Starring: Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, Scott Glenn, Andrew Bachelor, David Denman, Roger Dale Floyd


Disaster action directed by Ric Roman Waugh. The story follows John Garrity (Gerard Butler), his wife, Allison (Morena Baccarin), and young son, Nathan (Roger Dale Floyd), as they embark on a dangerous journey to fight for survival as a planet-killing comet races to Earth.


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[referring to the comet that’s been named Clark as he looks up at the sky]
Nathan Garrity: I don’t see Clark.
John Garrity: Well, maybe he’s still sleeping.
Nathan Garrity: Dad!


[referring to the news on TV about the incoming comet]
John Garrity: What are they saying?
Allison Garrity: More of the same.


[referring to the military air crafts]
Nathan Garrity: Dad, where are they going?
John Garrity: I don’t know.


[as they are watching a fragment of the comet hit the ocean on the news]
Thomas: One of those chunks is about to hit.
Nathan Garrity: Hit?
Thomas: Only part of it. It’s going into the ocean.
John Garrity: Would you look at that?
[they watch as the fragment hits the ocean]
Thomas: Wait. Where’s the explosion?


News Reporter: We now are getting word that the fragment has hit Central Florida.
Allison Garrity: Oh, my God.
Family Friend: Wait. Are some more pieces going to hit?


John Garrity: Come on. Let’s go.
Nathan Garrity: Look, the sky is on fire.


Thomas: [to John] Two days. They got it all wrong. There’s a ton of fragments. Planet-killers.


News Reporter: Space agencies are predicting extinction-level events.


John Garrity: [to Nathan] We’re going to be together. Alright, kiddo? We just try to get to safety.


Snow Soldier: [to John] They’ve been tracking the military flights to bunkers in Greenland.


John Garrity: [to Allison] It’s our only chance.


Nathan Garrity: Where is dad?
Allison Garrity: We’ll find him. It’s okay.


News Reporter: The fourth largest fragment will hit in less than twenty-four hours.


Radio Announcement: If you are hearing this broadcast, seek shelter immediately.
Allison Garrity: What is it? What’s going on?
[fragments of the comet start hitting the road ahead of them]
Allison Garrity: Oh, my God! John, go!
John Garrity: Hang on, Nathan!


John Garrity: I swear, I’m going to get my family into that bunker.
Clayton: I know you will, John.


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