Starring: Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin, Helena Bonham Carter, Fiona Shaw, Adeel Akhtar, Frances de la Tour



Netflix’s mystery drama directed by Harry Bradbeer. The story of follows Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown), Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes (Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin) rebellious teen sister. When her mother, Eudoria Holmes (Helena Bonham Carter), mysteriously disappears on her 16th birthday, Enola suddenly finds herself under the care of her brothers, who are less interested in solving the case than in packing her off to finishing school. Enola escapes to search for her mother in London. But when her journey finds her entangled in a mystery surrounding a young runaway Lord, Tewksbury (Louis Partridge), Enola becomes a super-sleuth in her own right, outwitting her famous brother as she unravels a conspiracy that threatens to set back the course of history.


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Enola Holmes: Now, where to begin? The first thing you need to know is that my mother named me Enola. She insisted on it, in fact. I know it’s an unusual name, but my mother is rather a fan of word games. And Enola spelled backwards reads, well, “alone”.


Enola Holmes: She would continually tell me…
Eudoria Holmes: You’ll do very well on your own, Enola.
Enola Holmes: And yet we were always together.


Enola Holmes: My father died when I was young. I don’t really remember him. And both my brothers left home soon after. I barely remember them either. So then it was just the two of us, and it was wonderful.


Enola Holmes: She was not an ordinary mother. She didn’t teach me to string seashells, or practice my embroidery. We did different things. Reading, science, sports, all sorts of exercise, both physical, and mental.


Enola Holmes: Mother said we were free to do anything at Ferndell, and be anyone. She was my whole world. But she didn’t share everything with me.


Enola Holmes: Mother believed privacy was the highest virtue, and the one most frequently violated. Which leads me to the second thing you need to know.


Enola Holmes: A week ago, on the July morning of my sixteenth birthday, I awoke to find that my mother was missing. She’d left Ferndell Hall, our home, at some point during the night. And she did not return.


[we see Enoloa fall off her bike]
Enola Holmes: And the third thing you need to know, and there may be those amongst you who have already guessed it, is that cycling is not one of my core strengths. But needs must when you must speed somewhere.


Enola Holmes: The fourth thing you need to know is that I’m presently on the way to collect my brothers, Mycroft and Sherlock. Names which backwards spell out, respectively, Tforcym and Kcolrehs. Perhaps one shouldn’t read too much into the “alone” idea.


Enola Holmes: Yes. Sherlock Holmes. The famous detective, scholar, chemist, virtuoso violinist, expert marksman, swordsman, singlestick fighter, pugilist, and brilliant deductive thinker. My genius brother. He will have all the answers.


[as Sherlock and Mycroft don’t recognize her]
Enola Holmes: And the fifth thing you need to know is that they haven’t seen me in quite some time.


Sherlock Holmes: Enola.
Mycroft Holmes: My God. Look at you. You’re in such a mess. Where’s your hat and your gloves?
Enola Holmes: Well, I have a hat. It just makes my head itch. And I have no gloves.
Mycroft Holmes: She has no gloves?
Sherlock Holmes: Plainly not, Mycroft.


Mycroft Holmes: We didn’t send for you, silly girl. We sent for the carriage. Did you at least bring it?
Enola Holmes: The carriage?
Mycroft Holmes: Yes.
Enola Holmes: What carriage would you be wanting? Because I have a few in mind…
Mycroft Holmes: The carriage I pay for.
Enola Holmes: Right. I think you may have us confused with another house.


Sherlock Holmes: She wasn’t returning, and yet she disguised her intentions perfectly.
Mycroft Holmes: That’s good news, is it not?
Sherlock Holmes: Depends if you’re relying on her coming back.


[as he picks up one his mother’s books titled “The Subjection of Women”]
Mycroft Holmes: Oh, good God! Feminism. Perhaps she was mad, or senile. Though madness, in our family? I would doubt it.
Sherlock Holmes: I think I can surmise, by the way that she left, leaving no clear leads, that she still had her full wits about her.
Mycroft Holmes: No madwoman could compile the accounts she sent me over the last ten years.


Sherlock Holmes: Enola, you at least had a governess?
Enola Holmes: She wouldn’t like you in here. This is her private space.
Sherlock Holmes: Tell me, she at least saw that you had an education? She valued education.
Enola Holmes: She taught me herself.


[referring to how her mother got her to read]
Enola Holmes: And I did it on my own account. For my own learning. Which, mother said, was the best way to become a young woman.
Mycroft Holmes: Well, this is what she wanted you to become?
Sherlock Holmes: Mycroft.
Mycroft Holmes: What?
Enola Holmes: I don’t know what she wanted me to be. She’s left me too.


Enola Holmes: She will return, won’t she, Sherlock? Won’t she?


Mycroft Holmes: What is she up to, Sherlock? She was too old to remarry. She had no passions or ambitions I was aware of. She simply had to ensure Enola a decent life, and to live her remaining years with dignity.


Mycroft Holmes: This is my house, not hers, and has been since father died. She asked for sixteen years to bring up Enola here. I gave it. And for that, I deserve to be robbed? I am not the villain here.
Sherlock Holmes: Perhaps she needed the money. You clearly don’t. Or has the government cut your salary?


Mycroft Holmes: It’s always the same, isn’t it? Always the same. We don’t see each other for months, and then you blast in without a care, and condemn me with your bon mots.
Sherlock Holmes: Simply inquiring.
Mycroft Holmes: You are judging. You are judging something for which you took no responsibility. You’ve never shown an interest in this family.
Sherlock Holmes: I don’t mean to judge.


Mycroft Holmes: [to Sherlock] We have two problems, as I see it. One, finding a boarding school that is willing to take Enola on, so she won’t be a complete failure in this world. That I am in the process of solving, with the help of an old friend. And two, finding mother. The first is my problem, the second I consider yours.


[as Mycroft wants to send Enoloa Miss Harrison’s finishing school]
Miss Harrison: Where is she?
Mycroft Holmes: She’s inside, though I must warn you in advance, she’s unbroken.
Miss Harrison: We’ll soon see about that.
Mycroft Holmes: We need to break her and build her up.


[as Enolia is being measured]
Seamstress: Waist, twenty-four inches. Chest, thirty-three inches.
Miss Harrison: Well, that’s too small.
Enola Holmes: They are perfectly fine.
Seamstress: Hips, thirty-five inches.
Miss Harrison: Oh, how disappointing. We will have to use an amplifier.


Mycroft Holmes: A wild and dangerous woman brought up a wild child.
Sherlock Holmes: She seems intelligent.


Enola Holmes: Hips are simply a function of legs, aren’t they? What need have they of amplification?
Miss Harrison: Aren’t you the clever little tongue? I’m going to enjoy that.
Enola Holmes: I won’t enjoy being imprisoned in those preposterous clothes.
Miss Harrison: These clothes will not imprison. They will free. They will allow you to fit into society, to take part in its numerous pleasures. To catch an eye, to attract.


Mycroft Holmes: With Miss Harrison’s help, we’ll make her acceptable for society. Father would be turning in his grave.


Miss Harrison: At my finishing school, you will learn how to be a young lady, and you’ll make many new friends.
Enola Holmes: I don’t need friends. I have my own company. And I don’t need to go to your ridiculous school.
[suddenly Miss Harrison slaps her hard]


[referring to Enola]
Mycroft Holmes: An unedcated, underdressed, poorly mannered wildling.


Enola Holmes: No! Please don’t do this to me. Let me remain happy. I am happy here!
Mycroft Holmes: You are a young woman now, Enola. You need an education.
Enola Holmes: Test me on, anything you think I need to know in order to be sufficient for this world.
Mycroft Holmes: If she taught you so well, you wouldn’t be standing in your undergarments in front of me.


Mycroft Holmes: You have no hope of making a husband in your current state.
Enola Holmes: I don’t want a husband!
Mycroft Holmes: And that is another thing you need to have educated out of you.


Enola Holmes: Sherlock. Don’t let him do this to me.
Sherlock Holmes: You are his ward.
Enola Holmes: Make me yours. Guide me. Teach me. For him, I am a nuisance. For you…
Sherlock Holmes: Enola. I’m sorry. It’s out of my hands.
Enola Holmes: Just like his cruelty to our mother was out of your hands.


Enola Holmes: She is not dangerous. She is remarkable, and always has been. And if you still can’t see that, then shame on you both!
Mycroft Holmes: So remarkable that she left you in my care.


Enola Holmes: Why did you never visit?
Sherlock Holmes: I lead a busy life.
Enola Holmes: Why did you never write?
Sherlock Holmes: Would you have cared for my letters?


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