Starring: Jodie Foster, Dave Bautista, Sofia Boutella, Jeff Goldblum, Sterling K. Brown, Jenny Slate, Charlie Day, Zachary Quinto



Action thriller directed and written by Drew Pearce, in which the story is set in riot-torn, near-future Los Angeles and follows The Nurse (Jodie Foster), who runs a secret, members-only hospital for criminals.


Best Quotes


Waikiki: Three minutes.


[as they are about to rob a bank]
Honolulu: Open the vault now!


[as they are robbing the bank, referring to the pen in the man’s jacket pocket]
Honolulu: Oh, that’s real nice.
Man: You don’t want it.
Honolulu: No, I really do.


Police: Hit the ground now!
Waikiki: I need to make a call.


[answering a call]
Jean Thomas: Hello? How can I help? Yeah, I got two rooms left.


[the bank robbers arrive at Hotel Artemis with one of them wounded]
Jean Thomas: Easy fellas. Everyone’s going to get fixed up. Now verify your memberships and we’re off to the races.


Man #1: This thing is covered in blood.
Jean Thomas: It’s always covered in blood.


Waikiki: The Artemis is a secret hospital for criminals.


Jean Thomas: This is America. Eighty-five percent of what I fix is bullet holes.


Jean Thomas: I thought you were done with all this.
Waikiki: I got out, but you know how it goes.
Jean Thomas: You’re never out, not up here.
[points to her head]


Honolulu: Oh, man. My cute little suit.
Waikiki: We’ll get you another one, without all the holes in there.


[referring to Hotel Artemis]
Morgan: I thought this place was a myth.


Jean Thomas: We’ve been here for twenty-two years. This hospital was built on two things: trust and rules.


Everest: You see that badge, that means I’m a healthcare professional.


Nice: I’m in position to finish the job, but I need a thirty percent raise for inconvenience and because you’re fucking gross.


Acapulco: Nice.
Nice: It’s pronounced “Neece”.
Acapulco: I was talking about your ass, not your room allocation.


Nice: You’re an arms dealer, right?
Acapulco: Don’t push my buttons. Don’t you do that.


Everest: Hey, you put your dirty boots on the sofa in your own house?
Acapulco: Oh, hey, go fuck yourself!


[to Acapulco; referring to Nice]
Waikiki: I’m a professional, but this woman, she’s the business. If you knew what she could do to you with just that cup of coffee.


[to Acapulco]
Nice: You’re lucky this place has rules.


Waikiki: [to Honolulu] The Artemis isn’t safe for us as it is.


[referring to the pen that Honolulu took from the man at the vault]
Waikiki: It’s a portable vault.
Nice: Worth about eighteen million.
Waikiki: The Wolf King is probably going to want this back.


Jean Thomas: Okay, this is a real problem.


Everest: The Wolf King of LA.
Jean Thomas: Such a dumb name.


Man #2: The Wolf King is in the building.


[referring to The Wolf King]
Jean Thomas: He’s here.
Ilya: Open the gate!
Jean Thomas: That’s against the rules.
The Wolf King: The rules? Without the rule breakers, honey, where would you be?


The Wolf King: [to Jean] People don’t always do what they’re told.


Honolulu: You got like a plan?
Waikiki: You’re my brother, I love you.
Computer: 3D printing complete.
[we see a 3D print of a gun]
Waikiki: I got the next best thing. I got a gun.


Nice: You need to leave here right fucking now.


The Wolf King: I guess my ballroom days are over, baby.


Everest: It’s a warzone up here.


Morgan: Am I going to make it out of here?
Waikiki: We can do it together.


Nice: This is what I do.


Everest: Visiting hours are never…


Jean Thomas: Busy night at The Artemis.


Acapulco: You know, you might want to buy some scented candles or something, because it smells like somebody died in here.
Jean Thomas: They did.


Jean Thomas: Rule number one: don’t kill any other patients!
Acapulco: Why don’t you just skip the fuck along?
Jean Thomas: No water in LA, but it’s raining assholes in here.


Acapulco: [to Nice] I got to fucking kill you now! And I don’t really want to do that because I feel like we got chemistry.


Jean Thomas: Things are going to hell in a handbasket full of blood and shit!


Everest: When I walk away, don’t jump on my back, okay? If you do, I’m going to fuck you up for real this time.


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