Starring: Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, Matt Bomer, Olivia Wilde, Shyloh Oostwald, Johnny Galecki, Colin McGurk, Will Harris, Michael William Freeman, Jesse Lee Soffer, Aaron Perilo, Nick Lashaway, William Peltz, Ray Santiago, Zuleyka Silver, Laura Ashley Samuels, Alex Pettyfer, Brendan Miller



Sci-fi action thriller written and directed by Andrew Niccol. The story is set in a future where time is money and you stop aging at 25, but there’s a catch, you’re genetically engineered to live only one more year, unless you can buy your way out of it. The rich earn decades at a time, becoming essentially immortal, while the rest beg, borrow or steal enough hours to make it through the day. Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) is a poor man who rarely has more than a day’s worth of life on his time clock. When he saves Henry Hamilton (Matt Bomer) from time thieves, Will receives the gift of a century. However, such a large transaction attracts the attention of the authorities, and when Will is falsely accused of murder, he must go on the run, taking the daughter, Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried), of an incredibly wealthy man with him.


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[first lines]
Will Salas: [voice over] I don’t have time. I don’t have time to worry about how it happened. It is what it is. We’re genetically engineered to stop ageing at twenty five. The trouble is, we live only one more year, unless we can get more time. Time is now the currency. We earn it and spend it. The rich can live forever and the rest of us? I just want to wake up with more time on my hand than hours in the day.


[we see Will’s mom who still look like she’s in her twenties]
Will Salas: Hey, mom.
Rachel Salas: You got in late last night.
Will Salas: I put in some overtime.
Rachel Salas: Where did it go?
Will Salas: On you.
[he shows her the bottle of champagne he’s bought her]
Will Salas: Okay, drink in your Greenwich. Happy fiftieth!
[he hugs her and they dance]
Rachel Salas: Fifty? That’s right.
Will Salas: Twenty five for the twenty fifth time.
Rachel Salas: Oh, I was sure I’d have a grandchild by now.
Will Salas: Oh, here we go!
Rachel Salas: Bella’s daughter is always asking about you.
Will Salas: Who has time for a girlfriend? Besides what’s the hurry?


[referring to the time she has left on her arm]
Will Salas: What do you got?
Rachel Salas: Three days and not even. We’ll half that in rent. Eight for the electric and we’re still late on that loan.
Will Salas: I could make extra on the side, you know? I could…
Rachel Salas: Fighting? Nobody wins.
Will Salas: Yeah.


Rachel Salas: Will, I just wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you.
Will Salas: I’m late.
Rachel Salas: Let me give you thirty minutes, you can have a decent lunch.
[the hold each other’s arms as she credits him with 30 minutes in time]
Will Salas: I love you. Happy Birthday, mom. When you get back we’re going to celebrate.


[standing in line to buy coffee]
Will Salas: Four minutes for a cup of coffee?
Borel: Yesterday it was three!
Coffee Guy Server: You want coffee or you want to reminisce?
Will Salas: Two coffee’s, please.
[he puts his hand under a metal device to deposit his time for payment for the coffees]


[as Will is leaving work he puts his hand under a metal device known as Time Holder, to get paid]
Will Salas: Woh! Woh! Woh! What is this? Where’s the rest?
Timekeeper Korsqq: You haven’t met the quota.
Will Salas: My units are up from last week.
Timekeeper Korsqq: So is the quota.
[to the workers behind Will]
Timekeeper Korsqq: Next.
Will Salas: That’s a joke, right?
[the Timekeeper ignores Will]
Timekeeper Korsqq: Next!


[Will tries to warn the guy at the bar, who has over a millennium in time buying drinks for everyone at the bar]
Will Salas: You need to get out of here. Somebody’s going to clean that clock.
Henry Hamilton: Yes.
Will Salas: I mean, they are going to rob you, going to kill you. You can’t take that much time and let you live to tell about it.
Henry Hamilton: Yes.
Will Salas: I don’t think you understand. You should not be here!
[suddenly a gang known as time stealers burst in the bar and everyone leaves]


[Will watches in hiding as the time stealers leader approaches Henry]
Fortis: My name’s Fortis. And that’s, uh, is a very nice watch. Do you mind if I try it on? I think it would suit me.
[Henry just looks at him]
Fortis: I tell you what, I’ll fight you for it. Come on. I’m an old man, turned seventy five last week.
Henry Hamilton: I need a moment.
[he turns and runs into the bathroom to throw up]


[after he’s helped Henry escape from Fortis and his men]
Will Salas: What the hell are you doing here, flashing all that? Are you out of your mind?
Henry Hamilton: Henry Hamilton.
Will Salas: Will Salas.
[Henry offers Will his drink flask which Will takes a swig from]
Will Salas: Oh! God!
Henry Hamilton: Drink more, it gets better.
[Will drinks more from the flask]
Will Salas: Ooh! Not much better.


Will Salas: You’ll be safe till morning. I’ll get you out of here. You’re from New Greenwich.
Henry Hamilton: Does it show?
Will Salas: [sarcastically] Nah.
[Will looks at the time remaining on his arm]
Henry Hamilton: Looks like you could use some help yourself.
Will Salas: No, thanks.
Henry Hamilton: How old are you, in real time?
Will Salas: Twenty eight.
Henry Hamilton: I’m a hundred and five.
Will Salas: Good for you. You won’t see a hundred and six if you have too many more nights like tonight.
Henry Hamilton: You were right. But the day comes when you’ve had enough. Your mind can be spent, even if your body’s not. We want to die, we need to.
Will Salas: That’s your problem? You’ve been alive too long! You ever known anyone who’s died?
Henry Hamilton: For a few to be immortal, many must die.
Will Salas: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Henry Hamilton: You really don’t know, do you? Everyone can’t live forever. Where would we put them? Why do you think there are time zones? Why do you think taxes and prices go up the same day in the ghetto? The cost of living keeps rising to make sure people keep dying. How else could there be men with a million years when most die. But the truth is, there’s more than enough. No one has to die before their time.


Henry Hamilton: If you had as much time as I have, on that clock, what would you do with it?
[Will looks at the clock on his arm showing how much time he has left]
Will Salas: I’d stop watching it. I can tell you one thing. If I had all that time, I’d sure as hell would waste it.


Will Salas: Get some rest.
[Henry looks at the time remaining on his arm]
Will Salas: Don’t worry, I won’t take it in the night.
Henry Hamilton: And I won’t take yours.
[they both smile at the joke]


[after Henry has transferred all his time to Will and killed himself, Will goes to see Borel]
Will Salas: Look at this.
[he shows his arm to Borel]
Borel: Where did you get that?
Will Salas: The guy at the bar. They were going to kill him. He gave it to me. He timed himself out before I stop him.
Borel: No one gives anybody a hundred years!
Will Salas: He didn’t just give me this, he gave me the truth about it.
Borel: You can’t let anyone see that. Hey, you know that time will get you killed.
Will Salas: How long have we been friends?
Borel: Ten years.
Will Salas: Here.
[he takes Borel’s arm and gives him 10 years]
Borel: Thank you.
Will Salas: You’ve been like a brother.
Borel: Where are you going?
Will Salas: Where this won’t look out of place. I finally got the time to take my mom to New Greenwich.


[Rachel goes to take the bus to head home]
Rachel Salas: Dayton.
[Rachel puts her arm under a Time Holder to pay]
Bus Driver: Two hours.
[Rachel quickly pulls her arm away before payment is taken]
Rachel Salas: It’s always been an hour.
Bus Driver: Well now it’s two. Price went up.
Rachel Salas: Since when?
Bus Driver: Since today.
Rachel Salas: My son is meeting me, he’ll pay the difference.
Bus Driver: Can’t do that, policy.
Rachel Salas: Please. It’s a two hour walk, I have an hour and half.
Bus Driver: Then you better run.
[she runs, then we see Will waiting for her at the bus stop but when he doesn’t see her he starts running towards his mother, but her time runs out and she dies in his arms]


[when the Timekeepers discover Hamilton’s body]
Timekeeper Jaeger: The last time anyone saw him alive there was over a century on that clock.
Raymond Leon: Well, around here they’ll kill you for a week.
Timekeeper Korsqq: What was he doing in this time zone?
Timekeeper Jaeger: What I was thinking was that he might have brought this on himself.
Raymond Leon: Interesting. How long have you been keeping time, Jaeger?
Timekeeper Jaeger: Five years.
Raymond Leon: Let me know what you think when you’ve been doing it for fifty. It doesn’t matter why he came her, what matters are the hundred years that came with him.
Timekeeper Jaeger: got to be a witness.
Raymond Leon: Trust me, no one saw anything.
Timekeeper Korsqq: What would you like us to do, sir?
Raymond Leon: What we always do, follow the time.


[as he’s driving Will into Greenwich]
Ross: What are you really doing here?
Will Salas: I’m going to take them for everything they’ve got. I’m going to make them pay.


[referring to Hamilton’s time]
Timekeeper Korsqq: He could have capsuled the time.
Raymond Leon: You can’t hide a hundred years in the ghetto. I can sense when a man is a month more than he should. That’s why he left town.


[as Will pays for his food at the expensive hotel he’s staying at]
Kara: You’re not from around here, are you?
[Will doesn’t reply]
Kara: You do everything a little too fast.
Will Salas: Not everything.


Timekeeper Korsqq: Sir, you were right. We turned back the clocks the day of Hamilton’s death and the time checks. Someone spent years, crossing four different time zones from Dayton…
Raymond Leon: …to New Greenwich. Camera’s picked up his suspicious behavior. He’s conscious of the surveillance, he doesn’t have a body guard and he runs.
Timekeeper Jaeger: But if he has time he doesn’t need to run.
Raymond Leon: It’s a hard habit to break.


[at the poker table in a casino]
Philippe Weis: I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of your company before, Mr…?
Will Salas: Salas. Will Salas.
Philippe Weis: Philippe Weis. You must come from time.
Will Salas: You could say I’m gambling my inheritance.
Philippe Weis: You don’t have a guard, Mr. Salas?
Will Salas: I assume I was amongst friends.
Philippe Weis: Bet you fifty years.
[he places his hand under a Time Holder and deposits the time]
Philippe Weis: You must be young. When you’ve been twenty five for eighty five years like I have, knowing only a random act of violence could take your life, you learn to appreciate what you have.
Will Salas: And you seem to have a lot to appreciate.


Philippe Weis: Of course, some think what we have is unfair. The time difference between zones.
Will Salas: I’ve heard that.
Philippe Weis: But isn’t this just the next logical step in our evolution? And has evolution always been unfair? It’s always been survival of the fittest. Raise you another two centuries.
[he deposits the time under a Time Holder]
Philippe Weis: This is merely Darwinian capitalism. Natural selection.
Will Salas: Absolutely. The strong survive and I think your hand is weak. I call.
[Will deposits his time under the Time Holder and his clock shows only 30 seconds remaining]
Philippe Weis: It’s you’re limit, Mr. Salas.
[they both reveal their cards and Will wins the hand and credits 2 centuries onto this time]
Philippe Weis: Thirteen figures. Well played. That was some risk.
Will Salas: It wasn’t a risk. No offense. I knew I was going to win.


[as Will checks out Weis’s companion]
Philippe Weis: Confusing times. Is she my mother, my sister, my daughter. You hope that she’s not my wife. Things used to be simpler once, so I’m told.
Will Salas: Very beautiful.
Philippe Weis: Daughter. She does look a lot like my wife.
[Weis walks over to his daughter]
Philippe Weis: Sylvia, Will Salas.
Sylvia Weis: Congratulations, Mr. Salas. You’ve taken years off my father’s life.
Philippe Weis: Which is normally what you do. Isn’t that right, my darling?
Sylvia Weis: We’re having a party tomorrow night, perhaps you’ll give him a chance to win back some of those years.
Will Salas: I’d love to.


[at Weis’s house]
Philippe Weis: Will Salas, allow me to introduce my mother in law, Clara. My wife, Michelle, and my daughter, Sylvia. I believe you two have already met.
[they all look about twenty five years old]
Will Salas: Nice to meet you all.
Philippe Weis: I’ll come find you later for our game.
Will Salas: I look forward to it.


[referring to the guard Sylvia dismissed]
Will Salas: Do you always have a hired hand standing next to you?
Sylvia Weis: No, I usually have two.
Will Salas: It doesn’t make it very easy to get to know you.
Sylvia Weis: I think that’s the idea.
Will Salas: You’re idea?
Sylvia Weis: My father’s.
Will Salas: I understand. You all have a lot to lose.
Sylvia Weis: So do you.


Sylvia Weis: What do you do, Will?
Will Salas: I haven’t quite figured that out yet.
Sylvia Weis: Yes, why bother? What’s the hurry?
Will Salas: Right. Why do today what you can do in a century?
Sylvia Weis: I know one thing we can do. Dance with me.


[as they dance]
Sylvia Weis: Do you really come from time?
Will Salas: Why would you doubt that?
Sylvia Weis: I saw you run. Reminds me of people that come from the ghetto. Sometimes I envy them.
Will Salas: You don’t know anything.
Sylvia Weis: Oh, no? The clock is good for no one. The poor die and the rich don’t live. We can all live forever so long as we don’t do anything foolish. Doesn’t that scare you? That maybe you’ll never do anything foolish or courageous or anything worth a damn?


[referring to the sea]
Will Salas: Look at that. I’ve never seen anything like it.
[Will starts to undress]
Sylvia Weis: What are you doing? We don’t go in! You’re insane.
Will Salas: You have this in your back yard, you never go in and I’m insane?
[he walks towards the sea and turns to Sylvia]
Will Salas: Well? What are you waiting for?
[he runs into the water]
Will Salas: Sylvia, come on! What happened to doing something foolish?


[as they swim in the sea, Will tries to kiss Sylvia]
Sylvia Weis: I don’t know you.
Will Salas: We could change that. I get it. Out here, all alone with a stranger. You can’t be too careful.
Sylvia Weis: Maybe you can.
[just as they are about to kiss Sylvia’s guard calls out to her]


[after Leon and his Timekeepers gatecrash Weis’s party to catch Will]
Raymond Leon: I’m Timekeeper Raymond Leon.
Will Salas: I’m Will Salas.
Raymond Leon: I know. What are you doing in this zone?
Will Salas: It’s not illegal, is it? To change time zones?
Raymond Leon: No, it’s not illegal. It’s just rare.


[referring to Will’s time]
Raymond Leon: Where did you get that?
Will Salas: I won it, gambling.
Raymond Leon: All of it?
Will Salas: No. A man named Henry Hamilton gave me over a century. He said he didn’t need it anymore. He timed himself out.
Raymond Leon: Henry Hamilton was worth thousands of years. He could practically live forever. You expect me to believe that he was immortal and he wanted to die?
Will Salas: I don’t expect you to believe it. But it’s the truth. It was a gift, I’m not a thief. But hey, if you guys are looking for some stolen time, maybe you should arrest everyone here.
Raymond Leon: Oh, I see. You’re talking about justice. I am a Timekeeper, I don’t concern myself with justice. I only concern myself with what I can measure. Seconds, minutes, hours. I keep time and that time is in the wrong hands.
[Jaeger and Korsqq take hold of Will and take his time]
Timekeeper Jaeger: That time will be held along with you. We’ll leave you two hours for booking and processing.


[as Leon is about to leave]
Will Salas: Why are you investigating his suicide? There’s mass murder in the ghetto everyday.
Raymond Leon: That is fascinating. I heard another man talk like that. It was over twenty years ago. You’re probably too young to remember your father.
[Will looks at him, shocked at the mention of his father]
Raymond Leon: We’ll arrange safe transport, this is New Greenwich after all.


[as Sylvia discovers why the Timekeepers were after Will]
Philippe Weis: Sylvia, do as I say and go with the guards.
Sylvia Weis: Oh, for God’s sake, father! There’s an army in this hours. If we can’t stop one man from killing us we should kill ourselves.
[Will then breaks free from the Timekeepers and takes Sylvia as a hostage and flees]


[as Will is driving backwards on the highway to get away from Leon]
Sylvia Weis: What are you doing? Do you even know how to drive?!
Will Salas: What’s there to know?


[as Will sees that he hasn’t got much time remaining]
Will Salas: Give me some time.
Sylvia Weis: I guess you really are from the ghetto after all.
Will Salas: What the hell do you know where I’m from? Give me some time.
Sylvia Weis: What, are you going to kill me like you killed Henry Hamilton?
Will Salas: Lend me an hour!
Sylvia Weis: I’m not giving you a second. I should have listened to my father. Please take me home. Please!
Will Salas: I can’t do that.
Sylvia Weis: Why?
Will Salas: You’re keeping me alive.
[referring to the clock on her arm]
Will Salas: Keep that covered. Anybody sees it, you’re definitely dead.


[after their car is flipped over by a gang who steal Sylvia’ time]
Will Salas: Are you okay?
Sylvia Weis: No.
[Will starts to laugh]
Sylvia Weis: Why are you laughing?
Will Salas: We’re not dead.
Sylvia Weis: Yeah, we’re not alive for long either! Where did my time go? I have a half hour.
Will Salas: You’re lucky. Minute men.
Sylvia Weis: Does everyone in the ghetto steal?
Will Salas: That’s rich, coming from you!
Sylvia Weis: Please help me, Will!
Will Salas: Let me guess. Now you like the idea of sharing.
[Will takes her hand and gives her some of his own time]
Will Salas: Hey, don’t worry. It’s not the first time I’ve been this broke.
Sylvia Weis: Well, it’s the first for me!


Sylvia Weis: What are we going to do?
Will Salas: Whatever we have to.
[they start running]


[after they find Will’s smashed up car]
Timekeeper Jaeger: They got jacked. Couldn’t have left here with more than minutes.
Timekeeper Korsqq: He’s back in his old neighborhood.
Timekeeper Jaeger: So where do you want us to start looking?
Raymond Leon: We don’t, he’ll come to us.


[Will takes Sylvia to Borel’s house to get help]
Will Salas: Greta, where’s Borel?
Greta: He’s dead.
Will Salas: Dead? What?
Greta: You gave him a decade! Drank himself to death with nine years off his clock.
Will Salas: Jesus Christ! Greta, I’m so sorry.
Greta: Goodbye, Will.
[she shuts the door on him]


[she looks at her clock and sees she’s only got two minutes left]
Sylvia Weis: Will, we have minutes!
Will Salas: Try not to act like it.
Sylvia Weis: What is that supposed to mean?
Will Salas: Shh. Shut up!
Sylvia Weis: We’re going to die, Will! Do you want to die?
Will Salas: Shut up!
[he looks at her earrings]
Will Salas: I hope those are real. Run!
[they run to the pawn shop]


[as they walk through the ghetto]
Sylvia Weis: I guess I got my wish. I did do something foolish.
Will Salas: Your name’s on a lot of buildings.
Sylvia Weis: It’s my father’s name.
Will Salas: How much is he worth anyway?
Sylvia Weis: Eons.
Will Salas: I’m thinking we better get you back.
Sylvia Weis: You have no shame, do you?


[talking on the phone]
Raymond Leon: Hello, Will. How much do you want?
Will Salas: A thousand years.
Raymond Leon: You’ll never live to spend it.
Will Salas: Then distribute it to the Timelines in Dayton. Do it by sunrise tomorrow and she can go home.
Raymond Leon: Well, I’m afraid for you, Will. You keep talking like him, you’re going to die like him.
Will Salas: Hey, my father died in fight trying to take a man’s time.
Raymond Leon: Oh, no. His crime wasn’t taking time. He was doing something far more dangerous. Please don’t make your father’s mistake.


[referring to Will asking for 1000 hours]
Sylvia Weis: This is insane. They could take your time just like that.
Will Salas: You couldn’t take theirs?
Sylvia Weis: This is insane.
Will Salas: Yeah, it’s insane.


Sylvia Weis: Where’s your family?
Will Salas: My mother timed out.
Sylvia Weis: This is her dress?
Will Salas: Yeah.
Sylvia Weis: What about your father?
Will Salas: Died when I was a boy. He was a fighter, strong arm. He wasn’t the strongest, but he knew how to win.
Sylvia Weis: How do you win?
Will Salas: I’ll show you.
[he takes her arm]
Will Salas: What you do is you let them have the upper hand, and then he let his time go all the way down because he knew that when you were down to your last seconds, and they think it’s over, they start watching your clock and forget to watch their own.
Sylvia Weis: He died in a fight?
Will Salas: I think he was killed for giving away what he won. He wasn’t just giving them time, he was giving them hope.


Sylvia Weis: How long have you been this old?
Will Salas: Twenty five for three.
Sylvia Weis: Twenty five for two. What was it like when your clock started?
Will Salas: I was in the street, it almost knocked me over. My year was gone in a week, we were so in debt. After that, I lived day to day.
Sylvia Weis: Mine was a little different. It woke me. I looked in the mirror, I guess everybody does. That’s what you’re going to look like for the rest of your life. My dad gave me a decade to celebrate. You must hate me, where I come from.
Will Salas: It’s nobody’s fault what they’re born with.


[next morning they watch the Timelenders to see if her father delivers]
Will Salas: They open in a minute. Let’s see how generous your father is now.
[they see the ‘no time’ sign gets lit]
Will Salas: The Timekeepers would have never let him do it.
Sylvia Weis: You don’t have to say that. How do you think my father built all those buildings? By giving away a thousand years? Now what?
Will Salas: You can go home. That’s your people in the streets. I can move without being spotted. What have you got?
Sylvia Weis: Eleven hours. How does anyone live like this?
Will Salas: You don’t generally sleep in.


[as Will is about to let her go]
Sylvia Weis: You know, you could fight this. I can say that running to the ghetto was my idea. My father would believe that, he thinks I’m reckless. He has a lot of influence, Will. He can get you a lawyer. He could make a deal with those Timekeepers.
Will Salas: I’m pretty sure that Timekeeper doesn’t make deals.
Sylvia Weis: What are you going to do? Steal?
Will Salas: Is it stealing if it’s already stolen?
[he gives her a gun]
Will Salas: Here. Just in case. I’ll be right here.
[she turns to leave but turns back and kisses him]


[after she’s kissed Will goodbye Sylvia calls her dad]
Sylvia Weis: You couldn’t spare a second, father? I wish I could say I’m surprised.
[Will is sat on the curb with a gun watching her, when Leon comes up behind him pointing a gun at Will]
Sylvia Weis: Did you hear what I just said?
Philippe Weis: You know I would do anything for you. They’re coming to get you, they know where you are.
[she turns around and see Leon coming up behind Will]
Sylvia Weis: Will, look out!
[she shoots her gun hitting Leon]


[as they are getting away, referring to her shooting Leon to save Will]
Sylvia Weis: I didn’t just shoot him, I wanted to scare him.
Will Salas: I think you did both.
Sylvia Weis: You could say thank you.
Will Salas: Thank you. What have you got?
Sylvia Weis: Nine hours. Why did you give him time? You should have taken it.
Will Salas: Timekeepers live day to day. It’ll be hours before the others show up. He could die in the ghetto, he still might.


Will Salas: They’re going to think you’re with me.
Sylvia Weis: Yes. This is a mess.
Will Salas: Welcome to my world.


Sylvia Weis: What are we going to do? We can’t keep driving around in this car, it’s a cop car.
Will Salas: So let’s make an arrest.


[they hold up a car and get the rich woman in the car to get out]
Will Salas: I’d like to say your money or your life, but your money is your life.
Carrera: How dare you steal from me!
[he takes her hand and starts taking her time]
Will Salas: Don’t think of it as stealing.
Carrera: No?
Will Salas: Think of it as repossession. I’m going to leave you with what I’ve had almost every day of my life. One day.
Carrera: One day? Are you insane?
Will Salas: You could do a lot in a day.
[he looks at her earrings]
Will Salas: Those are pretty.
[she takes off her earrings and gives it to him, he gives them to Sylvia]
Will Salas: I owe you these.
Sylvia Weis: You shouldn’t have.
[he points his gun at the woman’s driver]
Will Salas: You, out!
[they steal the car and drive away]


[watching the news on TV showing them as fugitives on the run]
Sylvia Weis: We look cute together.
Will Salas: It doesn’t say you’re wanted.
Sylvia Weis: It doesn’t say I’m not. You’ve forgotten I shot a cop. I admit, not very well.
[Will laughs]
Will Salas: It was your first time. Hey, I could say I made you do all of it, you can go back.
Sylvia Weis: Go back to what? Do I really want to spend my whole life trying not to die by mistake?
Will Salas: A lot of people would say being here is a mistake. I don’t have a choice.
Sylvia Weis: I’m starting to think that I don’t either.
[they look at each other and kiss]


Philippe Weis: When can we hope for a rescue?
Raymond Leon: I believe that’s the point, she doesn’t appear to want to be rescued.
Philippe Weis: Mr. Leon, Raymond. May I call you Raymond?
[Leon doesn’t reply]
Philippe Weis: I blame myself. I invited the man to my home. He had so much time, how was I supposed to know? Of course, Sylvia brought this on herself by her lack of vigilance. That’s why I always try to keep her close. But she is clearly under Will Salas’s control. If it’s a matter of resources, I’m happy to make a contribution. It’s a scandal what we pay our Timekeepers.
Raymond Leon: I’ve issued a warrant for your daughter’s arrest. If she contact you and you assist her in any way, I will issue a warrant for your arrest.
Philippe Weis: There’s nothing I cannot buy. Now, how many of my years do you want?
Raymond Leon: There aren’t enough years, even in your lifetime, Mr. Weis. Goodnight.


Sylvia Weis: Will, if you get a of time, are you really going to give it away?
Will Salas: I’ve only ever had a day. How much do you need? How can you live with yourself watching people die right next to you?
Sylvia Weis: You don’t watch. You close your eyes. I can help you get all the time you want.


[after they break into Weis’s Time Bank and steal the Time Holders, they turn to the people standing around]
Sylvia Weis: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m happy to announce that Weis Timelenders is now offering interest free loans with no payments.
Will Salas: Ever.
Sylvia Weis: So help yourselves and take a day.
Will Salas: Take a month! Hell, take a year! Come on! Help yourselves! Take it!
Sylvia Weis: Take your time, it’s free!


[to Jaeger and Korsqq referring to Will stealing time and distributing it in the ghetto]
Raymond Leon: Doesn’t he understand, he’s hurting the very people he’s trying to help?


[looking at a giant photo of himself and Sylvia with a reward sign showing 10 years]
Will Salas: Ten years.
Sylvia Weis: That’s insulting.
[Will laughs]
Sylvia Weis: If they catch us, there’s no way that they won’t kill us, is there?
Will Salas: You regret this?
Sylvia Weis: You saved my life.
Will Salas: When?
Sylvia Weis: Now and every day since I met you.
Will Salas: You forget I almost got you killed a few times too.
Sylvia Weis: Well, I’m willing to overlook that.


[after Fortis and his men find Will and break into his hotel room]
Fortis: It’s the poor little rich girl. I never got a chance to, uh, properly thank you for your time. I’m not surprised you’re staying. It’s the life, isn’t it? Here we don’t stop living until we’re actually dead.
Sylvia Weis: There are a lot more ways to die around here.
Fortis: But I here they see God before dying.


[referring to Will]
Fortis: Of course it’s your friend I’m most happy to run into again. You’ve been causing a lot of trouble, which is normally my job. Don’t you understand, the reason Timekeepers leave me alone is cause I have boundaries. I steal from my own people. You’re sure things are bad when I have to restore order. Fortunately for you, I don’t like to kill men in cold blood. I’d do it, but, uh, I prefer not to.
[he takes his jacket off, rolls up his sleeve and sits opposite Will]
Fortis: I think you deserve a fighting chance.
[he holds his hand out for Will to take]
Fortis: We play to zero.
Will Salas: What’s the point? I lose I die. I win, they kill me.
Fortis: If you don’t fight, I’ll kill you now.
[referring to Sylvia]
Will Salas: And her?
Fortis: After I take you, I’ll take her
[he puts his hand on Sylvia’ thigh but she slaps it away]
Fortis: Oh, yeah. And I’ll take her time. And then I’ll collect my reward for making everything right in the world.
[Will looks at Sylvia who shakes her head but takes Fortis’s hand, eventually he gains the upper hand, reaches into his boots pulls out a gun shoots Fortis’s men and drains Fortis of all his time]


[standing outside the hotel Will and Sylvia were staying at]
Raymond Leon: All the time he’s taken.
Timekeeper Jaeger: Don’t you mean the time he’s given away, sir? Even to you?
Raymond Leon: I have given fifty years of my life to this job, I am not about to see those years go to waste. Go on.
[Jaeger leaves and Leon walks over to the crowd standing by watching them]
Raymond Leon: I’m sorry to be the one to breaks this to you, by tomorrow you won’t have time to stand around.


[Will and Sylvia flee to the top of a building and watch as the cost of living gets increased]
Will Salas: It’s over. We lost. We’re not doing it again.
Sylvia Weis: At least we’re trying.
Will Salas: No, you don’t understand. All they have to do is keep raising the cost of living. A hundred years, two, a thousand. It does nothing.
Sylvia Weis: So what? We just stop fighting?
Will Salas: We can’t win. We can’t hurt them. The time we’re taking makes no damn difference!
Sylvia Weis: What would? What would hurt them?
Will Salas: A million years. You got a million years on you?
Sylvia Weis: I guess it really would take a million years Let’s give up.


[Sylvia walks in to her father building, suddenly she gets surrounded by guards with guns pointed at her]
Sylvia Weis: I’m Sylvia Weis. I want to surrender, but only to my father.
[her father steps forward from between the guards]
Philippe Weis: Sylvia.
[Sylvia puts her gun down on the ground]
Sylvia Weis: Hello, daddy.
[she goes to take a step forward]
Guard #1: Stay where you are!
Sylvia Weis: You’ve hired more guards since I last saw you.
Will Salas: Thanks to you, I need them.
Sylvia Weis: One too many.
[suddenly Will appears behind Weis and points his gun at his head]
Will Salas: Guns down! Now!
[to his guards]
Philippe Weis: Do it.
[the guards put their guns down]
Will Salas: Let’s go for a ride.


Philippe Weis: You’d steal from your own father?
Sylvia Weis: Is it stealing if it’s already stolen?


[referring to Weis’s safe]
Will Salas: What’s the combination?
Sylvia Weis: Well it’s not my Birthday. You started to regret that day I imagine, father. Try twelve, two, eighteen-o-nine. Darwin’s Birthday.
Will Salas: Survival of the fittest. You know it cost us centuries just to bribe our way to be in here. Let’s see what it’s gotten us.
[he opens the safe, walks in and gets the Timeholder which has a million years on it]
Will Salas: Quality time. There really is a man with a million years.
Philippe Weis: That’s my first million. It won’t be my last.
Will Salas: Do you know how much good it could do?
Philippe Weis: I know how much harm it could do. Try to understand, even if you gave a year to a million people, you’re just prolonging their agony.
Sylvia Weis: We’re prolonging their lives!
Philippe Weis: Giving the wrong zone with a million years, it could cripple the system.
Will Salas: Let’s hope so.


Sylvia Weis: We’re not meant to live like this. We’re not meant to live forever. Although I do wonder, father, if you’ve ever lived a day in your life.
Philippe Weis: Is that so? You might upset the balance for a generation, two, but don’t fool yourself. In the end nothing will change, because everyone wants to live forever. They all think they have a chance at immortality, even though all the evidence is against it. They all think they will be the exception. But the truth is, for a few to be immortal many must die.
[suddenly Will walks towards Weis and points his gun at his head but stops himself]
Will Salas: No one should be immortal, if even one person has to die.
[they leave Weis in his office shutting the door and locking him in]


[as they are driving away from Weis building]
Sylvia Weis: If this works…
Will Salas: If this works, we got to get more. Dayton’s not the only zone that could use a few extra years.


[after Leon has tracked them into the ghetto and Will has given the Timeholder with a million years on it to a little girl who’s run away with it]
Will Salas: Lost a lot of time, Mr. Leon.
Raymond Leon: Looks like you’re about out yourself.
[suddenly the crowd surges towards Leon giving Will and Sylvia a chance to run away]


[catching Will and Sylvia again as they are running away]
Raymond Leon: You can run!
Will Salas: So can you.
[referring to the ghetto]
Will Salas: You’re from here, aren’t you?
Raymond Leon: Long time ago.
Will Salas: Yeah.
Raymond Leon: I worked out how to escape.
Will Salas: And now you make sure no one else does.
Raymond Leon: It’s the way it has to be. I didn’t start the clock. I can’t turn it back. I keep it running. I keep time.
Will Salas: You keep time. I’m going to need some of that time you borrowed from me. Unless you want us to die on the way to our execution.
Raymond Leon: I’m…
[suddenly Leon looks down at his clock as sees he’s only got 5 seconds left which runs out and he dies]


[as they both realize they don’t have enough time]
Will Salas: We don’t have enough. Once of us can make it. Take mine!
Sylvia Weis: You take mine. You can get there, I can’t! I can’t get there, you can.
Will Salas: No.
Sylvia Weis: Yes!
Will Salas: No!
Sylvia Weis: Please.
Will Salas: No.
[he kisses her]


[as they’re down to their last minute, Will notices Leon’s car parked a few yards ahead]
Will Salas: There’s time.
Sylvia Weis: What?
Will Salas: The Keeper’s time. Run! Run!
[they run towards Leon’s car]


[after Will has gotten the time from Leon’s car, he runs towards Sylvia and gives her some of the time]
Sylvia Weis: What have we got?
Will Salas: A day. You could do a lot in day.
[they hug and kiss]


[last lines; Will and Sylvia prepare to rob another much larger bank]
Sylvia Weis: Told you they were bigger banks.
Will Salas: You almost missed your calling.
[he cocks his gun and together they turn to take on the bank]

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