Starring: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff, Laura Dern, Sam Trammell, Mike Birbigli, Lotte Verbeek, Willem Dafoe, Milica Govich, David Whalen, Ana Dela Cruz, Emily Peachey, Emily Bach, Randy Kovitz



Romance drama directed by Josh Boone, based on the novel of the same name by John Green. The story follows teenager Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley), with terminal lung cancer who is then saved by an experimental treatment. Fearing that Hazel is suffering from depression she is pressured by her parents, Frannie and Michael (Laura Dern and Nat Wolf), to join a support group for young cancer patients where she meets cancer survivor Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort). As Hazel and Augustus strike up a fast friendship they soon find themselves falling in love and planning to love each other forever when ultimately time catches up with them.


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[first lines; Hazel is lying in the grass staring up at the stars]
Hazel: [voice over] I believe we have a choice in this world, about how to tell sad stories. On the one hand, you can sugar coat it, the way they do in movies and romance novels where beautiful people learn beautiful lessons and nothing is too messed up that can’t be fixed with an apology and a Peter Gabriel song. I like that way as much as the next girl, believe me. It’s just not the truth.
[Hazel closes her eyes]
Hazel: [voice over] This is the truth. Sorry.


[Hazel is sat in a doctor’s office with an oxygen tube in her nostrils]
Hazel: [voice over] Late in the Winter of my seventeenth year, my mother decided that I was depressed.
[Hazel’s mother, Frannie, is talking to the doctor]
Frannie: She eats like a bird. She barely leaves the house…
Hazel: I am not depressed, Mom.
Frannie: She’s reading the same book over and over.
Dr. Maria: She’s depressed.
Hazel: I’m not depressed!
[Hazel is sat in the mall with Frannie, she watches group of teenage girls talking and laughing]
Hazel: [voice over] The booklets and the web sites always list depression as a side effect of cancer. Depression’s not a side effect of cancer, it’s a side effect of dying. Which is what was happening to me.
[Hazel is lying on her couch at home watching TV when Frannie brings her a tray of food and medicine, next Hazel is sat in a coffee shop reading the book “An Imperial Affliction” by Peter Van Houten when she notices a young couple holding each other and laughing she glances back at the page in her book an looks at the words that have been circled “Pain demands to be felt”]


[back at the doctor’s office]
Dr. Maria: I may switch you to Zoloft. Or Lexapro. And twice a day instead of once.
Hazel: Why stop there?
Dr. Maria: Hmm?
Hazel: Really, just keep them coming. I’m like the Keith Richards of cancer kids.
Dr. Maria: Have you been going to that support group I suggested?
Hazel: Yeah, it’s not my thing.
Dr. Maria: Support group’s going to be a great way for you to connect with people who are…
Hazel: Who are what?
Dr. Maria: On the same journey.
Hazel: “Journey?” Really?
Dr. Maria: Give it a chance. Who knows? You might even find it enlightening.


[Hazel attends a cancer support group where the person running it just finishes playing the guitar]
Patrick: Alright. You guys ready? We are gathered here today, literally, in the heart of Jesus.
[he kneels down on a massive rug of Jesus]
Patrick: We’re here with JC.
[Hazel tries to hide her smile]
Patrick: Who wants to share their story with the group.
[a girl stands]
Angel: I’m Angel. I have acute myeloid leukemia.
[a boys stands]
Sid: Sid. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
[another boy stands]
PJ: Hi. I’m PJ. Um, I have neuroblastoma.
Patrick: I’m Patrick. Testicular.
Hazel: [voice over] I’ll spare you the gory details of Patrick’s ball cancer. Basically, they found it in his nuts, they cut most of it out and he almost died, but he didn’t die. So now here he is, divorced, friendless, living on his parent’s couch, exploiting his cancertastic past in the heart of Jesus, “literally”, to show us that one day, if we’re lucky, we could be just like him.


Patrick: Who’s next?
[no response so he looks across at Hazel]
Patrick: Hazel?
[Hazel reluctantly stands]
Hazel: Um, I’m Hazel. Uh, thyroid originally but now with quite the impressive satellite colony in my lungs.
Patrick: And and how are you doing?
[to herself as she looks at Patrick thinking of how reply]
Hazel: [voice over] Uh, you mean besides the terminal cancer?
[replying out loud]
Hazel: Alright, I guess.
Patrick: We’re here for you, Hazel.
[Hazel sits back down]
Patrick: Why don’t I play another song?
[Patrick starts playing his guitar and singing]
Patrick: [singing] Christ is our friend and he’ll be there until the end. Christ is our friend and he’ll be there until the end. Rise, rise, rise…
[Hazel looks over to one of the group members, Isaac and he smiles at her as they listen to Patrick sing]


[Hazel leaves the support group building and sees Frannie waiting for her in the parking lot sat in her car, she walks over to the car]
Frannie: Hey, sweet pea.
[Hazel gets into the car]
Frannie: So? Was is awesome?
[Hazel looks at Frannie like she’s crazy]
Frannie: “Yeah, Mom! It was awesome!!
[Frannie drives off]
Hazel: [voice over] And that was my life. Reality shows, doctor’s appointments, eight prescription drugs, three times a day. But worse worse worst of all, support group.
[Hazel is sat in the kitchen while her parents are making breakfast]
Hazel: You cannot make me.
Michael: Of course we can, we’re your parents.
Frannie: Come on, we’ve been through this. You need to go, you need to make friends and be a teenager.
Hazel: Mom, if you want me to be a teenager you don’t send me to support group. You got to, like, get me a fake ID so that I can go clubs and drink gimlets and take pot.
Michael: Uh, you don’t take pot.
Hazel: Okay, well that is the kind of thing I would know with a fake ID.
Frannie: Will you just get in the car, please.
[Hazel mock stabs herself in the stomach]


Hazel: [voice over] And so I went. Not because I wanted to or because I thought it would help me. But for the same reason I did anything these days to make my parents happy.
[Frannie drives Hazel to the support group and parks in the parking lot]
Hazel: I really don’t understand why I can’t just drive myself. It’s not like you’re going to do anything, you’ll just sit here and wait again.
Frannie: Of course I’m not. No, I’m, I got stuff to do. I’m going to do errands.
[Hazel prepares to get out of the car]
Frannie: I love you.
Hazel: I love you too.
Frannie: Have fun.
[Hazel steps out of the car carrying her oxygen tank behind her as she walks over to the entrance]
Hazel: [voice over] The only thing worse than biting it from cancer, is having a kid bite it from cancer.
[Frannie calls out to her]
Frannie: Hey, make some friends.
[Hazel sighs and walks on]


[inside the support group building Hazel walks towards the elevator and as a the elevator doors are about to close a boy in a wheelchair holds it open for her]
Hazel: Oh, sorry. I’ll take the stairs.
Boy in Elevator: No problem.
Hazel: Thank you.
[as Hazel turns to take the stairs she bumps into Gus]
Hazel: Sorry.
[Gus smiles at her]
Gus: My bad.
Hazel: I’m sorry.
[Gus turns and walks off, then as he turns to look at Hazel he bumps into the door, smiles in embarrassment and walks off, Hazel smiles to herself]


[as everyone is getting seated for the support group meeting to start Gus watches Hazel and smiles, Hazel catches him watching her and smiling at her, she looks at him self-consciously and holds his gaze]
Patrick: Isaac, I know you’re facing challenges right now. Perhaps you would like to share then with the group? Or maybe your friend here?
Isaac: No, I’ll share.
[Isaac stands]
Isaac: Hey, guys. Uh, hi. Uh, I’m Isaac, I have retinoblastoma. I’ve had surgery on one eye when I was younger, so this is a glass eye and then I’m going to the hospital for another surgery to take out the other eye. Um, so after that surgery I’m just going to be totally blind. But I have a beautiful smoking hot girlfriend to help me, Monica. And, uh, I have great friends like Augustus Waters who helps me out. So that’s what’s up. Thanks.
Patrick: We’re here for you Isaac.
Isaac: Thank you.
[Isaac sits down again]


Patrick: Your turn, Gus.
Gus: Yeah, sure.
[Gus stands]
Gus: Uh, I’m uh, I’m Augustus Waters. I’m eighteen years old and, um, I had a touch of osteosarcoma about a year and half ago. So I lost this baby as a result.
[he pulls up his right trouser leg to reveal his prosthetic leg]
Gus: And, uh, I’m part cyborg, which is awesome. But really I’m just here at Isaac’s request.
Patrick: And, uh, how are you feeling, Gus?
Gus: I’m grand, yeah. I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.
Patrick: Maybe you’d like to share your fears with the group.
Gus: My fears?
[Gus thinks for a moment and looks over to Hazel before replying]
Gus: Oblivion.
Patrick: Oblivion?
Gus: Yeah, see I intend to live an extraordinary life. To be remembered. So I’d say if I had any fears it would be to not do that.


[to the group after Gus has finishes his speech]
Patrick: Would anyone else in the group like to speak to that?
[Hazel’s hand goes up]
Patrick: Hazel? Unexpected.
[Hazel stands]
Hazel: I just want to say that you know there’s going to come a time when all of us are dead. There was a time before humans, and there’s going to be a time after. It could be tomorrow, could be a million years from now, and when it does there will be no one left to remember Cleopatra, or Muhammad Ali, or Mozart, let alone any of us.
[looking at Gus]
Hazel: Oblivion’s inevitable. And if that scared you, then I suggest you ignore it.
[Gus smiles at her]
Hazel: God knows, it’s what everyone else does.
[as Hazel sits back down Patrick sighs]
Patrick: Well, that’s some good advice.
[Gus continues to smile at Hazel and she looks back at him for a moment]


[after the meeting, Hazel waits for Frannie outside the building and watches Isaac and his girlfriend, Monica, as they make out]
Isaac: Always.
Monica: Always.
[Gus comes out and stands next to her]
Gus: Literally.
[Hazel turns to look at him]
Gus: I thought we were in a church basement but we’re apparently literally in the heart of Jesus.
Hazel: Oh, yeah.
[Hazel laughs]
Gus: What’s your name?
Hazel: Hazel.
Gus: No, what’s your full name?
Hazel: Hazel Grace Lancaster.
[Gus looks at her and smiles]
Hazel: What?
Gus: I didn’t say anything.
Hazel: Why are you looking at me like that?
Gus: Because you’re beautiful.
Hazel: Oh, my God.
Gus: I enjoy looking at beautiful people. See I decided a while back not to deny myself the simpler pleasures of existence. Particularly as you so astutely pointed out, we’re all going to die pretty soon.
Hazel: Okay, that’s great, but I am not beautiful.
[just then a young girl walks past them]
Alisa: Hi, Gus.
Gus: Hi, Alisa.


[Hazel’s attention goes back to Isaac and Monica]
Isaac: I like it when you say it.
Monica: I like it when you say it.
Isaac: Okay. Always.
Hazel: What’s with the “always?”
Gus: “Always” is like their thing, like they’ll “always” love each other and whatnot. They’ve probably texted “always” to each other like fourteen million times this year.
[Hazel watches as Isaac kisses Monica and grabs her breast]
Hazel: He’s got to be hurting her boob.
Gus: Let’s go watch a movie.
Hazel: What?
Gus: Hm?
Hazel: Huh?
[she chuckles in surprise]
Hazel: Um, I’m, I’m free later this week, we could…
Gus: No, I mean now.
Hazel: You could be an axe murderer.
Gus: There’s always that possibility.


Gus: Come on Hazel Grace, take a risk.
Hazel: I…
[Hazel watches in disbelief as Gus reaches into his pocket, takes out a pack of cigarettes and puts one in his mouth]
Hazel: Really?! That is disgusting!
Gus: What?
Hazel: What, do you think that that’s cool or something? You just ruined this whole thing.
Gus: The whole thing?
Hazel: Yes! This whole thing!
[Gus watches her reaction with amusement]
Gus: Oh, man.
Hazel: You were doing really well too. God! There’s always a hamartia, isn’t there? And yours is, even though you had freaking cancer, you’re willing to give money to a corporation for the chance to acquire even more cancer? Let me just tell you that not being able to breathe sucks! It totally sucks!
Gus: Hamartia?
Hazel: It’s a fatal flaw.
Gus: Oh, a fatal…


[holding his unlit cigarette between his fingers]
Gus: Hazel Grace, they don’t actually hurt you unless you light them.
Hazel: Hm?
Gus: I never lit one. It’s a metaphor, see? You put the thing that does the killing right between your teeth.
[he puts the cigarette in his mouth]
Gus: But you never give it the power to kill you. A metaphor.
[Hazel smiles at him and at the moment Frannie pulls up]
Frannie: Hi, sweetheart. Is it “Top Model” time?
[Hazel looks at Gus who’s standing there looking cool with the cigarette dangling from his mouth]
Hazel: No, uh, I’ve made plans with Augustus Waters.
[Gus looks at Frannie, raises his hand and waves to her]


[as Gus drives them off he nearly hits another car making Hazel very nervous]
Hazel: Oh, my God.
Gus: Yeah, I failed my test a couple times.
Hazel: You don’t say.
Gus: Actually the fourth time I took the test it was going about how this is going, and when it was over, the instructor looks over at me and she says, “your driving, while unpleasant, is not technically unsafe.”
Hazel: Cancer perk.
Gus: Total cancer perk.
[Hazel laughs]


Gus: So, tell me about you.
Hazel: [voice over] Um, I was thirteen when they found it. Pretty much worst case scenario. Thyroid, stage four. Not much they could do, which didn’t stop them, of course. Surgery. Radiation. Chemo. More radiation. All of which worked for a while, but then it stopped working. And then one day my lungs started filling up with water.
[we see flashback to a young Hazel going through the different treatments, then one day as she’s in the hospital she struggles to breath]
Michael: Nurse! We need a nurse right now!
Hazel: [voice over] I couldn’t breathe. No one could get it under control.
[in the flashback her parent stand over young Hazel in ICU]
Frannie: You can let go, sweetie. Don’t be afraid.
Hazel: [voice over] That should have been the end. But then something strange happened. The antibiotics kicked in. They drained the fluid from my lungs. I got some strength back. The next thing I know I found myself in an experimental trial. You know the ones that are famous in the Republic of Cancervania for not working. It’s called Phalanxifor. It didn’t work in over seventy percent of patients, but for some reason it’s been working for me.


Hazel: So they called it “The Miracle.” Of course my lungs still suck at being lungs, but theoretically, they could continue to suck like this for, I don’t know, a while maybe.
Gus: So are you back to school?
Hazel: I got my GED, so I’m taking classes at MCC.
Gus: Woh! A college girl! Well that explains the aura of sophistication.
[just then Gus pulls over into the driveway and knocks over some trash bins]
Gus: Oops.
[Hazel laughs]


[Hazel follows Gus through the front door of his house]
Gus: Welcome to my abode.
[as the walk through the hallway Hazel notices a framed plaque with the sign “If you want the rainbow you have to deal with the rain”]
Gus: My folks call them “encouragements.”
[Hazel chuckles as she notices another plaque]
Gus: Don’t ask.
[Gus walks over to the kitchen where his parents are]
Gus: Hi, guys.
Gus’ Dad: Hey.
Gus’ Mom: Augustus, hi. New friend?
Hazel: Yeah. Uh, this is Hazel Grace.
Gus: Hi. Oh, it’s just Hazel.
Gus’ Dad: And how’s it going, Just Hazel?
Gus’ Mom: Hi, Hazel. How are you?
Gus: Yeah, we’re going downstairs. Bye.
Gus’ Dad: Bye.
Hazel: Nice to meet you guys.
Gus’ Dad: Nice to meet you.
Gus’ Mom: Nice to meet you.


[Gus takes Hazel to his basement bedroom]
Gus: This is it. Augustoworld. This is my room.
[Hazel looks around the massive impressive room]
Hazel: Wow.
[referring to Gus’s basketball memorabilia and trophies]
Hazel: That’s an impressive collection.
Gus: Yeah, I used to play.
Hazel: Do you mind if I sit down?
Gus: Yeah, make yourself at home. Mi casa es tu casa.
[Hazel sits on the couch and tries to catch her breath, Gus sits next to her]
Hazel: Sorry, the, um, stairs and then standing. It’s, uh…
Gus: Yeah, yeah. I understand. Uh, seriously, you okay?
Hazel: Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Gus: Alright. What’s your story?
Hazel: I already told you. I, um, was diagnosed when I was thirteen…
Gus: No, no, no. Not your cancer story, your real story. Your interests, your hobbies, your passions, your weird fetishes.
Hazel: Weird fetishes?
Gus: Come on, just think of something. The first thing that pops into your head, something you love.
Hazel: “An Imperial Affliction.”
Gus: Okay. What’s that?
Hazel: It’s a novel. It’s my favorite novel.
Gus: Wait, wait, wait. Does it have zombies in it?
Hazel: Zombies? No!
Gus: Stormtroopers?
Hazel: No. It’s not that kind of a book.


Gus: Okay, what’s it about?
Hazel: Uh, cancer.
Gus: About cancer?
Hazel: But not like that, trust me. It’s amazing. Um, the author, his name is Peter Van Houten. He is the only person I’ve ever come across in my life who a) understands what it’s like to be dying, but b) hasn’t actually died.
Gus: Okay, I will read this horrible book with it’s very boring title that does not include zombies or stormtroopers. And in exchange…
[he gets up and grabs a book from the shelf]
Gus: You will read this. This haunting yet brilliant novelization of my favorite video game.
Hazel: “Counterinsurgence.”
[Hazel looks at Gus and laughs]
Gus: Okay, don’t laugh. It’s awesome. It’s about honor and sacrifice and bravery and heroism. It’s about embracing your destiny and leaving a mark on the world.
[he hands Hazel the book]
Hazel: Oh, thank you.
Gus: Woh, wait. Your hands are so cold.
Hazel: Oh, they’re not so much cold as just under oxygenated.
Gus: Hazel Grace?
Hazel: Hm?
Gus: I love it when you talk medical to me.
[Hazel smiles and shakes her head]


[as Hazel reads Gus’s book in bed Frannie notices the book]
Frannie: That’s different. Did he give it to you?
Hazel: By “it” do you mean herpes?
Frannie: Wow. Yes, I did. It’s a mothers dream.
[Frannie laughs, then Hazel notices her phone buzzing, she checks it, sees that it’s not from Gus and puts her phone aside]
Frannie: Hey, don’t worry.
Hazel: Oh, my God, Mom. I’m not worried. It’s not a big deal.
Frannie: Yeah.
Hazel: Just hung out, it’s not like I’m waiting for him to call me.
[we then see Hazel going about her daily routine but anxiously checking her phone waiting for Gus’ call]


[Hazel is having dinner with her parents]
Frannie: Today, in China, International Goji Berry Day.
[Michael laughs]
Frannie: Isn’t that great?
Michael: I like the color.
Frannie: Mm-hmm. This is the dry.
Michael: Uh-huh. They’re very good.
Frannie: They’re good, right?
Michael: Mm-hmm.
[just then Hazel gets a text from Gus and she reads the message]
“Tell me my copy is missing the last ten pages or something.”
Michael: So do they eat a lot of Goji berries on Goji Berry Day? We must.
Frannie: We do.
Michael: We do. We’re going to do it for them.
Frannie: Yeah.
Michael: We’re going to decide.
[Hazel smiles to herself then she gets another message]
“Tell me I have not reached the end of this book!”
Frannie: I did something with the desert even, just to try to keep the Goji Berry theme going.
Michael: Oh, my God.
Frannie: Cause they’re an amazing antioxidant.
[Hazel gets a third message from Gus]
“A book can’t end in the middle of a sentence?! What in God’s name is this madness! Aaaahhh!”


[Hazel smiles to herself as she reads Gus’s text message while her parents continue on with their conversation]
Michael: I don’t even know what happens there.
Frannie: Mm-hmm. They celebrate things. This family. That’s got to be a big deal and all.
Michael: Then we should do it every year.
Frannie: Every year.
Michael: We should do it every year.
Frannie: I know.
Michael: I really do like these…
[Michael hears Hazel’s phone receiving another text message]
Michael: Honey, would you like to be excused?
[Hazel, completely distracted, looks up]
Hazel: What?


[Hazel goes to the backyard, sits in a patio chair as she calls Gus]
Gus: Hazel Grace.
[Hazel smiles]
Hazel: Welcome to the sweet torture of reading “An Imperial Affliction.”
[suddenly she hears someone wailing from the other end of the phone]
Isaac: Well, yeah! I’m breaking all the rules!
Hazel: What is…? Are you okay?
[in Gus’s room we see Isaac is wailing out song]
Isaac: And now I’m breaking all the rules!
Gus: Uh, me? Yeah, I am excellent.
Isaac: I’ve been wasting all my time…
Gus: I am, however, with Isaac. And…
[to Isaac]
Gus: Isaac, does Support Group Hazel make this better or worse?
[Isaac continues to wail out the song]
Isaac: And now I’m breaking all the rules. I’ve been wasting all my time!
Gus: Isaac! Focus on me!
Isaac: Been wasting all my time!
[to Hazel]
Gus: How fast can you get here?
Hazel: Um…
Gus: Great. Alright. Well, the door is open. So I got to run. Bye.
[Gus ends the call and Hazel stares at her phone in confusion]


[later, as Gus and Isaac are sat playing a video game Hazel descends the stairs]
Hazel: Hello?
Gus: Hazel.
[Gus rises and goes towards Hazel]
Gus: Isaac, yoh, Hazel from Support Group is here.
[Isaac doesn’t respond and carries on playing the game]
Hazel: Hi.
Gus: Hi. Uh, gentle reminder, Isaac’s in the midst of a psychotic episode right now. You look really nice, by the way. I like this color on you.
Hazel: Thank you.
[Gus goes towards Isaac]
Gus: Isaac.
[Isaac doesn’t respond and Gus taps him on the shoulder, Isaac stops playing the game and takes off his headphones]
Gus: Isaac, Hazel’s here.
Hazel: Hi, Isaac.
Isaac: Hey, Hazel.
[Isaac wipes the tears away from his eyes]


[Hazel sits on the floor in front of Isaac]
Hazel: How are you doing?
Isaac: I’m doing okay.
Gus: It seems Isaac and Monica are no longer going concern.
Hazel: Oh, Isaac, I’m so sorry. Do you want to talk about it?
[Isaac starts sobbing again]
Isaac: No, I just want to cry and play video games.
Gus: However, you know, it doesn’t hurt to talk to him if you have any sage words of feminine advice.
Hazel: I actually think his response is fairly appropriate.
Gus: “Pain demands to be felt.”
Hazel: You’re quoting my book!
[Hazel smiles at Gus and he winks at her]
Isaac: She said she wanted to break up with me before the surgery, cause she couldn’t handle it. I’m about to lose my eyesight and she can’t handle it. I kept saying “always” to her, you know, like always. And she kept like talking over me and not saying it back, and like, it was like, I was gone already, you know? And…
Hazel: You know, sometimes people don’t understand the promises that their making when they make them.
Isaac: I know, but, I just feel like such a loser. I still have her necklace on.
Hazel: Take it off.
Isaac: Dude, take that off!
[Isaac grabs the necklace and pulls it off his neck, snapping the chain]
Hazel: Yeah!
[Isaac throws the necklace aside, Hazel and Gus laugh]
Gus: Here we go, man. Here we go.
[Gus gives Isaac and encouraging pat on the shoulder]


Isaac: I just want to kick something.
[Isaac gets up and goes to the TV and kicks the TV unit]
Gus: Don’t hit that! Don’t hit that! Hey, dude. Hey, uh…
[Gus grabs a pillow and offers it to Isaac]
Gus: Hit this.
Isaac: Sorry.
[Isaac takes the pillow and starts hitting it, Gus and Hazel stand aside as Isaac carries on]
Gus: I’ve been wanting to call you for a few days now, but I’ve been waiting until I could form a coherent thought about “An Imperial Affliction.”
[they get interrupted as Isaac starts slamming the pillow into his face and screaming]
Gus: Once second.
[he goes over to Isaac]
Gus: Isaac! Pillows don’t break. You need to break something.
[he goes over to his trophy shelf and offers Isaac one]
Gus: Try this.
Isaac: The trophy?
Gus: Yeah.
Isaac: Are you sure?
Gus: I’ve been looking for a way to tell my father I kind of hate basketball. Go to town!
[he gives the trophy to Isaac and Isaac smashes it against the wall]
Isaac: Always!


[Gus goes over to Hazel and Isaac continues to smash the trophy and yelling]
Gus: “An Imperial Affliction.”
Hazel: Yes. I’m so glad that you liked it.
Gus: Yes, I did. But the ending.
Hazel: I know, it is rather abrupt.
Gus: Rather abrupt? Are you kidding? It’s evil! I mean, I understand that she dies, but there’s, there’s an unwritten contract between author and…
[Isaac interrupts him as he picks another one of Gus’s trophies to break]
Isaac: Gus?
Gus: Yeah?
Isaac: Cool?
Gus: Sure.
[suddenly Isaac throws the trophy to the ground smashing it, Gus looks back to Hazel]
Gus: …between author and reader. And I feel like ending your book in the middle of a sentence sort of violates that contract, don’t you think?
[in the background Isaac continues to smash the trophy and yell]
Isaac: Always! Always!
Hazel: Okay. Yes, I know what you mean, but to be completely honest, I think that it’s just so truthful. You know? You just die in the middle of life. You die in the middle of a sentence. And, I don’t know. But I really would like what happens to the rest of it, you know, everyone after Anna dies.
Gus: Like Anna’s mother.
Hazel: Yes. And the The Dutch Tulip Man…
Gus: And Sisyphus the Hamster.
Hazel: Yes!


Gus: Have you tried contacting this Peter Van Houten fellow?
Hazel: I’ve written to him so many letters, but he’s never responded. Apparently he moved to Amsterdam and became a recluse, and…
[she shrugs her shoulders]
Gus: Shame.
Hazel: Yeah.
[Gus turns to see Isaac sitting on the floor as he continues to smash up the trophies]
Gus: Isaac. You, uh, you feeling better, buddy?
[Gus gives Isaac a hand to stand]
Gus: That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.
Isaac: Okay, thanks.


[Hazel is lying on the grass staring up at the stars talking on the phone to Gus]
Gus: Hazel Grace.
Hazel: Augustus Waters.
[Gus is lying in his bed with his laptop on his chest]
Gus: I cannot stop thinking about this Goddamned book.
Hazel: You’re welcome.
Gus: However, we do need closure, don’t you think?
Hazel: That is exactly what I was asking Van Houten for in my letters.
Gus: But he never responded.
Hazel: Nnnope.
[Gus starts reading from his laptop]
Gus: “Dear Mr. Waters, I am writing to thank you for your electronic correspondence. I am grateful to anyone who sets aside the time to read my book.”
[suddenly Hazel sits up]
Hazel: Augustus?
Gus: Yes?
Hazel: What are you doing?
Gus: I may have found Van Houten’s assistant, emailed her.
Hazel: Augustus!
Gus: She may have forwarded that email onto Van Houten. Shall I continue?
Hazel: Oh, my God! Yeah, yeah! Go!


[Gus continues to read Van Houten’s email]
Gus: “I am particularly indebted to you, sir.” Hazel Grace, he just called me “sir.”
Hazel: Augustus, keep reading! Keep reading!
Gus: “Both for your kind words about “An Imperial Affliction” and for taking the time to tell me that the book, and here I quote you directly, ‘meant a great deal’ to you and Hazel Grace’.”
[Hazel does an excited scream]
Hazel: You did not! You did not! You did not!
Gus: Of course I did.
[carries on reading the email]
Gus: “To answer your question: No, I have not written anything else, nor will I. I do not feel continuing to share my thoughts with readers would benefit either them or me. However thank you for your generous email. Yours most sincerely, Peter Van Houten.” So, yeah, that just happened.
[Hazel laughs]
Hazel: Oh, my God!
Gus: I’ve been trying to tell you, I’m kind of awesome.
[Hazel laughs again]
Hazel: Do you think that I…
Gus: Check you inbox.
Hazel: Oh, my God!
[Hazel rises grabs her oxygen tank and starts walking back towards the house]
Hazel: Oh, my God, Augustus. I’m freaking out. I’m freaking out.


[Hazel is in her room sat at her computer and is writing an email to Van Houten]
Hazel: [voice over] Dear Mr. Peter Van Houten, my name is Hazel Grace Lancaster. My friend Augustus Waters, who read your book, at my recommendation, just received an email from you at this address. I hope you will not mind that he shared that email with me.”
[as Hazel is writing her email we see Hazel and Gus sitting at a cafe enjoying each others company]
Hazel: [voice over] I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions I have about what happens after the end of the book. Specifically, the following:”
[we see Hazel and Gus lying on the floor in Gus’s room listening to music from an iPod, they both reach for the iPod, touch hands and smile at each other]
Hazel: [voice over] Does Anna’s Mom marry the Dutch Tulip Man, and is the Dutch Tulip Man up to something or is he just completely misunderstood?
[we see Hazel and Gus watching TV]
Hazel: [voice over] “Lastly, I was hoping you could shed some light on Sisyphus the Hamster. These questions have haunted me for years. And I don’t know how long I have left to get answers to them. I know these are not important literary questions and that your book is full of important literary questions, but I would just really like to know.”
[we see Hazel reading her email over to phone to Gus as she lies in bed]
Hazel: And of course, if ever you do decide to write anything else, I would love to read it. Frankly, I’d read your grocery lists. Yours with great admiration, Hazel Grace Lancaster.”


[after Hazel finishes reading her email to Van Houten]
Gus: Not bad.
Hazel: You think.
Gus: Yeah, I mean, it’s a bit pretentious. But then again, Van Houten uses words like “tendentious” and… “bacchanalia”, so I think he’ll like it.
[Hazel chuckles then checks the time on her phone]
Hazel: Is it really 1 a.m.?
Gus: Is it?
[Gus checks his phone]
Gus: Yeah, I guess it is.
[Hazel laughs softly ]
Hazel: I should probably go to sleep.
Gus: Okay.
Hazel: Okay.
[neither of them hangs up the phone and they both smile to themselves]
Gus: Okay.
Hazel: Okay.
Gus: Perhaps “okay” will be our “always”.
[Hazel hesitates a moment before replying]
Hazel: Okay.


[Hazel wakes up the next morning, opens her laptop to check her emails and notices Van Houten has replied to her email]
Hazel: Oh, my God.
[she opens the email and reads it out loud]
Hazel: “Dear Ms. Lancaster, I cannot answer your questions, at least not in writing, because to do so would constitute a sequel, which you might publish or otherwise share on the internet. Not that I don’t trust you, but how could I trust you, I barely know you. Should ever you find yourself in Amsterdam, do pay a visit at your leisure.”
[to herself]
Hazel: What?!
[finishes reading the email]
Hazel: “Yours most sincerely, Peter Van Houten.”
[to herself]
Hazel: Peter… Oh, my God! What is this life?!


[Frannie rushes up to Hazel’s room thinking something’s wrong when she hears Hazel yell out]
Frannie: Hazel?
Hazel: Mom!
Frannie: Hazel, what’s wrong?
Hazel: Mom, look at this! Come here! Come here! Coming here!
[Hazel grabs Fannie’s hand and pulls her to look at the email]
Hazel: Look.
Frannie: What?!
Hazel: Yeah! Peter Van Houten! Look what he said! “Should ever you find yourself in Amsterdam.” I have to go!
Frannie: That’s incredible.
Hazel: He invited us to Amsterdam. Amsterdam!
Frannie: Wow.
Hazel: Can we go? I mean, do you think, do you think we could actually go?
Frannie: I mean, Amsterdam, I want you to have everything you want in the world. But we don’t have the money. You know? Just like getting all the equipment over there. I don’t know, how do we do that?
Hazel: Yeah. No, duh! I’m sorry
[seeing Hazel is obviously disappointed]
Frannie: Hey, you. I’m so sorry.
Hazel: It’s okay. It’s okay.
[Frannie looks sad]
Frannie: So…
[she turns and leave the room and Hazel looks really disappointed]


[Gus and Hazel walk out of the support group building]
Gus: Why don’t you ask the Genies? Use your wish.
Hazel: I already used it. Pre-miracle.
Gus: What did you use it on?
[Hazel hesitates, obviously not wanting to say]
Gus: Not Disney.
[Hazel smiles confirming that it was]
Gus: Hazel Grace, you did not go to Disney World.
Hazel: I was thirteen!
Gus: You did not use your last dying wish to go to Disney World!
Hazel: And Epcot Center.
Gus: Oh, my God!
Hazel: It was actually a really fun trip.
Gus: That is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.
Hazel: No, I met Goofy.
Gus: Now I’m just embarrassed.
Hazel: Why are you embarrassed?
Gus: I can’t believe I have a crush on a girl with such clichéd wishes. Terrible.
[Hazel stops and smiles as she watches Gus walk over to his car and open the driver’s door]
Gus: You coming?


[we see Hazel is having a check-up at the hospital while her parents watch anxiously]
Hazel: [voice over] The most important thing in any MRI is to lie completely still. But that day, it was almost impossible.
[as they return home and their car pulls up in the drive way Gus is waiting at the front of the house with a bouquet of tulips in his hand]
Frannie: Hey, Gus. How are you?
Gus: Hi, Mrs. Lancaster.
[Michael walks towards Gus and points to Gus’s basketball jersey]
Michael: Hey! Rik Smits jersey?
Gus: Yeah, it is indeed.
Michael: I love that guy.
[they shake hands]
Gus: I’m Augustus Waters.
Michael: Nice to meet you. Michael.
[Michael walks past him towards the house]
Frannie: Good to see you.
Gus: Hi, Mrs. Lancaster.
Frannie: Good to see you.
Gus: Good to see you.
[Frannie joins Michael as the go into the house]
Gus: Hi, Hazel Grace.
Hazel: Hi.
Gus: How would you like to go on a picnic with me?
Hazel: Uh, I would love to go on a picnic with you.
Gus: Shall we?
[Gus starts to lead the way]
Hazel: No! Well, I, uh, let me… Um, I’ve just been to the hospital so I should just change.


[as Hazel is changing clothes Gus is sitting with Michael in the living room in an awkward silence]
Michael: So, uh, you’re, uh, you’re a survivor yourself, huh?
Gus: Yeah. You know, I didn’t cut this fella off for the hell of it.
[lifts his prosthetic leg up]
Gus: Although it does make and excellent weight-loss strategy.
[Hazel hears Gus talking as she changes her clothes in her room looking at herself in the mirror]
Gus: Uh, legs are very heavy.
Michael: How, how’s your, uh, how’s your health now?
Gus: It’s great. I’m N.E.C for fourteen months.
Michael: Really?
Gus: Yeah.
Michael: That’s fantastic.
Gus: Yeah, I’m very lucky.
[Michael looks uncomfortable and goes to take a seat closer to Gus]
Michael: Hey, Listen, Gus. Um, you have to understand Hazel’s still pretty sick, and she will be the rest of her life. I mean, she’s going to want to keep up with you, she’s that kind of girl, but the truth is her lungs…
[Hazel appears interrupting Michael]
Hazel: Ready, Gus?
Gus: Yeah.
[Gus and Michael stand]
Hazel: Alright.
[to Michael]
Hazel: See you soon.
Michael: Alright.


[Gus and Hazel walk together in the park for their picnic]
Hazel: Oh, such a beautiful day.
Gus: Yeah.
Hazel: Is this where you bring all your romantic conquests?
Gus: Yeah, every last one of them. That’s probably why I’m still a virgin.
[Gus laughs]
Hazel: You are not still a virgin!
[Gus looks at her]
Hazel: Are you really?
Gus: Let me show you something.
[he picks up a stick and draws a circle in the dirt on the ground]
Gus: See this circle? That is a circle of virgins.
Hazel: Uh-huh.
Gus: And this…
[he draws a much smaller circle inside that circle]
Gus: …is eighteen year old dudes with one leg.
[Hazel laughs]
Gus: So, yeah.


[pointing to the giant skeleton sculpture where kids are playing around on]
Gus: “Funky Bones” by Joep Van Lieshout.
Hazel: He sounds quite Dutch.
Gus: And he is. Much like Rik Smits. And tulips.
[they sit on one of the giant bones to have their picnic]
Gus: Sandwich?
Hazel: Let me guess.
Gus: Dutch cheese and tomato.
[he hands her a sandwich]
Gus: Sorry, the tomatoes are Mexican.
[Hazel laughs]
Hazel: How dare you? Mm.
[they start eating]
Gus: How cool is this? They’re using a skeleton as a playground. Think about that.
Hazel: You do love your symbols.
Gus: Speaking of which, you’re probably wondering why you’re sitting here eating a bad cheese sandwich and drinking orange juice with a guy in a Rik Smits jersey.
Hazel: It actually has crossed my mind.
Gus: Well, Hazel Grace, like so many before you, and listen, I say this with the utmost affection, you used your wish moronically.
Hazel: Okay, we’ve been through this. I was thirteen…
Gus: Alright! Hush! I am in the midst of a grand soliloquy here.


Gus: You were young. Impressionable. The Grim Reaper staring you in right the face and it lead you to rush into making a wish you didn’t really want. But how could little Hazel Grace, having never read “An Imperial Affliction” know that her one true wish was to visit Mr. Peter Van Houten in his Amsterdamian exile.
Hazel: But I didn’t save it, so…
Gus: It’s a good thing I saved mine.
Hazel: So you’re saying…
Gus: I’m not going to give you my wish or anything, Hazel.
[Hazel laughs]
Gus: If that’s what you’re thinking. However, you know, I too have an interest in meeting this Mr. Peter Van Houten and I really didn’t think it would make much sense to meet him without the girl who introduced me to the book in the first place, now would it? So I talked with the Genies and they’re all for it. We leave in a month.
[Hazel looks at him in shocked disbelief]
Hazel: No.
Gus: Mm-hmm.
Hazel: Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
[feeling ecstatic Hazel pulls Gus into a hug]
Hazel: Augustus! Thank you!
[they hold onto each other tightly]


[Hazel is telling Frannie about Gus’s plan as Frannie does the laundry]
Hazel: Apparently they, I don’t know if they do this that often, but they’re willing to bring me too and…
Frannie: That’s incredible. Hazel, that’s so beautiful.
Hazel: I know.
Frannie: And a little insane.
Hazel: Oh, it’s super insane. It’s craz…it’s, it’s crazy.
Frannie: Well…
Hazel: It’s Amsterdam!
Frannie: He just met you!
Hazel: I know!
Frannie: And he’s giving you his wish!
Hazel: Well, we’re sharing the wish. I mean, he, he… Yeah, we’re sharing it.
Frannie: That’s sweet. Unless…
Hazel: What?
Frannie: Is he your boyfriend? Is that…?
Hazel: Stop it. Do not, he is not my boy… Mom, focus. We’re talking about Amsterdam.
Frannie: But you like him so much.
Hazel: Ssh! Stop! Pay attention! Please! Can I go?
Frannie: Right, as your mom, I love this idea. And, I think we should talk to Dr. Maria.
[Hazel nods her head looking a bit upset]
Hazel: Okay.


[Hazel and Frannie are at her doctor’s office]
Dr. Maria: I don’t know.
Hazel: But you said that the PET scan was encouraging.
Dr. Maria: Well the PET scan is encouraging, but we don’t know how long it’ll stay that way.
Hazel: Okay, I’m not seeking political asylum, it’s a few days, it’s a vacation.
Frannie: That’s true.
Dr. Maria: What if you get sick, in a foreign country?
Hazel: They have doctors in Amsterdam. And cancer.
Dr. Maria: Well, not all cancers are alike, and yours is particularly unusual, Hazel. The only way I could ever authorize a trip like this would be if someone familiar with your case…
Hazel: What if my Mom came?
Frannie: Wait, what?
Hazel: What if you cam? I’m sure the Genies would hook it up, they’re loaded.
Dr. Maria: That just might work.


Hazel: [voice over] And then this happened.
[Hazel wakes up in the middle of the night having trouble breathing and her parents rush her to the hospital, later her parents are sat by her hospital bed as Hazel wakes]
Frannie: Hey.
Hazel: Hi.
Michael: Hey.
Frannie: You okay?
Hazel: So what happened?
Frannie: The usual. Fluid in the lungs preventing oxygenation. They put a tube in. Drained like a meter and a half last night.
[Hazel lifts up her the hospital gown at her side and feels the tube]
Michael: Good news is no tumor growth, no new tumors in your body. We’re so relieved.
Frannie: This is just a thing, Hazel. It’s a thing we can live with.
[Hazel nods her head]


[Gus, who’s been sitting in the waiting area, notices Michael in the hallway and rushes towards him]
Gus: Mr. Lancaster! How’s she doing?
Michael: Better. Yeah, thank you. Much, much better.
Gus: Oh. They won’t let me in, it’s like family only.
Michael: Yeah, sorry.
Gus: Oh, yeah. No, I get it. Um, could you just tell her I was here?
Michael: Yeah, of course. Of course I will.
Gus: Okay.
Michael: Hey, Gus, listen. Why don’t you go home? Get some rest. Okay.
[Michael turns and walks off as Gus watches him]


[Hazel and her parents are in sat in a room with Dr. Maria and two other doctors]
Dr. Simmons: Normally the tumors start resisting the treatment and that hasn’t happened here, yet. On the other hand, the drug may be worsening the edema.
Dr. Maria: The truth is very few people have been on Phalanxifor as long as Hazel has. We really don’t know the long term effects.
Dr. Simmons: What we’re trying to do is prevent endothelial growth, which when over expressed can contribute to disease, decay, vascular inhibition and the spread of the tumors we’re working so hard to eradicate. The survival rates of patients with severe endothelial growth decreases exponentially the more…
[as the doctor carries on explaining Hazel watches her parents holding hands and gets lost in thought, she has flashback to when she was in the ICU as a child with her parents by her]
Frannie: You can let go, sweetie. Don’t be afraid.
[young Hazel watches as Frannie bursts into tears and Michael holds her]
Frannie: Oh, my God! I’m not going to be a mom anymore!


[back to the meeting with the doctors]
Hazel: I have a question.
Dr. Maria: Yes, Hazel.
Hazel: Can I still go to Amsterdam?
Dr. Simmons: That would, uh, not be wise at this juncture.
Hazel: Why not?
Frannie: Is there any way we can make that trip happen?
Dr. Simmons: It would increase some risks.
Hazel: And so does going to the mall.
Dr. Simmons: Yes, but an airplane?
Hazel: But they have oxygen on airplanes.
Dr. Simmons: You’re stage four.
Hazel: This is an opportunity that I may never get again. Ever. If the medication is working, I don’t understand why…
Dr. Maria: Perhaps there’s a scenario…
Dr. Simmons: No. I don’t know any other way to say this, Hazel. You’re just too sick. I’m sorry.


[Michael and Frannie drive a despondent looking Hazel home from hospital, later that night as she lies in bed she gets a text from Gus]
[Hazel doesn’t reply, the next morning Hazel hears the phone ringing and Michael answering it]
Michael: Hello? Yeah, just a sec.
[Michael walks into the kitchen where Hazel is sat]
Michael: Hi. It’s Gus, again.
[Hazel doesn’t respond, Michael speaks into the phone]
Michael: Sorry, she’s asleep.
[there’s a pause as he listens to Gus]
Michael: Yeah, okay. Alright. Bye bye.
[Michael ends the call and looks at Hazel]
Hazel: I know what you’re thinking. It’s not fair to him. It’s not. He doesn’t need this in his life. I mean, nobody does. I’m a lot more trouble than it’s worth.
Michael: No, you’re right. You’re mom and I, we were just saying the same thing. It could be time we tossed you out on the street. Drop you off in an orphanage somewhere, make you their problem.
[Hazel smiles knowing he’s teasing]
Michael: I’m serious, we’re not sentimental people.
[Michael walks out of the kitchen]


[feeling dejected, Hazel sits in front of a swing set in the backyard when she gets a text from Gus]
“Hello??? The silence is deafening.”
[she puts her phone down not replying, looks at the swing set for a moment thinking and then picks up her phone to call Gus]
Gus: Hazel Grace.
Hazel: Hi, Augustus.
Gus: Are you okay?
[Hazel hesitates a moment before replying quietly]
Hazel: No.
Gus: What’s the matter? Talk to me.
[Hazel starts crying]
Hazel: I don’t know. Everything. I want to go to Amsterdam, Gus. And I want Van Houten to tell us what happens after his book. I also don’t really want this particular life. But it’s really just the sky, the sky that’s making me sad and there’s this pathetic old swing set that my dad built for me when I was a kid and…
[she chuckles through her tears]
Hazel: It just everything I guess.
Gus: Well, I demand to see this swing set of tears.


[Gus is sat on the swing set with Hazel]
Gus: I do see your point. This is one sad swing set.
[there’s a moment’s pause]
Gus: Hazel Grace, I hope you realize that you trying to keep your distance from me in no way lessens my affection for you. All your efforts to keep me from you are going to fail.
Hazel: Look, I like you. And I like hanging out with you, and everything. But I can’t let this go on any further.
Gus: Why not?
Hazel: Because I don’t want to hurt you.
Gus: I wouldn’t mind.
Hazel: No, you don’t understand.
Gus: I do understand.
Hazel: No, you don’t understand…
Gus: No, I know what you’re trying to say and I, Hazel, I’m saying, I wouldn’t mind. It’d be a privilege to have my heart broken by you. Hazel, I’m,
Hazel: Gus, I’m a grenade! One day I’m going to explode and I’m going to obliterate everything in my wake and, I don’t know, I just, I feel like it’s my responsibility to minimize the casualties.
[Gus smiles at her]
Gus: A grenade?
Hazel: And that’s why I don’t have a hamster.
[they smile at each other and Gus laughs softly he then looks at the swing set and stands]
Gus: Well, we got to do something about this frigging swing set.
[Hazel nods her head]


[Hazel and Gus are in her room, Hazel has her laptop ready to place an ad for her swing set]
Hazel: Okay.
[she starts typing]
Hazel: “Swing Set Needs Home.”
[Gus takes the laptop from her, deletes what she’s written and starts typing]
Gus: “Desperately Lonely Swing Set Needs Loving Home.”
[Hazel takes the laptop, deletes Gus’s title and starts typing]
Hazel: “Lonely, Vaguely Pedophilic Swing Set Seeks the Butts of Children.”
[Hazel looks at Gus]
Hazel: No?
Gus: No. No.
Hazel: No?
[Gus laughs]
Hazel: I like it.


Gus: That’s why.
Hazel: Huh?
Gus: In case you were wondering that’s why I like you, Hazel Grace. You’re just so busy being you, you have no idea how utterly unprecedented you are.
[Hazel looks at him for a moment and smiles]
Hazel: You can’t say stuff like that.
Gus: What? That’s how I speak to all my friends.
[Hazel gives him a look of disbelief]
Gus: I know. I know. Friends.
[Gus extends his hand and Hazel shakes it]
Hazel: Friends.
Gus: Friends.
[Gus kisses her hand and Hazel quickly pulls her hand back]
Hazel: Friends!
[they both laugh]
Hazel: You can’t do that!


[later that night as Hazel lies in bed she picks up her phone and starts texting Gus]
“Thank you for understanding…just friends.”
[Gus texts back]
[Hazel smiles and texts back]
[Gus then texts back]
OMG!! Stop flirting with me!
[Hazel smiles to herself and turns off her phone]


[Hazel is sat at her desk looking at her emails on her laptop when she notices an email from Van Houten’s assistant, Lidewij, and starts reading it out loud]
Hazel: “Dear Hazel, I have received word via the Genies that you will be visiting us with Augustus Waters and your mother beginning the 4th.”
[Hazel stops reading the looks at the rest of the email]
Hazel: Mom?
Frannie: Yeah?
Hazel: Mom?
[Frannie enters the room wearing a towel]
Frannie: What’s up?
Hazel: Sorry.
Frannie: No, I was just taking a bath for five seconds.
Hazel: Um, did you email the Genies to tell them that the trip was off? Because Van Houten’s assistant just emailed me and she said that she thinks we’re still coming.
Frannie: Well…
Hazel: What?
Frannie: I was supposed to tell you with your dad.
Hazel: Mom?
Frannie: We’re going to Amsterdam.
Hazel: You’re, you’re ser…we’re going to Amsterdam?


[Frannie starts laughing excitedly]
Frannie: We’re going to Amsterdam. We figured the whole thing out, we’re going!
[Hazel suddenly stands and hugs Frannie]
Hazel: Oh, my God.
Frannie: Talked with Dr. Maria, everybody knows. But only for three days, not six.
Hazel: Oh, my God.
Frannie: But everything, an oncologist is set there, everything. We’re so good.
[Hazel starts crying tears of joy as she holds on to Frannie]
Hazel: I love you so much!
Frannie: I love you.
Hazel: We’re going to Amsterdam.
Frannie: We’re going to Amsterdam.
[they both laugh]
Hazel: We’re going to Amsterdam.
[Frannie turns to leave]
Frannie: You can come talk to me, but you’ve got a phone call to make.
[Frannie leaves the room and yells out to Hazel who is sat in joyful haze]
Frannie: Call him!


Hazel: Okay, lungs, you keep your shit together for one week, you got it? One more week.
she smiles to herself and then picks up her phone to text Gus
“Hey Gus, hope you have your passport ready!!!”
[Gus texts back]
“Everything’s coming up Waters!!!”


[Hazel, Frannie and Michael step out of the front door with their bags]
Frannie: Here we go! Oh! Oh, wait.
[Frannie goes back into the house]
Hazel: What did you forget?
Michael: She’s got all her luggage.
Hazel: Did she forget her passport?
Frannie: Yeah, I’ve got it. Got it in my bag.
Hazel: Okay.
[they all start walking towards the car when suddenly they notice Gus arriving in a limo]
Gus: Like I said to the Genies, I travel in style or I don’t travel at all.
[Hazel turns to Frannie with excitement]
Hazel: Mom, we’re going to Amsterdam!
Frannie: We are going to Amsterdam. Right now.



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