Our list of the best quotes from the Fifty Shades movie trilogy, based on the erotic romance novels by E. L. James. The story centers on literature student Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) who after accepting to do a favor for her sick friend ends up interviewing enigmatic billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), after which they soon end up in a strange relationship where Christian introduces Ana to a world of submission.


1. Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

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Christian Grey: Business is about people, and I’ve always been good at people. What motivates them, what incentivizes them, what inspires them.
Anastasia Steele: Maybe you’re just lucky.
Christian Grey: I’ve always found that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have. The key to my success has been in identifying talented individuals and harnessing their efforts.
Anastasia Steele: So you’re a control freak?
Christian Grey: Oh, I exercise control in all things, Miss Steele.


Anastasia Steele: Is that something that you feel passionate about? Feeding the world’s poor?
Christian Grey: It’s smart business. You don’t agree?
Anastasia Steele: I don’t know enough about it. I just wonder if perhaps your heart might be a bit bigger than you want to let on.
Christian Grey: There’s some people that say I don’t have a heart, at all.
Anastasia Steele: Why would they say that?
Christian Grey: Because they know me well.


Anastasia Steele: Are you gay? It’s written here, I’m just…
Christian Grey: No, Anastasia. I’m not gay.
Anastasia Steele: I apologize, Mr. Grey, Kate can be a little…
Christian Grey: Intrusive?
Anastasia Steele: Curious


Christian Grey: Why don’t you ask me something that you want to know?
Anastasia Steele: Earlier you said that there are some people who know you well. Why do I get the feeling that that is not true?


Christian Grey: I would like to know more about you.
Anastasia Steele: There’s really not much to know about me.
Christian Grey: You said you’re an English major? Tell me, was it Charlotte Brontë, Jane Austen, or Thomas Hardy, who first made you fall in love with literature?
Anastasia Steele: Hardy.
Christian Grey: I would’ve guessed Jane Austen.


Christian Grey: We offer an excellent internship program.
Anastasia Steele: I don’t think I’d fit in here. Look at me.
Christian Grey: I am.


Kate: So? What was he like?
Anastasia Steele: He was fine.
Kate: Fine? Just fine?
Anastasia Steele: He was really polite, and he was courteous, and very formal, and clean.
Kate: Clean?
Anastasia Steele: I mean, he was very, you know, smart, and intense. It was kind of intimidating. I can understand the fascination.


Kate: You have to admit, he’s ridiculously hot.
Anastasia Steele: I’m sure if you are attracted to that sort of human, then…
Kate: The hot type of human?


Anastasia Steele: I asked him if he was gay. That was in your questions. Why would you do that to me?
Kate: Because whenever he’s in the society pages, he’s never been photographed with a woman. So, naturally…
Anastasia Steele: Well, maybe he just wants to keep his private life private, Kate.
Kate: And now you’re defending him.
Anastasia Steele: I’m terminating this conversation.
Kate: Too bad we don’t have some original stills of your hot, clean, twenty-seven year-old billionaire. The camera loves him almost as much as you do.


Christian Grey: I thought it was you.
Anastasia Steele: What the…?
Christian Grey: What a pleasant surprise, Miss Steele.
Anastasia Steele: Just Ana. Just Ana. You’re in here.
Christian Grey: I was in the area on business, needed to pick up a few things. Are you free?
Anastasia Steele: Yeah. What can I help you with?
Christian Grey: Do you stock cable ties?
Anastasia Steele: Cable ties, yes, we do. I can show you, if you want.
Christian Grey: Please, lead the way, Miss Steele.
Anastasia Steele: Just Ana.


Anastasia Steele: Are you redecorating?
Christian Grey: No.
Anastasia Steele: We have two inch, and one inch. But the truly self-respecting handyman will have both in his tool box.
Christian Grey: Of course he will.
Anastasia Steele: It’s rare to find a connoisseur these days. Do you want anything else?
Christian Grey: Yes, rope.


Anastasia Steele: Okay. Rope, tape, cable ties. You’re the complete serial killer.
Christian Grey: Not today.


Anastasia Steele: Anything else?
Christian Grey: What would you recommend?
Anastasia Steele: For a do-it-yourselfer? Maybe coveralls, so you protect your clothes?
Christian Grey: I could just take all my clothes off.
Anastasia Steele: Okay. No clothes. I mean, no coveralls.


Kate: [referring to Christian] You do realize that he hasn’t stopped looking at you?
Anastasia Steele: He asked me to go for coffee afterwards.
Kate: What?
Anastasia Steele: Kate, shh.


Christian Grey: So is he your boyfriend?
Anastasia Steele: Who?
Christian Grey: The photographer.
Anastasia Steele: [chuckles] Jose? No.
Christian Grey: I saw the way he was smiling at you.
Anastasia Steele: No, Jose is more like family. He’s not my boyfriend.
Christian Grey: And the guy at the store?
Anastasia Steele: [shocked] Paul? No!


[at the coffee shop]
Christian Grey: You seem nervous.
Anastasia Steele: I find you intimidating.
Christian Grey: You should. Eat.
Anastasia Steele: Not to mention high-handed.
Christian Grey: I’m used to getting my own way.
Anastasia Steele: That must get very boring.


Anastasia Steele: My mother is on husband number four. She’s an incurable romantic.
Christian Grey: Are you?
Anastasia Steele: Am I a romantic?
[Christian nods]
Anastasia Steele: Well, I study English Lit. So I kind of have to be.


Christian Grey: I’m sorry, I can’t.
Anastasia Steele: What?
Christian Grey: I’ll walk you out.
Anastasia Steele: Do you have a girlfriend, is that it?
Christian Grey: I don’t do the girlfriend thing.
Anastasia Steele: What does that even mean?


Christian Grey: I’m not the man for you. You should steer clear of me. I have to let you go.
Anastasia Steele: [feeling hurt] Goodbye, Mr. Grey.


Christian Grey: [answers phone] Anastasia?
Anastasia Steele: Yeah, this is me. I’m sending back your expensive books, because I already have copies of those. Thanks though, for the kind gesture.
Christian Grey: You’re welcome. Where are you?
Anastasia Steele: Oh, I’m in line, because I have to pee really bad.
Christian Grey: Anastasia, have you been drinking?
Anastasia Steele: [chuckles] Yeah, I have, Mr. Fancy Pants. You hit the hail on the nead. I mean the head right on the nail.


Christian Grey: Listen to me. I want you to go home right now.
Anastasia Steele: You’re so bossy! “Ana, let’s go for coffee. Ana, let’s go for coffee. No, stay away from me, Ana. I don’t want you. Get away. Come here. Come here. Go away.”
Christian Grey: That’s it. Tell me where you are.
Anastasia Steele: A long way from Seattle. Long way from you.
Christian Grey: Which bar? What’s it called?
Anastasia Steele: I don’t know. I got to go though.
Christian Grey: Which bar, Ana?
[Ana ends the call; to the girl in line]
Anastasia Steele: I told him. Right?


Jose: Look, please, one kiss.
Anastasia Steele: No. No, no, no. Jose, I don’t, I’m sorry, no.
[Christian pushes Jose]
Christian Grey: Dude, she said no!
Anastasia Steele: Christian?
[Ana suddenly vomits and Christian holds back her hair]


Christian Grey: Good morning, Anastasia. How are you feeling?
Anastasia Steele: Better than I deserve. Did you put me to bed?
Christian Grey: Mm-hmm.
Anastasia Steele: You undressed me?
Christian Grey: I didn’t have much choice.
Anastasia Steele: Where did you sleep?
[he points to the space next]
Anastasia Steele: Oh, my God. Did we…? We didn’t…?
Christian Grey: Necrophilia is not my thing.
Anastasia Steele: So we just slept then?
Christian Grey: It was a novelty for me too.


Anastasia Steele: Why am I here, Christian?
Christian Grey: You’re here because I’m incapable of leaving you alone.
Anastasia Steele: Then don’t.


Christian Grey: Listen to me. I don’t do romance. My tastes are very singular. You wouldn’t understand.
Anastasia Steele: Enlighten me then.


[Ana bites her lip]
Christian Grey: I’d like to bite that lip.
Anastasia Steele: I think I’d like that too.
Christian Grey: I’m not going to touch you. Not until I have your written consent.
Anastasia Steele: What?
Christian Grey: I’ll explain later.


[he sees Ana bite her lip again]
Christian Grey: F*** the paperwork.
[he kisses her]


[after he’s kissed Ana]
Christian Grey: What is it about elevators?


2. Fifty Shades Darker (2017)


Carla: [referring to Christian] Sweetheart, are you ever going to tell me what happened between you?
Anastasia Steele: Fundamental differences, I guess. It wasn’t going to last.


Anastasia Steele: [referring to Jose’s photos of her] It was you, wasn’t it? You just went and bought all of these?
Christian Grey: I don’t like strangers gawking at you.
Anastasia Steele: Why are you here?
Christian Grey: For you.


Christian Grey: Can we talk somewhere private?
Anastasia Steele: No.
Christian Grey: Look, I’m not very good at this. I’ve never had… I’ve never wanted to try again.
Anastasia Steele: Christian, I don’t. It’s not a good idea.
Christian Grey: Let’s talk. Okay? Just talk, please. Have dinner with me.
Anastasia Steele: Okay, fine. I will have dinner with you. Because I’m hungry. But we are only talking, and that is it.


Christian Grey: I want you back. I’d like to renegotiate terms.
Anastasia Steele: But I don’t see how. The things you want, you said that’s the way you are.
Christian Grey: But what happened last time, that’s not going to happen again.
Anastasia Steele: How can you say that?


Anastasia Steele: I know that I asked you to show me how far it can go, but you were getting off on the pain you inflicted. That’s still in you.
Christian Grey: I’m working on it.
Anastasia Steele: Working on what? I can’t do this if you won’t talk to me.
Christian Grey: What do you want to know?
Anastasia Steele: Everything.


Anastasia Steele: [referring to his birth mother] Why didn’t you tell me that?
Christian Grey: I did. But you were asleep at the time.
Anastasia Steele: Okay. Well, generally, a key part of good communication is that both parties be conscious.


Christian Grey: Now, I brought you here to negotiate.
Anastasia Steele: You’re open to new terms?
Christian Grey: No rules. No punishments.
Anastasia Steele: No rules. No punishments. And no more secrets.
Christian Grey: I can do that.


Anastasia Steele: You want a, what do you call it? A vanilla relationship?
Christian Grey: I mean, we only do what you’re comfortable with.
Anastasia Steele: But you need all those things.
Christian Grey: I need you more.


[referring to Christian’s stubble]
Anastasia Steele: This is spiky. I like it.


Anastasia Steele: Christian, this is Jack Hyde.
Christian Grey: I’m the boyfriend.
Jack Hyde: I’m the boss.


Anastasia Steele: I can’t believe you just talked to him like that.
Christian Grey: He wants what’s mine.
Anastasia Steele: What’s yours? That’s a little presumptuous. He’s my boss, Christian. You got to calm down.
Christian Grey: Calm isn’t really my forte.


Anastasia Steele: When’s the last time you went shopping?
Christian Grey: Houston. A week ago.
Anastasia Steele: What did you buy?
Christian Grey: An airline.


3. Fifty Shades Freed (2018)


Christian Grey: Anastasia, I vow to love you faithfully, forsaking all others. I promise to love, to trust, and to respect you. To comfort you in times of need and keep you safe. All that I have is now yours. I give you my hand and my heart for as long as we both shall live.


Anastasia Steele: Christian, I vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health. I promise to love you unconditionally, to honor and respect you, to bring you solace in times of need. I promise to cherish you, as long as we both shall live.


Christian Grey: Mrs. Grey?
Anastasia Steele: That’s me.
Christian Grey: Yeah. You. Let’s get out of here. I’m sick of sharing you with the riffraff.


[referring to the private jet]
Anastasia Steele: You own this?
Christian Grey: We own this.


[referring to going topless at the beach]
Anastasia Steele: Christian, look around. There’s nothing but boobs for as far as the eye can see. It’s boobs in Boobland. Nobody cares about mine.
Christian Grey: They will when they’re on the cover of some sleazy tabloid.


Christian Grey: You insist on defying me, Mrs. Grey. What should I do about that?
Anastasia Steele: Learn to live with it.
Christian Grey: It’s not my style.


Christian Grey: Do you love me?
Anastasia Steele: You know I love you.
Christian Grey: Then why do you defy me?
Anastasia Steele: Because I can.


Anastasia Steele: I should misbehave more often.
Christian Grey: Yeah, maybe you should.


[referring to causing Christian’s helicopter crash]
Anastasia Steele: You think Jack did that too? Why would he be going to these lengths?
Christian Grey: I don’t know. But don’t worry. I swore I’d keep you safe, and I will.


[as Ana serve him steak]
Christian Grey: I could get used to this.
Anastasia Steele: Well, we’re kind of married, so you might have to.
Christian Grey: I mean you in my kitchen.
Anastasia Steele: You mean barefoot and pregnant? That was a joke.


Anastasia Steele: I’m assuming it wasn’t the “barefoot” part that made you nearly choke on your food. You do want to have kids someday, right?
Christian Grey: Someday, sure.
Anastasia Steele: You don’t really sound sure.


Anastasia Steele: Christian. Do you not want to have kids?
Christian Grey: Of course. One day, just not now. I’m not ready to share you, with anyone.


Liz: We had a makeover. Mr. Roach wanted to welcome the new fiction editor.
Anastasia Steele: Who’s the new fiction editor?
Liz: You are. You got a promotion.
Anastasia Steele: I got a promotion?
Liz: And you weren’t even here.


Christian Grey: I tried e-mailing you. It bounced. There’s no Anastasia Grey at SIP.
Anastasia Steele: I know. Ana Steele is the name I use at work. And I know you’re going to say I don’t need to work, but I can’t stay home, and do lunches, and choose wallpaper. I would lose my mind. I work because I love my job.
Christian Grey: Understood. But you can’t love it as Ana Grey?


Anastasia Steele: I need to have my own identity here. People already think I got to where I am because of you.
Christian Grey: But you didn’t. You got this through hard work and talent. Why does it matter what you call yourself? Who gives a s**t what people think?
Anastasia Steele: Well, apparently, you do.


Anastasia Steele: Would you change your name for me?
Christian Grey: Yes. If it meant that much to you.
Anastasia Steele: Okay. I’ll think about it.
Christian Grey: You will?
Anastasia Steele: Yeah. That’s how this works, remember? Talk, listen, work stuff out. Now, get lost. I got to find my author. And you need to shave.


Christian Grey: [referring to the house] I bought it. For us as a home. I should have asked you first. If you don’t like it, we can always…
Anastasia Steele: [kisses him] I love it.


Anastasia Steele: It is Gia, right? I’m sure you’re very good at what you do. Otherwise, Christian wouldn’t have asked for your input. But please stop speaking to my husband as if I weren’t here.
Gia Matteo: Ana, I have designed many prestige projects.
Anastasia Steele: You may call me Mrs. Grey. And this is not a prestige project. This is going to be our home. So if you want this job, I suggest you stop making eyes at my husband and keep your hands to yourself. Or you can go and climb back into your s**t-colored car and drive back to Seattle. It’s up to you.
Gia Matteo: Look, I’m sorry, Mrs. Grey. But I would never… It won’t happen again.


Christian Grey: [to Ana] I’m paying for extra security, and you’re scarier than any of them.


Anastasia Steele: I have responsibilities. You can’t keep me in a cage.
Christian Grey: I just want you to be safe.
Anastasia Steele: I will be safe.


Anastasia Steele: You need a haircut.
Christian Grey: Not the priority.
Anastasia Steele: I can do it.
Christian Grey: No.
Anastasia Steele: Yeah. I used to cut my dad’s hair all the time.
Christian Grey: I don’t want to look like your father.


Christian Grey: Good morning, wife.
Anastasia Steele: Good morning, husband.