Starring: Chris Hemsworth, David Harbour, Golshifteh Farahani, Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Manoj Bajpayee, Marc Donato, Fay Masterson, Randeep Hooda, Pankaj Tripathi, Derek Luke



Netflix’s action thriller directed by Sam Hargrave and produced by the Russo Brothers. The story follows Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a black market mercenary, who embarks on the most deadly extraction of his career when he’s enlisted to rescue the kidnapped son, Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), of an imprisoned international crime lord. But in the murky underworld of weapons dealers and drug traffickers, an already deadly mission approaches the impossible, forever altering the lives of Rake and the boy.



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[after his son, Ovi Jr. as been kidnapped whilst Ovi Sr. is in prison; subtitled]
Ovi Mahajan Sr.: This isn’t about ransom, Saju. It’s about humiliation. Go to Dhaka.
Saju: And do what?
Ovi Mahajan Sr.: Steal him back.
Saju: I’d need an army, Ovi.
Ovi Mahajan Sr.: Then hire a f**king army!


[to Saju; subtitled]
Ovi Mahajan Sr.: You want your son to see his next birthday? Then get mine back.


[to Neysa, discussing how to get Ovi Jr. back; subtitled]
Saju: There’s a man who does this sort of thing. His price will be out of Mahajan’s reach. But there’s a way I can play this. It will not be easy.
Neysa: Do whatever you have to.


[in Australia, referring to Rake, who’s sleeping at the cliffside]
Koen’s Mate: He okay?
Koen: He’s fine.
Koen’s Mate: You sure, bro? Because he looks f**king dead.
Koen: Quit swearing all the time!
Koen’s Mate: So?
Koen: It makes you sound stupid. Find another f**king adjective.
[Rake laughs softly]
Koen: Told you he’s fine.


[after he arrives home to find Nik waiting for him]
Tyler Rake: Make yourself at home.
Nik Khan: There’s a chicken in your bathroom.
Tyler Rake: Yeah, I like chickens. Except when they sh*t everywhere.


Nik Khan: We landed a whale.
Tyler Rake: Oh, yeah?
Nik Khan: Extraction. Indian kid. Drug lord’s son. A rival gangster is holding this kid in Dhaka.
Tyler Rake: I think Gaspar lives in Dhaka.
Nik Khan: Gaspar is out of the game. Clock’s running at sixteen hours. Deadline, Friday, noon. Proof of life as of six hours ago.
Tyler Rake: Yeah, I’ll take it.


Nik Khan: This gangster, Amir Asif, he holds a massive sway in Dhaka. You get your hands on this kid, it’s going to get complicated.
Tyler Rake: It’s always f**king complicated, isn’t it?


[seeing Rake drinking and taking pills]
Nik Khan: This was a mistake.
Tyler Rake: God, Nik, what are you doing here? Don’t bullsh*t yourself. No one else is going to commit to something this f**ked up.
Nik Khan: And why would you?
Tyler Rake: I need the money. Chickens aren’t cheap.
Nik Khan: You’re hoping if you spin the chamber enough times, you’re going to catch a bullet.


Nik Khan: Tomorrow morning, I’ll meet you in Fitzroy Crossing. If you’re not sober, don’t show up.
Tyler Rake: What’s his name?
Nik Khan: Ovi. Ovi Mahajan. Head on straight, Tyler.


[outside Dhaka]
Yaz Kahn: This is our extract. Ovi Mahajan, fourteen years-old. His father, Ovi Mahajan Senior, is in jail. So his people employed us to get the boy back, and they refuse to negotiate.
Tyler Rake: And what about our opposition?
Yaz Kahn: Amir Asif. Dhaka’s very own Pablo Escobar.
Nik Khan: Biggest drug lord in India versus biggest drug lord in Bangladesh.
Tyler Rake: Sounds like some mythic sh*t.
Yaz Kahn: A lot of bad blood between them.


[over the phone]
Thug: You see the laundry across the street?
Tyler Rake: Yep.
Thug: Walk to it.
[Rake walks over to the laundry]
Tyler Rake: Now what?
[a van drives up and man from behind covers Rake’s head]
Thug: Merc: Welcome to Dhaka.


[after Rake refuses to pay the ransom without proof that Ovi is alive]
Tyler Rake: Listen, you boys seem like real busy professionals, so let’s say we cut this sh*t and we get down to business, yeah?
[one of the kidnappers holds his gun to Rake’s head]
Thug: Okay.
[he pulls the trigger and Rake shows now reaction]
Thug: [subtitled] Bastard! Didn’t even blink!
[in English]
Thug: Hey, man, you’re crazy or what?
Tyler Rake: There’s no magazine in it.


[after taking out the kidnappers with the assist of his team and freeing Ovi]
Tyler Rake: Kid, you want to survive, you do exactly as I say. Here. Put these on.
[gives Ovi some clothes, then change his own shirt and gives Ovi a snack bar]
Tyler Rake: Here, eat this. Your blood sugar is low. That’s why you feel like sh*t.


[filming Ovi on his phone]
Tyler Rake: Okay. Alright. Name? Say your name, mate. Say your bloody name, come on.
Ovi Mahajan: Ovi.
Tyler Rake: Last name?
Ovi Mahajan: Mahajan.
Tyler Rake: Your birthday?
Ovi Mahajan: 21st of January, 2005.
[then turns the camera on himself]
Tyler Rake: Proceeding to extraction.


[as Rake sees they are being followed in the wooods]
Tyler Rake: [to Ovi] Kid, move fast. Stay low. Go!


[after Rake’s teammates are killed in the woods]
Saju: I need the boy! I won’t hurt him!
Tyler Rake: [to Ovi] Okay, when I tell you to, you better run like hell, or I’m going to kill you both. You understand?
[Ovi nods and Rake throws a grenade over the rock]
Tyler Rake: Go!


Ovi Mahajan: Please let me go! Saju works for my father.
Tyler Rake: I work for your father. But something is f**ked here! This Saju could have a deal with the men who grabbed you and send you right back to them.
Ovi Mahajan: Then take me to the police.
Tyler Rake: The cops are in on it! Look, if you want to live, you have to trust me!


[as they are being chased]
Tyler Rake: Right, put your belt on.
Ovi Mahajan: What belt?
Tyler Rake: Your f**king seat belt!
Ovi Mahajan: It’s been on! You drive like you’re insane!


Tyler Rake: Alright, kid. Do you trust me?
Ovi Mahajan: No.
Tyler Rake: Good.
Ovi Mahajan: No!
[he grabs Ovi, tosses him across the roof to the roof of the next building]


[after Rake hits Saju with a truck]
Tyler Rake: Get in, kid. Come on. Come on!
Ovi Mahajan: You hit him with the truck.
Tyler Rake: Yeah.


[after finding a safehouse; over the phone]
Nik Khan: Our new friend is Saju Rav. Ex-Special Forces. He works for the kid’s father. We were played. Second transfer never came through. Mahajan got us to do the heavy lifting, and he doesn’t want to pay.
Tyler Rake: What about G?
Nik Khan: The whole team is dead.
Tyler Rake: Sh*t.


[over the phone]
Nik Khan: City’s on lockdown. You got cover?
Tyler Rake: Yeah.
Nik Khan: And the kid?
Tyler Rake: He’s with me.
Nik Khan: There’s a clearing on east side of Sultana Kamal Bridge, just outside the city. We can send a chopper and get you out.


[over the phone]
Nik Khan: You got to leave the kid behind, Tyler.
[Tyler has flashback and we see a young boy by the beach]
Nik Khan: Tyler? Tyler?
Tyler Rake: That’s not the job.
Nik Khan: The job is f**ked.
Tyler Rake: Just find my money, Nik.


Ovi Mahajan: Are you going to leave me in the street? Your phone, it’s loud.
Tyler Rake: The only chance of getting my money is you, mate. So, no.
Ovi Mahajan: I’m like a package then.
Tyler Rake: Yeah, pretty much.
Ovi Mahajan: In brown paper.


[as Rake sees Ovi taping his fingers on his thighs]
Tyler Rake: What are you doing?
Ovi Mahajan: This? Piano. I play the piano when I’m nervous. It helps. My father hates it when I do it. He thinks of me the same way you do. More like a thing than a person.
Tyler Rake: But I didn’t mean it like that.
Ovi Mahajan: It’s okay.


[after Rake fights off Farhad and his gang he calls Nik]
Nik Khan: Talk to me.
Tyler Rake: Call Gaspar.
Nik Khan: What’s going on?
Tyler Rake: We just got attacked by the Goonies from hell. We made it about four blocks.
Nik Khan: I said get rid of the kid.
Tyler Rake: I don’t give a sh*t what you said. We’re in the worst smelling sewer on the planet. There’s about two hundred cops over our heads. Just call Gaspar.


Tyler Rake: Your name’s Tyler?
Ovi Mahajan: Mm-hmm.
Tyler Rake: I’m Ovi.
Ovi Mahajan: Nice to meet you.


[after Gasper takes Rake and Ovi to his home]
Gaspar: Good to see you, man.
Tyler Rake: I appreciate you coming for us.
Gaspar: What the hell is wrong with you? Don’t insult me.


Tyler Rake: So where are we?
Gaspar: We are south of the city center. I told Nik that an extraction is, it’s not feasible. Well, you know, the city is surrounded by rivers. There are bridges going in and out. But every one of those bridges currently is blocked by a roadblock, because you are a very popular individual. I figure we lie low a couple days, we let the panic dissipate, and we’ll get you going.


[referring to Rake; subtitled]
Farhad: He made me feel like a fool.
Amir Asif: Of course he did. You’re only a kid. Hm?
[he offers Farhad a napkin to wrap his bleeding hand in]
Amir Asif: Here’s some advice, as a gift. Keep your other finger. Because no matter how bada** you think you are, there’s always a bada** who’s bigger than you.


Ovi Mahajan: If you had been killed today, it would have been my fault.
Tyler Rake: No, mate. It would’ve been my fault.


Ovi Mahajan: You don’t look like a Tyler.
Tyler Rake: No? What do I look like?
Ovi Mahajan: A Brad.
Tyler Rake: [chuckles] Yeah.


Ovi Mahajan: Can I ask you something?
Tyler Rake: It’s Rake.
Ovi Mahajan: What’s Rake?
Tyler Rake: My last name.
Ovi Mahajan: That’s not what I was going to ask. That’s a strange last name though. Isn’t that like a gardening tool?


Tyler Rake: What were you going to ask me?
Ovi Mahajan: If you were always this way? You know, brave.
Tyler Rake: I’m not brave, mate.
Ovi Mahajan: Of course you are. You rescue people.
Tyler Rake: Yeah, sometimes. Sometimes I do other things.
Ovi Mahajan: Like killing people?
Tyler Rake: Yeah.
Ovi Mahajan: My father, he kills people too. Sometimes, I would sit with him at dinner, look at him, and think, he just killed somebody else’s father that day. And I’d feel sick.


Ovi Mahajan: You have a family?
Tyler Rake: I did have, a wife.
Ovi Mahajan: Where is she?
Tyler Rake: I don’t know. I haven’t seen her in a long time.
Ovi Mahajan: Children?
Tyler Rake: Yeah, a son.
Ovi Mahajan: Where is he?
Tyler Rake: He died a few years ago.
Ovi Mahajan: How did he die?
Tyler Rake: Lymphoma.
Ovi Mahajan: How old was he?
Tyler Rake: Six.


[referring to his son]
Tyler Rake: I wasn’t even there when he died.
Ovi Mahajan: Where were you?
Tyler Rake: Kandahar, Afghanistan. It was my third tour.
Ovi Mahajan: You were called away?
[Rake has tears in his eyes]
Tyler Rake: No. I left. Voluntary.
Ovi Mahajan: Because you couldn’t watch?
Tyler Rake: Yep. I told you, mate, I’m not brave. I’m just the opposite.


Ovi Mahajan: You know, “You drown not by falling into the river, but by staying submerged in it.”
Tyler Rake: Who told you that?
Ovi Mahajan: I read it in a book in school.


[after Gasper returns home and he and Rake are drinking]
Gaspar: What a goddamn tragedy, hm? That kid is a walking corpse. Asif will never let him live. Think the disgrace. I mean, you get him home. And then, what? His father’s in prison. There’s no way to protect him. You know what the best thing you could do? The best thing you could do, honestly, would be to go up there right now, and just go put a bullet in his brain. Make it painless. Because the animals out there, they’re not going to be as kind to him. They like to start with the ears. Then they’ll cut off each finger at the joint.
Tyler Rake: Mate, you’re drunk.
Gaspar: I’m talking about mercy, Tyler.


[referring to Ovi]
Gaspar: You know how much he’s worth?
Tyler Rake: We’re talking about a kid, Gaspar.
Gaspar: We’re talking about a gangster’s kid. With a price tag of ten million on his head.
Tyler Rake: Right, you need to sober up, mate.
Gaspar: You’re a mercenary, right, Tyler? Why don’t you act the mercenary? Aren’t you sick of this life? Because I am, and I do not want to end it playing hero on some goddamn suicide mission.


Tyler Rake: What are you doing? You said you’d help me.
Gaspar: I am helping you. Ten million dollars. I’ll get you to the border in a couple hours. It’s money in your pocket. I take care of the body. Painless. And it’s the best that that kid can hope for.
Tyler Rake: Did you call someone? Who did you call?
Gaspar: Why are you such a hypocrite? You’ve got the blood of a hundred men on your hands!
[Rake hits Gaspar in the face and pushes him back]
Tyler Rake: Answer me!


Tyler Rake: What did you do?
Gaspar: Do you know what happens to me if they find out that I’m helping you? You know what happens to my wife? Asif’s a friend. I did some work for him. We made a deal. He gets the kid, you get your freedom, and we both get rich.
Tyler Rake: What do you want from me? You want me to walk upstairs and shoot the kid in the f**king head?!
Gaspar: No. No. I’ll do it.
[Gaspar takes out his gun]
Tyler Rake: Don’t do this.
Gaspar: You saved my life once. Now I’m going to save yours. Step aside.
[as he takes a step forward Rake grabs him and they fight]


[as Gaspar is about to stab Rake Ovi interrupts them]
Gaspar: I know it looks bad. I know it looks bad.
[as he goes to attack, Ovi shoots Gaspar with the gun that he dropped during his fight]


[after they watch Gaspar die from his gunshot wound]
Ovi Mahajan: [crying] I want to go home.
[he holds on to Rake as he cries]
Tyler Rake: I’ll get you home, mate. I’ll get you home.


[after Rake calls Saju to ask for help]
Saju: Just like that?
Tyler Rake: Yeah, just like that. I want the boy out of here. That’s all I care about.
Saju: Why?
Tyler Rake: Because I do.
Saju: He was going to kill my family if I didn’t get his son back.


Tyler Rake: [to Saju] My people are waiting for him on the other side of the Sultana Kamal bridge. There’s two blockades between here and there. I’ll do my best to draw them away from both.
[he looks over to Ovi for a moment]
Tyler Rake: You get him to the other side.


[referring to Rake]
Saju: Do you trust him?
Ovi Mahajan: I do.


[over the radion as they are fighting off Asif’s team]
Tyler Rake: Where’s the kid?
Saju: In hiding, about halfway across the bridge. I’m trying to clear a path!
[during the fight, Saju is killed]


[after Rake is badly wounded in the shootout; Ovi holds his hand crying]
Tyler Rake: You see that helicopter? I need you to run as fast as you can for it.
Ovi Mahajan: [crying] No. Please. Please, get up.


[last lines; Ovi is reluctant to leave Rake]
Tyler Rake: Go.
Ovi Mahajan: Please…
Tyler Rake: Run. Run!
[Ovi runs towards the helicopter, Rake continues to cover him, as he to turns towards the helicopter, he’s shot in the neck by Farhad, he drags himself to the bridge, Ovi runs for Rake, but Nik stops him, then as Rake looks over to Ovi, he has flashback to his son and falls off the bridge and into the river, we then see Ovi is successfully extracted]


[last scenes – eight months later, Asif is killed by Nik in the bathroom of a restaurant, we see Ovi jumping into his school’s swimming pool, as he surfaces he sees someone resembling Rake in the distance watching over him]


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