Starring: John Cena, David Tennant, Anthony Anderson, Gabriel Iglesias, Kate McKinnon, Boris Kodjoe, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Raúl Esparza, Jerrod Carmichael, Gina Rodriguez, Daveed Diggs, Bobby Cannavale, Sally Phillips, Flula Borg, Karla Martínez



Animated comedy directed by Carlos Saldanha, the story is set in Spain and follows a giant bull, Ferdinand (John Cena), with a big heart. After being mistaken for a dangerous beast, he is captured and torn from his home. Determined to return to his family, he rallies a misfit team on the ultimate adventure.


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Ferdinand: [voice over] It seems like from the moment you’re born people think they got you all figured out, based on how you look, how you talk, where you’re from. But it’s not that simple, especially when it comes to me. I’m a little bit more complex. I’m Ferdinand. You look at me and think, “Big,” you think, “Scary,” you think, “Well, at least he’s not he’s not in a china shop.” You think, “Someone who can fight.”


Ferdinand: [voice over] It seems like from the moment you’re born people think they got you all figured out. Now I know when you look at me you think, “Big,” you think, “Scary,” but I’m a little more complex.


[we see Ferdinand is in a china shop]
Ferdinand: Oh, no.
[as he gently tries to walk through the stacks of china]
Ferdinand: Baby steps. Baby steps. Easy does it.
[after managing to catch a few of the china pieces, an old lady uses a feather duster to dust his nose making him sneeze, making him break all the china]
Ferdinand: Sorry!


Ferdinand: [voice over] I had the perfect life, until one day everything changed.


[as Ferdinand is captured and being taken away]
Ferdinand: There’s been a mistake!
[to his human owner]
Ferdinand: Nina!
Nina: Ferdinand!


Lupe: [to Ferdinand] Holy big feronie, you’re ginormous!


Lupe: [to Ferdinand] You’re ginormous! I can’t wait to show you to the rest of the guys. They’re going to fertilize the yard.


[to the bulls; referring to Ferdinand]
Lupe: Let me introduce you to the new guy.
Angus: I don’t know you, but I’m not scared of you.
Lupe: Angus, you’re talking to his butt.
Angus: Ah, you wee, goat.
Lupe: Now you’re talking to my butt.


Cuatro: [to Ferdinand] Please don’t chew on us! My greatest fear is death by chew!


Ferdinand: Who are you?
Una: I’m Una.
Dos: I’m Dos.
Cuarto: And I’m Cuarto.
Ferdinand: What happened to Tres?
Una: We do not speak of Tres.
[the bend their heads and cross themselves]


El Primero: I am here to select a bull. My hands are my instruments, as are my arms, legs, chest, and buttocks.


El Primero: I’m here to select a bull.
[sees Ferdinand]
El Primero: I’ll take that one.


Hans: Spoiler alert, there is no escape. It sucks to be you.
Ferdinand: I am not a fighting bull! Can you guys help me out?
[in a thick German accent]
Klaus: Zis is the beautiful horses’ side, and zat is the schtinky bull side. Have a nice day, schmelling terrible!


Ferdinand: No, I’ll pass, thanks. You guys go ahead.


Ferdinand: I’m not a fighting bull.
Una: You don’t need to be a fighting bull. You just have to look like a fighting bull.


Lupe: You see that barrel over there, smash it to pieces!
Ferdinand: With my head?
Lupe: What else are you going to hit it with?
Ferdinand: Ready.


[after nearly killing the little bunny as he was trying to run towards the barrel]
Ferdinand: Come on, little guy! Come on!
[starts giving the bunny CPR and mouth to mouth, the bunny suddenly wakes]
Ferdinand: Sorry I almost killed you!
[the bunny disappears down the hole in the ground, it throws a carrot at Ferdinand and it hits him in the face]
Ferdinand: Ow!


Ferdinand: Nina needs me. I’m getting out of this place, and I’m not leaving anyone behind.
Cuatro: Best plan ever!
Ferdinand: Let’s go home, guys!
Una: Just do exactly what we do.
[Ferdiand tries to roll on the ground like the hedghogs Uno, Dos and Cuatro and fails]
Una: Maybe don’t do exactly as we do.


[referring to the truck]
Ferdinand: Everybody in! Hit it!
Bones: Wait for me!


Lupe: I’ve been waiting for this my whole flea-bitten life!


Una: It’s a straight shot through there.
Ferdinand: Have you seen these hips?


[referring to the humans]
Una: They’re coming. We go to do something, guys.
[Una, Dos and Cuatro roll over to the two men and starts dancing for them]
Man: Look at the two squirrels.
Dos: What?!
[as the man goes to touch Dos he bite the man’s finger]
Dos: Hedgehogs!


Ferdinand: There are places out there where you don’t get pushed around for being yourself.


Uno: Hedge for one…
Uno and Dos: And hog for all.
Cuatro: Don’t leave me hanging.


Uno: [to Ferdinand] Can you just try to be a little more quiet.


Lupe: Wooh! Look at those pecs. It’s like two little baby bulls inside of a bull.


Valiente: Listen to me, Flower Bull. Things have changed around here since you ran away. Now, you’re either a fighter or you’re meat. Later, meat.

Total Quotes: 27


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