Fury Quotes: Unsentimental Depiction

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Directed by: David Ayer
Written by: David Ayer
Brad Pitt – Don ‘Wardaddy’ Collier
Shia LaBeouf – Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan
Logan Lerman – Norman Ellison
Michael Peña – Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia
Jon Bernthal – Grady ‘Coon-Ass’ Travis
Jim Parrack – Sergeant Binkowski
Brad William Henke – Sergeant Davis
Kevin Vance – Sergeant Peterson
Xavier Samuel – Lieutenant Parker
Jason Isaacs – Captain Waggoner
Anamaria Marinca – Irma
Alicia von Rittberg – Emma
Scott Eastwood – Sergeant Miles
Laurence Spellman – Sergeant Dillard
Daniel Betts – Burgermeister
Adam Ganne – SS Lieutenant
Eric Kofi-Abrefa – Company Messenger
Osi Okerafor – Benton


One thing that Fury quotes really achieve well is depicting war as total hell. Directed and written by David Ayres, the story is set during the last months of World War II in which a battle-hardened U.S. Army sergeant, Don ‘Wardaddy’ Collier commands a Sherman tank called “Fury” and its five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. The film doesn’t really have a real plot and is more about the bonding of the characters during a series of battles.

As the film unfolds Ayres has successfully managed to convey the brutal violence, claustrophobia and grittiness of war but where it stumbles is in the thin character development and somewhat clichéd narrative. With regards to the casting, Pitt delivers a strong no-nonsense performance; Logan Lerman manages to give an understated but believable performance as the fresh-faced young new recruit Norman Ellison and the rest of the ensemble cast all bounce off each other well with Shia LaBeouf as the bible-quoting Boyd Swan being the most memorable.

Verdict: Although Fury is a very unsentimental war movie with some strong, visceral moments giving a relentless, intense account of the nature of war, the film doesn’t manage to escape from going down the cliché route and could have really excelled with more character development.

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“In WW2 American tanks were outgunned and out armored by the more advanced German tanks. US tank and crewmen suffered staggering losses against the superior enemy vehicles. It is April 1945, the Allies fight deep in the heart of Nazi Germany, encountering the most fanatical resistance yet. In desperation Hitler declares total war, mobilizing every man, woman and child.”


[first lines; we see a lone Nazi soldier riding his horse through a field battle passing dead bodies and blown up tanks and vehicles, as he rides past a seemingly busted tank, US Army Staff Sergeant Don ‘Wardaddy’ Collier jumps out and stabs him repeatedly, he then sets the horse free and returns to his tank to join his men where Grady ‘Coon-Ass’ Travis is trying to fix the tank]
Grady Travis: Son of a bitch!
[just then Collier steps inside the tank]
Grady Travis: Did you get that fucker?
Don Collier: I knocked him off.
[we see Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan urinating into a metal box and looks over to Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia who’s holding onto the hand of one of their dead crew members]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Gordo. Stop. Leave him rest.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Mm.
[Gordo shakes his head]
Don Collier: Gordo, he’s dead. He’s dead! Show some respect. Leave him alone.
[Gordo lets go of his dead friend’s hand; to Collier]
Grady Travis: It’s your fault!


[to Travis as he tries to fix the tank]
Don Collier: Goddammit. Ain’t you done yet?
Grady Travis: You ain’t got no right to be fucking sore with me. Quit fuckin’ ridin’ me.
Don Collier: I ain’t ridin’ you. If I was ridin’ you, you’d know it. More where he came from.
Grady Travis: Fuck you, Don! It’s your fuckin’ fault we’re here.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Is he still talkin’? Let’s get out of here! Boyd!
[Collier kicks Travis with his foot]
Grady Travis: Aah! Fuck! What the fuck did you do that for?! I’m trying to fix this!
Don Collier: You know why!
Grady Travis: You wanna fuckin’ whoop me? That’s not gonna help anything!
[Collier speaks into their radio trying to make contact]
Don Collier: Four-eight-five-six.
Grady Travis: I said why you always whoopin’ on me?
Don Collier: Because you’re an animal. A dog. All you understand is the fist and boot.
Grady Travis: Don, I’ll tell you right now, don’t fuckin’ call me that. I ain’t a fuckin’ animal. I ain’t a fuckin’ dog.


[to Travis]
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Vamanos. Vamanos
Don Collier: Hey, you wanna talk Mexican join another tank. A Mexican tank. This is an American tank. We talk American.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Who put the fucking nickel in you, Top? You talk Kraut. You talk German! I can’t talk Spanish?
Don Collier: Bible, what county are we in?
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Germany.
Don Collier: Germany! They speak German! Would you explain to him it’s still a war.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: It’s still a war, Gordo.
[Travis grabs his crotch]
Grady Travis: Alright, here’s my tool of war.


[to Collier, referring to the cup of coffee he has in his hand for him]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Top.
[Collier takes the coffee from Boyd]
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: You knew German before we got into this fucking war! Don’t play stupid with me.
Don Collier: I expect all of you to pull your shit together.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Why don’t you stop ragging on everyone. You didn’t kill Red, the Germans did.
Don Collier: That is true, but I didn’t save him either.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: His number came up, that’s all. We’ve been lucky until now.
Don Collier: We’ve been lucky?
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Yes, sir. We’re all alive, we’re in here.
Don Collier: God’s grace.
[Collier pokes his head out of the commander’s hatch and looks around for a moment before dropping back down inside and closing the hatch]
Don Collier: A raid’s coming.
[suddenly bombs start dropping around them as Travis continues to fix the tank]
Don Collier: Coon-Ass, anytime, sweetheart.
Grady Travis: Now, I’m your sweetheart, right? Okay. Gordo, take her out.


[Gordo tries to start the engine]
Don Collier: Choke her up, she’s cold.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: There’s condensation on the plugs.
[Gordo tries the engine again but it still doesn’t start]
Don Collier: Fuck!
[the engine suddenly comes to life]
Don Collier: Alright, move out. Get us out of here.
[Gordo starts moving the tank forward]
Don Collier: Bible, gun front.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Roger.
[Gordo continues to drive the tank forward as bombs are being dropped around them]


[we see the crew driving back to their base, as their tank stops we see it is named “Fury”; Collier gets out of the tank]
Sergeant Davis: Thought you were dead.
[Collier shakes hands with Davis]
Don Collier: The Devil watches over his own.
[he shakes hands with Binkowski who’s standing next to Davis]
Don Collier: Binkowski.
Sergeant Binkowski: Good to see you.
Sergeant Peterson: Don.
[Collier shakes hands with Peterson]
Sergeant Peterson: I’m glad you made it back.
Don Collier: Your crew still together? Nate, Limburg?
Sergeant Peterson: Doing well.
Don Collier: Good.


[Collier watches as his men take out Red’s dead body from the tank and hand him over to the army medics]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Grab his arm. Put him down. Put him down.
[the two medics grab the body]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Move.
[they put Red’s body on the ground, Lieutenant Parker approaches Collier]
Lieutenant Parker: Sergeant? Sergeant.
[Collier stops and turns to Parker, they both look to see Red’s body being taken away on a stretcher by the medics]
Lieutenant Parker: Where’s the rest of Third Platoon?
Don Collier: We’re it.fury-3
Grady Travis: Boy? Hey, boy, do you have a name? You’re gonna send him home, right?
Lieutenant Parker: I don’t know that, Grady.
Don Collier: Red’s got us all a little sad right now, but we got a job to do. Grady, restock ammo and rations. Gordo, water and gas. Boyd, get some chow and do what you can about mechanical issues.
[Collier turns and starts walking away]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: We can’t do shit about mechanical issues. Where are you goin’?
[Collier ignores him and continues to walk off, then as Collier get out of sight he takes a quiet moment and breaks down briefly, feeling the stress of war]


[young soldier, Norman Ellison, approaches Collier]
Norman Ellison: You’re Sergeant Collier?
Don Collier: Maybe. What the fuck are you?
Norman Ellison: Private Ellison. I was told to report to you, I’m your new Assistant Driver.
[Collier takes a look at Ellison]
Don Collier: No, you are not.
[Collier continues to walk off]
Norman Ellison: Yes. Yes, I am.fury-5
Don Collier: Goddammit!
[Collier stops and turns to face Ellison]
Don Collier: Who told you this?
Norman Ellison: Master Sergeant with the clipboard.
Don Collier: Bullshit!
[Ellison points to the Sergeant]
Norman Ellison: Right there. He’s ri…
[Ellison pauses and looks at Collier]
Don Collier: What’s your name?
Norman Ellison: Norman.
Don Collier: How long have you been in the army?
Norman Ellison: Eight weeks.
[Collier points to their tank]
Don Collier: That’s home. Do as your told, don’t get too close to anyone.
[Collier turns and walks off]


[Ellison goes over to meet the rest of the crew who are working on the tank]
Norman Ellison: Hi. Hi, I’m Norman.
[Ellison holds out his hand to Boyd to shake but he ignores it, Gordo takes Ellison’s dufflebag then all three look at Ellison coldly making him nervous]
Norman Ellison: Which…which way is the front?
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Which was is the front? Hm. All around us, kid. Cause this is Germany, we’re surrounded by Krauts. Ain’t that right, Grady?
Grady Travis: That’s right.
[Gordo searches through Ellison’s dufflebag and takes out his notebook, Ellison goes to take it back but Gordo stops him]
Norman Ellison: Can I please have my book back?
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Where’s your cigarettes?
Norman Ellison: I don’t smoke.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: You’re a bastard.
[Ellison grabs his bag]


Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Hey, you go to tank school?
Norman Ellison: Tank school? No. I’ve never even seen the inside of a tank. I’m a clerk typist. I was heading to Fifth Corps HQ, they pulled me off the truck, they sent me here. It’s gotta be a mistake.
Grady Travis: A mistake? Army don’t make mistakes. It do what it do.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: You from Missouri?
Norman Ellison: No.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Are you from Chicago?
Grady Travis: Nah, you’re from Arkansas, ain’t you?
Norman Ellison: No, I’m from…
Grady Travis: Hush up, man. Nobody gives a fuck where you’re from.
[Gordo laughs]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Are you a praying man?
Norman Ellison: I go to church.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Who’s your nomination order? Episcopalian? Yeah, you are. You’re a mainliner, ain’t you?
Norman Ellison: Yeah, I am.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Are you saved?
Norman Ellison: I’m baptized.
[the other laughs]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: That ain’t what I asked you.
Grady Travis: That ain’t what he asked you.


Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Hey, Gordo, what did I ask him?
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: “Are you saved?”
Grady Travis: You gotta listen.fury-4
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Are you saved?
[Ellison just looks at Boyd]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Wait until you see it.
Norman Ellison: See what?
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: What a man can do to another man.
[pointing to the tank]
Grady Travis: Before you find Jesus, why don’t you come take a look at your seat? That’s where you’re gonna be. Go get a bucket of hot water from the kitchen, get that shit clean.


[Ellison enters the tank with a bucket of hot water, he looks around the tank which has the blood and remains of Red who was killed inside the tank, he notices a pictured of Red with his wife, he then starts cleaning up the blood and notices a piece of Red’s face]
Norman Ellison: Oh, fuck. Fuck.
[outside, Collier is sat drinking coffee with Binkowski, Peterson and Davis]
Sergeant Davis: We ain’t supposed to be the targets now.
Don Collier: Tell my platoon that.
Sergeant Binkowski: They sent five tanks out, one comes back. It’s hard to believe we’re winning the war.
[at the same time we see Ellison scrambling out of the tank, jumping down to the ground and vomiting]
Sergeant Peterson: Stop talking about yesterday’s fight, think about today’s.
[Collier notices Ellison, who’s looking like he’s about to cry, he notices a truck full of dead soldiers arriving, gets up and stands by Fury]


[Collier notices an SS officer is being marched through the base]
Don Collier: Hey, why are bringing him through here? Why isn’t he sleeping?
Tired GI #1: G-two wants a prisoner to question.
Don Collier: Oh, I’ll question him.
[Collier walks over to the SS officer and then speaks to him in German]
Don Collier: [subtitled] What’s your favorite color? Are you a good dancer? Do you like fat girls?
Tired GI #1: Get back!
[suddenly Collier goes to grab the SS officer but Boyd and Gordo pull him back]
Tired GI #1: Pull him off! Pull him off!
[the other soldiers join in to pull Collier away from the SS officer]
Tired GI #1: Get the fuck…! Get back!
Don Collier: Fucking protecting him!
[Boyd keeps pulling Collier away and tries to calm him down]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: It’s me! It’s me! You got other things to worry about. You gotta stop now. Just stop.
Don Collier: Cocksuckers. Fucking SS.
Grady Travis: You good, top?
Don Collier: Bringing him through this camp.


[to Ellison; referring to the SS officer being brought through their camp]
Don Collier: You see that? He’s an SS. You kill every last one you can. They’re real assholes.
Grady Travis: Fuck every last one. They started it. We’re finishing it.
Don Collier: Done much killing?
Norman Ellison: No.
Don Collier: You will.
[Collier throws Ellison a rifle]
Don Collier: Boys, take him through that gun.
Grady Travis: Alright.
[Collier turns and leave]
Norman Ellison: What…what do I do with this?
[Travis smack him across the head]
Grady Travis: Sit up. See that cover?
Norman Ellison: Yeah.
Grady Travis: Open it.
[Ellison opens the gun’s cover]
Grady Travis: Now you kill. Close it up.
[Ellison closes the cover]
Grady Travis: Now you ain’t.
[Travis laughs]


[Collier, Binkowski, Peterson and Davis meet with Parker]
Lieutenant Parker: Main Unit’s punching East. We are going North on a flank guard mission. We’ll tie up with Baker Company from the 41st. Sergeant Collier is with us now. He’ll be acting Platoon Sergeant.
Sergeant Peterson: Fine by me. Good to have you, Don.
[Parker pulls out a map and shows it to the group of sergeants]
Lieutenant Parker: We’re making Baker Company here, then together we’ll take this town. After that we’re working for Captain Waggoner. Any questions?
Sergeant Binkowski: I got one question.
Lieutenant Parker: Peterson.
Sergeant Binkowski: I’m Binkowski, sir. Uh…you start shaving your face?
[Parker ignores the dig, takes the map and pulls back]
Lieutenant Parker: First Platoon! Mount up and move out!
[the four sergeants ignore him, Collier lights a cigarette]
Don Collier: The war’s not going anywhere, sir.
[to the others]
Don Collier: You heard him. Mount up!


[Fury and the other three tanks start pulling out of camp]
Outpost Sentry: Hey! Go fuck yourself, Wardaddy!
Don Collier: Not if it’s too high.
Outpost Sentry: You owe me forty bucks!
[Collier and his crew start driving Fury out of camp]
Outpost Sentry: Mount up! Let’s go gentlemen.
[as Fury drive out of camp we see a sign “You are in Germany. An enemy country. Keep on the alert. Courtesy of the 2nd Armored Division”]


[as Fury is driving to their destination they come across German refugees walking on the road with their belongings; Collier speaks to Ellison through the intercom]
Don Collier: Alright, there might be real fighting in this shoot. Get your up, cast an eyeball on it. Anything that makes a move, you cut them right in half. People are in the way, that’s their problem. You do what you gotta do. Copy?
[Collier hears Ellison’s voice reply back quietly]
Norman Ellison: Copy.
Don Collier: Do you copy?
Norman Ellison: I copy.
Don Collier: Gordo, talk him through that gun again.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Roger.
[Gordo is in the next hatch to Ellison]
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Hey, gun’s ready, Just pull the trigger. Every five rounds in the tracer so you can see what you’re hitting. And remember, short bursts. That way you’ll harvest more meat per bullet.
[Ellison puts his hand on the gun to be ready]


[Collier starts speaking to the refugees that they pass across the road]
Don Collier: [subtitled] The Americans are over there. Keep moving. keep your hands up.
[as they pass a girl with her bike who looks up at Ellison]
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: She’ll let you fuck her for a chocolate bar.
Norman Ellison: That’s not true.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: That’s not true?
Norman Ellison: No.
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Okay. It’s not true.
Grady Travis: It’s completely fucking true. Why don’t just you give her some smokes? You ain’t gotta even give her a whole pack neither, fucking four will do it.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Ignore him, don’t disappoint Christ now. Don’t let them lead you astray.
Don Collier: You’re saying we can kill ’em but we can’t fuck ’em cause it says so in the Bible.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Just stop, alright? I’m done trying to convert you heathens. Mind if I continue invading Germany?


Don Collier: Boyd, do you think Jesus loves Hitler?
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Do I think Jesus loves Hitler? I’d assume so. Hitler accepted Jesus in his heart and got baptized, he’d be saved. Ain’t gonna save him from man’s justice.
Don Collier: What about your regular issue Nazi line trooper?
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: No, I’m not gonna do this again.
Don Collier: Is he going to heaven?
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: We’ve been talking about the same dumb shit for three years. You know how I stand on it. Trying to rile me up now.
Grady Travis: Hey, what about me, huh? You think you could save me? Sing me a hymn.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Yeah, sure.
Grady Travis: Sing “The Old Rugged Cross”?
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Oh, I ain’t gonna sing in now.


[Grady starts trying to touch Boyd’s mustache annoying Boyd]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Don’t.
Grady Travis: Sing. I like it.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: I’ll sing it if you don’t do that.
Grady Travis: Let me just touch your mustache.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Don’t touch it.
Grady Travis: I just want to touch your mustache.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Stop, Grady!
Grady Travis: Why does that bother you so much?
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Stop! I’ll shoot you. I’ll shoot you, I swear!
Don Collier: Knock it off. Knock off the horseplay.
[he pauses for a moment]
Don Collier: Boyd, you think Hitler would fuck one of us for a chocolate bar?
[all three laugh]
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: I hope so.


[as they pass a forest Ellison sees someone moving through the bushes, but hesitates when suddenly the German kid solider in the bushes launches a missile at the lead tank setting it aflame, everyone starts firing into the bushes, Ellison notices the lieutenant in the lead tank engulfed in flames, as he screams in agony he shoots himself in the head, Collier gets off the tank and notices the dead German soldiers are children and walks back to their tank]
Don Collier: Norman! You cocksucker! Why didn’t you take the shot?
Norman Ellison: Cause he was just a kid. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, sir.
[Collier climbs onto the tank and grabs hold of Ellison]
Don Collier: See what a kid can do? Look!
[referring to the inflamed dead body of the lieutenant]
Don Collier: That’s your fault. That’s your fucking fault! Next German you see with a weapon, you rake the dogshit out of him. I don’t care if it’s a baby with a butter knife in one hand and mama’s titty in the other. You chop him up!
[Collier hits Ellison over the head]
Norman Ellison: Yes, Sergeant!
[Collier hits Ellison’s head again and takes his seat back in the tank]
Don Collier: Bible.
Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: Yeah?


[Collier looks over to Davis and shakes his head, he speaks into the intercom]
Don Collier: All tanks, four dead. Looks like I’m it. I’ll lead the column. Let’s get us where we’re going.
[the tanks start moving with Fury leading the way to meet with Baker Company]
Don Collier: Stop it here, Gordo.
[a solider approaches them]
Don Collier: Baker Company?
Sergeant Miles: Yes, sir.
Don Collier: I’m not a “sir.”
Sergeant Miles: I ain’t either. Where’s your boss?
Don Collier: Dead.
Sergeant Miles: Who’s in charge of this column.
Don Collier: I am.
Sergeant Miles: Then I’m talking to the right man. Park it over there. The old man’s waiting.


[Miles takes Collier to meet with Captain Waggoner, we can hear him talking into the radio]
Captain Waggoner: …standing knee deep in their guts, if I want an opinion. Baker-6, out. Pencil pushing motherfucker.
[turns and see Collier]
Captain Waggoner: How you doing?
[to one of his soldiers]
Captain Waggoner: Load the casualties into a truck. I’m gonna drive ’em back to base. We take care of our own.
[to Collier]
Captain Waggoner: Come with me.
[they enter into a farm shed; to one of the soldiers]
Captain Waggoner: Hey, wake up!
[Waggoner throws his helmet to the soldier; to Collier]fury-6
Captain Waggoner: Alright, how many tanks we got?
Sergeant Miles: Four.
Captain Waggoner: Four. You shittin’ me? I asked for ten.
[turns to Miles]
Captain Waggoner: Miles! Sergeant Miles?
Sergeant Miles: Yes, sir.
Captain Waggoner: Get First Platoon ready. You’re working for him now. They can stand there and point.
Sergeant Miles: Roger.
[Miles leaves]


[pointing to the map]
Captain Waggoner: Alright, here’s the deal. I have a platoon trapped in this beet field by machine guns. I sent my tracks in, Jerries took ’em out. So I got tank guns there, there, possibly there. I don’t know. I need you to rescue my guys. Take the guns out.
Don Collier: I can do that.
Captain Waggoner: Alright, that clears this road into town. You push forward, I’ll join you there. We’ll clear it out. Maybe they’ll surrender or maybe they’ll fight.
Don Collier: This high ground, you got any eyes on it?
[tapping the different areas on the map]
Captain Waggoner: I had eyes there. Gone. There. Gone. We’re flying blind. It’s you and me.
Don Collier: Krauts got sights on this road, so unless I show my flank, any objections if I come in here?
Captain Waggoner: You can ride on a fucking magic carpet for all I care. I know who you are. I know you know what you’re doing. You just paste them hard for me. They murdered some good boys out there today.
[Waggoner hesitates a moment looking frustrated]
Captain Waggoner: Why don’t they just quit?
Don Collier: Would you?


[Collier meets with Davis, Peterson and Binkowski to explain his plan with Waggoner]
Don Collier: They got a platoon pinned down in this field by NTG’s. The Krauts got anti-tank covering the field. Once we cross the hedgerow we will be in range and within their line of sight, so be alert. Hit anything that fucking moves.
Sergeant Davis: Yeah, unless they pound us first.
Don Collier: If they do we’ll know exactly where they are. Let’s get these boys out of there and smash those guns. Then we’ll capture the town just after tonight. Clear?
Sergeant Binkowski: Why are we rescuing kittens instead of just driving down to Berlin?
Don Collier: Why are you such an asshole?
Sergeant Davis: That’s a great question.
Don Collier: March order: Fury, Old Phyllis, Lucy Sue, Murder Inc. Let’s go.
[they all turn to go to their tanks]
Sergeant Miles: Alright, fuck-sticks! Mount up! Let’s go! Mount up!
[everyone mounts and they pull away led by Fury]


[as Collier leads the four tanks towards their destination]
Don Collier: All tanks, Wardaddy. When we head over the ground line up on me. Keep your spacing, don’t bunch up. On my signal we’ll drop the doughs and roll up that 75. Everyone copy?
Sergeant Binkowski: Love One-Five, copies. Wilco.
Sergeant Peterson: Copy.
Sergeant Davis: Love One-Three copies.
Don Collier: Gordo, halt.
[Gordo stops Fury]
Don Collier: All tanks halt. All tanks halt.
[Collier checks the hedgerow ahead with his binoculars; to the tanks via the intercom]
Don Collier: Alright, let’s get the boys out.
[to his crew]
Don Collier: Get ’em off. Every last man. Button up.
Sergeant Miles: Everybody out! Move out! Move! Everybody out!
[all the men in the tanks start moving out of their tanks; to Ellison]
Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: Close your hatch.
[to the men]
Sergeant Miles: Come on! Move, move, move!
[Ellison and Gordo close their hatches and stay in their tank]


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