Starring: Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams, Emily Ratajkowski, Rory Scovel, Aidy Bryant, Busy Philipps, Sasheer Zamata, Dave Attell, Tom Hopper, Adrian Martinez, Lauren Hutton



Comedy directed and written by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein. The story centers on Renee Barrett, an ordinary woman who struggles with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy on a daily basis. After falling off an exercise bike and banging her head, she wakes up thinking she has transformed into a gorgeous, model-like beauty, and gains all the confidence in the world. However, to everyone else, she looks exactly the same. With this newfound confidence she is empowered to live her life fearlessly and flawlessly.


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Salesgirl: Are you shopping for a gift?
Renee Barrett: I’m kind of browsing for me.
Salesgirl: So sizing is a little limited here in the store, but you could probably find your size online.


Renee Barrett: I have a crazy idea, let’s be honest for a minute. No matter how many times we hear, “It’s what’s on the inside that matters,” women know deep down it’s what’s on the outside that the whole world judges.


Renee Barrett: You okay?
Model: I’m just like dealing with some low self-esteem and like…
Renee Barrett: I want to punch you right in your dumb face right now. Do you have every rib that I have?


[to Jane and Vivian]
Renee Barrett: I’ve been on all of these sites, no one even looks at the profile, they only care about the picture, and I’m sick of it!


Renee Barrett: I’ve always wondered what it feels like to be just undeniably pretty.


[waking up getting knocked after falling off her exercise bike]
Tasha: Are you okay? You hit your head pretty hard.
[as she sees herself in the mirror]
Renee Barrett: Okay, that’s me? That’s me?
[lifting her shirt and rubbing her belly]
Renee Barrett: Oh, my God! Do you see this?
Tasha: [confused] Yes.
Renee Barrett: I’m beautiful!
[Renee’s appearance has no changed at all]


Renee Barrett: Do I look super toned to you?
Tasha: Uh, I don’t know how to answer that.
Renee Barrett: Oh, my God, feel my abs!
Tasha: Uh…
Renee Barrett: Rock hard, right?
Tasha: Feels full.
Renee Barrett: It’s a rock.
Tasha: Uh-huh.


Renee Barrett: I know you don’t recognize me, but, you guys, it’s me, Renee.
[Renee starts to spin slowly]
Jane: What’s happening?
Vivian: Oh, full spin.


Jane: I mean, like, I hear really good things about SoulCycle and, like, you look great.
Renee Barrett: Great? Guys, I’m a Kardashian. One of the Jenner ones.


[waiting in line to be served]
Laundry Clerk: Number one-eighteen.
Ethan: That’s your number.
Renee Barrett: That’s really clever.
Ethan: What’s clever?
[thinking he’s hitting on her]
Renee Barrett: What’s your number? Give me your phone, I’m going to give you my number.
Ethan: Are you still talking to me
Renee Barrett: Don’t chicken out now, son.


Helen: This would be quite a large promotion for you. What are your goals exactly?
Renee Barrett: I get it. And, yes, modelling is an option for me, but it’s not who I am.
[her bosses look at her with confusion]
Avery LeClaire: Wow.


Avery LeClaire: Does that come as a surprise to you? Because if you knew our products, you’d know that our blush never comes with an application blush brush.
Renee Barrett: Of course I know that. Same with the Shimmering Face Powders. I just figured for this particular product that, you know, that there might be one. But never mind, you guys, you know how this works, and I’m just the beautiful face keeping this place running, so.
Avery LeClaire: I think we’d all like to hear what you’d have to say, Renee.
Renee Barrett: Well, with high-end products, we expect our customers to have high-end makeup brushes. But regular girls put their blush on in the rearview, on the way to their crappy jobs. And they’re going to be pissed when they open up an eight dollar fifty cent blush and they have no way they can use it. Then you just wind up using your finger, you know, it never goes on right, and then you hit a bump, or you have an itch, and then you wind up looking like Braveheart, or some more up-to-date reference.
Avery LeClaire: That was very helpful, Renee.
Renee Barrett: Really? Okay, great. If anybody needs anything, you need water, or anything, just give me a signal. The signal will just be something like, “Renee, we could use some more water.” Or something, you know…
[she mouthes getting water]


Ethan: I’m being serious. You’re like so yourself or something. I don’t know, it’s cool.
Renee Barrett: No, keep talking.
Ethan: Uh, I think a lot of people are confused about themselves. They like obsess over whatever negative quality they perceive in themselves and they completely miss the thing that really makes them awesome. You like know who you are and you don’t really care how the world sees you.


Renee Barrett: I thought you might want a sneak peek of what’s to come.
Ethan: I don’t know if you know what sneak peek means. You’re completely naked.


Renee Barrett: Well, you know, collecting travel-sized condiments is, like, a very big part of my life. The tiny little ketchup bottles, or the little Tabascos? They slay me!

Total Quotes: 15


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