Starring: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Kim Basinger, Luke Grimes, Eloise Mumford, Max Martini, Hugh Dancy, Eric Johnson, Rita Ora



Romantic drama sequel directed by James Foley which follows a wounded Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) as he tries to entice a cautious Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) back into his life, who is trying to move on with her life without his influence.

However she demands a new arrangement, with no secrets, no rules and no punishment, before she will give him another chance. As the two begin to build trust and find stability, shadowy figures from Christian’s past start to circle the couple, determined to destroy their hopes for a future together.



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Christian Grey: [to Ana] I want you back. I’m not very good at this, I’ve never wanted to try again.


Christian Grey: Have dinner with me.
Anastasia Steele: Okay, fine, I will have dinner with you because I’m hungry. But we are only talking and that is it.


[the waitress places the bill on their table, as Christian goes to get his wallet Ana takes the bill to pay for it]
Anastasia Steele: Got to be quicker than that, Grey.


Christian Grey: I brought you here to negotiate.
Anastasia Steele: You’re open to new terms?
Christian Grey: No rules, no punishments.
Anastasia Steele: No rules, no punishments and no more secrets.
Christian Grey: I can do that.
Anastasia Steele: You want to, what do you call it, a vanilla relationship?
Christian Grey: I mean we only do what you’re comfortable with.
Anastasia Steele: But you need all those things.
Christian Grey: I need you more.


Kate: Are you happy?
Anastasia Steele: I’ve never been happier.


[referring to Ana’s panties as they are sat in a restaurant]
Christian Grey: Take them off.
Anastasia Steele: Wait, in here?
Christian Grey: Right here.
[Ana slowly takes off her panties]
Christian Grey: The check, please.


Christian Grey: [to Ana] Intrigued?


Christian Grey: I had no idea what this was going to become.
Anastasia Steele: I don’t see how this can work.


Anastasia Steele: You just going to stand there gawking?
Christian Grey: Yes.


Christian Grey: What do you want, Anastasia?
Anastasia Steele: This time no rules, no punishments, and no more secrets.


Anastasia Steele: You know that girl, Christian?


Jack Hyde: [to Ana] Your boyfriend has a reputation.


Jack Hyde: [to Ana] Do you want to be kept or have respect?


Elena Lincoln: Do you think you’re the first woman that’s tried to save him?
Anastasia Steele: He’s changing, it’s not what he wants anymore.
Elena Lincoln: But it’s what he needs.


Christian Grey: [to Ana] If something were to happen to you I could never forgive myself.


[pointing a gun at Ana]
Leila Williams: Tell me what you have that I don’t.


Anastasia Steele: When’s the last time you went shopping?
Christian Grey: Houston. A week ago.
Anastasia Steele: What’d you buy?
Christian Grey: An airline.


Anastasia Steele: I can’t believe you just talked to him like that.
Christian Grey: He wants what’s mine.
Anastasia Steele: What’s yours? That’s a little presumptuous.


Christian Grey: You’re mine.
Anastasia Steele: I’m yours.


Hannah: It’s totally weird, I know. I know. I mean, am I expected to call you Miss Steele?
Anastasia Steele: I expect you to call me Ana. And I don’t expect you to fetch me coffee unless you’re getting some for yourself. And the rest of it, we’ll just make up as we go, okay?


Christian Grey: I hope you’re not a sore loser.
Anastasia Steele: That depends on how hard you spank me.

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