Starring: Denzel Washington, Marton Csokas, Chloë Grace Moretz, David Harbour, Haley Bennett, Bill Pullman, Melissa Leo, David Meunier, Johnny Skourtis, Alex Veadov, Vladimir Kulich, E. Roger Mitchell, James Wilcox, Mike O’Dea, Anastasia Mousis, Allen Maldonado, Rhet Kidd



Vigilante action thriller reboot directed by Antoine Fuqua. The story is loosely based on the 1980s TV series and follows retired ex-special forces operative Robert McCall (Denzel Washington), who lives a life of quiet and routine working at a local hardware store during the day and reading at the local diner at night. However, McCall’s self-imposed quiet life is interrupted when a young prostitute he befriends, Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz), is beaten up by Russian mobsters and McCall finds his desire for justice is reawakened.


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“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. – Mark Twain”


[first lines; Robert McCall is up before his alarm goes off, we see him getting ready and going to his job at Home Mart, we see McCall wheeling bags of cement down to some construction workers]
Robert McCall: Thought you finished this job last week.
[he hands them the paperwork to sign]
Construction Worker: The owner wants the driveway wider now.
Robert McCall: When they pay…
Construction Worker: They say. Thank you.
[the construction worker gives the paperwork back to McCall who turns and makes his way back through the hall passing two employees talking]
Jay: They make the newer guys take tests. Like firemen.
Marcus: Yoh, Pops. Bet you didn’t have to push dollies at your old job, did you?
Robert McCall: Guilty as charged.


[McCall enters the lunch hall]
Robert McCall: How you doing, Jenny?
Jenny: Mm-hmm. Better now.
[McCall joins his co-worker Ralphie for lunch]
Ralphie: How’s it going, Mr. McCall.
Robert McCall: Alright, Ralphie. What you got there?
Ralphie: It’s tuna.
Robert McCall: Bread?
Ralphie: Whole-grain, gluten-free.
Robert McCall: Okay. Condiments?
Ralphie: Sprouts, avocado and veganese mayo.
Robert McCall: Okay.
[Ralphie takes a bite of his sandwich and McCall hears a crunching noise]
Ralphie: The bone in the tuna.
[McCall gives him an “I don’t believe you” look, Ralphie passes his sandwich to McCall]


[McCall lifts the bread off of Ralphie’s sandwich to see there’s chips in it]
Robert McCall: Oh.
Ralphie: What? Potatoes are a vegetable.
[McCall holds up one chip]
Ralphie: I like crunchy things.
Robert McCall: Carrots are crunchy. Dried seaweed is crunchy.
Ralphie: I’m a human, not a rabbit.
Robert McCall: You want to make security guard, you got to lose weight. You got a test in one week. Now, you asked me to help you, but if you’re not willing to apply yourself.
Ralphie: Yeah.
Robert McCall: Hey. Progress, not perfection.
[McCall passes the sandwich back to Ralphie who nods his head and starts taking out the chips]
Ralphie: No more chips.
Robert McCall: No more chips.
Ralphie: Who needs flavor? Right?
[McCall laughs]


[after McCall finishes work we see him taking the bus home, he has his dinner alone, washes his dishes, he then reads his book for a bit before deciding to go to the diner to read his book, as he enters the diner he takes a seat and sets his book “The Old Man and the Sea” and the cutlery at the table exactly as he wants, then he takes out his own tea bag]
Diner Patron: All right, see you later, Jake.
Jake: Have a good one, Billy.
[as the two construction workers leave one of them blows air kisses at the young girl, Teri, sitting at the diner counter, she flips him off]
Teri: Fuck you.
[the waiter places a cup in front of McCall and pours hot water, McCall places his tea bag in it]
Robert McCall: Thank you.
Jake: You’re welcome.
[McCall picks up his book to read when Teri interrupts him]
Teri: He catch that fish yet?
Robert McCall: Just hooked it.
Teri: It’s about damn time.
Robert McCall: Well, it’s a big fish. Don’t know if he can hang on, though.
Teri: Oh, no.
Robert McCall: Mm. Tooth and nail right now.
Teri: Yeah, well, maybe he’s just too old.
[McCall chuckles]


[as Teri eats her pie]
Robert McCall: Thought you were going to give up refined sugar.
Teri: I am.
Robert McCall: When?
Teri: Any day now.
Robert McCall: Yeah? Bad for your vocal cords. Body, mind, spirit, remember?
Teri: I bought a little machine for making demos.
Robert McCall: Yeah? I bet you’re good.
Teri: What makes you say that?
Robert McCall: Intuition.
[Teri gets up to leave]
Teri: Alright, well, I’ll see you later, Jake.
[she places her money on the counter]
Jake: Okay. See you later, honey.
[Teri turns to leave]
Teri: You let me know what happens with that, uh…
Robert McCall: Mm?
Teri: …fish.
Robert McCall: Okay.
Teri: Alright, I’ll see you.
[Teri leaves the diner and hails down a cab]
Teri: Hey!


[the next day as McCall is sitting taking a break at work Marcus and Jay walk over to him]
Marcus: Hey, yoh, Pops. We’re betting on what you did before you got here.
Jay: Like, for a living.
Marcus: I’m saying insurance, claims and shit.
Jay: He was a stock dude, man. He was on Wall Street.
Robert McCall: I was a Pip.
Jay: Yoh, you were a pimp?
Robert McCall: No, not a pimp. A Pip. P-I-P. Pip.
Jay: What the fuck is a Pip?
Robert McCall: Why you got to curse so much? You know, like Gladys Knight and the Pips. Like this.
[he starts doing the dance moves]
Home Mart Employee: Check this out!


[as they watch McCall doing his Gladys Knight and the Pips dance moves]
Marcus, Jay: Oh, come on!
Marcus: Stop it. Uh-uh. Uh-uh. Don’t do that, right now. Don’t do that.
Home Mart Employee: Yeah. Break it.
[McCall continues doing the moves and spins around]
Marcus: Oh, the spin?
Jay: What?
Marcus: Wait a minute. Oh, the slide
Jay: You’re going to blow the whistle!
[as McCall does the final move]
Jay: Oh!
Marcus: Ah!
[McCall starts walking off]


Marcus: Come on. I’m going to look it up right here. Man, I’m looking this up. I’m going to look.
[Marcus takes out his phone and searches for Gladys Knight and the Pips on “Soul Train”]
Marcus: Yoh, so which one were you?
Robert McCall: The one on the right.
[Marcus and Jay look at the show on the phone]
Marcus: Yoh, that’s not him right there.
Jay: Yeah, that’s him with the afro.
Marcus: Hm? He’s bald!
Jay: So he had a wig on!
Marcus: That’s cool, yoh.
Jay: That’s him.


[that night McCall is back at the diner reading his book when Teri walks in]
Teri: Hey, Jake. What a fucking night.
[she sits at the counter]
Jake: Yeah, it’s tough out there, honey.
[he places coffee and a plate of pie in front of her]
Jake: Here you go, kid.
Teri: Thanks.
[Teri looks over to McCall and notices he’s reading a new book]
Teri: He ever catch it?
Robert McCall: Hm?
Teri: The fish.
Robert McCall: Oh, yeah. Yes. Yeah, he did.
Teri: It’s a happy ending.
Robert McCall: Well, not exactly. The old man tied the fish to the side of the boat, had to row back to shore. The fish bled in the water, sharks came and ate the whole fish till there was nothing left.
Teri: Well that’s just kind of a waste, isn’t it?
Robert McCall: No. Depends upon how you look at it. The old man met his greatest adversary just when he thought that part of his life was over. He saw himself in the fish. Came to, came to respect it the more it fought.
Teri: Why didn’t he just let the fish go?
Robert McCall: The old man’s got to be the old man. Fish got to be the fish. got to be who you are in this world, right? No matter what.


[as a limo pulls up across from the diner Teri gets a call from her pimp, Slavi; in Russian]
Slavi: You’ve got a client.
Teri: I don’t want to.
Slavi: What?
Teri: Can’t you get someone else?
Slavi: He wants you.
Teri: But this customer is a pig.
Slavi: He’s waiting outside.
[the limo outside honks its horn, the limo car door opens to reveal an obese man waiting sat in the car, clearly upset Teri turns to Jake]
Teri: How much is it, Jake?
Jake: Don’t worry about it. Go make your living.
Teri: Thanks, Jake.
[Teri slowly makes her way towards the door, McCall watches as she wipes her tears and walks outside to meet her client]
Teri: Hey, honey! How you doing? You ready to have a good time?


[we see McCall helping Ralphie get into shape by pulling a bit heavy tire]
Robert McCall: Come on. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull! Pull, pull, pull! Come on, come on. Eight, seven, six, five, four, four, four.
[Ralphie falls to the floor as he pulls]
Robert McCall: Oh, come on, now. Come on.
Ralphie: I can’t.
Robert McCall: You can’t? What if that were me? You going to leave me to die of smoke inhalation? I’m a buck ninety. How you going to pull me out of a burning building if you can’t pull a tire twenty yards?
Ralphie: I’m not strong enough.
Robert McCall: Hey, don’t doubt yourself, son. Doubt kills. Get up. Come on, get up. Get up. Giddyup, giddyup, giddyup!
[Ralphie pulls himself up]
Robert McCall: On your mark, get set, pull.
[Ralphie starts pulling the tire again]
Robert McCall: Come on. Who’s going to make security guard?
Ralphie: I am!
Robert McCall: Who’s going to make security guard?
Ralphie: I am!
Robert McCall: Who’s going to make security guard?
Ralphie: I am!
[Ralphie finally pulls the tire to the cross line]
Robert McCall: There you go. I like it. Let’s do it again.


[McCall goes to diner in the evening again, he finds Teri listening to music and wearing sunglasses to hide a bruise on her face, he gets her attention by offering her a doughnut]
Robert McCall: Loaded with poison, just like you like it.
Teri: Is it your birthday?
Robert McCall: No, it was some guy at work. I didn’t want to waste it.
Teri: Happy birthday, Some Guy at Work. How old are you?
[McCall walks over to sit at his usual table]
Robert McCall: How old are you?
Teri: Doesn’t really matter.
[Teri gets up, take the doughnut and walks over to McCall’s table, he looks at her]
Teri: I’m sorry. I’m breaking protocol, right?
[she turns to walk away]
Robert McCall: No, no. Listen. Hey, come on, sit down. Sit. Sit. Sit.
[he pulls the chair opposite him out]
Teri: Okay.
Robert McCall: Come on, sit down.
Teri: Alright.


[Teri takes the seat opposite McCall at his table]
Teri: Are you sure I’m not interrupting anything?
Robert McCall: Yeah. So?
Teri: I don’t know. You know, I just kind of felt like a quiet voice. Before it all goes crazy.
Robert McCall: Okay.
Teri: I’m Teri.
Robert McCall: Bob.
[he extends his hand in a fist in a friendly gesture, Teri punches his fist, McCall chuckles]
Robert McCall: Ow. It’s good.
Teri: You know, you don’t look like a Bob.
Robert McCall: Oh, yeah?
[to Jake who pours him some coffee]
Robert McCall: Thank you.
Teri: You look like a Robert. Robert reads books like this, and Bob watches TV.


Teri: My real name’s Alina.
Robert McCall: What happened to your face?
Teri: Something stupid.
[Teri reaches into her bag and takes out a CD and gives it to McCall]
Robert McCall: Look, it’s not professional. Just tell me what you think, okay?
[McCall picks up the CD on which Teri’s written “My Songs. Alina: ‘Teri'” ]
Robert McCall: Oh, wow. Alina the singer.
Teri: You and I know what I really am.
Robert McCall: I think you can be anything you want to be.
Teri: Maybe in your world, Robert. Doesn’t happen that way in mine.
Robert McCall: Change your world.


[as McCall stirs his coffee Teri notices he has no wedding ring]
Teri: There’s no ring.
Robert McCall: Hm?
Teri: On your wedding finger, there’s no ring.
Robert McCall: No.
Teri: So no Mrs. Robert at home?
Robert McCall: No.
Teri: Was there ever?
Robert McCall: Once.
Teri: Did you break her heart?
Robert McCall: She broke mine.
[Teri looks at him for a moment]
Teri: You know, I see a lot of widowed guys. Something in your eyes. You know, it’s not sad. It’s just kind of lost, you know?
[McCall stares at her]


Teri: You always read books?
Robert McCall: My wife did. She, uh, she was working through the One Hundred Books Everybody Should Read. She made it to ninety-seven, so I figured I’d give it a shot. And one day we’d have something to talk about when we get together.
Teri: Wow, a hundred books.
Robert McCall: Yeah.
Teri: Holy moley. How many have you read, Robert?
Robert McCall: Ninety-one.
[just then Teri’s phone starts ringing]
Teri: Sorry, this damn thing.
[she turns off her phone]
Teri: Ninety-one books, though. You’re almost done.
Robert McCall: Almost.
Teri: What are you going to do after that?
Robert McCall: Take singing lessons. And then I’m going to open a doughnut factory.
[Teri starts laughing]
Robert McCall: What? Why are you laughing?
[McCall starts laughing with her and they continue to talk]


[later that night McCall walks with Teri]
Teri: You know, I love being up at this hour.
Robert McCall: Yeah?
Teri: Yeah. You know everything’s so dark. It makes everything seem possible again.
Robert McCall: Yeah, me, I can’t sleep at night.
Teri: Yeah, well, I get to hear your stories. What’s your new one about?
Robert McCall: Oh, it’s about a guy who thinks he’s a knight in shining armor. The only thing is, he lives in a world where knights don’t exist anymore.
Teri: Kind of sounds like my world.
Robert McCall: I’m just up the block.
Teri: I’m going to grab a cab or something. Thank you for the quiet voice, Robert.
[McCall extends his hand and she shakes it]
Robert McCall: You are very welcome, Alina.
Teri: Yeah. Catch you around, alright?
Robert McCall: Good night.
[just as Teri turns to leave a car pulls up across from them]
Teri: Shit.
[to McCall]
Teri: See you.


[Slavi gets out of his car and Teri walks over to him, he starts talking in Russian]
Slavi: What did you do, huh?
[Slavi grabs Teri]
Slavi: What did you do to that customer?
[she replies in Russian]
Teri: Slavi, he hit me. Alright?
[suddenly Slavi slaps Teri and starts talking in English]
Slavi: Who the fuck do you think you are? Hm?
[to McCall as he starts walking over to them]
Teri: It’s alright. It’s alright.
[Slavi speaks in Russian again]
Slavi: Understand.
[to McCall]
Teri: It’s alright. It’s alright, Robert.
[Slavi drags Teri to his car]
Slavi: Let’s talk about you not answering my calls.
[as Slavi puts Teri in his car McCall notices Slavi’s henchman, Tevi, is holding a gun]
Slavi: Bitch!
[in Russian; referring to McCall]
Tevi: Should we give him a card?


[Slavi walks over to McCall]
Slavi: This girl, she’s no good.
[he gives McCall a business card]
Slavi: Call this number. I send you another. Better.
[Slavi walks back to his car]
Slavi: Come on.
[to McCall in Russian]
Tevi: Don’t be shy. Make the call. Understand.
[McCall watches Teri in the car as it pulls away; the next night McCall visits the diner as usual but Teri doesn’t show; McCall walks into the diner another night]
Jake: I heard she’s at the ICU at Shawmuts. Someone beat her up real good.


[McCall goes to the hospital and sees another prostitute, Mandy, by Teri’s side, he watches them from a distance]
Mandy: You’ll be okay, Alina. You’ll be okay.
[McCall sits in the hospital hallway reading his book when he sees Mandy walk over to the coffee machine crying, as she pours herself some coffee she forgets to turn the tap off and the coffee spills out on her hand, McCall rushes over to help her]
Robert McCall: Oh. Watch it. Don’t you worry about it.
Mandy: It’s okay. It’s okay.
Robert McCall: Here you go.
[he hands Mandy a napkin and tries to clear up the mess]
Mandy: I can, I can, it’s fine. Thank you.
Robert McCall: Got it. How’s she doing?
[Mandy looks at him with distrust]
Robert McCall: Alina. How’s she doing?
Mandy: Who are you?
Robert McCall: Just a friend.
[McCall offers her a napkin and she takes it]


[Mandy recounts to McCall what happened to Teri]
Mandy: A guy hit her. And she hit him back. A guy called Slavi. So Slavi made example of her. They do that. They burned one girl’s face with battery acid. Keep her around as a reminder for the rest of us. They brought Teri over very young. I think she got to the point where she thought her life could be hers one day. Slavi reminded her it never would be. He said he’d cut her throat next time. He said a whore who fucks and can’t talk might be worth twice as much.
[later McCall looks at the card that Slavi gave him, he then looks at the CD Teri had given him, he then thinks back to his last conversation with Teri and his conversation with Mandy]
Teri: You and I know what I really am. It’s something in your eyes.
Robert McCall: Change your world. Anything you want to be.
Mandy: He said he’d cut her throat next time.


[Slavi drives up to his restaurant and gets out of his car, the valet walks over to Slavi; in Russian]
Slavi: What is that piece of shit doing in my parking space?
[Slavi enters the restaurant and goes over to the bar, the bartender gives him a drink]
Bartender: Hi, Slavi.
Slavi: Are they upstairs?
Bartender: Yes.
[Slavi goes upstairs and enters his office where his men are meeting; in Russian]
Slavi: Tevi. You collect from that fuck, Dmitri?
Tevi: Yes. He asked for forgiveness.
Slavi: Forgiveness?
[Tevi places an enveloped stuffed with cash in front of Slavi]
Tevi: I told him. What am I, Jesus Christ?
[Slavi places the envelope in his safe then pours himself a drink when there’s a knock on the door and McCall enters; in English]
Slavi: You lost, dedushka?
[to Tevi in Russian]
Slavi: How the fuck did he get up here?
Tevi: I don’t know. Should I get rid of him?
Slavi: No.


[McCall walks over to Slavi’s places the card Slavi had given him on the desk]
Robert McCall: I’m here for that girl. You gave me that a couple of nights ago.
Slavi: We give out lots of cards. You still can get it up, dedushka?
[Slavi and his men laugh]
Robert McCall: I’m here about a certain girl. She got beat up pretty bad.
Slavi: I’m thinking that maybe you have wrong address, dedushka.
[McCall just looks at him]
Slavi: This girl, she have name?
Robert McCall: Her name’s Alina.
Slavi: Alina? Mm. Ah, no, it doesn’t ring a bell. But whoever she is, I’m sure she must know how to suck the cock.
[Slavi and his men laugh again]
Robert McCall: Uh, okay. Um, look, I understand. These girls that you, uh, that you represent. I understand it’s like they’re an investment. So, um, I can give you ninety-eight hundred dollars.
[he takes out an envelope with the cash from his pocket and places on Slavi’s desk]
Robert McCall: It’s cash.
Slavi: You’re wanting to give me nine thousand dollars?
Robert McCall: Ninety-eight hundred. Cash.
Slavi: For what?
Robert McCall: Her freedom.
Slavi: Uh-huh.
[Slavi chuckles]


[to his men in Russian]
Slavi: Can you believe this guy?
[in English]
Slavi: This guy going to give me nine thousand dollars for one single piece of pussy. Ah, must be Ferrari pussy.
[his men laugh]
Slavi: You fucking Americans think that you can come into my place of business and just buy whatever you want. Beautiful Russian girls, no problem, just throw down this bullshit money. You fucking insult me.
[Slavi looks at McCall threateningly then laughs]
Slavi: I’m just fucking with you, man. Ah, but you got very big balls coming in here. I like that. So, nine thousand dollars for the troublemaker.
[Slavi extends his hand to McCall and as McCall takes his hand to shake]
Slavi: One month. That’s it. What, you think this is one time payment? I make this off this girl in two weeks. That girl is still child. I still can sell her as virgin, huh? This makes prime earner for good while.
[Slavi lets go of McCall’s hand]
Slavi: Take your fucking money and go back to your house and jerk yourself off nine thousand and eight hundred times. And then you come crawling back here and talk to me, huh? She will be used up by then for sure. Maybe then I will let you have her for nothing. Hm?


[McCall looks and Slavi and his men]
Robert McCall: Okay.
[he places the envelope with cash back in his pocket, then turns the three small skull statues on Slavi’s desk, one towards Slavi, one towards Tevi and the other towards his men]
Slavi: You’re okay, dedushka? Bye-bye.
[McCall turns to leave; in Russian]
Slavi: You know amerikantsy.
[as McCall reaches the door he opens and closes it three times, locks the door and turns to look at Slavi]
Slavi: You forget something?
[McCall carefully observes the men and whatever weapons they may be holding]
Robert McCall: Sixteen seconds.
[he sets the timer on his watch and starts walking towards Slavi]
Robert McCall: One one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand.
[one of the men aims his gun at McCall, but he grabs the man’s arm from behind, turns it and uses the gun to shoot Slavi in the throat, then he jabs a shot glass into that man’s eye, stabs a second man with a knife, slashes the throat of the third man and stabs the second man again]


[McCall grabs two corkscrews and repeatedly stabs Tevi, then stabs one under his chin and forces it through into his mouth]
Robert McCall: Eight one-thousand.
[in Russian]
Robert McCall: Understand?
[as Tevi falls to his death McCall stops his watch and looks at the timer]
Robert McCall: Twenty-eight minus nine, nineteen. Nineteen.
[McCall walks over to where Slavi is lying and sits next to him to watch die slowly]
Robert McCall: Your heart’s beating three times the normal rate. It’s because you’re losing so much blood. About thirty seconds your body’s going to shut down and you’re going to suffocate. Alina, the girl you beat half to death, her life’s going to go on. Yours is going to end right here, on this funky floor over ninety-eight hundred dollars. You should have taken the money.
[as he watches McCall, with his last breath Slavi gurgles out]
Slavi: Who are you?
Robert McCall: Twenty-six one-thousand, twenty-seven one-thousand, twenty-eight one thousand.
[Slavi dies, McCall shakes his head in regret]
Robert McCall: I’m sorry.
[McCall washes his hands then goes home and sleeps]


[the next day McCall is at work sawing a piece of wood when Ralphie comes over]
Ralphie: Mr. McCall, it’s lunchtime. Mr. McCall, lunchtime.
[McCall turns off the saw and notices Ralphie is holding a can of Pringles in his hand]
Robert McCall: You test tomorrow and you’re eating that salty stuff?
Ralphie: These are for you.
[he gives the can to McCall]
Ralphie: Open it.
[McCall opens the can and takes out a piece of paper which has “247” written on it]
Ralphie: I made the weight. Tomorrow I’m going to ace that test, Mr. McCall. Thanks to you.
[they fist pump and Ralphie notices the bruises on McCall’s knuckles]
Ralphie: What happened?
Robert McCall: Uh, hit it on something stupid.


McCall is in his apartment watching the news on TV
News Reporter: In what investigators are calling a gangland-style execution, five men were killed at some point last night in an office above this restaurant. Police sources have said the killings have all the earmarks of a turf war between rival factions. Names are not yet being released…
[McCall turns off the TV; we see Russian mobster, Teddy, arriving in Boston and meets two cops Master and Pederson]
Masters: How’s it going?
Pederson: How you doing, sir? Morgan Pederson.
Teddy: I know who you are. Get in the car.
[they get into the car]
Teddy: Take me to the murder scene.


[Teddy stands in Slavi’s office looking at the murder investigation files and the photos of each of the victims]
Masters: We figured two, maybe three, guys killed them all that quickly.
Pederson: If it was a power play, no one saw it coming. None of our informants heard about this going down.
Masters: Security system’s hard drive was taken so we’re blind in here. All we know is at 11:17 a waiter goes up with a tray of food and finds them dead.
Teddy: I want images from every security camera within a six-block radius. If you have any trouble, call that number and it will be taken care of. Phones charged and on. I tend to call at odd hours. Now, if you could drive me to my residence.
[Teddy turns to leave]
Masters: Hey. Uh, yeah, wait a second, Mr. Sunshine. Um, what do I look like to you? A fucking chauffeur?
[he takes his gun out and places it on the table]
Masters: This is our town. You’re a fucking guest.


[Teddy takes a seat at the cops table]
Teddy: Let me apologize for my conduct. It was a long flight on short notice, and I like to focus, to work quickly. The deaths of Mr. Pushkin’s men have interrupted his operations here. Imports, movements of goods, have all ceased. That’s unacceptable. I am the one Mr. Pushkin calls in when people like you fuck up.
Masters: Mm.
Teddy: I’m accountable now.
Masters: Listen, pal. I don’t like your tone…
Teddy: You have taken Mr. Pushkin’s money for years. Money that comes with conditions. Non-negotiable conditions. Problem you’re having with me is you think you still matter. You don’t. I am all that matters. And so we’re clear. I’m not here to say “please.” I’m here to tell you what to do.
[Teddy gets up and starts walking away]
Teddy: Be ready for business. We open tomorrow.


[at work McCall notices Ralphie isn’t in]
Robert McCall: Brian, you seen Ralphie? Supposed to be taking that security guard test after work.
Brian: Called in and quit.
Robert McCall: Quit?
Brian: No notice either. Kids, right?
[after work McCall visits a restaurant, as McCall enters, he sees Ralphie sweeping the floor]
Ralphie: We’re closed.
[Ralphie turns to see it’s McCall]
Ralphie: Mr. McCall.
Robert McCall: Ralphie. Heard you quit today, I got worried.
Ralphie: Uh, oh, uh, my mom had a little accident here last night. There was a fire.
Robert McCall: I see.
Ralphie: So I’m going to help out around here now.
Robert McCall: Okay.
[Ralphie turns to call out to his mother and speaks to her in Spanish, Ralphie’s mom greets McCall in Spanish and he replies in Spanish, they shake hands; to Ralphie]
Ralphie’s Mom: We have a lot of work to do.
Ralphie: Okay.
[to McCall]
Ralphie: Yeah, so…
Robert McCall: Need some help?
Ralphie: Yeah, if you’re not doing anything that’d be awesome.
Robert McCall: Helping you.
[Ralphie laughs]


[Masters drives Teddy to meet some gangsters]
Masters: Listen, Teddy, the Irish are clean on this one. They had nothing to do with it, huh? Come on. What are you going to do? You going to sit down with all these guys? I’m telling you.
Teddy: Yes, I understand. Duly noted.
[they stop at the workplace of the gangster and walk over to meet him]
Masters: Listen, huh? Do me a favor, alright? Whatever you do, don’t call him “Little John,” okay?
[they meet the gangster, John Looney, in his office]
Little John Looney: Frank, why you working for these fucking Russians? My money not good enough?
Masters: John, you know I got respect for your business…
Teddy: Mr. Looney. You understand why I’m compelled to make this visit.
Little John Looney: I don’t know shit about what went down or who you should be out looking for. If I want to take over anything, I’d fucking do it. There’d be nothing left to you people. So maybe you just don’t understand who the fuck I am.
Masters: John. Easy, huh? Easy.
Little John Looney: Don’t “easy,” Frank. Shut the fuck up! Fucking flipperhead.


Little John Looney: See, I hate you fucking Russians. You’re all crazy and you’re arrogant. Now, the Irish, we came here for a piece of the American dream. You people come over here to steal it, so fuck all of you.
Teddy: Well, Mr. Looney, I appreciate your candor. It’s refreshing, and lets me understand that you’re not smart enough to have done this.
Little John Looney: What the fuck?
Teddy: Which brings me to my next issue. We pay you fifteen percent to do business here.
[Teddy gets up, picks up a pen from Looney’s desk and goes over to the map on the wall to circle the area]
Teddy: The additional ten percent you steal, we ignore. We anticipated it, as you people are such clichés. And the fact that you’re a rat to the Feds is also tolerable, Little John.
Little John Looney: What the fuck?
Teddy: What we will not tolerate is getting nothing for our money: no information, no protection, no assurances. You understand, Little Johnny?


Little John Looney: Who do you think you are coming down here…?
Teddy: Who I am, or what I am? Who I am is complicated. What I am is easier. I’m a threat. I alter outcomes.
Little John Looney: Throw this motherf…
[Teddy hits John with an ashtray while Frank kills Looney’s men, Teddy continues to beat Looney’s face]
Looney’s Guy: Oh, fuck!
[Teddy finally beats Looney unconscious then calmly turns to walk out as Masters watches in shock, he runs after Teddy as he walks towards Masters car]
Masters: Hey! Hey. This is my town. Do you understand me? This is my home. You cannot run around like a fucking wild animal. What the fuck was that?
Teddy: It’s a message. It says, “I’m here.”


[as McCall helps Ralphie clean his mother’s restaurant]
Robert McCall: What really happened in there, Ralphie?
Ralphie: Faulty wire or something. We both know that’s not true. I’m sorry I wasted your time, Mr. McCall.
Robert McCall: Hey, you didn’t waste my time. Don’t worry about it.
Ralphie: My mom doesn’t have much except this place. And, you know, when stuff like this happens, I just got to put everything on hold for a while and help her out, you know?
[McCall nods his head]
Ralphie: What was I thinking? I wasn’t going to pass the security guard test anyway.


[Teddy is sat in the back of a car talking to Mandy]
Teddy: Was there anything unusually strange about Slavi before he was murdered? Did he mention a name perhaps? Agitated about something?
Mandy: Slavi never did his business in front of the girls. Tevi handled us.
Teddy: We can’t locate one of the other girls from Slavi’s stable. Teri. You know her?
Mandy: No. No.
Teddy: Where we might find her?
Mandy: Sorry. I didn’t know her that well.
[Teddy looks at her as though not quiet believing her]


[talking on the phone]
Vladimir Pushkin: Was my message received, Teddy?
Teddy: Yes, Mr. Pushkin. All of our associates, Irish, Italians, Armenians, are all denying any knowledge or involvement.
Vladimir Pushkin: We cannot show weakness. I need this wrapped up quickly.
Teddy: It will be.
[speaking in Russian]
Teddy: Of course, don’t worry.
Vladimir Pushkin: Good.
[in English]
Vladimir Pushkin: Now enough of what you don’t know. Tell me what you do know.
Teddy: Well, I’m still sifting through things, but the killings were spontaneous. Whoever did this specialized in killing. I’ve rarely seen skills like this. I don’t think it’s someone we’ve encountered before.
Vladimir Pushkin: Whoever it is, just find him, Teddy. I’m talking over a million barrels, this delivery.
[in Russian]
Vladimir Pushkin: Understand?
Teddy: It will all be well.
[in English]
Teddy: I’ll take care of it.
Vladimir Pushkin: When you do, be loud about it. I don’t want this happening again.
[in Russian]
Teddy: Of course.
[Teddy ends the call, we see Teddy is looking at surveillance photos of McCall walking to Slavi’s restaurant]


[two dirty cops, are eating in Ralphie’s mom restaurant]
Detective Harris: Come on. Stuff it in.
Detective Gilly: See that? That son of a bitch.
Detective Harris: Yeah. Come on.
[Harris turns the restaurant’s open sign to closed; to the other patrons]
Detective Harris: Everyone out.
Detective Gilly: We’re closed. Get out.
Detective Harris: Let’s go. Time to go.
[Gilly goes over to Ralphie’s mom who’s preparing food in the kitchen and addresses her in Spanish; as the patrons leave]
Detective Harris: Nice to see you.
[Ralphie’s mom walks over to Gilly and hands over an envelope stuffed with money]
Detective Gilly: See? You pay on time, no more problems.
Detective Harris: Alright, let’s go.
[speaking in a mocking Spanish accent]
Detective Harris: Mamacita, you need to clean the grease. It’ll cause a fire.
Detective Gilly: That was good accent.
Detective Harris: We’ll see you next week.


[as they leave the restaurant through the back door]
Detective Gilly: Come on. Let’s go to the Banana and get a blowie.
[suddenly a flashlight is pointed at them, McCall is standing in the back alleyway]
Robert McCall: Hey, officers.
Detective Harris: Woh.
Detective Gilly: What the fuck?
Detective Harris: Put the light down.
[McCall turns off the flashlight]
Detective Harris: What’s up?
Robert McCall: I’d like to report a crime.
Detective Harris: Really? Call 911.
Detective Gilly: Come on. Let’s get out of here. Fuck that guy.
[they walk over to their car]
Detective Harris: Yeah. I Should have shot that motherfucker.
Detective Gilly: Yeah, take it easy.


[they get into their car]
Detective Gilly: How did you get this job?
Detective Harris: I blew the commissioner.
[Gilly’s phone rings and he answers it to hear McCall’s voice on the line]
Robert McCall: Why waste city services when I got two corrupt cops right in front of me?
[Gilly ends the call]
Detective Gilly: It’s that guy.
Detective Harris: This fucking guy?
Detective Gilly: Yeah.
Detective Harris: Back up.
[Gilly backs up the car, they get out and walk over to McCall]
Detective Harris: How’d you get that fucking number?
Robert McCall: It wasn’t hard.
Detective Harris: Yeah?
Robert McCall: Neither was this.
[McCall shows them a video he took of them extorting a convenience store clerk]
Detective Harris: Ask the lady down the street. The one who had the fire? Same thing could happen to you with your whole fucking family.
Detective Gilly: Open it.
Detective Harris: You pay like everybody else.


[referring to the McCall’s video footage of them]
Detective Harris: How many copies?
Robert McCall: One.
Detective Gilly: Yeah, you must have a death wish, pal.
Detective Harris: What the fuck do you want, huh? Huh?
[Gilly turns McCall against the wall and starts to search him as Harris points his gun at him]
Robert McCall: Those people you took the money from, maybe you should give it back.
[Gilly and Harris laugh]
Detective Gilly: Why would we do that?
Robert McCall: Well, it would be in the best interest of everyone involved.
Detective Harris: Really?
Robert McCall: Yeah.
Detective Harris: Well, maybe our best interest is to tie a cinder block around your waist and throw you in the fucking Mystic, huh?
Detective Gilly: Let’s do that. It’s a good idea.
[as Gilly goes to grab McCall’s hand suddenly McCall turns around knocks him out then takes Harris’ gun and knocks him down too]


[McCall then stands over Harris pointing the gun at him]
Robert McCall: You’re supposed to stand for something, punk.
Detective Harris: Fuck.
Robert McCall: Protect and serve. Uphold the law. Justice. Remember?
[McCall takes out the bullets and puts the gun on Harris’ chest]
Detective Harris: Who the fuck are you?
[McCall starts walking away]
Robert McCall: Tomorrow you’ll have returned all the money you extorted from those people. You’ll tell them it will never happen again. You do that, and this video will never be seen. You don’t, and a half an hour later you’ll watch the uncut version on every news outlet in the area. Now, I’m offering you a chance to do the right thing. Take it.
[the next day a beat up looking Harris and Gilly walk out of Ralphie’s mom restaurant after returning her money]
Detective Harris: That fucking hurt more than the beating.
[we see Ralphie returning to work at Home Mart, McCall smiles as he sees Ralphie]
Ralphie: Mr. McCall. Are you done standing around or what?


[a frightened looking Mandy is sat in her apartment with Teddy]
Teddy: All the other girls have claimed that you were very close to Teri. Huh?
[Mandy looks at him with tears rolling down her face]
Teddy: You lied to me about that.
[Mandy starts crying Teddy opens a small music box he’s taken from the shelf]
Teddy: It’s pretty.
[he goes over to Mandy]
Teddy: When did you last talk to her?
Mandy: Over a week ago.
Teddy: Mm-hm.
Mandy: I went to the hospital. I saw her there.
Teddy: Did anyone else visit her?
Mandy: Yes. A man.
Teddy: A man? Customer?
Mandy: No. A nice man. A black man. He wanted to know what happened to her.
Teddy: His name?
Mandy: He didn’t say.
Teddy: And your friend, Teri?
Mandy: No one saw her after she left hospital. After what they did to her.
Teddy: And you contacted her?
Mandy: No. No one saw her.


Teddy: Look at me. Are you telling me the truth? Are you telling me the truth?
Mandy: Yes.
Teddy: Are you telling me the truth?
Mandy: Yes.
Teddy: Are you telling me the truth?
Mandy: Yes.
Teddy: Telling me the truth?
Mandy: Yes!
[Teddy pulls Mandy over to him and she leans her head on his shoulder]
Teddy: Would you like some water?
[Mandy replies in Russian, Teddy gets up to get her some water]
Teddy: To moisten your throat.
[he leaves the room to fetch a glass of water, he returns with the glass and hands it to her]
Mandy: Thank you.
Teddy: Sweet. My angel.
[Teddy starts grabbing and stroking Mandy’s face]
Teddy: Hm? Yes.


[Mandy starts sobbing]
Mandy: Please. Please.
[Teddy kisses her forehead as she sobs with fear]
Teddy: So beautiful.
Mandy: Please, please, Teddy.
Teddy: So beautiful.
Mandy: Please, Teddy.
Teddy: But so deceitful.
[Teddy wraps his arm around her neck and starts squeezing]
Mandy: Please. Please don’t.
Teddy: So fucking deceitful.
Mandy: Please don’t.
[Teddy starts strangling her]
Mandy: You’re hurting me! Please stop.
[as she struggles Teddy strangles her to death]


[at a baseball game with Home Mart employees; referring to the ball that’s just been hit]
Marcus: Here we go. Oh, oh, oh! I got it! I got it! I got it!
[just as Marcus goes to catch it McCall runs by and catches the ball, the crowd cheers]
Man in Crowd #1: There you go! Way to go, Bobby!
Man in Crowd #2: There’s no place like Home Mart.
[we see Ralphie dressed in a security guard uniform, having passed his test, clapping]
Ralphie: Yeah!
[McCall smiles at Ralphie; to Ralphie]
Marcus, Jay: Oh!
Marcus: I see you!
Jay: Ralphie, bravo!
Jenny: You passed your test!
Marcus: Looking good, man.
Jay: Hey, did they give you a gun?
[Ralphie looks over to a smiling McCall and tips his hat who tips his hat back]


[as they wait for Teddy]
Pederson: What the hell he call us in here for?
Masters: Maybe he’s finally done chasing his own tail, you know?. Maybe he’s chased it down he needs to go home.
Remar: Wasting our fucking time.
Masters: Yeah, that sounds about right.
[Teddy enters the office]
Teddy: I matched the arrival and departure times of everyone going in and out of the restaurant and I discovered a curious thing. This person walks in the front door several minutes after Slavi arrived, but never comes out.
[shows them the security photo of McCall]


[to his work colleague]
Robert McCall: Alright. Later.
Home Mart Employee: Thanks.
Robert McCall: Alright.
[as he walks over to Jenny as she’s serving a customer]
Robert McCall: Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. Can you do a quick card refund for me when you’re done? Gentleman’s in a hurry.
Thief: Open that fucking register like I just said.
[McCall sees he’s pointing a gun at Jenny]
Thief: Move, move. Empty the register. Now. Go ahead, open this thing up.
[Jenny begins to cry]
Thief: Tell this bitch to fucking move it. Open the register up right now.
[McCall just looks at him]
Thief: Move.
[McCall opens the register and start taking out the cash]
Thief: All of it. Give me all of it. Come on. Move, move, move, move.
[McCall hands the cash to the thug]
Thief: That ring too. Give me that ring.
Jenny: No.


Thief: Give me that fucking ring, I said.
Jenny: Please.
Thief: Give me the ring.
Jenny: It was my mother’s.
Thief: Fuck your mother. Give me that ring.
[he points his gun at her, McCall observes several details of the man, like his cap and tattoos, he doesn’t make a move as children enter the store with their mother]
Thief: Take it off.
Robert McCall: I got it.
Jenny: It was my mother’s.
Robert McCall: Shh.
Thief: I don’t care. Give me the fucking ring.
Jenny: Please.
Robert McCall: It’s okay, Jenny.
[McCall takes the ring off her finger and gives it to the thug who turns and leaves, McCall follows the man outside and gets a look at the plates on his car as he drives off]


[later after they’ve informed the police]
Robert McCall: You okay?
Jenny: Yeah.
[McCall walks over to Ralphie]
Robert McCall: Hey, listen. Police said the guy’s done four like this. Shot a guy over in Somerville a month ago, so. It’s only money.
[McCall walks off and gets a sledgehammer off a rack; the next day Ralphie greets Jenny at work]
Ralphie: You okay?
Jenny: Hey, Ralphie. Still a little freaked out.
Ralphie: Yeah, well, if you need anything, let me know.
Jenny: Thanks, Ralphie.
[Jenny opens the cash register and sees her ring inside]
Jenny: Oh, my God. My ring.
[she looks around her, we then see McCall wiping blood off the sledgehammer before placing back it on the rack]


[as McCall is getting ready to leave for his usual nightly diner visit he hears a noise and as goes to leave his apartment he starts his stopwatch and Teddy shows up]
Teddy: Mr. McCall.
Robert McCall: Yeah.
Teddy: Sorry to bother you. We’re looking into a homicide that occurred two weeks ago. Five dead. Russian restaurant.
Robert McCall: Oh, yeah. I heard about it on TV. I happened to be there that night.
Teddy: Oh, you were?
Robert McCall: Yeah. You wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.
Teddy: That’s right. We’re just checking to see if any of the patrons remembered anything suspicious that night.
Robert McCall: Not that I recall.
Teddy: May I ask why you dined at that particular restaurant?
Robert McCall: I like pirozhki.
Teddy: There’s five authentic Russian restaurants within walking distance of your apartment.
Robert McCall: Mm.
Teddy: I assume they all serve pirozhki.
Robert McCall: Wow. I was meeting a friend, it was her idea.
Teddy: Then I guess I should talk…
Robert McCall: Sheila. Sheila Saunders. But she won’t be any help. She wasn’t there, her daughter had a fever.
Teddy: Didn’t stay long?
Robert McCall: I didn’t check my watch.
Teddy: I see. Well, thanks for your cooperation.
Robert McCall: You’re very welcome.


Teddy: Tell me, do you know this girl?
[he shows McCall a photo of Mandy’s dead body]
Robert McCall: Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t remember where from. What happened to her?
Teddy: She fell down and broke her neck.
Robert McCall: Did she?
Teddy: I’ll be in touch.
[Teddy takes the photo and turns to leave]
Robert McCall: Don’t you want to leave me your card, officer? In case I remember anything? That’s what you policemen usually do, right?
Teddy: Must have given them all out.
Robert McCall: How did you find me? I paid cash, we didn’t have a reservation. How did you find me?
Teddy: Well, that’s what we do, Mr. McCall.
Robert McCall: We who?
Teddy: We find people we need to find.
Robert McCall: We who?
[Teddy leaves, McCall stops his stopwatch, goes back into his apartment to watch Teddy getting into his car; to Masters as he gets into the car]
Teddy: Everything about him is wrong.
[McCall watches the car drive off from his apartment window]


[we see McCall’s photo being taken as he leaves work; talking on the phone]
Teddy: And his military history? No. Keep digging.
[Teddy ends the call]
Pederson: This is what we have on Robert McCall so far.
[he looks down at the file they’ve created on McCall]
Pederson: College-educated. Works a straight forty at the Home Mart. Bank statements, tax returns, all jive. Looks pretty normal.
Teddy: All lies. Fabricated.
[we see McCall making a weapon in his apartment]
Teddy: We need to take him cleanly. Alive. A place without cameras, no witnesses. A man with his skills, I want to know who he really is. I want to know who he’s working for.


[we see McCall sat in the diner as usual reading his book when a man dressed in construction clothes enters the diner]
Man: How you doing? Give me a coffee, please. An egg sandwich too. On a roll. No cheese, please.
Jake: You got it. I’ll be back in a minute.
[to the man after Jake goes into the kitchen]
Robert McCall: Is it just you, or are we waiting for someone else?
Man: I’m sorry. What?
Robert McCall: Your hands. If you really worked the power lines your hands wouldn’t look like that. I know we got to be waiting for somebody else.
[the man laughs]
Man: Motherfucker.
[we see Masters, Teddy, Pederson and Remar sat in the car outside the diner watching; back in the diner the man takes out a gun and turns to face McCall]
Man: Hands where I can see them.
[McCall sets his stopwatch as the man walks over to him]
Man: We’re going to take a little walk across the street, me and you. Black Denali.


[as they watch their man and McCall in the diner]
Masters: Here we go.
[suddenly a truck stops right in front of the diner cutting off their view]
Masters: What the fuck?
[back in the diner; to McCall]
Man: Now you vary from these instructions and I’m going to kill you, you understand?
[McCall just watches him]
Man: Alright. Stand up.
[McCall looks at the man’s hand and gun, he suddenly stands up, hits the man in the stomach with his book and kills him by slamming his head down on the table and breaking his neck, he then kills the lights by sticking a knife in an outlet]
Pederson: What the fuck is this? Masters, let’s go.
[as Pederson takes out his gun to leave Teddy stops him]
Teddy: No witnesses.
[as the truck leaves McCall starts walking out of the diner]


[as they watch McCall walk out of the diner]
Masters: What the fuck?
Pederson: Let’s go.
Teddy: Shh.
Masters: What the hell is this guy doing?
[as he walks away from the diner McCall takes photos of Teddy and his men in their car, as McCall walks down an alley Teddy and the cops get out of the car]
Masters: Remar, you got A side. Front, follow.
[to Pederson]
Masters: You got C. I got B.
[to Masters]
Teddy: Alive.
Masters: Yeah, yeah, alive. I’m on it.
[they all follow McCall from different angles, McCall manages to knock Remar down and take his phone; after McCall leaves Teddy, Master and Pederson arrive on the scene]
Remar: Motherfucker. Motherfucker suckered me.
Pederson: Goddamn it.


[Teddy and the cops turn up at McCall’s apartment, inside McCall boils some honey to tend to his wound sustained from the gunman in the diner, as Teddy and the cops enter his bathroom it looks as though McCall has given them the slip]
Masters: Fuck.
[we see McCall is in another apartment watching them on his laptop from cameras hidden around his apartment]
Masters: Pederson, check the closets, the kitchen and the back porch.
Pederson: The closet’s empty. Nothing on the back porch.
Remar: Fucking guy. Lives like a monk. Man, this guy’s got a lot of fucking books.
Masters: Remar, stop fucking around. Check the computer.
[Remar finds a pill bottle McCall had left for them to find]
Pederson: This place is way too clean, boss. Something doesn’t feel right.
Masters: We’ve got an empty script and Meclizine. It’s used for airsickness.
Pederson: Bunch of travel items purchased three days ago.
Remar: Bought an open-ended plane ticket to Mexico two days ago. Leaves Logan 10 a.m. tomorrow.
Masters: The guy knew this was coming. He’s on the run.
Remar: Get someone down the airport.
Teddy: He is not going anywhere.
Masters: Wait, what are you talking about?
Teddy: He’s watching us.
Masters: What do you want to do?
Teddy: Find him, or I will bring people who can.
[McCall watches on his laptop as Teddy and the cops drive off, we then see that McCall is in an apartment nearby]


[McCall goes to the home of his friends Brian and Susan Plummer; later that night after they’ve had dinner]
Susan Plummer: If you’ve come for my help, I can’t give you any.
Robert McCall: I understand.
Susan Plummer: Do you?
Robert McCall: Just came for tea.
[Susan gives him a cup of tea]
Robert McCall: Just, uh…
Susan Plummer: Robert, I have very little influence these days. I’m not at the Agency anymore. I consult on a few things, that’s it.
Robert McCall: Susan, I just need to know who this man is.
[he holds up his phone to show her the photo of Teddy he’d taken]
Susan Plummer: Who is he to you?
Robert McCall: That’s why I’m here, trying to find out.
Susan Plummer: Tell me what’s going on. Please.


[the next day McCall is sat playing chess with Brian]
Brian Plummer: You had a nice funeral, in case you were wondering.
[McCall chuckles]
Brian Plummer: You know, when they told Susan you were dead, she couldn’t comprehend it. She said, “Oh, no. Not Robert. And not from something as trivial as a car bomb.” That you’re alive is a big relief. But it didn’t come as a complete surprise to her. We used to talk about you over the years, and she said if anyone could have figured a way out, a way to walk away from it all for good, you know, like a real fresh start it would have been you.
[McCall watches as a helicopter lands in the back garden and Susan gets out]


[later that night McCall is sat with Susan]
Susan Plummer: You didn’t take out five pimps, Robert. You took out the East Coast hub of Vladimir Pushkin.
[she hands him a file on Pushkin]
Robert McCall: Pushkin.
Susan Plummer: Mm-hm. He’s similar to the other oligarch’s who jumped in bed with the Russian mafia, only he funds everything: gasoline, weapons, girls, you name it. He’s built an intricate network on both U.S. coasts that are incredibly well insulated. His money and political ties make him untouchable.
[she gives McCall a photo of Teddy]
Susan Plummer: Your friend here is who Pushkin sends when he’s got a problem. Teddy Rensen. Real name, Nicolai Itchenko. Skill set honed in Spetsnaz. He’s formidable and smart. Ran a wing of the secret police for years. Went private when the Union fell. Your friend here is who Pushkin sends when he’s got a problem. Teddy Rensen. Real name, Nicolai Itchenko. Skill set honed in Spetsnaz. He’s formidable and smart. Ran a wing of the secret police for years. Went private when the Union fell. Basically, he’s a sociopath with a business card.
Robert McCall: Mm.
[Brian joins them handing Susan a drink]
Susan Plummer: Thank you, darling.


Susan Plummer: You know these two?
[Susan shows McCall photos of Pederson and Remar]
Robert McCall: Uh, Boston P.D. Probably on Pushkin’s payroll, I assume.
Susan Plummer: Three years. Detective Remar and Detective Pederson. Only now they’re dead. They found them yesterday in the trunk of their car in the precinct parking lot.
[McCall looks at the photos of the dead Remar and Pederson]
Susan Plummer: Suffocated. Testicles blown off and shoved down their throats. Classic Russian mob hit. Teddy’s work. Third one, Detective Masters hasn’t shown up for work in several days. Robert, I don’t have to tell you what happens next. He won’t stop until he kills you and anyone you care about.


[the next morning Susan finds McCall sat on the back garden steps]
Susan Plummer: Didn’t sleep a wink, did you?
Robert McCall: Hey.
[she sits next to him]
Susan Plummer: Mm. Robert, that girl, Alina… Why?
Robert McCall: I couldn’t tell you why it mattered. Why what they did to her that mattered to me so much. One day somebody does something unspeakable to someone else, to someone you hardly knew, and you do something about it cause you can.
Susan Plummer: Hm. Because it’s who you are?
Robert McCall: Hm.
Susan Plummer: Hm? Who you’ve always been?
[McCall smiles]
Susan Plummer: Sometimes we make the wrong choices to get to the right place.
Robert McCall: Mm.
Susan Plummer: I know a part of you died when Vivian did. But not the part she loved the most. Go be him.
[she smiles and McCall chuckles]
Robert McCall: Yep.
Susan Plummer: Don’t forget to say goodbye.
[Susan rises and leaves]
Robert McCall: Goodbye.


[as Susan enters the house after leaving McCall in the back garden]
Brian Plummer: Everything alright?
[she nods her head]
Brian Plummer: Were you able to help him?
Susan Plummer: He didn’t come for help. He came for permission.


[we see Masters hiding in his house, he gets a call from Teddy which he ignores, he then hears his car alarm go off, he goes out to investigate with his gun when the garden hose goes off]
Masters: Fuck.
[he enters his garage, opens his car door to see a hose inside it]
Masters: What the fuck?
[suddenly McCall comes up behind him, smashes his head against the car, Masters drops his gun, McCall knocks him out, puts him in his car, handcuffs him to the steering wheel, then turns off the alarm, McCall then sits in a chair by the car, turns on the car engine, turns up the car window remotely, trapping Masters in the car suffocating on the car fumes]


[into the microphone that he’s set up for inside Master’s car]
Robert McCall: Testing one, two, three, four.
[McCall uses the remote to bring car window down, Masters gasps for air]
Robert McCall: Pushkin. I need to know everything: who, what, when, where, why. Before you tell me you’re not going to talk…
[he uses the remote to turn up the car window]
Masters: You can go fuck yourself, you know that?
[Masters starts coughing as he suffocates on the fumes, he bangs on the car window, McCall uses the remote to wind down the window]
Robert McCall: You’re going to give me what I need. Or not.
Masters: You’re such a fuck. Why don’t you get out of here and go fuck yourself, you fucking motherfucker?
[McCall presses the remote again]
Masters: You know who the fuck you’re dealing with, huh? I am a cop, you moron!
[the car window winds up again and Masters starts banging on it]
Masters: I swear to God, I’ll fuck…!


[Masters starts coughing on the car fumes again]
Masters: Okay.
[he bangs on the car window]
Masters: Open the fucking window…!
Robert McCall: Hm?
[McCall uses the remote to wind down the window and Masters gasps for air]
Masters: I’m Boston P.D.
Robert McCall: Oh, I have a lot of time. Which means you don’t have any.
[McCall presses the remote again]
Masters: Look, you are in a lot of trouble. Just let me go. Just let me go.
[the car window winds up again]
Robert McCall: I’m going to let you go.
Masters: Alright.
Robert McCall: I’m going to let you go.
[McCall gets up to leave]
Robert McCall: I’ll be back.
Masters: No!
[he bangs on the car window as McCall walks out of the garage]
Masters: Motherfucker! Wait. Wait! Wait!


[after reluctantly agreeing to help McCall, Masters takes him to a warehouse]
Masters: We’re here to see Andri.
[the door buzzes and they enter, they are guided to through to where the Russians keep their money and meet with gangster, Andri]
Masters: Hey, Andri. Listen, this location’s been compromised. You got to get all your shit out of here. You got to truck it all the fuck out.
Andri: The fuck I’m going to do that. And who’s this fucking piece of shit?
Robert McCall: Pushkin made the call. I’m just the, the new guy.
[he points to the police badge he’s wearing on his belt]
Andri: Pushkin.
Robert McCall: Pushkin. I…
[McCall shakes his pretending he doesn’t know who Pushkin is]
Masters: Pushkin’s fucking money. What the fuck you give a fuck, Andri, huh?


[Andri looks at Masters and McCall distrustfully]
Robert McCall: Is that a Heckler Koch?
[Andri holds up his gun]
Andri: This?
Robert McCall: Yeah.
[Andri replies in Russian]
Robert McCall: What is he saying?
Masters: I don’t fucking know.
[to Andri]
Robert McCall: Can I see it?
Andri: Oh, you want to see my gun?
Robert McCall: Uh, yes and no.
[Andri points his gun and McCall]
Robert McCall: Oh…
[suddenly McCall grabs the gun from Andri and points it at him, at the same time Andri’s men point their weapons at Master and McCall]
Masters: Oh, fuck! Alright! Alright! Alright! Woh! Woh! Woh! You’re so fucking nuts! Fuck!
Robert McCall: Alright. Everybody settle down. Frank tells me you’re the man, Andri. Yeah? He says your guys are incredibly loyal toward you, they’ll do anything you say. So if you tell them to put their guns down, lay down on the floor, with their hands behind their back, they’ll do that, won’t they?
[Andri doesn’t comply so McCall points the gun at his crotch]
Robert McCall: Indulge me, Andri. Tell them to lay down.


[we see the workers in the warehouse lining up to leave]
Robert McCall: There you go. Thank you very much. There you go. Mr. Pushkin thanks you very much. We’re going out of business, closing down shop. Mr. Pushkin thanks you very much.
[McCall hands each worker a wad of cash as they leave]
Robert McCall: There you are, sweetheart. Here you go. You’re welcome. Please accept these parting gifts on behalf of Mr. Pushkin. There you go. Three, two, look at that, perfect, one. Thank you. Thank you, sweetheart.
[to the last worker leaving]
Robert McCall: Right around to the right.
[to Masters]
Robert McCall: Call it in.
[Masters, who’s got one had cuffed to a pipe, makes the call to the station]
Woman: [over phone] Boston P.D.
Masters: Detective Frank Masters. I am 10-13 at 155 Warren Street, rear entrance. Repeat: Detective Frank Masters, 10-13, 155 Warren Street, rear entrance.
[Masters ends the call and McCall takes his phone]


Masters: Anything else I can do for you?
Robert McCall: You tell me, Frank. I know you got an escape plan. Where do you keep it?
Masters: Yeah? What’s your escape plan, huh?
Robert McCall: It’s not about me, Frank. It’s about you right now. Where do you keep it?
Masters: You know what? Fuck you, you motherfucker! You have fucked me so fucking bad! You did this! You motherfucker!
Robert McCall: Do you hear yourself? You did it to this badge, Frank. You disrespected this badge. You understand me?
Masters: Fuck you, you motherfucker. I got nothing, alright? I got fucking nothing. You hear me? I got fucking nothing because of you! You think they’re not coming for you? You think you’re not fucking next? Huh? I am a fucking dead man!
Robert McCall: Well do something about it, Frank.
Masters: You don’t know who the fuck these people are! I’m a fucking dead man! I won’t last a fucking week.
Robert McCall: Then do the right thing.
Masters: Motherfu…
Robert McCall: Do the right thing, Frank. Police officer for twenty-two years, I know you didn’t get this far and not have an out. Where do you keep it?
Masters: I was a fucking good cop.
[the police sirens can be heard in the distance]
Masters: I was.
Robert McCall: I understand. Do the right thing. Do it for the good cops, Frank. Where do you keep it?


[McCall goes to Masters safety deposit box]
Bank Officer: Just let me know when you’re done, detective.
[as the bank officer leaves McCall gets Masters money, passport and a USB; we then see the police have arrived at the warehouse and have arrested Masters; to the FBI agent]
Boston PD: This guy here. He was cuffed to the pipes back here. Two hundred thousand in the trunk of his car. Recording of the whole deal with these guys on the seat. Crazy, right.
Boston PD: And that was tacked to his jacket.
[he points to the hundred dollar bill with the note “FOLLOW THE MONEY” written on it]
Boston PD: That’s not the best part.
[they enter the warehouse]
Boston PD: Check this out.
[he opens a locker to reveal Andri and his men all tied up with all the cash]
Agent Mosley: Holy shit!
Boston PD: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Agent Mosley: Who’s going to fucking count this?


[Teddy is in Slavi’s restaurant on the phone to one of his men]
Teddy’s Guy: [subtitled] We’ve searched the city. No sign of him. McCall has disappeared. Mr. Pushkin has been notified.
[Teddy ends the call]
Marat: My men will find him.
Teddy: Good.
Marat: I got to piss.
[Marat gets up and leaves, Teddy’s phone rings with Pushkin’s name showing on the screen, Teddy ends the call, at the same time McCall shows up placing Marat’s sunglasses on the table]
Robert McCall: He’s not coming back.
[McCall takes the seat opposite Teddy]
Robert McCall: Had enough?
Teddy: You certainly have my attention.
Robert McCall: Because I can keep going. Brick by brick. Dollar by dollar. Body by body. Or you can call your boss and tell him to shut down his operation. Tonight.
Teddy: That’s not much of an offer.
Robert McCall: It’s the only one you’re going to get. When you pray for rain, you got to deal with the mud too.


Teddy: When you look at me, what do you see?
[McCall chuckles]
Teddy: Hm? The answer’s nothing. I have no feelings about you one way or the other. You’re like, like lint or, or a bottle cap. You’re just a thing to remove.
Robert McCall: I knew a Russian police captain back in the day. He told me about a case he worked on. I can’t remember the guy’s name. He was a famous scholar, lived in Moscow. He was a humanitarian, an author. Anyway, he decided to share his abundance with someone less fortunate. And even though he had five beautiful children, he opened his home to a sixth. An orphaned twelve year-old boy. Kid had been pounded by the system from an early age. Troubled. Prone to violence. A lost cause. Stop me if you know this one.
Teddy: Oh, no. Carry on.
Robert McCall: Okay. So this good man opened his home to this boy. And when the boy stole from him, this good man loved him anyway. When the boy failed in school, this man showed understanding and patience. When the boy lied and cheated and clawed and fought, this good man showed compassion and love, until the boy, who had never felt anything like being wanted or loved, he finally did. The man had broken through. By all accounts, it was a miracle. One week later, intruders broke into the man’s house. Killed the man and his wife in bed. They said some small things were stolen, things a child might steal. No one knows for sure. The man’s children were sent off to live with relatives. The boy, the orphan, shipped back to hell. Just when he finally had a chance at life, it was snatched away by two bullets.


Teddy: It’s a well known story.
Robert McCall: Mm. They ever catch who did it?
Teddy: Did they?
Robert McCall: Maybe they didn’t look in the right place. Sometimes the answer’s right in front of you.
[McCall speaks in Russian]
Robert McCall: I think the boy killed them.
[in English]
Robert McCall: Yeah. I think the boy did it. I think the boy was scared that his foster parents would wake up one day and realize that he wasn’t worth it, like all the others had. And he couldn’t bear the thought that this man, this good man, would do that to him. Would throw him away, like a piece of lint or a bottle cap. So, he decided not to find out. What do you think, Nicolai?
[Teddy chuckles]
Teddy: You think you know me? You strike me as a sentimental man, Mr. McCall. That’s surprising. I don’t possess that chip. I never could understand what comes from feeling that way except weakness.


Robert McCall: The men I killed, your men, I gave them a chance. They made their decision. I’m giving you the opportunity to make yours.
Teddy: Thank you.
Robert McCall: You’re welcome.
[McCall takes a piece of paper and pen and starts writing something down]
Robert McCall: You let me know when you decide.
Teddy: Of course.
[he leaves the piece of paper with his number on it and takes Marat’s sunglasses]
Robert McCall: I’ve done some bad things in my life, Nicolai. Things I’m not proud of. I promised someone that I love very much that I would never go back to being that person. But for you I’m going to make an exception. You asked me what I saw when I looked at you. What do you see when you look at me?
[McCall drops the Marat’s sunglasses into the wineglass on the table, takes his bag and leaves]


[McCall returns to his safe house and looks at the items he took from Masters safety deposit box, he looks the USB and finds evidence regarding Pushkin’s dealings, he makes a call]
Woman: [over phone] FBI. How can I direct your call?
Robert McCall: Agent Mosley, please.
Agent Mosley: Agent Mosley.
Robert McCall: Heard you found some money today.
Agent Mosley: Who is this?
Robert McCall: Concerned citizen. Check your personal e-mail. Make sure you’re sitting down when you do.
[McCall then finds information on Pushkin’s oil tankers and later that night blows them all up]


[over the phone]
Vladimir Pushkin: He hit my tankers. And you tell me not to worry? That you’ll take care of things? Only I’ve been further embarrassed.
Teddy: I have a new team. It’s simply a matter of time.
Vladimir Pushkin: [in Russian] You’re out of time.
Vladimir Pushkin: [in English] New York had to shut down. Nothing is moving. My calls aren’t being answered. I’ve lost tens of millions today alone.
Teddy: [in Russian] It will all be well.
Vladimir Pushkin: Stop the bleeding, or don’t come back.
[Pushkin ends the call]
Teddy: [in Russian] Go fuck yourself.
[Teddy smiles as he looks at a photo of McCall with Ralphie walking out of Home Mart]


[Teddy calls McCall]
Robert McCall: Yes?
Teddy: Mr. McCall.
Robert McCall: Nicolai.
Teddy: Your life for theirs.
Robert McCall: Whose?
[McCall’s phone beeps]
Teddy: You’ll want to answer that.
[McCall answers the call]
Robert McCall: Yes?
Ralphie: Mr. McCall?
Robert McCall: Ralphie?
Ralphie: They came into the store when we were closing, and they had guns.
Robert McCall: Who’s with you?
Ralphie: Jenny, Brian, Jay and Marcus. What’s going on? Wait…
Jenny: Oh, my God.
[back in Home Mart Teddy’s men are at Home Mart, one of them is pointing his gun at Ralphie’s head]
Jenny: No.
[Ralphie ends the call to McCall; Teddy comes back online]
Teddy: My men there will kill them in thirty minutes. Unless you’re here in twenty-nine. You know the place. You can still smell the burning gasoline in the air.
[Teddy ends the call]


[McCall makes the trip to meet Teddy via the bus, Teddy tracks his cell phone to await his arrival]
Teddy: [in Russian] He’s close. Get ready.
Teddy’s Guy #1: [in Russian] Here comes the bus.
[Teddy call McCall again]
Teddy: Just checking on you, sentimental man.
Robert McCall: Yeah?
Teddy: You willing to die for your friends?
Robert McCall: Are you?
[to his men]
Teddy: When you see him, shoot him.
[Teddy’s guy notices the approaching bus is empty]
Teddy’s Guy #1: [in Russian] The bus is empty.
[we see McCall has left his phone on a seat in the empty bus]
Teddy: [in Russian] Kill one.
[to one of the thugs in Home Mart]
Teddy’s Guy #2: [in Russian] Kill one of them.
[one of the men points his gun at Marcus]
Teddy’s Guy #3: [in Russian] You want to be first?
[suddenly music starts playing over the intercom]
Teddy’s Guy #2: Where is that coming from?
Ralphie: I don’t know.
[the thug shouts in Russian and takes off Ralphie’s baseball hat]
Ralphie: I don’t know!
[he makes Ralphie stand and walk him out of the office]
Jay: They’re going to kill Ralphie, yoh.
Marcus: They’re going to fucking kill him.


[as he leads Ralphie through the Home Mart shopping floor]
Teddy’s Guy #2: Which way?
Ralphie: What?
[he forces Ralphie to kneel as he points his gun at his head]
Teddy’s Guy #2: The song. Which way is it coming from?
Ralphie: The P.A. system’s in the security office.
Teddy’s Guy #2: Stand! Now!
[they walk into the security office, the thug turns off the music and then notices McCall standing by the doorway in one of the security monitors, he turns but sees no one there, he goes out to investigate and is quickly killed by McCall who breaks his neck and moves his body into the security office, McCall takes his gun and turns off the light]
Ralphie: Mr. McCall? What’s going on? Who are these people?
[McCall locks the office door]


[over the radio in Russian]
Robert McCall: Come here quickly! I need your help.
[one of the thugs holding the rest of the Home Mart staff hostage goes out onto the shop floor to investigate]
Teddy’s Guy #3: [in Russian] Report. Where are you?
[suddenly Ralphie appears in front of him]
Ralphie: Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot.
[the thug shouts something in Russian]
Ralphie: I can’t understand you. Okay, I’m going down.
Teddy’s Guy #3: Get down!
Ralphie: I’m going down!
[Ralphie kneels]
Robert McCall: Psst!
[the thug turns and McCall, who’s behind him, punches him and knocks him out]
Robert McCall: Ralphie. Listen, get everybody out of here. Don’t leave anybody behind. You can use the service doors in the back. Okay? Go.
[Ralphie rushes off]


[Teddy and the rest of his thugs enter Home Mart; Teddy calls McCall]
Robert McCall: Yeah?
Teddy: Very clever, Mr. McCall. I’ve decided to come and see you.
Robert McCall: Yeah? I’ll be waiting for you.
[to his men]
Teddy: Find the hostages.
[we see Ralphie leading the rest of the Home Mart hostages out; back inside McCall manages to hang one of Teddy’s men with barbed wire and stabs another one through the neck, before being shot and wounded by Teddy, after treating his wound McCall then kills another thug by using a drill on the back of his head, he then struggles with another until he kills him with a piece of broken mirror]


[as McCall struggles to get off the floor Ralphie appears from behind to help him]
Ralphie: It’s me, Mr. McCall. It’s Ralphie. You said not to leave anybody behind.
[he helps McCall stand]
Ralphie: Buck-ninety, my ass.
[Teddy and his thug find the dead body of one of his men as Ralphie helps McCall to escape]
Ralphie: Come on.
[suddenly Ralphie gets shot in the leg]
Ralphie: Aah! Oh, fuck!
[Teddy’s thug keeps shooting at them]
Robert McCall: You alright?
Ralphie: Aah! I’ve been shot.
Robert McCall: Can you walk?
Ralphie: Yeah.
Robert McCall: Now, listen. I’m going to need you to do something, okay? Look at me. Ralphie, focus. Focus.
Ralphie: Okay.
Robert McCall: Can you make it to the breaker box?
[McCall looks at his watch]
Robert McCall: Forty seconds, exactly.
Ralphie: Forty seconds exactly.
[Teddy and his thug keep on shooting down the aisle they think McCall and Ralphie are hiding in; McCall sets his timer and gives his watch to Ralphie who makes a run for it]


[as Teddy follows Ralphie to the breaker box, Ralphie turns on the lights at the same time McCall kills the last remaining thug in the break room by set off an explosion with hydrogen in the microwave which also sets off the sprinklers; Ralphie then struggles to find a way out]
Ralphie: Shit. Shit.
[just as Teddy finds Ralphie and is about to kill him McCall shoots Teddy with a nail gun, as they approach each other McCall repeatedly shoots Teddy with the nail gun]
Teddy: Who are you?!
[as Teddy kneels wounded in front of him, McCall finally shoots him in the throat, killing him]
Ralphie: Shit. Oh, shit.
[Ralphie watches McCall turn and walk away]


[Moscow – 3 days later; as Pushkin is taking a shower in his home the lights turn off, he opens the shower door to investigate]
Robert McCall: I’d stay in there if I were you.
[he sees McCall sat in a chair holding a rifle, McCall turns the lights on and off repeatedly]
Vladimir Pushkin: Who are you?
Robert McCall: Everybody wants to know.
[Pushkin reaches out for something]
Robert McCall: Gun’s not there. Just put the towel on.
Vladimir Pushkin: What do you want?
Robert McCall: I want the head of the snake.
[Pushkin chuckles]
Vladimir Pushkin: So it’s you. And now you’ve come to kill me.
Robert McCall: Yes.
Vladimir Pushkin: And tell me, what do you gain from my death?
Robert McCall: Peace.
Vladimir Pushkin: Peace is expensive to buy. But I can purchase it for you. What is your price?
[we see McCall has vanished]
Vladimir Pushkin: Are you there?
[Pushkin goes over to the sink where the water is over running, he turns on the lights and the faucets off]
Vladimir Pushkin: [in Russian] Guards, guards!
[not realizing that McCall has cut the wires and left them exposed, as the water hits the wires Pushkin screams as he’s electrocuted, we see McCall walking down the stairs and the guards already killed]


[back in Boston, as Teri get off the bus she notices McCall leaving the grocery store and runs over to him]
Teri: Hey! Hey! Hey, Robert. Hey. I remembered you lived around here, so I’ve been swinging by the last few days hoping I’d run into you.
Robert McCall: Yeah?
referring to her appearance
Teri: Yeah. Pretty different, huh?
Robert McCall: Night and day.
Teri: Yeah, well…
she starts walking beside McCall
Teri: I get my stitches out next week. Um…
she gets a book out of her bag
Teri: I’m reading now.
Robert McCall: Oh, no!
Teri: Yeah!
Robert McCall: Very good.
Teri: I know. I got it from a used book store. The guy there recommended it to me. It’s good. I got a job too. Like a real job with real hours and stuff.
Robert McCall: Okay.


[last lines]
Teri: When they gave me my stuff back at the hospital, there was this envelope with my name on it. Almost ten thousand dollars inside and a ticket out of town. I don’t know, probably hush money, right?
Robert McCall: Probably.
Teri: Who cares? A new start.
Robert McCall: Alina the singer.
Teri: Well someone once told me I could be whoever I wanted to be.
Robert McCall: Body, mind…
[he offers his fist and they fist pump]
Teri: Spirit. I’m going to miss your stories, Robert.
Robert McCall: You got your own now.
Teri: Thank you. For everything.
[they smile at each other and Teri kisses him on the cheek]
Teri: I’ll catch you around, alright?
Robert McCall: Okay.
[she turns to leave]
Teri: Bye, Robert.
Robert McCall: Goodbye, Alina.
[Teri walks away; we see McCall back at the diner on his laptop, he’s posted a job ad with heading “Odds against you? Nowhere to turn?” and he’s received the message to his ad “I’m in trouble. Can you help?”, McCall simply replies “Yes.”]

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