No, I’m not harboring anything.


Dusty Mayron: [to Brad] I just want to find the perfect together Christmas tree.


Brad Whitaker: [to Dusty] You don’t think I can operate a chainsaw?


[after Brad cut downs a cellphone tower with the chainsaw he electrocutes himself and is knocked out]
Dusty Mayron: Brad, you cut down a cellphone tower.
Dylan: I think Brad’s dead again!
Megan: Brad, don’t go into the light!


Roger: [to Adrianna] Don’t you want to spend your holidays with your one true real dad?


[referring to Roger]
Dusty Mayron: You got him all the way up here just to get back at me?
Brad Whitaker: Yep.
Dusty Mayron: You’re opening up the harbor, Brad.
Brad Whitaker: Oh, the harbor’s wide open, and it’s fleet week.
Kurt Mayron: This is getting good, boys.


[as Brad’s dad has got Brad by the neck]
Mr. Whitaker: We’re going to settle this physically!
Brad Whitaker: Cut it out, this is child abuse!
Sara: Don’t be such a snowflake!


Brad Whitaker: [to Dusty] Five more minutes and I get to be Joseph.


[referring to the snowball in Brad’s hand]
Dusty Mayron: If you throw that we are no longer co-dads.
[Brad just pretends to throw the snowflake by pumping his fist]
Dusty Mayron: Are you going to pump that thing all night or are you going to take a shot, Brad?
Brad Whitaker: Huh!
[as Roger and Kurt are watching them]
Roger: He’s never played sports ever.
[Brad keeps pumping his fist with the snowflake]
Brad Whitaker: What? What?
Kurt Mayron: Maybe it’s stuck to his hand.


Brad Whitaker: You know what, Dusty, you’re not worth it.
[he turns]
Brad Whitaker: Psyched. You’re totally worth it.
[he throws the snowball and it hits his dad instead knocking him down]
Brad Whitaker: Dad!


[referring to the Christmas tree]
Sara: Who is paying for that monstrosity?
Brad Whitaker: It was Dusty’s idea to cut down the tree.
Dusty Mayron: Yeah, and it was your idea to cut down the cellphone tower, Brad. And who crushed my car with a snow blower? You did, Brad.
Brad Whitaker: Who crushed my car with a motorcycle?!
Dusty Mayron: Oh, you again!


[as he sees Brad with a wet shirt after spilling coco on it]
Mr. Whitaker: Did you make tee-tee in bed?
Brad Whitaker: No, it’s coco.
Mr. Whitaker: Did your coco made you tee-tee in bed?
Brad Whitaker: How would I pee upwards?


Brad Whitaker: Dad, don’t move. There’s a pack of wolves on you. I kind of want to pet them, dad!
Mr. Whitaker: Don’t make eye contact with the alpha wolf.
Brad Whitaker: I already did, right in the eye!

Total Quotes: 33


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