Starring: Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Corey Stoll, Kyle Chandler, Jason Clarke, Shea Whigham, Christopher Abbott, Jon Bernthal, Brian d’Arcy James, Pablo Schreiber, Patrick Fugit, Cory Michael Smith, Lukas Haas


Bio-drama directed by Damien Chazelle which focuses on the life of the legendary Astronaut Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) from 1961-1969, on his journey to becoming the first human to walk the moon. Exploring the sacrifices and costs on the Nation and Neil himself, during one of the most dangerous missions in the history of space travel.


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'When you get a different vantage point, it changes your perspective.' - Neil Armstrong (First Man) Click To Tweet



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Neil Armstrong: Are you sure?
Janet Armstrong: Yeah. It’ll be an adventure.


Elliott See: First man to walk on the moon. That’d be something.


Deke Slayton: We’ve chosen a job so difficult, requiring so many technological developments, we are going to have to start from scratch. Only after we master these tasks, do we consider trying to land on the moon.


Deke Slayton: Neil, everyone is in agreement, we’d like you to command.


Deke Slayton: Neil, everyone is in agreement, we want you to be commander. You’re going to the moon.


Edward Higgins White: [to Neil] First man to walk on the moon. It’s going to be a hell of a ride.


Deke Slayton: Why do you think space flight is important?
Neil Armstrong: I had a few opportunities in the X-15 to observe the atmosphere. It was so thin, such a small part of the Earth, that you could barely see it at all. And when you’re down here in the crowd and you look up, it looks pretty big and you don’t think about it too much. But when you get a different vantage point, it changes your perspective. I don’t know what space exploration will uncover, but I don’t think it’ll be a exploration just for the sake of exploration. I think it’ll be more the fact that it allows us to see things that maybe we should have seen a long time ago, but just haven’t been able to until now.


Reporter: Neil, if this flight is successful, you’ll go down in history. What kind of thoughts do you have about that?
Neil Armstrong: We’re planning on the flight being successful.


Deke Slayton: Our mission is so difficult, requiring so many technological developments. We’re going to have to start from scratch.


Reporter: [to Armstrong] Do you question whether the program is worth the cost in money and in mind?


[referring to the spacecraft]
Mike Collins: Man, that is a big motherfucker.
Buzz Aldrin: It’ll go up like a half kiloton A-bomb if it blows.


Deke Slayton: The vehicle is not safe.


Deke Slayton: Neil, we’ve got a problem. The rocket is not safe.


Deke Slayton: There’s no easy way to say this. They’re gone, Neil.


Neil Armstrong: We need to fail. We need to fail down here so we don’t fail up there.
Gene Kranz: At what cost?
Neil Armstrong: Well, it’s a little bit late for that question, isn’t it, sir?


Buzz Aldrin: The entire world is watching.


Rick Armstrong: Mom, what’s wrong?
Janet Armstrong: Nothing, honey. Your dad’s going to the moon.


Janet Armstrong: I’m not sure how much more of this I can take, Neil.


Janet Armstrong: This isn’t just another trip, Neil. You’re not just going to work.


Janet Armstrong: Neil, what are the chances this is the last time the boys are going to see you?


Janet Armstrong: [to Armstrong] What are the chances of not coming back? Those kids, they don’t have a father anymore. So you’re going to sit the boys down, and you’re going to prepare them for the fact that you might not ever come home.


Rick Armstrong: Do you think you’re coming back?
Neil Armstrong: There are risks, but we have every intention of coming back.
Rick Armstrong: But you might not.
[he embraces Neil]
Rick Armstrong: Good luck.


[as they are being strapped into the spacecraft]
NASA Engineer: Somebody got a Swiss army knife?
Neil Armstrong: A Swiss army knife? Are you kidding me?


NASA Engineer: Here we go.
NASA Projection Room Employee: Six, five, four, three, two…


[as they are in the spacecraft]
Neil Armstrong: We have serious problems.


Neil Armstrong: You’re down here and you look up and you don’t think about it too much, but space exploration changes your perception. It allows us to see things that we should have seen a long time ago.


Deke Slayton: We’ve got this under control.
Janet Armstrong: You’re a bunch of boys! You don’t have anything under control!


[as he steps down to walk on the moon]
Neil Armstrong: That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.


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