Starring: Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, Scott Glenn, Andrew Bachelor, David Denman, Roger Dale Floyd



Disaster action directed by Ric Roman Waugh. The story follows John Garrity (Gerard Butler), his wife, Allison (Morena Baccarin), and young son, Nathan (Roger Dale Floyd), as they embark on a dangerous journey to fight for survival as a planet-killing comet races to Earth.


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John Garrity: How long is this going to be awkward for?
Allison Garrity: I don’t know, John. It’s not like I’m trying to make it that way.


Allison Garrity: It’s just going to take some time, and some effort from the both of us.
John Garrity: We can do this, Ali.


Nathan Garrity: Mr. Williams said Clarke is like a big snowball, but made of gas.
John Garrity: Wow. Asteroids are made of farts. Okay. I got it.
Nathan Garrity: [laughs] No. Clarke is a comet, silly, not an asteroid.
John Garrity: Oh, a comet. I didn’t know there was a difference.
Nathan Garrity: Comets move faster. Like way, way faster.


Nathan Garrity: Did you know that Clarke was from a different solar system? Which is why they don’t know much about it.
John Garrity: Well, now I know two things.
Nathan Garrity: What?
John Garrity: That you, and comets, are made of farts.
Nathan Garrity: No, you are.
John Garrity: No, you are!


Nathan Garrity: Is mom going to make you leave again?
John Garrity: Your mom and I, we got some things to work out. But no matter what, look at me, son. I’m always going to be your father, alright? I’m never going to leave you. I love you, kiddo.


Nathan Garrity: [looking up at the sky] I don’t see Clark.
John Garrity: Well, maybe he’s still sleeping.
Nathan Garrity: Dad!


Nathan Garrity: [referring to the military air crafts] Where are they going?
John Garrity: I don’t know.
Nathan Garrity: Look! There’s Clarke!
John Garrity: Woh. Looks pretty cool, huh?


Ed Pruitt: [to John] You’re just in time. One of the first chunks is about to hit.
Nathan Garrity: Clarke is going to hit?
Ed Pruitt: Only part of it. Don’t worry, it’s going into the ocean.


John Garrity: Listen, I just got one of those Presidential Alerts. Did you get one?
Allison Garrity: No. It’s probably just a test. Can you go to the car and get the stuff?
John Garrity: No, Ali. I don’t think it’s a test. They said our family’s been selected for shelter. I think something weird is going on with this comet.
Allison Garrity: But the news said the fragment thing is falling somewhere near Bermuda. That’s nowhere near us!
John Garrity: Then why is half of our military on the move with a ton of planes in the sky?


[they watch as the fragment hits the ocean]
Ed Pruitt: Wait, where’s the explosion?
Kenny: Well, it’s a chunk of rock. Rocks don’t explode.
Debra: Tell that to the dinosaurs.


Nathan Garrity: [referring to the emergency shelter alert] Dad, your name is on TV.


[as Nathan’s watching them pack in panic]
Allison Garrity: Oh, sweetie. Hey. Hey, look at me. Everything’s fine. We’re just rushing because we really don’t want to miss that plane. Okay?
John Garrity: We’re all going to take this trip, but we’re all going to be together. Alright, kiddo?


John Garrity: Come on. Let’s go.
Nathan Garrity: Look, the sky is on fire.


Ed Pruitt: Two days. They got it all wrong. There’s a s**t-ton of fragments on that thing. They’re saying that one of them is a planet killer. And now they’ve grounded all non-military flights. I mean, what do we do?
John Garrity: I don’t know, Ed.


John Garrity: I don’t even know if this shelter relocation thing is real.
Ed Pruitt: That’s bulls**t! And you know it! Look, I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry. Just please give us a call if you find out anything when you get there. Like where we can go to be safe.
John Garrity: You know I will, Ed.


[after their neighbor begs them to take her daughter with them]
Allison Garrity: Wait! John, we got to go back!
John Garrity: Ali, we can’t take her.
Allison Garrity: But why?
John Garrity: What? So we take her to the air base, and then leave her standing there alone when they turn her away?


[as they’re driving to the shelter]
Allison Garrity: Do you think all these people were selected?
John Garrity: I don’t know.
Allison Garrity: What if there’s not enough room for everybody?
John Garrity: Let’s just get in there first.


John Garrity: Alright, guys, we got to go.
Nathan Garrity: But you hate planes.
John Garrity: Alright, kiddo. I know. But sometimes you just got to suck it up. Push through, right? Even when you’re super scared. Can you do that with me, bud? Yeah? Alright, we got to go.


[after Nathan’s accidentally left his insulin in their car]
John Garrity: What, are we just going to leave his insulin? I have the wristband.
Allison Garrity: John.
John Garrity: Look, I’ll meet you on the plane. Just text me which one you’re on.


Allison Garrity: [to Nathan, referring to John] It’s okay. He’ll be right back. Okay?


Major Breen: I’m sorry, ma’am. You should’ve been informed. Anyone with a chronic condition can’t be on the plane.
Allison Garrity: It’s just diabetes.
Major Breen: His medical condition should’ve been flagged at screening. I’m sorry.
Allison Garrity: Look, if I hadn’t said anything to the guard ouside, he would have no idea that he had a pump.
Major Breen: I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do about that, ma’am.
Allison Garrity: You can pretend that you didn’t see it.


Major Breen: Ma’am, I didn’t write the rule. Sorry.
Allison Garrity: Then ignore it! What if this was your family?
Major Breen: My family wasn’t selected, ma’am. Ninety-nine percent of armed forces weren’t. We are all volunteers here just doing our jobs.
Allison Garrity: I’m sorry. I am. But please, his father, my husband, is on one of those planes right now. What am I supposed to do?


[after John boards one of the planes]
Passenger on C-17: Hey, how did you get on?
John Garrity: What do you mean? I was selected.
Passenger on C-17: Yeah, I know. With those.
John Garrity: No, it’s my son’s. He’s diabetic.
Passenger on C-17: Yeah, so is my sister’s kid, and they turned him away. They said no illnesses. Do you know somebody who can help us?


John Garrity: You got to let me out. I’ve got to get to my kid, please. I beg you.
Robins AFB Airmen: You get off this plane, we are leaving without you.
John Garrity: That’s okay. Just let me off the plane!


Nathan Garrity: [referring to the exploding plane] Is that dad’s plane?
Allison Garrity: No, honey. See, there’s other planes. He’s not on that one, okay? We’ll find him.


[as Allison and Nathan get a ride after the shootout at the pharmacy]
Judy Vento: My God. Could you hear gunfire?
Ralph Vento: Yes.
Judy Vento: I just started running. I turn around, and there was an old woman who’d been in a wheelchair. They just killed her.
Ralph Vento: Oh, Jesus.
Allison Garrity: I watched them do it. I thought they were going to shoot me.


Ralph Vento: It’s like there’s no chain of command, like there’s nobody in charge. Everybody’s running around with their heads cut off.


Judy Vento: We’ll get to Knoxville, we’ll get on a flight.
Ralph Vento: Yeah, if we can get there before they take off. And if they let us through. I mean, that stupid lottery. You know the government knew about all this, and all they did was pick the rich fat cats.


Allison Garrity: My husband, we got separated.
Nathan Garrity: He’s on a plane.
Judy Vento: A plane? Ralph, they’re wearing those bracelets that we saw on the news.
Ralph Vento: Y’all got picked?
Judy Vento: Why aren’t you on that plane with him?
Allison Garrity: My son, he has a medical condition, so they wouldn’t let us on.
Judy Vento: Oh, what a shame. That’s a damn shame.


Colin: So what do you do?
John Garrity: What? What do I do?
Colin: They’re selecting people based on their professions. Like my mom, she was selected because she’s a doctor.
John Garrity: I’m a structural engineer. I build buildings.
Colin: We definitely need those.


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