Our list of quotes from the dystopian sci-fi drama movie series based on the trilogy of novels by Veronica Roth. Set in a future where people are divided into distinct factions based on their personalities and teenagers have to decide if they want to stay in their faction or switch to another for the rest of their lives. The story follows Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) as she tries to decide which faction to choose to live in for the rest of her life, but when she finds out that is she is Divergent, a person who does not fit into any one faction, she discovers a conspiracy to destroy all Divergents.


1. Divergent (2014)

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Tris: We’re lucky to be in The City. They say that war was terrible, that the rest of the world was destroyed. Our founders built the wall to keep us safe, and they divided us into five groups, factions, to keep the peace.


Tris: The smart ones, the ones who value knowledge and logic, are in Erudite. They know everything.


Tris: Amity farm the land. They’re all about kindness and harmony, always happy.


Tris: Candor value honesty and order. They tell the truth, even when you wish they wouldn’t.


Tris: And then there’s Dauntless. They’re our protectors, our soldiers, our police. I always thought they were amazing. Brave, fearless, and free. Some people think that Dauntless are crazy, which they kind of are.


Tris: My faction is Abnegation, the others all call us stiffs. We lead a simple life, selfless, dedicated to helping other. We even feed the Factionless, the ones who don’t fit in anywhere. Because we’re public servants, we’re trusted to run the government.


Tris: It all works. Everyone knows where they belong. Except for me.


Tris: My mother’s says there’s an art to losing yourself. But I haven’t figured it out yet. I’m supposed to never think of myself, to always help others. To never look too long in the mirror.


Tris: Today I take the test. I’m scared it’ll tell me I’m not Abnegation, that I have to leave my family. But I’m even more scared that it’ll tell me to stay.


Tris: Trust the test. The test will tell me who I am, where I belong. Am I smart? Kind? Am I honest? Selfless? Or brave?


Tori: Your results were inconclusive.
Tris: That’s impossible. It doesn’t make any sense.
Tori: No, not impossible. It’s just extremely rare. They call it Divergent. You can’t tell anyone about this, not even your parents. As far as the world is concerned, you received an Abnegation result because that is what I’m manually entering.


Tris: So what am I supposed to do at the choosing ceremony? I was supposed to learn what to do. This was supposed to tell me what faction to choose, the test. We’re supposed to trust the test!
Tori: The test didn’t work on you. You have to trust yourself.


Jeanine: The factions system is a living being composed of cell, all of you. And the only way it can survive and thrive is for each of you to claim your rightful place. The future belongs to those who know where they belong.


[to Tris after she’s chosen Dauntless]
Christina: Is it just me, or are they trying to kills us?


Four: What’s your name?
Tris: It’s…
Four: Is that a hard one? You can pick a new one if you want, but make it good. You don’t get to pick again.
Tris: Okay. My name’s Tris.


Four: My name’s Four.
Christina: Four, like the number?
Four: Exactly like the number.
Christina: What happened? One, two, three were taken?
Four: What’s your name?
Christina: Christina.
Four: Well, Christina, the first lesson you learn from me, if you want to survive here, is keep your mouth shut. Do you understand me?


Christina: Have you never seen a hamburger before?
Tris: No, I’ve seen one. I just have never eaten one.
Will: Abnegation you plain food. Plant based diet with no sauces and a minimum of seasoning.
Christina: Which text book did you swallow?


Christina: No offense, but I’m surprised Abnegation even eats at all. Too selfish, right? No wonder you left.
Will: You got to be pretty self-confident to be friends with a Candor.
Christina: What is that supposed to mean?
Will: You have no filter. You say the first thing that comes into your head.
Al: You mean like, you’re an idiot?
Christina: Nice one, Al. At least we tell the truth.


Tris: Were you a transfer too, or Dauntless born?
Four: Are you kidding?
Tris: No.
Four: What makes you think you can talk to me?
Tris: It must be because you’re so approachable.
Four: Careful.
Christina: [to Tris] You, my friend, have a death wish.


[to Tris as they’re doing target practice]
Will: Statistically speaking, you should have hit the target at least once by now. Even by accident.


[as Tris and Molly have been chosen to fight each other]
Molly: How long do we fight for?
Eric: Till one of you can’t continue.
Four: Or one of you concedes.
Eric: According to the old rules. The new rules, no one concedes.
Four: You really want to lose them on their first fight?
Eric: A brave man never surrenders.
Four: Lucky for you, those weren’t the rules when we fought.


Tris: I’m never going to make it.
Christina: Yes, you are.
Tris: I’m the weakest one here.
Christina: Then you’ll be most improved.
Tris: You’re Candor, you’re not supposed to lie.
Christina: I was Candor. And I’m not lying.


Tori: You made a mistake choosing Dauntless. They’ll find out about you…
Tris: Who? Who will?
Tori: The people you’re a threat to.
Tris: What people? The Dauntless?
Tori: The whole society. If you don’t fit into a category. They can’t control you.
Tris: I don’t get it. I’m Dauntless. I’m going to be Dauntless. I chose Dauntless.
Tori: For your sake, I hope so.


Tris: What’s out there?
Christina: Monsters.
Al: Amity folks.
Tris: No, I know. But beyond that.
Will: Places that never recovered from the war.
Tris: [to Four] Do you know?
Four: Let’s just say they built the fence for a reason.


Eric: One thing you will learn here is that orders are not optional.


Tris: You cut me.
Four: I meant to.
Tris: You meant to?
Four: You think he was going to let you off without a scratch? You’d still be standing there if I hadn’t hit you.
Tris: So am I supposed to thank you?
Four: You’re supposed to be smart. If I wanted to hurt you, I would have.


Four: You should go easy, you took a beating.
Tris: I’m surprised you noticed. I saw you leave during the fight.
Four: Yeah, well. It’s not something I wanted to watch.


Tris: You’re afraid of heights.
Four: Everyone’s afraid of something.
Tris: I didn’t think you were afraid of anything.


Natalie: You weren’t sick the day you took your aptitude test, were you?
Tris: Why?
Natalie: What were your test results? Honey, it’s okay. You can tell me.
Tris: They were inconclusive.
Natalie: Divergent? You can’t tell anyone. You can’t tell your friends, your instructors. You can’t trust anyone.


2. Insurgent (2015)

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Jeanine: Peace. Long ago, before The Founders established this great city of ours, that word was all but meaningless. An ideal as elusive as a dream. Now, two hundred years later, we are, all of us, living proof that peace is indeed attainable. The reason for this is, of course, our Faction System. Erudite, Dauntless, Amity, Candor, Abnegation.


Jeanine: In dividing people according to personality and aptitude, we’ve created a society in which each faction plays a critical role in maintaining the social order. But this harmony we’ve achieved is now under attack from a small but extremely dangerous group of individuals. We call them Divergents. They are, in essence, the worst of what humanity used to be. Rebellious, defiant, and uncontrollable.


Jeanine: We are all that is left of humanity. The vast wall that encloses this city may protect us from our toxic surroundings, but it is up to us to confront any element that could poison us from within. Because, when you are civilization’s last hope, peace is not merely an ideal. It is an obligation. And it is up to all of us to take a stand against its one true enemy, Divergents.


Four: Still having nightmares?
Tris: No.
Four: We’re good. You and me. I know nothing else is, but we are.


Jeanine: Divergents will destroy our society. Unless we destroy them. And now we can. However, only a Divergent can open this box. Find them. Every last one of them.


Tris: I really don’t know how much longer I can do this whole peace and love thing.
Four: It’s the Amity way, alright? We’re just trying to blend in.
Tris: I’m trying to blend in. It’s just not working.


Peter: Hey, Tris. I really like your hair, by the way. Did you try to cut it all short and weird like that?


Tris: We need to kill Jeanine.
Four: I know. But we’re not ready yet.
Caleb: Beatrice, you’re not being serious, right?
Tris: No, I am being serious. I’m not going to stop until she’s dead.
Caleb: Tris, you can’t just go around killing people.
Peter: No, she’s right. Listen to your sister.


Peter: Tris, I think you should go to Erudite and kill Jeanine yourself. I’ll stay with Caleb so that you don’t get him killed too.
Tris: What?
Peter: Come on, you know. Like you did your parents.


Johanna: You don’t understand us at all.
Tris: No, I do understand you. I understand that you think you can stay out of this. But you can’t. One day she’s going to show up, and Jeanine is going to take whatever power you think you have away from you.


Johanna: See, to be Amity is to forgive. Others. And yourself. You’re hurting, Tris. And my heart goes out to you. I know what it’s like to stand helpless while you lose the ones you love. But killing Jeanine is not going to bring your mother back. I know you’re angry. But you’re letting it consume you.


Evelyn: Tobias.
Four: Mother.
Caleb: I thought she was dead.
Tris: Me too.


Evelyn: I’m still your mother.
Four: No, my mother’s dead. I went to her funeral when I was six. And she wasn’t trying to reconnect with me. She was trying to use me, like you are now.
Tris: Why?
Evelyn: She wants an army.
Caleb: An army?
Evelyn: I want an alliance.
Four: No, what you want is revenge.


Evelyn: This isn’t about me. It’s about putting an end to a system that says one group is more deserving than another. This city may be surrounded by a wall, but it doesn’t have to be a prison.


Evelyn: We’re on the same side, Tris. I’m Factionless because I don’t fit into any one faction. And you’re Divergent because you belong to too many. But we’re both a threat to Jeanine. My people are ready for war, if that’s what it takes.
Four: And then what?
Evelyn: We depose those in power.
Four: And once you’ve done that? Once you’ve killed Jeanine, who’s in power then? See, that’s the part that she always conveniently leaves out. Don’t you tell me this isn’t about you. This is only about you.


Evelyn: [to Tris, referring to Four] You want to tuck him in, or should I?


Evelyn: Listen, I only want what’s best for him.
Tris: You hardly even know him.
Evelyn: You’d like to think that, wouldn’t you? But deep down, I think you’re scared I know him all too well.
Tris: I’m not scared.
Evelyn: Of course you are. You’re scared he’ll finally see you for what you really are. Deadly. You don’t believe me? Ask him.
[she turns to see a dead Will next to her and wakes from her nightmare]


Four: Tris, I know you think Caleb is your responsibility, but he made his own choice.
You can’t protect everyone.
Tris: I can’t protect anyone.
Four: Nobody can. Him leaving isn’t your fault. None of this is your fault. Johanna was right. You have to forgive yourself.


Four: As part of Candor’s initiation, you administer a truth serum. Correct?
Jack Kang: We don’t typically discuss such matters out of faction.
Four: That’s a pretty evasive answer.
Jack Kang: Evasion is not dishonest.
Four: It’s not exactly honesty either.


Tris: [referring to the truth serum] I don’t want to do this.
Four: We have to. Neither of us have secrets worth dying for.


Jack Kang: May the truth set you free.


Jack Kang: If you suspected that Jeanine had corrupted Dauntless, why didn’t you just leave? Why did you stay?
Four: I wanted to leave. But I fell in love with Tris Prior. And I couldn’t leave her.


3. Allegiant (2016)

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[as they’re climbing the side of a building]
Tris: We’re almost there.
Four: Yeah, I’m right behind you.
Tris: What, are you afraid of heights?
Four: No. Who told you that?


Tris: Sometimes, when I look past the wall, I think that I can see something out there. Do you?
Four: No. I don’t.
Tris: Maybe you need to look harder.
Four: I am looking. I’m just not seeing what you’re seeing.
Tris: When it’s right in front of your face, you will.


Tris: [referring to Evelyn] Put the traitors on trial, close down the gate. It didn’t take her long to make the same mistakes as Jeanine.


Johanna: You should be up there with all the other leaders of the city.
Tris: No, that’s not me. I don’t want to make the rules.
Johanna: Great leaders don’t seek power. They’re called by necessity. The people need you.


Jack Kang: Now there is no doubt, Max, that you helped Jeanine take over Chicago, and exert brutal control over its citizens. So my only question to you is this. Did you feel justified in murdering people in support of her regime?
Max: Absolutely. People are sheep. They need a Shepherd to guide them. And when they resist, they’re slaughtered.


Max: I don’t want to die.
Evelyn: Neither did your sheep.
[Edgar shoots him]


Johanna: [to Evelyn] There was a time I would’ve said, “I leave you in love, not malice.” That time is past.


Evelyn: We need to show a united front, especially since Tris refuses to stand with us.
Four: I’m not going to tell Tris what to do.
Evelyn: Well, you need to try.
Four: Do you really think that you can stop people leaving this city?
Evelyn: The wall’s on total lockdown. My soldiers have orders. No one gets out.


Four: Why did you go to war with Jeanine, if you were just going to become her?
Evelyn: Leaders need to make tough decisions to protect their people. You’ll understand that when you take over for me. I’m doing this for you.


Four: Now might not be the best time to leave.
Tris: I know, but we can’t be here for every fight. And the message said to come out and meet the rest of the world.
Four: And we know absolutely nothing about the people who sent it.
Tris: But aren’t you curious to find out?


Four: What about our home?
Tris: I don’t think our home exists anymore. Maybe the way to help Chicago is going beyond the wall.
Four: And what if there’s nothing out there? What if there is nothing left?
Tris: I can live with that if you’re with me. But I cannot live without trying.


Caleb: You saved me?
Tris: It’s what you do for family.


[as they go past the wall]
Peter: Didn’t exactly send out the welcoming committee for you, stiff.
Tris: Shut up, Peter.
Peter: “Humanity welcomes you with hope.” What humanity?


Caleb: This hole looks radioactive. Or at least it was in the last two hundred years.
Christina: Meaning what exactly?
Peter: Somebody seriously messed up the world.


[as they’re taking shelter from the rain]
Peter: This is fun. I’m glad we did this.
Christina: What if there’s nothing else out there?
Tris: There has to be.
Caleb: I’m scared.
Christina: Yeah. I think that’s a good thing.


Christina: [after decontamination] I’ve never felt so clean in my life.
Peter: That was the best weird shower I’ve ever had. A little cold.


David: But what started as an attempt to erase humanity’s faults, almost erased humanity itself. Genetic modification deepened the rifts between people, and as they got more entrenched, the world began to tear apart. Until humanity crossed a line from which it could never return. In the ashes of civilization, a small group of genetically unmodified individuals established the Bureau of Genetic Welfare here, at Chicago’s O ‘Hare Airport.


Caleb: What’s an airport?


Four: How do they know who we are?
Matthew: The experiment is the entire focus of the Bureau. Our surveillance technology is centuries ahead of anything you’ve known in Chicago. They’ve grown up watching you.
Peter: Nothing creepy about that.


Edgar: [referring to Four] Do you hear what I’m saying? He betrayed you.
Evelyn: No. It’s just love.
Edgar: He’s your son. He should be loyal. I’m loyal.
Evelyn: Yes, you are. So rest up. I need you ready to fight.


Tris: What do you think?
Four: I think they’ve been studying us for two hundred years, and we need to catch up.
Tris: We’re going to give it a chance, right?
Four: Yeah. Of course we are. I wish we were alone.


David: Oh, Tris, I know you. I watched you being born. I saw the love that your mother and father had for you. I watched a little girl have a happy childhood and grow into a courageous young woman capable of making choices.


David: To your people, you are Divergent. To the Council, you are a freak. To me, you are a miracle.


David: Restoring order in Chicago is as important to me as it is to you. It’s the only way to save the Damaged.
Tris: What is the Damaged?
David: The genetic alterations had disastrous consequences. Too brave, and you’re cruel. Too peaceful, and you’re passive. Too smart, and you lose compassion. Like your brother.
Tris: Caleb’s Damaged?
David: Yes.


Tris: I mean, Four is Divergent. There’s lots of Divergents.
David: Not Divergent, Tris. Pure. You are genetically Pure. The rest are still Damaged.
Tris: Four?
David: Damaged. Not as much as Caleb, but Damaged. If we can understand what made you, maybe we can use that knowledge to help the Damaged.


David: Tris, in a moment of need, your mother did something that no one had done before. She volunteered to leave the safety of the Bureau, to enter the experiment herself. She did this because she knew the Damaged were worth saving. She believed in the experiment so much, she was willing to be a part of it. If I can show the Council your miracle can be replicated, then her life’s work is complete. The Council will be forced to look at every human being, no matter where they were born, as worthy of life. Help me. You saved a city. Help me save the world.


Tris: This separation, I don’t like it.
David: I agree. And in time, that won’t be necessary. But, Tris, I don’t know who told you that being different was a bad thing. Because I know it wasn’t your mother.