Focus Quotes: Snappy, Slick but Forgettable Fun

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Directed by:
Glenn Ficarra
John Requa
Written by:
Glenn Ficarra
John Requa
Will Smith – Nicky
Margot Robbie – Jess
Adrian Martinez – Farhad
Gerald McRaney – Owens
Rodrigo Santoro – Garriga
BD Wong – Liyuan
Brennan Brown – Horst
Robert Taylor – McEwen
Dotan Bonen – Gordon
Griff Furst – Gareth
Stephanie Honoré – Janice


Focus quotes unfold as snappy dialogues with a lot of slick and sexiness but sadly it is completely forgettable after the film ends. The plot revolves around professional con-man Nicky Spurgeon who comes across small time con artist Jess Barrett. After seeing potential in Jess, Nick pairs up with her to pull off a million dollar score during the Super Bowl in New Orleans. But as the pair start to get too close Nick abruptly ends their relationship. Couple of years later they meet again in Buenos Aires, but now they are on opposing sides of the same scam; a billionaire international race car owner. The reunion throws Nicky off his game, placing his lucrative deal and his life in jeopardy.

Focus requires a true suspension of disbelief to fully get along with as the narrative is totally ludicrous, and once you get that out of the way you can enjoy the onscreen romance that this film is being marketed for and enjoy the playout of the main characters. It’s good to see Smith back on form and Robbie is sexy and believable in her femme fatale role and the success of the film pretty much solely lies with the onscreen chemistry between these two and their humorous and layered interactions, but beyond that the story is underwhelming and even slightly anticlimactic towards the end.

Verdict: Although this film has a lot of flaws and brings nothing new to the con-artist mix the chemistry and humour between the leads makes it a fun and breezy watch.

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[first lines; Nicky is stood on his hotel room balcony watching the city when he makes a call]
Restaurant Hostess: Elegio Reservations, how may I help you?
Nicky: Yes, I’d like to make a reservation for tonight, please.
Restaurant Hostess: Oh, I’m sorry. We’re booked months in advance.
Nicky: Okay. I understand. Thank you very much.
[he ends the call then uses his cell phone to call the same restaurant again]
Restaurant Hostess: Elegio Reservations, how may I help you?


[Nicky is at a restaurant eating his dinner when a young woman, Jess, trying to avoid being hit on by a man at the bar sits at his table]
Jess: Will you be my boyfriend, just for a minute. You’re not a serial killer, are you?focus-2
Nicky: That depends. How many times does it take to get to “serial”?
Jess: Five.
Nicky: Oh, no. We’re good.
[she holds out her hand]
Jess: Jess.
Nicky: Nicky.
[he shakes her hand]


[later still sat at Nicky’s table, Jess holds a brandy glass in her hand trying to guess the flavors in the brandy]
Jess: Burgundy?
Nicky: Very good.
Jess: It’s very confusing, isn’t it?
Nicky: Hm.
Jess: How do you know it all?
Nicky: Mostly from drinking.
Jess: Mm.
Nicky: Yeah. More you drink, more you learn.
Jess: In that case, I am, uh, I am the foremost expert in Jägerbombs.
[Nicky chuckles]
Jess: I will walk you through it all…
[just then they get interrupted by the waiter bringing the check]
Waiter: It’s been a pleasure to serve you, Chef Oshowole.
[the waiter leaves]


Jess: Chef who?
Nicky: Uh, Oshowole. Yeah.focus-1
[he laughs softly]
Jess: You know, it may be the roofies talking, but this was really fun. Thank you. Thank you for rescuing me.
Nicky: Yeah. We showed him.
Jess: Yeah.
Nicky: Gotta respect him though, he left it all on the field.
Jess: That’s what I’m missing out on tonight? Wow.
Nicky: Can I walk you somewhere?
Jess: Actually, I’m…I’m staying here. Upstairs.
Nicky: Oh, really?


[up in Jess’s hotel room they are making out on the bed when a man then bursts into the room]
Jess: Oh, my God! It’s my husband!
Jared: Shut the fuck up!
Jess: Jared, wait.
[he suddenly draws his gun on Nicky]
Nicky: Woh, woh, woh! Woh, woh!
Jared: I’ll fucking kill you.
Jess: Jared, just let him go.
Jared: No fucking way. He’s fucking dead.


[threatening Nicky]
Jared: Give me one fucking reason why I shouldn’t do it!
[Nicky hesitates a moment before replying]
Nicky: I’m drawing a blank.
Jared: What?
Nicky: I think you should shoot me. Let’s be honest, you’ve been aggrieved.
Jess: Don’t mess with him, Nicky, he’s done hard time.
Jared: I’ve done fucking hard time.
Nicky: If you had any idea what I was about to do to her…
Jared: Shut up, man!
Nicky: She was gonna be no good to you after that. So you should really shoot me.
Jared: What the fuck?


Jess: What kind of stuff are we talking about?
Nicky: Saudi bachelor party shit.
Jared: Saudi bachelor party?
Nicky: R. Kelly drop-cloth shit. Please, come on, shoot me.
Jared: You stop fucking around! I’m gonna fucking kill you.
Nicky: You’d really be doing me a favor. Cancer. Tumor the size of a peach. Pull the trigger, you’ll see.
Jared: You…you got cancer?
Jess: He’s onto us.
Jared: Oh, shit! I knew this wasn’t gonna fucking work!


Nicky: You guys suck.
Jess: Just give us the money.
Nicky: Or what?
Jess: Or he’s gonna shoot you in the neck.
Jared: I don’t wanna shoot a guy with cancer. Grandma Mukulski had cancer.
Jess: He doesn’t have cancer, you idiot!
[Nicky gets up from the bed and puts on his jacket]
Nicky: You guys really boned this thing. First of all, you gotta wait till she gets my pants off.
[to Jess]
Nicky: And then you gotta give me a chance to run. That’s how you get the money. And you never drop the con. You never break. Die with the lie.


Jess: When did you make us?
Nicky: Uh, when you stole the wallet from the bum downstairs.
Jess: Bullshit.
Nicky: No, real shit.
[he throws the wallet she stole at her]
Jess: Then why’d you come up here if you’re so smart?
Nicky: Professional curiosity. And I like boobs, you know. I figured it was a win-win. All thumbs, sweetheart. It was a bum lift.
[Nicky walks towards the door]
Jess: It was a great lift.
Nicky: Please. He was so shithoused, you could’ve taken his appendix. You suck.
[he opens the door and leaves]


[as Jess is walking along the street Nicky comes up behind her]
Nicky: You really should be more aware. I’ve been behind you for two blocks, you didn’t see me?
Jess: I don’t have eyes in the back of my head.
Nicky: Well, if you’re gonna play this game, you might wanna grow a pair.
Jess: I can take care of myself.
Nicky: No, you’re gonna get hurt. Let me buy you coffee.
Jess: I don’t drink coffee.
Nicky: Fine.
Jess: Fine.


[as they sat together having a drink]
Jess: So, what’s your thing? Inside? Roper?
Nicky: Mm.
Jess: You can tell me.
Nicky: Everything, I’ve been in this game so long.
Jess: I want a cannon, that’s what I wanna do.
Nicky: Oh, really?
Jess: Yeah.
Nicky: Yeah, okay.


Nicky: My grandfather used to run a crooked game in Harlem. Eventually, my father started shilling for him. Uh…one day they get burned. Mobbed-up guy catches them throwing signals. Everybody’s guns come out. Standoff. No way out, except one. The Toledo Panic Button.
Jess: What the hell is that?
Nicky: You shoot your partner, it proves you’re not together.
Jess: You kill your partner?
Nicky: You hope you don’t.
Jess: Does it work?
Nicky: He’s O for three.
Jess: So your father killed your grandfather?
Nicky: That’s the world you’re in. Dabblers get killed.


Jess: Look, I wasn’t born into this like you. I…I was a dyslexic foster kid. No prospects, no future. I mean, it’s a minor miracle I’m not a hooker right now. Tutor me.
Nicky: No.
Jess: Why not?
Nicky: I’m headed out of town.
Jess: Well, wait, look, I can pay you. If that helps.
[she takes out a wallet and takes out some cash]
Nicky: Whose wallet is that?
[looking at the ID card in the wallet]
Jess: Uh, “Dr. Peter Woshilak.”
[Nicky laughs]


[outside Nicky attempts to teach Jess]
Nicky: Alright, we’re gonna make this quick because it’s really cold. Now I’m gonna show you a few touches, but at the end of the day this is a game of focus.
[as he hands her his jacket he holds up the ring she was playing with in her hand earlier]
Jess: That’s very clever.
[she takes back her ring and throws his jacket back at her]
Nicky: Alright, now, attention is like a spotlight. And our job is to dance in the darkness.
[he holds up her hands and twirls her round then holds up her watch]
Jess: I didn’t even feel you take that.
[she grabs back her watch]
Nicky: The human brain is slow, and it cannot multitask.
[he holds up her ring again]
Jess: Jesus. When…?


Nicky: Alright, I’m sure you can flip a leather on its feet. But what we’re talking about is much more complex than that.
[he throws her wallet at her]
Jess: When did you take my wallet?
[holding up a membership card]
Nicky: You take Zumba?
Jess: Well, it’s actually a really good cardio workout. Thank you very much.
[she takes back her card]
Nicky: You’re thinking with your hands. You gotta get inside the vic’s head, perceive from their perspective. Human behavior is very predictable. If I look at my hand, it naturally pulls your gaze and allows me to enter your space.
[he stands next to her]
Nicky: But when I look up at you, it causes you to look directly at me.
[he then holds her sun glasses]
Jess: Cute.


[he touches Jess’s shoulder]
Nicky: I touch you here, I steal from here. I tap you here, I steal from here.
[he holds up her cell phone]
Nicky: I tap you here…
[he taps her waist]
Nicky: I steal from here.
[he throws her keys at her]
Nicky: I step to here… You’re not gonna slap my face, are you?
Jess: Why?
Nicky: You would if you knew where my hand was.
[he holds up her handbag]
Jess: Okay, I get it. I get it.
Nicky: You get their focus, you can take whatever you want.
[he holds up her ring again, Jess laughs as he puts the ring back on her finger]
Nicky: You be safe.
[he smiles and walks off]


[New Orleans – Nicky is looking at an empty building with his partner, Horst]
Nicky: So why do I like this place?
Horst: Lots of space. Doesn’t open for a month or two. We can tie into multiple lines, diffuse our footprint, keep hopping DNS addresses. Plus military-grade fiber.
Nicky: How many bathrooms? Fat-Ass Farhad is flying in.
Horst: Two, coed. He still got irritable bowel?
Nicky: Yep.
Horst: Man, he should do a cleanse.
Nicky: Horst, he is a four hundred pound Persian. He is not gonna do a cleanse.
Horst: Where you been staying? Hyatt again?
Nicky: Yep. I love the brunch. You should stop by.
Horst: No, no brunch. I’m doing a cleanse.


[Nicky is sat at a restaurant when Jess turns up and drops his wallet on the table]
Jess: Hyatt Rewards card, in my wallet.
Nicky: Admit that you’re impressed. I got your wallet and I found you all the way down here.
Please. World Series, Final Four the Sugar Bowl, Super Bowl, any big event like this is sucker central.
Jess: Well, I still found you. That’s gotta count for something.
Nicky: So how many Hyatts did you have to go to?
Jess: All three, five times each.


[Jess joins at Nicky’s table]
Jess: I want in.
Nicky: Maybe I’m just here to watch the game.
Jess: I asked around who ran the game in Harlem. The Limehouse Kid is your grandfather. Bucky Spurgeon is your father.
Nicky: Father is a very generous term.
Jess: And you’re Nicky Spurgeon. They call you Mellow.
Nicky: I’m all crewed up, sweetie.
Jess: Oh, come on. Please!
[Nicky gets up to leave when Jess stops him]


Jess: Can we…? Can we just…? Can we skip the part where I speak through thinly veiled allure and lead you to believe there’s some earth-shattering hump in the works? Because I suck at that kind of stuff. I just want in.
Nicky: There’s no earth-shattering hump in the works?
Jess: No.
Nicky: I don’t even get “thinly veiled allure”?
Jess: No.
Nicky: No baby voice? No lingering eye contact?
Jess: I am hopeless.
Nicky: That’s all my favorite shit.
Jess: I’m sorry.
Nicky: Can I suggest that you learn? Professionally.


[Jess tries to act sexy]
Jess: Well, I mean, you could…you could show me in your room?
Nicky: That is so bad.
Jess: Is it?
Nicky: Does it feel sexy on your face?
Jess: A little.
Nicky: It does. Okay, let’s go.
[Nicky gets up to leave]
Jess: Wait. Where are we go…? Wait, am I in?
Nicky: No.


[as Nicky is leaving the restaurant Horst walks over to them]
Nicky: This is Horst.
Horst: Hello, Jess.
[they shake hands]
Jess: Hi.
Horst: Nicky told me you were coming.
[Jess pushes Nicky]
Jess: You’re such a dick.
[Nicky laughs]
Horst: Yeah, he gets that a lot. Let’s go. What are you, a size 4?


[Jess is wearing a sexy dress and high heels beings escorted in the street by Horst and a group of other con artists]
Jess: Why do I have to wear this?
Horst: No one looks at your hands when you got that working for you.
Jess: I can’t breathe.
Horst: First things first. We stick to rich folks and no one with a cane or a wheelchair, it’s bad luck. Tommy’s the shade, Gareth’s the stick. All eyes on me until I make the mark an once I fan him, I tug my lapel. Two fingers means it’s a prat poke. Three fingers means the leather’s an insider. If it’s a cordeen or an ox tongue, I’ll scratch my nose, unless I use my thumb, which means I am actually scratching my nose. Anything on the left or the right tail I’ll cock my head, but nowadays keister kicks are ninety-five percent of it. So you just do the touch, and I ding the poke in the nearest mailbox, okay?
Jess: I’m sorry, what?
Horst: Okay, plan B. You two, come with me.


[after Jess and Gareth have picked some pockets]
Horst: It was excellent. You wanna wire?
Jess: Let me wire.
Horst: Ponytail’s your mark. Right bridge. Right rear pocket.
[Gareth accidentally on purpose walks into the guy with a ponytail]focus-4
Gareth: My bad.
[at that moment Jess walks past the guy and pick his wallet; to Jess]
Horst: That was nice.
Jess: Okay. I got this.
Horst: What?
Jess: Give me some shade.
Horst: Wait.
[as Jess swipes wallets and other trinkets off unsuspecting people Nicky watches her from the above balcony]


Nicky: You’re in.
Jess: Really?
Horst: Congratulations, you’re a criminal.
Jess: Okay, what now?
Horst: Want me to do the primer?
Jess: Primer?
Nicky: I got it.


Nicky: There’s a flight landing every two minutes at Louis Armstrong. Whoever’s not here for the game’s here for the party. Every one of them looking to drink big, bet big, cheat on their spouses, and it all costs money.
[Nicky and Jess walk into Hyatt Hotel]focus-3
Nicky: There are boost teams at all the major hotels. They hit quick and get out before anybody ever knows what happened.
[suddenly he starts yelling at Jess in the middle of the hotel foyer]
Nicky: And if you think for one second I’m gonna let your mother talk to me like that, you are fucking crazy!
[as Nicky creates a distraction his team go to work and swipe people’s baggages]
Nicky: I’m a grown-ass man!
Jess: Why are you yelling at me?


Nicky: [voice over] There’s card games everywhere and they let anyone with enough cash in. Chances are, at least one of those guys you don’t know is a mechanic who can work a deck like Bill Clinton works a crowd.
[Nicky and Jess are watching a card game where one of the card players is on Nicky’s con team]
Card Player: All in. Full boat.
Card Sharp: I swear, I’ve never had four of a kind before! Ha!
[the card player gets up to leave]
Card Sharp: Sorry, coach! I’ve never had four of a kind. Hey, come on, coach!
Card Player: Motherfucker! What the fuck!
Card Sharp: You win some, you lose some, right?


[referring to the man running out of the room without his pants off after two of Nicky’s con artists have the husband entering the room routine]
Nicky: Married guys are the best. Who they gonna tell?
[running after the man without his pants]
Male Con Artist: I’m gonna kill you!
Female Con Artist: It’s my husband!


Nicky: [voice over] Every minute there’s something going on down here. Every bar, restaurant, hotel, everywhere. Guys working alone, working in teams. Not just cash either. Identity theft and credit card spoofing are big too. You can skim the data right off a credit card in about a second. But boosting a wallet only gives you an hour before the vic gets wise and the cards are canceled. So you put the card back. By the time the mark gets wise, he’s in Youngstown arguing with his wife over the charges we rack up before the bill comes.


Nicky: A skimmer swipes the card and records the keystrokes so you can get the pin too.
[Jess and Nicky watch Nicky’s friend Farhad removing a fake ATM that is used to steal private information]
Nicky: Look, you see that?
Jess: Oh, wow. Did he make that?
Nicky: Yeah. A few years back he replaced the credit card terminals at about a dozen 99 Cent Stores in L.A. Took down a few million before they caught on.
Jess: What does a guy like that do with that kind of money?
Nicky: He, uh, financed his own line of gravies.
[Farhad points to Jess sitting in the front passenger seat]
Nicky: Uh, yeah, he just…that’s his seat. Just let him…
Jess: Oh, I’m….I’m sorry.


[as Nicky drives them]
Farhad: Who’s the girl?
Nicky: Her name is Jess, Farhad. She’s our intern.
Farhad: Ah. You’re hitting that?
Jess: I’m right here.
[we see Jess is sat in the back seat]
Nicky: No, Farhad. I’m not hitting that.
Farhad: You should hit that.
Jess: Yeah. Hi. Still right here.
Farhad: I’d totally hit that.
[to Nicky]
Jess: He’s fucking with me, right? Right?
Farhad: She talks a lot.


[taking a headshot photo of Jess]
Horst: Smile. Thank you. I’ll get this loaded in. Shouldn’t take long.
Nicky: Get a digital camera.
[to Jess as he shows her around his team]
Nicky: So we’re about thirty strong, everybody gets a percentage. We cover bribes and fall money for anybody who gets pinched, knock wood. We sell the ATM data to a guy in Singapore. The shopaholics here buy merchandise which we overnight back to ourselves and resell on the gray market. Yesterday we bought two MacBook Airs.
[Jess picks up an expensive looking necklace]
Jess: Oh, my God. That is incredible. Oh, do you think that maybe I…?
Nicky: No.
[he takes the necklace from her]
Nicky: Sell everything. Take no chances.


Jess: So, what about the big con? I thought you were all big time.
Nicky: Oh, you mean the one where we make so much money we all retire and get yachts and boob jobs. Yeah, that’s a fantasy. We are in the volume business. Safer that way.
[to one of his employees]
Nicky: Hey, Jen, I need a dime. I got bit at the track. Come on, girl.
[Jen throws him a wad of cash]
Nicky: Thank you, baby.


Nicky: Clean card, clean ID, everything you need.
Jess: Thank you.
Nicky: Well, don’t thank me yet. Got a lot of work to do, tough week ahead.
Jess: I know. So, what now?
Nicky: There’s a key card in there. Um, I got you another place.
Jess: I think you’ll like it.
Nicky: Wow, thanks. Do you know how I can get a cab there?
[Nicky hesitates before answering]
Nicky: I can give you a ride.
Jess: Yeah? That’d be great. I mean, if it’s okay with you.
Nicky: It’s fine with me. Is it okay with you?
Jess: Yeah.
Nicky: You sure?


Jess: You seem like a pretty good driver.
Nicky: You can count on me.
Jess: Can I?
Nicky: Most would say no.
Jess: Mmm. You seem trustworthy.
Nicky: Maybe you should take that cab.
Jess: Yep. Okay.
[Jess leaves; later Nicky turns up at Jess’s room and they have sex]


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