End of Watch Quotes: Raw and Effective

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Directed by: David Ayer
Written by: David Ayer
Jake Gyllenhaal – Brian Taylor
Michael Peña – Mike Zavala
Natalie Martinez – Gabby
Anna Kendrick – Janet
David Harbour – Van Hauser
Frank Grillo – Sarge
America Ferrera – Orozco
Cle Shaheed Sloan – Mr. Tre
Jaime FitzSimons – Captain Reese
Cody Horn – Davis
Shondrella Avery – Bonita
Everton Lawrence – Man Friend
Leequwid ‘Devil’ Wilkens – CK
James ‘Pistol’ McNeal – DJ
Zone – Too Tall
Alvin Norman – Peanut
Richard Cabral – Demon
Diamonique – Wicked
Maurice Compte – Big Evil
Yahira Garcia – La La
Manny Jimenez Jr. – Casper
Nikki Nicholle Barreras – Cindy
Michael Monks – Homicide Detective 1
Hugh Daly – Homicide Detective 2
Kristy Wu – Sook


End of Watch quotes gives a fresh approach in this very overdone genre. The story follows two LAPD officers, Mike Zavala (Michael Peña) and Brian Taylor (Jake Gyllenhaal), as they patrol the ganglands of South Central Los Angeles with Taylor documenting the life of a cop for a film project, it doesn’t take long before Zavala and Taylor find themselves in the crossfire of LA’s worst criminals. This is a smart and authentic drama that works well as a character piece with great chemistry between the leads, in this often not easy to watch movie.

Verdict: It’s not a perfect movie, with the handheld camera being a major downfall, but it makes up for this with its raw and gripping script.

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[first lines]
Brian Taylor: [voice over] I’m the police. And I’m here to arrest you. You’ve broken the law. I did not write the law. I may even disagree with the law. But I will enforce it. No matter how you plead, cajole, beg or attempt to stir my sympathies, nothing you do will stop me from placing you in a steel cage with grey bars. If you run away, I will chase you. If you fight me, I will fight back. If you shoot at me, I will shoot back. By law, I am unable to walk away. I’m a consequence. I am the unpaid bill. I am fate with a badge and a gun. Behind my badge is a heart like yours. I bleed. I think. I love. And yes, I can be killed. And although I’m but one man, I have thousands of brothers and sisters who are the same as me. They will lay down their lives for me. And I them. We stand watch together. A thin blue line. Protecting the prey from the predators. The good from the bad. We are the police.


[Taylor and Zavala are on patrol chasing a car]
Police Radio: Thirteen X-ray nine is in pursuit of a Code vehicle west on two seven.
[referring to the car they are chasing]
Brian Taylor: Go ahead, motherfucker. Try to run! Trying to run, you son of a bitch!
Mike Zavala: Hold on, hold on, hold on!
Brian Taylor: Eastbound through the alley at twenty hundred blocks from Hooper.
Police Radio: Now eastbound through the alley at twenty hundred blocks from Hooper.
Brian Taylor: Oh shit!
Mike Zavala: Come around, come around! Come around! Move, move, move! Get the fuck around, dude!
Brian Taylor: Pull to the right! Pull to the right!
Mike Zavala: Well, he’s not going to pull to the right.
Brian Taylor: You stupid motherfucker! Man, he almost lost it! Hit him! Hit him! Hit him!
[Zavala drives into back of the car they’re chasing, making it spin]
Mike Zavala: Got him!
[the car crashes into a corner and stops]


[after crashing their car, two men get out and start shooting at Taylor and Zavala, who return fire]
Brian Taylor: Fuck you!
[Taylor and Zavala shoot the two men down and walk towards them]
Brian Taylor: You good?
Mike Zavala: Good, good, good! This fucker’s down. I’m gonna hook him.
[Zavala handcuffs the two men on the ground]
Brian Taylor: You’re all good.
[Taylor radio’s in for back up]
Brian Taylor: Thirteen x-ray nine, you can show a Code Four.
Police Radio: Thirteen x nine is requesting additional supervisors to the four thousand block at Naomi.
[to Zavala]
Brian Taylor: Walk it off.
[as police backup arrives and checks the scene]
Male Officer: You good?
Brian Taylor: I’m good.
[referring to what Taylor and Zavala have done to the car and the two men]
Female Officer: Holy shit!


[Taylor is in the locker room and talking to the camera he’s set up]
Brian Taylor: Alright. This is my day job. Some of you…
[a police officer tries walking past Taylor]
Brian Taylor: Sorry, bro, I’m recording.
[back to the camera]
Brian Taylor: This is my day job. Uh…some of you might know me as Brian. Or uh…Taylor. But here I am Police Officer Two Brian Taylor. This is where the forces of good, prepare to fight to forces of evil.
[he grabs Zavala, who’s half-dressed]
Brian Taylor: This is my partner, Officer Zavala.
Mike Zavala: I’m in my chones.
Brian Taylor: I know, dude. Come on. Come on.
Mike Zavala: I’m in my chones. No, no, no!
Brian Taylor: Come on, man!
Mike Zavala: I’m good, bro.
[Zavala gets out of shot]


[Taylor looks back at the camera]
Brian Taylor: We work basic patrol here at Newton. One of the toughest divisions in the LAPD.
[Zavala gets back into shot as he’s getting dressed next to Taylor]
Mike Zavala: Shootin’ Newton, baby. That’s right. Lucky Thirteen.
[they both laugh, camera cuts to Taylor holding up his gun]
Brian Taylor: This is a department issue sidearm. Glock nineteen.
[gets out his knife and shows it to the camera]
Brian Taylor: Spyderco tactical knife.
[takes out a small black item]
Brian Taylor: And this little thing can break windows here.
[holds up two handcuffs]
Brian Taylor: Two Smith and Wesson handcuffs.
[holds up a small spray can]
Brian Taylor: Can of OC spray. Pepper spray.
[holding up the mags]
Brian Taylor: Two extra mags.
[points the camera into his locker]
Brian Taylor: What else? That’s my nametag here. Uh…you can see my, uh…partner’s dirty locker.
Mike Zavala: Yours is like a woman.
[Zavala points at Taylor’s neat locker]
Mike Zavala: Look at this. What is this, Pottery Barn?


[as Taylor continues filming in their locker room]
Mike Zavala: Dude, are you gonna shut the fuck up and get ready for roll call?
Brian Taylor: Dude, don’t swear, man. I have to edit that out, when you swear.
Mike Zavala: Oh fuck! Oh shit, dude! Fuck, man! Okay, now I’m Spanish.
[he starts speaking in Spanish, then another officer walks into the locker room]
Van Hauser: Oh, hey. You kids having fun?
[Taylor points the camera at Van Hauser]
Brian Taylor: Oh, look! It’s Officer Van Houser. Officer Three. Van Houser.
[Taylor points the camera back at himself]
Brian Taylor: Considered unpromotable by the department.
[then camera turns to Zavala, who whispers]
Mike Zavala: And the angriest fucking cop in the world.
Van Hauser: Taylor, I’m gonna tell Sarge that you’re taping in here.
Brian Taylor: What’d you say?
Mike Zavala: What?!
Brian Taylor: I don’t give a shit!
Van Hauser: I’m gonna tell Sarge that you’re taping in here.
Brian Taylor: Oh. Yeah. Well, it’s not really called taping anymore. Okay, it uses flash cards, but it’s not really a…
[Van Hauser walks in anger towards Taylor]
Brian Taylor: Don’t worry about it.
Van Hauser: God damn it!
[Van Hauser grabs holds of Taylor’s camera]


[as Taylor hooks a small camera onto Zavala’s shirt]
Brian Taylor: Hold up, hold up. Like that?
Mike Zavala: Mm-hmm.
Brian Taylor: Turn it on.
Mike Zavala: So am I recording you?
[we see that Taylor has an identical small camera hooked on the front of his shirt]
Brian Taylor: Yes, dude. And I’m recording you.
Mike Zavala: Oh, that’s so cool.
[Taylor points to Zavala’s camera]
Brian Taylor: See, that thing there?
Mike Zavala: Yeah.
Brian Taylor: That is the lens right there.
[pointing to his own camera]
Brian Taylor: It’s just like that, on that, this right here.


[Taylor and Zavala are at the officers meeting with the Sarge]
Sarge: Hey guys, quiet down! Alright, let’s settle down. Let’s settle down. Captain’s here, he’d like to say a few words. Let’s quiet down.
Captain Reese: Thank you, Sergeant.
[turning to the officers]
Captain Reese: Good afternoon.
Officers: Good afternoon
[Taylor points his camera at Zavala]
Mike Zavala: Put it down.
Captain Reese: I’d like to welcome back Zavala and Taylor. D.A. cleared these guys in last month’s shooting. Turned out to be a good shooting. I know firsthand what you guys went through. It’s an unpleasant experience being under that much scrutiny. But you need to remember something. An on the job shooting is still considered a homicide. It’s never an easy ride. If you do the right thing, I will always have your back. Do the wrong thing and cross me, I will personally throw you under the bus. Am I clear?
Officers: Yes sir!
Captain Reese: Taylor, am I clear?
Brian Taylor: Yes sir.
Captain Reese: Sergeant, am I clear?
Sarge: Yes sir.
Captain Reese: Have a nice day.
Sarge: Thank you, Captain.
[Captain leaves the room]


[after the Captain leaves, Sarge continues the meeting]
Sarge: Quiet down!
[holds up a notebook]
Sarge: See this? It’s a ticket book. Inside are things called tickets.
Mike Zavala: Son of a bitch!
Sarge: You can do things like stop motorists, and cut citations for speeding or going through a light. You all need to write.
Davis: Sarge, we cut citations every watch.
Sarge: I’m not talking to you.
[pointing to Taylor and Zavala]
Sarge: I’m talking to these two idiots.
Brian Taylor: My partner has a question.
Sarge: Yes?
Mike Zavala: I don’t really know how to write. Uh…but I do sign and draw pictures.
Sarge: Seriously, you don’t start writing, Captain’s going to shit on my head, and in turn, I’m gonna shit on your head. And I promise you, you guys are going to be separated.
Orozco: Do it, Sarge.
Sarge: Orozco and Davis, X Twenty-five. Peterson and Washington, X Forty One. Zavala and Taylor, you got X Thirteen. Williams and Cho, X Eight. Alameda and Green, X Twenty-one. Van Houser and Sook, X Four.
Brian Taylor: Yeah, Sarge? That’s not our area.
Sarge: That’s not your area?
Mike Zavala: No, we work Nine.
Sarge: Oh, I’m sorry, fellas.
Mike Zavala: No, that’s fine.
Sarge: Oh, no, you’re right. You’re on X Thirteen. Sorry fellas, this isn’t Monopoly. You don’t get to choose your real estate. Now go. Get out.
[everyone starts getting up to leave]
Sarge: Zavala, try not to uh…kill anybody before the end of the watch.
Mike Zavala: Really, Sarge?
Brian Taylor: Sir, if we kill someone in X Thirteen, can we go back to X Nine?


[after their meeting as the cops head out]
Sarge: Today is a brand new day. Get the shop, gas the shop, wash the shop. Make sure day watch didn’t leave behind any surprises for us. Look for guns, drugs, puke.
Davis: Pay attention, Boot.
Brian Taylor: Goodbye.
Sarge: Hurry up!
Sook: Yes sir.
Brian Taylor: How you doing, Van Houser?
Van Hauser: I warned you about that shit.
Davis: Where you running with that piece, Boot?
Brian Taylor: What? Why you so scared?
Sook: Go, go, go!
Brian Taylor: Go on, man! Shit! Jesus!
Davis: It’s like it’s day one. Boot, slow down with that piece.
Brian Taylor: Slow down!
Mike Zavala: Orozco, have you been working out?
Orozco: Yeah, with your mom.


[to Taylor and Zavala as they walk to their patrol cars]
Orozco: Why are you shooting everything?
Mike Zavala: It’s for his class.
Davis: I thought you were studying law.
Brian Taylor: Pre-law. I need an art elective. I’m taking filmmaking.
Orozco: Well, get my good side, hey?
Mike Zavala: You don’t have a good side.
Orozco: Listen, you know they can subpoena that shit if something goes sideways, right? Think twice.
Brian Taylor: Two words! Erase button!
Orozco: Two words. Just because you guys think you’re these big ghetto gunfighters now, don’t mean you can be dropping your calls.
Brian Taylor: That was at least two dozen words.
Orozco: Well, I barely got a G.E.D. so what do you expect, white boy?
Brian Taylor: Unbelievable.


[to Taylor and Zavala as they get ready to get into their patrol cars]
Davis: Saddle up, ladies. We’re sick of holding up your end.
[Zavala says quietly to Taylor]
Mike Zavala: Admit it, you’d hit that shit.
Brian Taylor: What? Orozco?
Mike Zavala: Yeah.
Brian Taylor: With a cinderblock.
[to Sook]
Davis: Check the roof, Boot! Where’s your shop?
[to Zavala as he checks the trunk of their car]
Brian Taylor: I got Red Bull, Monster, and uh…
Davis: They all say thirteen, check the roof.
Sook: Thank you, ma’am.
Davis: Faster, Boot, let’s go!
Van Hauser: Get in the car!
Sook: Yes sir!


[as they get into their patrol car]
Brian Taylor: And then I got you some kombucha because I know you like that stuff.
Mike Zavala: Fuck that shit!
Brian Taylor: What is that?


[Taylor and Zavala go out on patrol, both of them wearing clip-on cameras to capture everything]
Mike Zavala: Dude, it’s good to be back, man. Old lady was driving me crazy at the casa, like making me do shit.
[mocking Zavala]
Brian Taylor: Oh no! She dared ask for your help around the house? That’s incredible. Outrageous.
Mike Zavala: Hey, just ’cause I look like the dudes from Home Depot, doesn’t mean I do the shit the Home Depot dudes do.
Brian Taylor: I would never profile you as a man who helps his wife with chores.
Mike Zavala: Shut up.
Brian Taylor: Dude, I’m your homie, okay? I would never, ever do that.
[Taylor laughs]
Mike Zavala: Oh, bro!
Brian Taylor: Mm?
Mike Zavala: Her brother was always coming over during the day to swim. Every day. I hate everything about him. He smells like weed sometimes. Like he’s got, like a prescription. The guy was like: “No, it’s all good”, and I was like whatever, get him the hell out of here! I swear to God I’m fillin’ in that pool with cement.
Brian Taylor: Not personally, ’cause you’ll hire a Home Depot dude for that task.
Mike Zavala: Fuck you.


[after they get a radio call to go check out an incident’s at a man’s house]
Brian Taylor: First customer of the day.
Mike Zavala: I hope they enjoy our police service.
[Taylor laughs]


[at their first call, they are at a man’s house, where he is shouting at Taylor and Zavala and acting violent]
Mr. Tre: Suck my dick! That motherfucker’s a lying ass nigger. Fuck him and fuck you too!
[as Tre starts getting violent]
Brian Taylor: Hey, hey, hey! Shut your fucking…! You touch me, I will fucking shoot you. You stay where you are.
Mr. Tre: I don’t give a fuck about both of you motherfuckers. I’m ready to die today. Fuck y’all.
Brian Taylor: This can go one of several ways right now. It is all about your attitude.
Mr. Tre: Fuck you! I got my mail! I helped him! I helped him give me my mail! Now I’m getting tired of this shit!
Brian Taylor: Alright.
Mr. Tre: I’m not playin’ with you all.
Mike Zavala: Sir, if you’ve been drinking, you need to stay the fuck inside and not intimidate the mailman. That’s it.
Mr. Tre: Fuck you! You need to shut the fuck up! Because without that badge and gun, you ain’t shit!
Mike Zavala: Yeah?
Mr. Tre: You’re less than motherfucking nothing! You motherfucking border hoppin’, donkey riding, Mexican motherfucker.
Mike Zavala: Oh yeah?! Oh, yeah?! Is that so?!
Brian Taylor: Woh! Woh! Woh!
Mr. Tre: You want to find out what I’m about?
Mike Zavala: Show me! Yeah, I wanna see!
Mr. Tre: You want to find out what I’m about?!
Brian Taylor: Fuck.
Mike Zavala: Let’s settle this right here like grown men, motherfucker!
Brian Taylor: Not again, man.
Mr. Tre: What’d you say? You wanna take a fade? You want to fight me?
Mike Zavala: Yeah, I want to fight you. Let’s go, bro!


[as Zavala and Tre continue to throw abuse at each other]
Mr. Tre: I’ll whip your punk ass! You gonna get the fuck out of my crib?
Mike Zavala: Hell, no! But you called me out, bro! Now I’m calling you out! What’s up?
Mr. Tre: You whip my ass, I’ll put them motherfucking handcuffs on my motherfucking self. And that’s on the set.
[Taylor sees the door to the house open and closes it]
Brian Taylor: Door.
[Tre takes off his shirt, getting ready to fight Zavala]
Mr. Tre: It’s gonna be a pleasure beating your bitch ass. It’s my fucking fantasy.
Mike Zavala: Keep talking.
Mr. Tre: I don’t know who the fuck you think you’re fucking with, but I love this shit. To beat a motherfucking punk-ass police ass like yours.
Mike Zavala: Keep talking, bro.
Mr. Tre: Let’s get this shit poppin’, motherfucker.
[Zavala and Tre start fighting]
Brian Taylor: Oh, shit!
[Taylor watches and captures their fight on his camera]
Brian Taylor: This shit’s crazy!


[to Zavala]
Brian Taylor: Fucking kick his ass! Come on! Come on, Z!
[eventually Tre knocks down Zavala and starts kicking him]
Brian Taylor: Yoh, Z, Z, Z!
Mr. Tre: Now, get the fuck up. You like that? This ain’t no wrassling match.
[to Zavala as he gets up]
Brian Taylor: You alright? You alright? You alright?
[Zavala gestures to Tre to continue fighting]
Mike Zavala: Come on!
[Zavala hits the man hard]
Brian Taylor: Come on, man!
[Zavala pushes Tre hard against the wall, Taylor points the camera to himself]
Brian Taylor: That’s what happens when you fuck with the police.
[Zavala repeatedly punches Tre]
Brian Taylor: Yeah, come on. Take him! Take him! Take him! Take him!
[Zavala continues to punch Tre]
Mr. Tre: Fuck you! Border hoppin’, motherfucker!
[Zavala eventually wins the fight]
Brian Taylor: You alright?
Mike Zavala: Gimme the hooks.
[Taylor throws Zavala the handcuffs and Zavala drops it in front of Tre]


[later that night, Tre and his gang members are talking about his run in with the police]
Man Friend: But on some real shit, though, I wanted to holler at you. All my niggers keep on talkin’ about how you got your ass whipped by a motherfucking little punk-ass wonton.
Mr. Tre: No, these niggers are just hatin’. Let me tell you something. Me and the cop got down, right? Motherfucker took off his badge, dropped his gun. I mean, he kept it gangster. We straight up squabbled. Head up.
Man Friend: But they still took you to the County though, huh?
Mr. Tre: Yeah, but for disorderly conduct. Not for squabbling with the police, you feel me?
CK: You fought a cop and they didn’t put no assaulting a peace officer on you?
Mr. Tre: Listen to me, my nigga. I’m trying to tell you all. They really showed me love to keep it G. I’m a two time felon, right? Y’all know that, right? Could have struck me out and gave me life for fighting that cop, you feel me? I got right out, it wasn’t shit.
CK: Alright, but we heard you got your ass beat.
Mr. Tre: You better shut the fuck up, CK. I’ll run this fucking fork up in your ass, I swear to God. Let me tell you somethin’, win, lose or draw, as long as you squabble and get down, that’s gangster, you understand what I’m sayin’?
CK: Yeah. I mean, that Mexican cop might be acting bull with you, Tre. But he’s still out there out there killin’ niggers. Straight out.
Mr. Tre: No, no, no, no. Listen to me, all y’all. This whole fucking thing is like changing of the guard. Back in the day, all these neighborhoods used to be black, and what are they now?
CK: Mexicans.
Mr. Tre: Exactly. There used to be chicken stands on the corner, and now there’s fucking taco stands on every corner. We’re in some real shit and if we don’t come together, we’re gonna be some extinct niggers pretty soon.
CK: Watch it, watch it, watch it!
DJ: Go, go, go!
[suddenly a van with Mexican gang members drives by and shoot at Tre and his gang, killing one]


[after the Mexican gang members have attacked and shot at Tre’s gang]
La La: Fuck yeah! We got those putos! We got ’em! Eat shit, motherfuckers!
Big Evil: Fuck!
La La: Show those putos whose neighborhood this fucker is! Shit.
Big Evil: Fucking proud of you. And that’s what I’m fucking telling you. Good. That was fucking good. That’s what I’m fucking telling you. I’m proud of you. Fucking did it, man. That’s what I’m fucking talking about when I’m fucking proud of you, man. Fucking proud of you man now you’re a fucking man. Right?
Demon: Right, homie.
Big Evil: Right?
Demon: Right.
Big Evil: Alright then. No fucking fear, man. No fucking fear. That’s how we fucking do it, man. That’s how we fucking do it, man.


[the next morning, Taylor and Zavala find the Mexican gang’s van, burnt to a crisp]
Brian Taylor: So this is what we believe to be the Code thirty-seven vehicle used in the drive-by last night.
Mike Zavala: Curbside Gang’s at it again, bro.
Brian Taylor: It fits the description. It comes back as stolen. Curbside likes these vehicles because they blend in, you can put a lot of people in them. This door slides back, and the gang members open fire. The victim was a male black from a Blood set that has basically been at war with this Hispanic gang over control of narcotic sales.
Mike Zavala: Partner.
Brian Taylor: Yeah? What’s up?
Mike Zavala: Check this out.
[Zavala points to shell casings found inside the van]
Brian Taylor: Oh, shit. Those are shell casings. Detectives told us that three different weapons were used and we’re seeing at least two kinds of shells, so…shit.
[Zavala clears his throat as a warning]
Brian Taylor: What’s up?
[Taylor looks round and see two detectives approaching them]
Brian Taylor: Those are the Homicide Detectives working the case.
Homicide Detective 1: What the hell’s this?
Brian Taylor: What?
Homicide Detective 1: Candid Camera?
[the homicide detective grabs Taylor’s camera]
Brian Taylor: Oh, no, sir. It’s just a project I’m working on.
Homicide Detective 1: Yeah?
Brian Taylor: Yeah.
Homicide Detective 1: Well, I don’t wanna see that.
Brian Taylor: There are uh…forty-five and nine millimeter shell casings inside.
Homicide Detective 2: How do you know that? Did you touch ’em? Did you fuck up my vehicle?
Brian Taylor: No, sir.
Mike Zavala: Sir. Sir, we found it, we called you.
Homicide Detective 1: Well, the big dogs are here now, so set up some yellow tape and stand on the other side of it.


Brian Taylor: Dude, it’s been two hours, we’re still waiting for the detectives to release the scene so we can go back on patrol.
Mike Zavala: Comfortable footwear. Policing is all about comfortable footwear.
[they see Van Hauser and his partner arrive on the scene]
Brian Taylor: Officer Van Hauser. Good evening.
Van Hauser: Sarge said I should relieve you guys so you can go back to being the street gods that you are.
Mike Zavala: I’m down with that.
[to Sook, as she follows him passed the yellow tape]
Van Hauser: Hey! Hey! On the street. Watch the street. Make sure no assholes come up here and kill us.
Sook: Yes, sir.
Van Hauser: Fucking Christ.
[mocking Van Hauser]
Brian Taylor: Officer Van Hauser, have you made a difference today?
Van Hauser: You know I see you guys out here, you’re being good little company men, aren’t you? Are you doing the Lord’s work? And you’re making a difference, as you call it. It’s all fun and games to you, you get to run and jump and fight and shoot. One day, mark my words, one day the LAPD is going to bend you over your black and white, and they are going to fuck you up the ass. They are going to fuck you so long and so hard, you’re gonna want to eat your gun just to make it stop. And if…if you don’t eat your gun and the fucking somehow magically stops, they’re going to give you freeway therapy. You’re gonna end up doing West End Valley day watch. Spending two hours every day on the fucking freeway just thinking about the fucking that they gave you. Bad guys attack from up front. The department comes in from the rear. Watch your six.
Mike Zavala: I’m ready.
[holding up a hand gel]
Mike Zavala: This may say Purell but It’s really KY.
Van Hauser: Officer Zavala. That’s funny. You kids have fun out there. The LAPD’s got a big fucking cock.
Brian Taylor: You’ve got a big heart. Thank you for sharing that. Can’t wait to get it up the ass.


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