Starring: Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Benedict Wong, Clive Owen, Linda Emond, Theodora Miranne, Douglas Hodge



Sci-fi action directed by Ang Lee, the story follows Henry Brogan (Will Smith), who is an aging assassin trying to retire. But he’s suddenly targeted and pursued by a younger clone of himself who can predict his every move.


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[disillusioned with killing, Henry decides to retire from his government agency]
Henry Brogen: This time, I got lucky. I didn’t feel the shot. Not like I should have. Seventy-two kills, Del. That sh*t starts to mess with you a little bit. Deep down, it’s like my soul was hurt. I just want some peace.


Clay Verris: You need Gemini.
Janet Lassiter: I will not let you do hits on American soil.
Clay Verris: You don’t have anyone who can take out Henry Brogan. I do.
Janet Lassiter: We’ll clean up our own messes. Thank you.
Clay Verris: Everything that we’ve worked for is at stake, thanks to your failures. You have one chance not to screw this up. Please, surprise me.


Henry Brogen: Scared is good. It means you’re alert.
Danny Zakarweski: Never had anybody try to kill me before.
Henry Brogen: Yeah, well, the important thing is he didn’t.
Danny Zakarweski: What scares you? Other than bees.
Henry Brogen: Drowning.


[after the agency fails to kill Henry]
Clay Verris: So this is you cleaning up your own messes.
Janet Lassiter: Spare me the lecture.
Clay Verris: It’s like watching the Hindenburg crash into the Titanic.
Janet Lassiter: Tell me what we’re going to do about Henry.
Clay Verris: Henry Brogan is like any other soldier. When they’re young and stupid, they believe anything you tell them. Then they get older. They wear out. Grow a conscience. This is why we need a new breed of soldier. Gemini will handle this.


Danny Zakarweski: Henry, has this ever happened to you before?
Henry Brogen: Which part?
Danny Zakarweski: Your own government trying to kill you.
Henry Brogen: No, that’s new.


Henry Brogen: Stop right there! Who are you? I don’t want to shoot you!
Junior: Fine. Don’t shoot me. Mind if I shoot you?
Henry Brogen: I could’ve killed you on the roof!
Junior: Maybe you should have.
Henry Brogen: Did they show you a picture of me?
Junior: Yeah. You look old.
Henry Brogen: Kid, you take one step closer, you’re going to leave me no choice.


[referring to Junior]
Henry Brogen: When I saw him, it was like I was seeing a ghost.
Danny Zakarweski: A ghost with a gun.
Henry Brogen: Like every trigger I’ve ever pulled.


Clay Verris: Junior, this thing that you’re struggling with, this strangeness, it’s fear. Don’t hate it. Lean into it. Embrace it, and then overcome it. You are right on the threshold, son. This close.


[referring to Junior]
Danny Zakarweski: I think I know why he’s as good as you, Henry. He is you.
Henry Brogen: What?
Danny Zakarweski: There’s a DNA lab here. I gave them samples. Yours and the baseball cap he was wearing. He just, he looked so much like you, I thought he had to be your son. So I… They did three tests. Your DNA and his. All three came back identical. Not close. Identical. As in the same person. He’s your clone. I thought I’d made a mistake, that I’d given them samples of the same person, but I didn’t. He is you.


Henry Brogen: If they could clone a person, you’d think they’d clone more doctors, or scientists, not me. They could’ve cloned Nelson Mandela.
Danny Zakarweski: Nelson Mandela couldn’t kill a man on a moving train from two kilometers away.


Yuri Kovacs: Mr. Brogan, you are the best at what you do. But still you get tired. You have fears, doubts. You feel pain, perhaps remorse. You have a conscience. This makes you human, but suboptimal as a soldier. Less than perfect. Less profitable. Clayton Verris is playing God with DNA. He must be stopped.
Henry Brogen: If it’s that dangerous, why not send a missile? Blow up his lab.
Yuri Kovacs: That is what we’re doing. Except you are the missile. I wish you luck. Oh. One last thing. Your escape from home two days ago? Amazing work. I was on the edge of my seat.
Henry Brogen: Wait. What? How the hell do you know about that?
Yuri Kovacs: I’m a big fan. What can I say?


[referring to the what Henry said earlier]
Baron: What’s AMF?
Danny Zakarweski: Adios, m*therf**ker.


Henry Brogen: [to Junior] I do not want to kill you. But I absolutely will if I have to.


Henry Brogen: What did Clay Verris tell you about me?
[Junior doesn’t reply]
Henry Brogen: Okay. Well, let me tell you about him. Because I know Mr. Verris very well. How did he start you? Hunting birds? Rabbit? About twelve years-old, moved you up to deer? I’m guessing nineteen, twenty years-old the first time he ordered you to shoot a person. Any of this ringing true?
[Junior doesn’t reply]
Henry Brogen: Yeah. He told you to lean into your fear, because you were a warrior, blessed with great gifts to defend the weak. But he couldn’t stop the noise. That secret part of you that always felt a little different than everybody else. Part that felt like a weirdo.
Junior: You don’t know sh*t.
Henry Brogen: Kid, I know you inside out and backwards.


Henry Brogen: You’re allergic to bees. You hate cilantro. You always sneeze four times.
Junior: Everybody hates cilantro.
Henry Brogen: You’re meticulous. Thorough. Disciplined. Relentless. You love puzzles. You’re a chess player. Right? Good too, I bet. But you suffer from insomnia. Your mind never lets you sleep. And even when it does, it attacks you with nightmares. I’m talking about those “three o’clock in the morning, somebody please save me” kind of nightmares. And then there’s the doubts, and those are the worst. You hate them, and you hate yourself for having them. They make you feel weak. A real soldier doesn’t doubt, right? The only time you ever truly feel happy is when you’re flat on your belly about to squeeze a trigger. And in that moment, the world makes perfect sense. How do you think I know all of that?
Junior: I don’t give a sh*t how you know anything.


Henry Brogen: Look at me, dummy! Look at us! Twenty-five years ago, your father took my blood, and he cloned me. He made you from me. Our DNA is identical.
Danny Zakarweski: He’s telling you the truth.
Junior: Shut up.
Henry Brogen: He chose me because there’s never been anybody like me, and he knew one day I was going to get old, and then you’d step in. He’s been lying to you the whole time. He told you you were an orphan. And of all the people in the world to come after me, why would he send you?
Junior: Because I’m the best.
[he weapon his gun at Junior’s head]
Henry Brogen: You are obviously not the best.
[he lowers his weapon]
Henry Brogen: You got a hard-a** head.


Henry Brogen: Guess this was supposed to be your birthday, or something. I had to die, and you had to do it. As long as I was alive, somehow Clay’s little experiment was incomplete. That’s the maniac you’re pulling a trigger for.
Junior: Shut your mouth about him. You’re just trying to rattle me.
Henry Brogen: I’m trying to save you! What are you, twenty-three? Still a virgin, right? Yeah. Dying to be in a relationship and connect, but terrified to let anybody near you. Because what if somebody actually saw who you are? How could they love you? So everybody’s just targets, and you’re just a weapon.


Junior: [to Henry] I’m not you! You hear me, old man? I’m not you!


Baron: [to Henry] You know, it’s not every day you see a guy get his a** kicked on two continents by himself.


[to Junior; referring to Henry]
Clay Verris: Tell me something. Why is it so hard for you to kill this man?


Junior: You know when I’m happy, Pop? When I’m flat on my belly, about to squeeze a trigger. It’s the only time I’m happy. And this wasn’t even a mistake. It’s not like you got someone pregnant, and then had to man up and raise me. No, you made a decision to have a scientist make a person out of another person.
Clay Verris: No, that’s not what it was.
[referring to Henry]
Junior: That’s exactly what it was. Then you sent me to kill him.


[referring to Henry]
Junior: Of all the shooters in the world, why would you send me?
Clay Verris: He’s your darkness. You had to walk through this on your own.
Junior: Maybe you’re my darkness. That lie you told me, that my parents dumped me at a fire station. And I believed that. Do you know how that made me feel?
Clay Verris: It was a necessary lie.
Junior: None of this sh*t is necessary. You made a choice to do this to me. Can’t you see how not okay I am?
Clay Verris: Bullsh*t! You forget who you’re talking to, Junior. I’ve seen battle. I’ve seen soldiers go over the edge because more was being asked of them than they could give. That’s not you. Your world is stable and dependable. I made sure of that.


Clay Verris: You have something that Henry himself never had. You have a loving, dedicated, present father, who tells you every goddamn day that you are precious, and that you matter. Jesus, the whole point of this thing was to give you all of Henry’s gifts without his pain, and I did. Don’t doubt, Junior. You’re better than that.
[Junior begins to cry]
Clay Verris: Come here.
[Clay embraces Junior]
Clay Verris: I love you, son. Just don’t let yourself down.


[after Junior and Henry team up to bring down Clay]
Henry Brogen: You got to walk away while you still can.
Junior: This is all I know.
Henry Brogen: No, this is all he taught you. You stop now, you can still become something else.
Junior: Sure. A doctor? Lawyer?
Henry Brogen: Husband. Father. All the things this job gives you the excuse not to be. I threw all of that away. It’d be a shame to waste these gifts a second time around.


Henry Brogen: I’m sorry, what is your name?
Junior: It’s always been Junior. Clay Junior. I don’t really know anymore.
Henry Brogen: That’s another really good reason to quit.


[as he’s punching Junior]
Clay Verris: I am trying to make you a man! I should’ve cloned myself.


[referring to Gemini]
Clay Verris: I don’t know why you’re so angry, Henry. You were the inspiration for all of this.


Clay Verris: You should be flattered.
Henry Brogen: You should be dead.
Clay Verris: You saw what happened over there. Atrocities. Friends being sent home in a pine box. Why should we accept that if there’s a better way?
[referring to Junior]
Clay Verris: And look what we created. He’s got both of us in him. Don’t you think your country deserves a perfect version of you?
Henry Brogen: There is no perfect version of me. Or him. Or anybody.
Clay Verris: No?


Henry Brogen: So why not make a whole army of them?
Clay Verris: Yeah. Why not? Think how many American families we could spare. Nobody’s son or daughter would ever have to die. No vet comes home with PTSD and kills himself. We can keep the whole world safe without any actual grief. So who would I be hurting?
Henry Brogen: You’re talking about people, Clay.
Clay Verris: Henry. This is the most humane thing that Gemini’s ever done.


Junior: How many more of me are running around out there?
Clay Verris: There’s only one you, Junior.
[referring to the other Gemini clone Junior killed]
Clay Verris: He was a weapon. You’re my son. And I love you, as much as any father ever loved any kid.
[Junior points his weapon at Clay]
Junior: I don’t have a father. Goodbye, Clay.
[as Junior is about to shoot, Henry stops him]


[after Henry stops him from killing Clay]
Junior: So what the hell are we going to do, huh? Going to turn him in? They’re not going to try him. They’re not going to shut down his lab. We have to end this right now.
Henry Brogen: Hey. Look at me. Look at me. You pull that trigger, and you’re going to break something inside of yourself that’ll never get fixed again. Don’t. Let it go.
[referring to his weapon]
Henry Brogen: Give it to me. You don’t want those ghosts. Trust me.
[Henry looks at Clay, then shoots and kills him]


[as Del is sat a bar drinking, Henry puts a can of Coke in front of him instead]
Henry Brogen: You should know better than that.
Del Patterson: Surprised you give a sh*t.
Henry Brogen: Well, we can’t be friends anymore. Because you did let them try to kill me. But it doesn’t mean I want to see you drink yourself to death.
Del Patterson: The Gemini lab has been dismantled. Cloning program is history.
Henry Brogen: And Junior?
Del Patterson: He’s untouchable. No one will bother him, ever. And we checked, there are no more clones.


Henry Brogen: All I want to do now is put some good in the world. I just got to figure out how.
Danny Zakarweski: Yeah, you will. You, sleeping okay?
Henry Brogen: Better.
Danny Zakarweski: No ghosts?
Henry Brogen: Not like before. Oh, and I actually looked in a mirror the other day.
Danny Zakarweski: Really?
Henry Brogen: It wasn’t horrendous.


[after meeting Junior outside his college; referring to the passport]
Junior: What’s this?
Henry Brogen: This is you. Passport, birth certificate, driver’s license. Apparently you got pretty good credit.
[Junior chuckles]
Henry Brogen: I love the name you chose.
Junior: Jackson? It was my mother’s name.
Henry Brogen: Hey, she was my mother first.
Junior: [chuckles] Yeah, yeah.
Henry Brogen: Don’t you “yeah, yeah” me, young man.


[as they are discussing which major Junior should take in college]
Henry Brogen: Look, excuse me, I’m trying to talk with myself over here.
Danny Zakarweski: Yeah. You’re talking to yourself, but you’re not talking to him.
Henry Brogen: Look, I just made a lot of mistakes when I was young…
Junior: And I’d actually like to make some of those mistakes myself.
Henry Brogen: What I’m trying to say is, I made them already so you don’t have to.
Danny Zakarweski: Yeah, but he’s not you.
Junior: Okay. Everybody, chill the hell out. I’m going to be okay.
Henry Brogen: If you’re okay, I’m okay.


[last lines]
Henry Brogen: What?
Junior: I just can’t believe that in thirty years, I’m going to look like you.
Henry Brogen: What? Please. You wish. Boy, you better hope you look like me in thirty years. This is fifty year-old, mature man meat you’re looking at.
Danny Zakarweski: Fifty-one.
Henry Brogen: I brush. I floss. I work hard. When you’re fifty, I bet you won’t be dragging your a** around the track every morning like I do. In fact, we can race now. We can race right now. We’ll take it to the corner right now.


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