Gone Girl Quotes: Dark and Disturbing

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Directed by: David Fincher
Written by: Gillian Flynn (novel & screenplay)
Ben Affleck – Nick Dunne
Rosamund Pike – Amy Dunne
Neil Patrick Harris – Desi Collings
Tyler Perry – Tanner Bolt
Carrie Coon – Margo Dunne
Kim Dickens – Detective Rhonda Boney
Patrick Fugit – Officer Jim Gilpin
David Clennon – Rand Elliot
Lisa Banes – Marybeth Elliott
Missi Pyle – Ellen Abbott
Emily Ratajkowski – Andie Hardy
Casey Wilson – Noelle Hawthorne
Lola Kirke – Greta
Boyd Holbrook – Jeff
Sela Ward – Sharon Schieber
Jamie McShane – Donnelly
Scoot McNairy – Tommy O’Hara
Ricky Wood – Jason


Based on the novel by Gillian Flynn who scripted the film, Gone Girl quotes are cold and bleak look at the deconstruction of marriage wrapped in a layered mystery-thriller. The story revolves around, married couple Nick and Amy Dunne, who seemingly have a very happy marriage, however on their fifth wedding anniversary Amy goes missing under suspicious circumstances. Soon a media frenzy begins and under pressure from the police Nick’s portrait of a blissful union begins to crumble and he becomes the main suspect in Amy’s disappearance.

The narrative is not a straight forward thriller, it’s multi-layered and concentrates on the ugly side of marriage with two very unlikeable characters heading the plot and a somewhat disturbing ending which although is not truly satisfying did fit in with what the characters deserve. Affleck and Pike were both solid and effective in their lead performances, especially Pike who provided the right degree of complicated coldness for her character. Out of the supporting actors Tyler Perry as Nick’s notorious legal defense attorney Tanner Bolt really stood out as he was the one that provided the grounding and the right amount of comedic relief in this dark tale.

Verdict: Fincher’s adaptation is skillful, stylish, uncomfortable and murky but ended up being too cold and empty to be on the list of a great Fincher movie.

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[first lines; Nick is stroking his wife’s hair]
Nick Dunne: [voice over] When I think of my wife, I always think of her head. I picture cracking her lovely skull, unspooling her brains, trying to get answers. The primal questions of any marriage: What are you thinking? How are you feeling? What have we done to each other?


[July 5th – the morning of; Nick goes to a bar he co-owns with his sister Margo]
Margo Dunne: Well, the Irish prince graces us with his presence.
[she flicks water in his face]
Nick Dunne: His majesty prefers not to be moistened. I got you a present.
[he places the board game “Master Mind” on the counter that he’s brought from home]
Margo Dunne: Oh. I hated this game.
Nick Dunne: You loved it.
Margo Dunne: You loved it. Thank you. I’ll add it to the collection.
[she places it with all the other board games at the back shelf of the bar]
Nick Dunne: Can you pour me a bourbon?
[she places two glasses on the counter and starts to pour the drink]
Margo Dunne: What’s up, jitters?
[Nick doesn’t reply]
Margo Dunne: Well, if you’re not going to talk, I’m gonna have to fill the silence with another excruciating story by Margo Dunne. Let’s see, I could tell you about my recent customer service experience changing Internet service providers.
Nick Dunne: I like that one.
Margo Dunne: Or how about the time I saw that woman who looked exactly like my friend Monica? But it wasn’t Monica, it was a total stranger.
Nick Dunne: Who was also named Monica.
Margo Dunne: Made it kind of interesting.
Nick Dunne: It’s great. I’m just having a bad day.
Margo Dunne: Amy?
Nick Dunne: It’s our anniversary. Five years.
Margo Dunne: Five? That came fast.
Nick Dunne: And furious.


[we see Amy writing in her diary dated January 8th, 2005]
Amy Dunne: [voice over] I’m so crazy, stupid happy. I met a boy. A great, sweet, gorgeous, cool-ass guy.
[flashback to Amy at a party meeting Nick for the first time]
Nick Dunne: Excuse me, miss? You know, I just want you to be careful where you put down that , uh, monk-brewed Belgian wheat beer. Because the party’s down to three beast lights and a bottle of pucker.
Amy Dunne: It might attract some desperate characters.
Nick Dunne: It could. I mean, the Amish are on a rumspringa.
[Amy looks across the room at the three Amish looking men and chuckles]
Amy Dunne: They already relieved me of my artisanal meat platter.
Nick Dunne: Finally, someone tells me how to pronounce that word.
Amy Dunne: “Meat”?
Nick Dunne: Yes, “meat.” One syllable. Thank you. Whose beer am I about to drink? Don’t tell me. Let’s see, who’s your type?
[he looks around the room and points to an intellectual looking guy across the room]
Nick Dunne: I don’t see you sitting quietly while he bloviates on his postgrad thesis about Proust.
[he points to another guy]
Nick Dunne: Uh-oh. Is that him? Ironic hipster, so self-aware, he makes everything a joke.
Amy Dunne: I prefer men who are funny, not “funny.”


Amy Dunne: What type are you?
Nick Dunne: Corn-fed, salt-of-the-earth Missouri guy.
Amy Dunne: Oh, Missouri?
Nick Dunne: Mm-hm.gone-girl-1
Amy Dunne: Cute.
Nick Dunne: Native New Yorker?
Amy Dunne: World ends at the Hudson.
Nick Dunne: What’s your name?
Amy Dunne: Amy.
Nick Dunne: Well, Amy, who are you?
Amy Dunne: A: I’m an award-winning scrimshander. B: I’m a moderately influential warlord.
Nick Dunne: Hm.
Amy Dunne: C: I write personality quizzes for magazines.
Nick Dunne: Okay. Well your hands are far too delicate for real scrimshaw work. And I happen to be a charter subscriber to middling warlord weekly, so I’d recognize you. I’m gonna go with C.
Amy Dunne: And you? Who are you?
Nick Dunne: I’m the guy to save you from all this awesomeness.
[Amy laughs]


[Nick and Amy leave the party together and get into the elevator]
Amy Dunne: Oh, so you write for a men’s magazine. God, does that make you an expert on being a man?
[Nick chuckles]
Nick Dunne: No. It’s, you know, what to wear, what to drink.
Amy Dunne: How to bullshit.
Nick Dunne: Never with you.
Amy Dunne: Ha-ha.
Nick Dunne: No, I mean it.
Amy Dunne: It’s hard to believe you.
Nick Dunne: Why?
[Amy laughs]
Amy Dunne: I think it’s your chin.
Nick Dunne: My chin?
Amy Dunne: Yeah, it’s quite villainous.
Nick Dunne: Okay, how’s this?
[he puts two fingers on his chin]
Nick Dunne: A hundred percent true, no bullshit.
Amy Dunne: Okay.
[they get out of the elevator]


[they take a walk together]
Nick Dunne: We all move to New York and we end up living in these little cubby holes, and that’s not it. Come outside. Then, you’re in it.
[Nick stops and looks to his right]
Nick Dunne: You have to see this.
[they walk passed a bakery that is getting a sugar delivery and all the sugar is floating around everywhere]
Nick Dunne: I have to kiss you now.gone-girl-2
Amy Dunne: Is that right?
Nick Dunne: I can’t let you go through a sugar storm unkissed.
Amy Dunne: Mm.
Nick Dunne: Wait a second.
[he wipes some sugar off her lips]
Nick Dunne: There you go.
[he kisses; later Nick is making love to Amy]
Amy Dunne: Nick Dunne. I really like you.


[back to present day at the bar with Margo and Nick where they’re playing Master Mind]
Margo Dunne: So, is Amy gonna do one of those anniversary treasure hunts?
Nick Dunne: You mean the forced march designed to prove what an oblivious and uncaring asshole her husband is?
Margo Dunne: Wow.
[Nick spins the board]
Nick Dunne: Life. I don’t remember the point.
Margo Dunne: Deep Hasbro thoughts. Spin.
[Nick spins the board again]
Margo Dunne: What was the clue last year she got so mad about?
Nick Dunne: “When your poor Amy has a cold, this dessert just must be sold.”
Margo Dunne: The answer?
Nick Dunne: I still don’t know the answer, Go.
Margo Dunne: A few years ago, you’d have known.
Nick Dunne: A few years ago, it was fun.
Nick Dunne: Year one, the traditional gift was paper. She got me a beautiful notebook. Told me to go write my novel.
Margo Dunne: What did you get her?
Nick Dunne: A kite.
Margo Dunne: Oh.
Nick Dunne: She’d never flown a kite.
Margo Dunne: Okay.
Nick Dunne: Anyway. Year four, flowers. She led me outside to the dying rosebush in the backyard.
Margo Dunne: That’s symbolic.
Nick Dunne: Yeah.


Margo Dunne: What’s the gift for five?
Nick Dunne: Wood.
Margo Dunne: So, what did you get her?
Nick Dunne: There’s no good gift for wood.
Margo Dunne: I know! Go home, fuck her brains out, slap her with your penis. “There’s some wood for you, bitch.”
[the bar phone rings and Margo answers]
Margo Dunne: The Bar. Why, yes. Hang on one second.
[to Nick]
Margo Dunne: Hey, it’s watchful Wally.
[Nick takes the phone]
Nick Dunne: Hey, Walt. What’s going on?
[Nick listens for a moment before replying]
Nick Dunne: Oh. Thanks very much. I’ll be right there. Alright, bye-bye.


[Nick returns home, and goes over to the cat that’s sitting outside on the front lawn]
Nick Dunne: Hey, buddy. What are you doing out here?
[he looks across at his neighbor, Walt, who’s on his front porch]
Nick Dunne: Thanks, Walt!
[Nick picks up the cat, enters into the house and sets the cat down]
Nick Dunne: Ame?
[getting no answer he enters the living room and sees the table flipped over and the glass surface shattered, outside Walt hears Nick frantically calling out for Amy]
Nick Dunne: Amy!


[after calling the police Detective Rhonda Boney and Officer Jim Gilpin arrive at the house]
Detective Rhonda Boney: Hello?
Nick Dunne: Come on in. Hey.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Mr. Dunne.
Nick Dunne: Hi.
Detective Rhonda Boney: I’m Detective Rhonda Boney, this is officer James Gilpin. We understand there are concerns about your wife.
Nick Dunne: I don’t know where my wife is. And I came home to this.
[he shows them the overturned table and shattered glass in the living room]
Nick Dunne: Now, I don’t panic easily, but it’s weird, right?
Detective Rhonda Boney: Mind if we look around?
Nick Dunne: Please.
[Nick escorts Rhonda and Gilpin up the stairs]
Detective Rhonda Boney: How long have you two been here?
Nick Dunne: Two years in September. We used to live in New York.
Officer James Gilpin: City?
Nick Dunne: Yeah, I was a writer. We were both writers.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Why did y’all move back here?
Nick Dunne: My mom got sick.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Oh, I’m sorry. How is she?
Nick Dunne: She’s dead.
Detective Rhonda Boney: I’m so sorry.


[Nick shows Rhonda and Gilpin their bedroom]
Detective Rhonda Boney: What do you do now, for work?
Nick Dunne: My sister Margo and I own the bar downtown.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Oh, The Bar. Love the name. Very meta.
Nick Dunne: Thanks.
[Rhonda looks around the room]
Detective Rhonda Boney: Pretty things.
[Rhonda and Gilpin walks out of the room; to the cat, who’s sitting on the bed]
Nick Dunne: Stay.
[Nick closes the door, he points to another room]
Nick Dunne: My office, here.
[Rhonda notices the ironing table out with a dress on it, she walks over to it]
Detective Rhonda Boney: Beautiful dress.
[she notices the iron is hot and unplugs it]
Detective Rhonda Boney: Date night?
Nick Dunne: It’s our anniversary.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Mm.
[Rhonda turns and notices another room]
Nick Dunne: It’s a guest bedroom, there. Cat’s room on the end. I checked up here.
[Rhonda places a yellow post-it on the ironing shelf]


[walking into the kitchen]
Nick Dunne: This is the kitchen, obviously. This is the, uh…
[Nick notices Rhonda and Gilpin looking at the kitchen, Rhonda sees a speck of blood on the oven hood and places a yellow post-it on it, Nick takes them to the next room]
Nick Dunne: This is my wife’s office. Amy’s office.
[Rhonda looks around and notices Amy’s degrees from Harvard and Yale on the wall]
Detective Rhonda Boney: Wow. Impressive gal.
Nick Dunne: Yeah. Should I be concerned?
[Rhonda then sees the poster of “Amazing Amy”, and the book series]
Detective Rhonda Boney: I remember these. I loved these books.
[Rhonda looks down and sees photo of Amy when she was younger with framed picture illustration from the book next to it]
Detective Rhonda Boney: Wait a minute. Your wife is Amazing Amy?
Nick Dunne: Yeah. She is.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Wow.


[we see Amy writing in her diary dated February 24th, 2007]
Amy Dunne: [voice over] Amazing-fucking-Amy is getting fucking married. That’s how the night started. With me, regular, flawed, real Amy, jealous, as always, of the golden child. Perfect, brilliant, Amazing Amy, who’s getting fucking married.
[flashback to Nick and Amy are at an Amazing Amy launch party held by her parents Rand and Marybeth]
Amy Dunne: When I was ten, I quit cello. In the next book, Amazing Amy became a prodigy.
[sees poster of teen Amazing Amy playing volleyball]
Nick Dunne: Did you play volleyball?
Amy Dunne: I got cut freshman year. She made varsity.
[seeing another poster of Amazing Amy with a dog]
Nick Dunne: When did you have a dog?
Amy Dunne: She got the dog. Puddles made her more relatable.
Nick Dunne: Wow. I love your parents, but they really can be assholes.


Rand Elliott: Nick!
Nick Dunne: Sir!
Rand Elliott: Hey, thanks for coming, man.
[puts his arm around Nick]
Nick Dunne: No problem.
Rand Elliott: Hey, sweetheart.
[Kisses Amy on the cheek]
Rand Elliott: Big night for your mom. It would mean so much if you would talk to a few reporters, bloggers, give them a little Amy color. People want to hear from you.
Amy Dunne: We can’t stay long.
Rand Elliott: Fantastic. Fifteen minutes, tops.
[Randy turns and walks off]
Amy Dunne: This is why I have my brownstone. My trust fund. I know I can’t complain.
Nick Dunne: Your parents literally plagiarized your childhood.
Amy Dunne: No, they improved upon it, and then peddled it to the masses.


[walking over to Marybeth]
Marybeth Elliott: I thought you were gonna wear white to match the wedding theme.
Amy Dunne: I thought that would be creepy.
Marybeth Elliott: “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing…”
Nick Dunne: Hold up! I know how this ends. Don’t…don’t tell me.
Marybeth Elliott: You’re very cute, Nick. Amy, you know what would make dad’s night.
Amy Dunne: Oh, I’m on it.
[Marybeth walks away]
Amy Dunne: I love having strangers pick at my scabs.
[Nick kisses her]


[Amy is sat at a table with reporters and bloggers]
Earnest Girl: I’m curious whether It’s difficult for you to see Amazing Amy heading down the aisle.
Fashionista: And this big party celebrating this fictional wedding.
Nervous Intern: Because it’s my understanding you are not married.
Above-It-All Journalist: Is that correct?
Amy Dunne: Correct. Amazing Amy has always been one step ahead of me.
[Nick steps in pretending to be a reporter]
Nick Dunne: Excuse me. I’m sorry, I just have a few questions.
[he sits next to Amy who pretends to be surprised]
Amy Dunne: It’s you.
Nick Dunne: I’m here in a strictly journalistic capacity.
[Nick takes out a pen and pad]


Nick Dunne: Now, you had the distinct pleasure of dating Nick Dunne for how long?
Amy Dunne: Two magical years.
Nick Dunne: Two magical years. In the course of that time, you’ve had the opportunity to perform such gracious gestures as not correcting Nick when he pronounced “quinoa” as “kwin-o-a.”
Amy Dunne: An understandable mistake.
Nick Dunne: He also thought it was a fish.
Amy Dunne: He thinks Velveeta is a cheese.
Nick Dunne: You also manage to appear shocked and delighted when Nick’s elderly mother breaks into an impromptu rendition of New York, New York, every time she sees you.
[Amy croons]
Amy Dunne: These bag of bone shoes
Nick Dunne: That’s just frightening.


Nick Dunne: You also bought Nick his very first pair of scissors.
Amy Dunne: And matching stapler.
Nick Dunne: Amy Elliott, you are more than amazing. You are brilliant, yet entirely un-snobby. You challenge me. You surprise me. And, fun fact for the readers, you have a world-class vagina.gone-girl-3
[Amy and the other reporters sat around the table laugh]
Nick Dunne: Now, my colleagues tell me that you are not yet married. Is that correct?
Amy Dunne: I’m not.
Nick Dunne: Isn’t it time we fixed that?
[he opens his pad to reveal a ring between the pages]
Amy Dunne: [voice over] And then, the night wasn’t so bad anymore.
[Amy kisses Nick]


[Nick is a the police station having his mouth and skin swabbed for DNA samples]
Detective Rhonda Boney: And it’s done. Crossed off the list. Now, normally, we would not treat this as a missing persons case so quick, but given the scene at your house, and given our spike in violent crime of late, we are gonna take this very, very seriously.
Nick Dunne: Okay. Good.
Detective Rhonda Boney: So we’ve got forensics over at your place. You got somewhere to stay?
Nick Dunne: Uh…yeah, I could stay at my sister’s.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Okay. We’re tracking Amy’s phone, her credit cards. We will organize searches, put up flyers. We’re gonna hold a press conference tomorrow.
Nick Dunne: You’re having a press conference?
Detective Rhonda Boney: Yeah. We wanna get the word out, right?
Nick Dunne: Yeah, it’s just all of a sudden, I feel like I’m on a Law & Order episode.
[he starts singing the theme tune to Law & Order]


Detective Rhonda Boney: Now, uh…time is of the essence in these cases. But, that said, do you want to wait and call a lawyer?
Nick Dunne: Absolutely not. I just wanna help.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Okay. So, you and Amy have been here two years.
You tend bar…
Nick Dunne: I own The Bar. And I teach creative writing at MVCC.
Detective Rhonda Boney: No kids?
Nick Dunne: Not yet.
Detective Rhonda Boney: So, what does Amy do most days? A woman with all those degrees, what does she do?
Nick Dunne: I don’t know. She keeps busy.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Doing what?
Nick Dunne: I mean, she’s a voracious reader. So, she’s always got a book in her hand.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Well, days can get long. I mean I know a few housewives, that evening glass of wine starts coming at noon. Or prescription pills.
Officer James Gilpin: Just last week, we had a soccer mom. Nice lady. Got her teeth kicked in over some Oxycontin.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Ever since that mall went bust, half the town is out of work. We cannot keep up with the drug violence.
Nick Dunne: Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s not it.


Detective Rhonda Boney: Has Amy got friends we can talk to?
Nick Dunne: Um…no, not really.
Detective Rhonda Boney: No friends? This whole town?
Nick Dunne: She was very close with my mom, before she passed away. And you know, we have a pretty serious homeless problem in our neighborhood. I think maybe you guys should check that out.
Officer James Gilpin: We’ll look into that.
Detective Rhonda Boney: So you got to the bar around 11:00 today. Where were you before that? Just to cross that out.
Nick Dunne: Well, I was home. I left at 9:30, I got a cup of coffee, a newspaper. I went to Sawyer Beach and read the news.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Did you visit with anyone there?
Nick Dunne: Well, I mean I kind of go to Sawyer Beach for the solitude.


Detective Rhonda Boney: So, your wife has no friends here. Is she kind of standoffish? Ivy League? Rubs people the wrong way?
Nick Dunne: She’s from New York. She’s complicated. She’s got very high standards.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Type A? Well that can make you crazy if you’re not like that. You seem pretty laid-back. Type B. Speaking of which, Amy’s blood type?
Nick Dunne: God, I don’t know. I’d have to look it up at the house.
Detective Rhonda Boney: You don’t know if she has friends, you don’t know what she does all day and you don’t know your wife’s blood type.
Officer James Gilpin: Sure y’all are married?
Nick Dunne: I…I…maybe it’s type O.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Where are her folks? New York?
Nick Dunne: Yeah.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Can they get here in time for this press conference tomorrow?
Nick Dunne: Tomorrow? I have no idea. I haven’t talked to them.
Detective Rhonda Boney: You haven’t called your wife’s parents yet?
Nick Dunne: I mean you can’t get a signal in this building. I’ve been in here talking to you.
Detective Rhonda Boney: Well call them, please, Nick. Now.
Nick Dunne: Fine.
[Nick walks out of the room]
Officer James Gilpin: Should I know my wife’s blood type?
Detective Rhonda Boney: No.


[Nick’s on the phone to Marybeth]
Nick Dunne: I apologize, Marybeth. I didn’t know what was going on. You know, now I’m at the station and the cops are at the house, and it’s serious and I’m calling you.
[Rhonda starts walking towards Nick]
Nick Dunne: There’s a lot of things that are being juggled right now. I’m standing right next to Detective Rhonda Boney, who’s the lead investigator on this and she’s…
[to Rhonda]
Nick Dunne: My mother-in-law would like to speak with you.
[Rhonda takes the phone from Nick]
Detective Rhonda Boney: This is Detective Boney.
[just then Nick hears his father, Bill in the next room talking to a police officer]
Bill Dunne: I wanna go home. I don’t know why I have to be here. I don’t wanna be here. I wanna go home.


[Nick goes over to Bill]
Nick Dunne: Dad?
[to the female officer]
Nick Dunne: What…? This is my father. What’s going on?
Female Officer: Really? You’re Nick Dunne? We’ve been trying to get a hold of you all afternoon.
Nick Dunne: I’ve been right there. My wife is missing.
Bill Dunne: Bitch.
Nick Dunne: Don’t.
Female Officer: Your father wandered out of Comfort Hill after lunch. We found him walking route 79, disoriented. We’ve been trying to call you for the last three and a half…
Nick Dunne: I don’t get a cell signal in this building. I’ve been sitting twenty feet away from you with two other police officers!
[Rhonda stands by the doorway and listens]
Female Officer: Sir, please don’t take that tone with me.
Bill Dunne: Stupid, dumb, ugly bitch.
Nick Dunne: Dad, stop.
Detective Rhonda Boney: You wanna drive him home?
Nick Dunne: I think that’d be wise. Thanks.


[as Nick drives Bill back to Comfort Hill, he makes a call which goes straight to voice mail]
Nick Dunne: Fuck.
[Nick pulls up at Comfort Hill and tries to help Bill]
Bill Dunne: Get your fucking hands off me.
[to one of the Comfort Hill employee’s who’s coming over to get Bill]
Nick Dunne: Thanks.


[we see Amy writing in her diary dated July 5th, 2009]
Amy Dunne: [voice over] Everyone told us and told us and told us – marriage is hard work. And compromise and more work. “Abandon all hope, ye who enter.” Well, it’s not true. Not for me and Nick.
[we see Nick taking Amy to the library into a quiet area]
Amy Dunne: [voice over] With us, two years. It’s just good.
[Nick takes out a book from the shelf]
Nick Dunne: Austen. Mm. You were an alienated teen and only Elizabeth Bennet understood you.
[he pulls out an envelope from inside the book]
Nick Dunne: Look at that. My God.
[Amy laughs]
Nick Dunne: You…you naughty minx.
Amy Dunne: Well, technically, we are supposed to fuck at the next stop.
Nick Dunne: Yeah, in keeping with tradition.
Amy Dunne: But I might be willing to bend the rules this once.
Nick Dunne: God bless Jane Austen.
[they star having sex]


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