Starring: Ricky Gervais, Doc Brown



Mockumentary comedy written, directed, and produced by Ricky Gervais. The movie catches up with David Brent (Ricky Gervais) twelve years on from the mockumentary The Office to find he is now a travelling salesman with Lavichem, a cleaning and ladies’ personal hygiene products company. However, he hasn’t given up on his dream of rock stardom and is about to embark on a self-financed tour with his band, Foregone Conclusion.

Assembling a group of session musicians who are just in it for the money, and talented rapper Dom (Ben Bailey Smith) in an attempt to gain street cred, Brent cashes in his pensions and takes unpaid leave in a bid to turn his dream into reality.


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[walking into this office]
David Brent: He’s back! Did you miss me?


David Brent: Hello, I’m David Brent. You probably know me as the star of the BBC2 documentary The Office back in…
[he covers his mouth to say the rest]
David Brent: No, that was then. This is now. I’m currently a singer songwriter, and a rep.


David Brent: I’ve got one song, it’s about rock and roll, but it’s a metaphor for sex. It goes…
[he starts singing]
David Brent: I’m gonna roll you over, and rock you stupid, and leave you there just humming. There’s a party in my trousers, baby, and everybody’s coming.
[to Miriam Clarke, one of his work colleagues standing nearby]
David Brent: Do you get it? Ask me how are you spelling coming?
Miriam Clarke: How are you spelling coming?
David Brent: C-U-M-I-N.
Miriam Clarke: That’s cumin.
David Brent: Double M, think. It’s supposed… So, yeah.
[Miriam just looks at him confused]
David Brent: That sort of coming.
[he gestures his hand up and down lewdly and makes squirting noises]
David Brent: But not with…
[pointing to Miriam and Kaz]
David Brent: But with, you know?
[points to himself]
David Brent: Although some women do squirt. Don’t know what. Juice.


[announcing the name of his band onstage]
David Brent: We are Foregone Conclusion.


[trying to sell his product]
David Brent: That’s as stiff as you like and it won’t damage your rug. Well that’s what I told her.


David Brent: I found myself again and I started to do what I do best: Entertain.


David Brent: Keep the noise down. No, turn it up.


David Brent: I’m putting a tour together.


David Brent: On the road is where I really come alive.


[referring to Brent]
Dom Johnson: We’re both just trying to make it but he just has me wrapping about a lot of weird shit.


Dom Johnson: [rapping] Black people aren’t crazy, black people aren’t lazy, and poor’s aren’t babies. You can’t just pick them up, they’ve got rights.


David Brent: People often say, “Is there anything you won’t joke about?” Yes, the handicapped.


Band Keyboardist: I didn’t really know whether to laugh or cry. There’s been quite a few moments like that I think.
Band Drummer: There have, yeah.


David Brent: This tour is going to get better and better.


Dom Johnson: You think it’s painful to watch, I have to stand next to him.


David Brent: We are going to get a little bit funky. Um, probably too funky.


Dan: Just when you think he can’t get any worse, he’ll shoot a fat girl in the face with a t-shirt gun.


David Brent: I let her keep the t-shirt. It’s only fair.


David Brent: I like the people to feel I’ll get inside your head, maybe get inside your heart.


[meeting two female fans in his hotel room]
David Brent: What do you two do?
Female Fan: Work in an office.
[chuckles and looks at the camera]
David Brent: Oh, dear.

Total Quotes: 20