Starring: Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, Dan Levy, Mary Holland, Victor Garber, Mary Steenburgen


Romantic comedy directed and co-written by Clea DuVall. The story follows Abby (Kristen Stewart), who is planning to propose marriage to her girlfriend, Harper (Mackenzie Davis), at Harper’s family annual Christmas dinner. But then she realizes that they don’t even know Harper is gay as she kept their relationship a secret from her family, making Abby question the girlfriend she thought she knew.


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Abby: [to Harper] I just woke up thinking about going home with you, and got very excited about Christmas. I get to go meet the people that made my favorite person.


John: Abby, you and Harper have a perfect relationship.
Abby: She is my person, and I really want everyone to know that. I want to marry her.


Abby: What are you doing on your phone?
John: I left a gentleman alone in my apartment, so I’m tracking him to make sure he leaves.
Abby: You’re tracking him?
John: Yeah, I track everybody. If the NSA can do it, so can I.


Abby: I’m so excited. I can’t believe I’m finally going to meet everyone.
Harper: There’s something that we should talk about. I didn’t tell my parents I’m gay.
Abby: So who do they think I am?


Tipper: This is Harper’s orphan friend, Abby.
Ted: Yes, of course.
[pats Abby on the shoulder]
Ted: There, there.
Jane: You’re so brave. And you don’t need to be.
[she hugs Abby]


Ted: I cannot believe I got all my daughters under one roof.


John: So her parents believe that their straight daughter brought home her lesbian friend for Christmas?
Abby: Not exactly. They also think that I’m straight.
John: Have they ever met a lesbian?


Abby: This is why I avoid Christmas. It brings out the worst in everything.


Sloane: [to Harper] I’ve always skated circles around you.
Jane: [to Abby as they watch] I love it when they do this.
Harper: [to Sloane] You’re such a cheater!
Jane: [to Abby] Makes it so fun.


Harper: [to Abby] Just be yourself. But don’t lie. You’re a very bad liar.


Harper: [to Riley] This is Abby. Abby is my…
Abby: Orphan roommate. We, I am an orphan. But we live together. As friends. Like acquaintances.
Harper: Oh, please stop.
Abby: Yeah.


Riley: I can relate to being in love with somebody that is too afraid to show the world who they are.


[as she finds Abby in the closet]
Tipper: What are you doing in the closet?


John: [to Abby] I’m here to rescue you.
Tipper: Are you the ex-boyfriend?
John: Yes. I am very sexually attracted to her.
Tipper: Hmm.
John: A female.


John: [referring to Tipper] I nailed that. And she is fabulous.


Harper: I’m scared that if I tell them who I really am I will lose them!
Abby: Do you know how painful it’s been to watch the person that I love hide me?
Harper: I am not hiding you! I am hiding me!


John: [to Abby] Everybody’s story is different. Just because Harper isn’t ready, doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you.


[knocking on the bedroom door as Abby and Harper are in bed together]
Tipper: Abby, honey, are you okay?
[Harper hides behind the door as Abby opens the door]
Tipper: Good morning. I’m sorry about all this mess.
Ted: Morning, kids.
Abby: Morning!
Ted: [to Tipper] Honey, I’m heading to the office.
[to Abby as she tries to keep Harper hidden]
Ted: Have a good day.
Abby: You know I will.


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