Starring: Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Richard Kind, Bill Hader, Lewis Black, Mindy Kaling,
Kaitlyn Dias, Diane Lane,  Kyle MacLachlan, Paula Poundstone, Bobby Moynihan, Paula Pell, Dave Goelz, Frank Oz, Josh Cooley, John Ratzenberger, Carlos Alazraqui, Peter Sagal, Rashida Jones



Pixar’s animated comedy drama directed by Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen. The story follows a happy eleven-year-old Riley (Kaitlyn Dias), but her world turns upside-down when she and her parents move to San Francisco. Riley’s emotions, led by Joy (Amy Poehler), try to guide her through this difficult, life-changing event. However, the stress of the move brings Sadness (Phyllis Smith) to the forefront. When Joy and Sadness are inadvertently swept into the far reaches of Riley’s mind, the only emotions left in Headquarters are Anger (Lewis Black), Fear (Bill Hader) and Disgust (Mindy Kaling).


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[first lines]
Joy: [voice over] Do you ever look at someone and wonder, what is going on inside their head? Well, I know. Well, I know Riley’s head.
[we see Riley as a new born baby, we then see inside her mind where Joy is formed]
Joy: [voice over] And there she was.
[Joy watches Riley’s parents through Riley’s eyes]
Mom: Hello. Riley.
Dad: Woh, look at you. Aren’t you a little bundle of joy.
[Joy sees an orb being form with the memory of her looking up at her parents]


Joy: [voice over] It was amazing. Just Riley and me forever.
[baby Riley begins to cry]
Joy: [voice over] Or for thirty-three seconds.
[in Riley’s mind we see Sadness standing next to Joy touching the control console]
Sadness: I’m Sadness.
[she extends her hand to Joy and they shake hands]
Joy: Oh, hello. I’m Joy, so. Can I just, if you could, I just want to fix that.
[Joy tries to push Sadness out of the way of the control console]
Joy: Thanks.


Joy: [voice over] And that was just the beginning. Headquarters only got more crowded from there.
[we see Riley a few years older running around her house playing, while in her mind there is Fear, Joy and Sadness]
Fear: Very nice. Okay, looks like you got this. Very good. Woh, sharp obj…! Woh, look out, no!
[he pushes joy out of the control console to take over]
Joy: [voice over] That’s Fear. He’s really good at keeping Riley safe.
[we see Riley hesitate as she reaches a lamps electric cord lying on the ground]
Fear: Easy. Easy. Hop it!
[Riley carefully places her feet over the cord to avoid tripping on it]
Fear: Oh, we’re good. We’re good.
Joy: Wooh. Good job.
Fear: Thank you. Thank you very much.
Joy: And we’re back!
[Joy takes over the control console and Riley continues to play and run around the living room]


[Riley is sat in her high chair being fed broccoli by her parents]
Dad: Here we go, alright. Open.
[inside her mind Riley’s emotions are watching through her eyes]
Joy: Hm, this looks new.
Fear: Think it’s safe?
Sadness: What is it?
Disgust: Okay, caution. There is a dangerous smell, people. Hold on. What is that?
Joy: [voice over] This is Disgust. She basically keeps Riley from being poison, physically and socially.


[as they watch Riley’s dad trying to feed her broccoli]
Disgust: That is not brightly colored. Or shaped like a dinosaur. Hold on guys. It’s broccoli! Blah!
[she quickly presses the control button on the console and Riley flips the plate of broccoli aside in disgust]
Riley: Yucky!
Disgust: Well. I just saved our lives. Yeah, you’re welcome.


Dad: Riley, if you don’t eat your dinner, you’re not going to get any dessert.
Anger: Wait. Did he just say we couldn’t have dessert?
Joy: [voice over] That’s Anger. He cares very deeply about things being fair.
[Anger stomps over to the control console in Riley’s mind]
Anger: So, that’s how you want to play it, old man! No dessert? Oh, sure! We’ll eat our dinner! Right after you eat this!
[he flips the control as his head blows out fire and Riley start to scream and cry in anger]
Riley, Riley. Here comes an airplane.
Anger: Oh, airplane.
Anger stops being angry and steps aside
Anger: We got an airplane, everybody.
Joy, Fear, Disgust: Ooh.
[Riley’s dad manages to use the airplane trick to feed Riley the broccoli and new memory orb is formed]


[Sadness stands next to Joy as they watch Riley being fed by her dad]
Joy: [voice over] And you’ve met Sadness. She, well, she…
[we see Riley crying on a variety of days showing Sadness taking over her emotions]
Joy: [voice over] I’m not actually sure what she does. And I’ve checked, there’s no place for her to go. So, she’s good. We’re good. It’s all great.


[going over to the memory orbs]
Joy: [voice over] These are Riley’s memories. And they are mostly happy if you’ll notice, not to brag. But the really important ones are over here.
[she goes over to a hub in the middle of the headquarters]
Joy: [voice over] I don’t want to get too technical but these are called core memories. Each one came from a super important time in Riley’s life. Like when she first scored a goal. It was so amazing.
[we see Riley playing ice hockey with her parents and celebrating after she scores a goal]


Joy: [voice over] And each core memory powers a different aspect of Riley’s personality.
[we see the core memories powering five islands]
Joy: [voice over] Like, Hockey Island. Goofball Island is my personal favorite.
[we see memory of Riley as she runs away from her dad as he tries to put clothes on her and she goofballs around to get away from him]
Joy: [voice over] Yup. Goofball is the best. Friendship Island is pretty good too. Ooh, I love Honesty Island. And that’s the truth. And of course, Family Island is amazing. The point is, the islands are personality are what make Riley, Riley.
[we see Riley growing up and making memories along the way with Joy being the main organizer]


[Joy watches through Riley eyes as she getting ready to sleep and says goodnight to her parents]
Joy: And we’re out. That’s what I’m talking about. Wooh! Another perfect day. Nice job everybody. Let’s get those memories down to long term.
Fear: Alright. We did not die today. I call that an unqualified success.
[the emotions watch as the memory orbs are taken away]
Joy: [voice over] And, that’s it. We love our girl. She’s got great friends and a great house. Things couldn’t be better. After all, Riley is eleven now. What could happen?
[the next day the emotions watch as Riley’s family house is sold]
Joy: What?
[the emotions watch in horror as a removal truck takes the furniture and drives off]
Joy: Okay. Not what I had in mind.


[Riley and her parents drive to San Francisco]
Joy: Hey, look! The Golden Gate Bridge, isn’t that great? It’s not made up of solid gold like we thought, which is kind of a disappointment. But still…
Fear: I sure am glad you told me earthquakes are a myth, Joy. Otherwise I’d be terrified right now.
Joy: Uh, yeah.
[referring to the cars honking their horns as Riley and her parents are stuck in traffic]
Anger: These are my kind of people.


Dad: Alright, just a few more blocks. We’re almost to our new house.
Anger: Step on it, Daddy.
Disgust: Why can’t we just live in the smelly car? We’re already been in it forever.
Joy: Which actually was really lucky. Because that gave us plenty of time to think about what our new house is going to look like. What? Let’s review the top five daydreams.
[she plays Riley’s fantasy of what their new house will look like, first one is a house with a massive slide going along the side of it]
Fear: Wooh, that looks safe.
Sadness: That looks nice.
[referring to a house made on top of a tree]
Joy: Ooh, this will be great for Riley. Oh! No, no, no, this one.
[she shows them a house made out of cookies]
Disgust: Joy, for the last time, she cannot live in a cookie.
[the next house is a castle with a dragon flying above it]
Anger: That’s the one. It comes with a dragon.


Joy: Are we getting close? I can feel it. Here it is. Here’s our new house. And…
[Riley’s dad pulls up outside their new house, Riley gets out of the car and looks up and look clearly disappointed when she sees their house]
Joy: Maybe, it’s nice on the inside.
[as Riley enters the house]
Anger: We’re supposed to live here?
Sadness: Do we have to?
Disgust: I’m telling you, it smells that something died in here.
Fear: Can you die from moving?
Joy: Guys, you’re overreacting. Nobody is die…
Disgust: A dead mouse!
Anger: Great.
Disgust: I’m going to be sick.
Fear: It’s a house of the dead! What are we going to do? We’re going to get rabies!
[Fear jumps onto Anger’s head]
Anger: Get off from me!
[Anger blows fire off his head which makes Fear jump off as it sets fire to his backside]


Joy: All through the drive, Dad talked about how cool our new room is. Let’s go check it out.
Fear: It’s going to be great. Yes, yes, yes, yes!
[Riley quickly goes to see her new room which is just as bad as the rest of the house]
Fear: No, no, no, no.
Disgust: I’m starting to envy the dead mouse.
Anger: Get out the rubber ball. We’re in solitary confinement.
Sadness: Riley can’t live here.
Anger: She’s right.
Disgust: It’s the worst.
Fear: Really bad.
Disgust: It’s absolutely the worst.
Anger: This house stinks.
Disgust: It’s the worst place I’ve been in my entire life.
Fear: Oh, yeah.
[Joy looks in dismay as more memory sphere are made based Riley’s feelings on the new house and room]


Joy: Hey, it’s nothing our butterfly curtains couldn’t fix. I read somewhere that an empty room is an opportunity.
Anger: Where did you read that?
Joy: It doesn’t matter, I read it and it’s great. We’ll put the bed there, and the desk over there.
Fear: The hockey lamp goes there.
Anger: Uh, put the chair there.
Joy: Or the trophy collections.
Fear: There. Stars! I like that.
Joy: Now, we’re talking. Let’s go get our stuff from the moving van.


[as Riley goes down to get her stuff from the moving van she overhears her parents]
Dad: Well, guess what? The moving van won’t be here until Thursday.
Mom: You’re kidding.
[as they watch this through Riley’s eyes]
Fear: Our van is lost? It’s the worst day ever!
[Joy watches as Riley makes more bad memories]
Mom: You said it would be here yesterday.
Dad: And I know that’s what I said. That’s what they told me.
Fear: Mom and Dad are stress out!
Anger: They’re stress out?
Joy: Arguing!
Fear: What are we going to do?


[as Riley watches her parents arguing over the lost van Joy gets an idea]
Joy: I’ve got a great idea!
Mom: Did you even read the contract?
[Riley starts playing hockey with a piece of balled up paper]
Riley: Anderson makes her move. She’s closing in.
Dad: Hey. Oh no, you’re not.
[her dad joins in the game and soon her mom joins in but then they are interrupted by the phone ringing]
Dad: Sorry, hold on.
[he answers the call]
Dad: Hello?
Joy: Wait. What?


[Riley watches her dad in dismay as he talks on the phone]
Dad: You’re kidding. Alright. Stall for me, I’ll be right there.
[to Riley and her mom]
Dad: The investors are supposed to show up on Thursday, not today. I got to go.
Mom: It’s okay, we get it.
Dad: You’re the best. Thanks, hon.
[he kisses her and waves to Riley]
Dad: See you, sweetie.
[dad turns and leaves the house]


Fear: Dad just left us.
Sadness: Oh, he doesn’t love us anymore. That’s sad. I should drive, right?
[as she goes to take over the control console Joy stops her]
Sadness: Joy, what are you doing?
Joy: Uh, just give me one second. Um, you know what I’ve realized? Riley hasn’t had lunch. Remember?
[to her mom]
Riley: Hey, I saw a pizza place down the street. Maybe we could try that.
Mom: Pizza sounds delicious.
Fear: Pizza!
Anger: Pizza.
Disgust: Yes, pizza.
Anger: Great idea. Let’s get it.


[Riley and her mom are at the pizza, the girl at the counter hands over a pizza with broccoli on top]
Fear: What the heck is that?
Joy: Who puts broccoli on pizza!
Disgust: That’s it, I’m done.
Anger: Congratulations San Francisco, you’ve ruined pizza! First the Hawaiians, and now you!


[as Riley and her mom walk back to their house]
Mom: What kind of a pizza place only serves one kind of pizza? Must be a San Francisco thing. Still, it’s not as bad as the soup at that diner in Nebraska.
Riley: Oh, yeah. The spoon stood up in the soup by itself. That was disgusting.
[Joy feels relief as Riley and her mom continue to bond]
Joy: We’re good. Family’s running.
Mom: The drive out was pretty fun, huh? What was your favorite part?
Anger: Spitting out of the car window!
Disgust: Definitely not when Dad was singing.
Fear: Wearing a seat belt.
Joy: Oh, what about the time with the dinosaur?
[Joy quickly brings up the memory on the control console]
Fear: Oh, that’s the one.


[to her mom as she recalls the memory]
Riley: I like that time with the dinosaur, that was pretty funny.
[suddenly Riley’s becomes sad and her memory clouds over]
Joy: Wait, what? What happened?
[the emotions turn to see Sadness touching the memory]
Fear: She did something to the memory.
[Joy takes the memory orb]
Joy: What did you do?
Sadness: I just touched it.
Joy: That shouldn’t make it change.
Fear: Oh, change it back, Joy!
Joy: I’m trying.
Anger: You can’t change it back?
Joy: No. I guess I can’t.
Disgust: Good going, Sadness. Now when Riley thinks of that moment with Dad, she’s going to feel sad. Bravo.


Sadness: I’m sorry, Joy. I don’t really know. I thought maybe if you, if you, I…
Disgust: Joy, we got a stairway coming up.
[Riley and her mom are approaching a large sidewalk stairway]
Joy: Just don’t touch any other memories until we figured out what’s going on.
Sadness: Okay.
Joy: Alright. Get ready. This is the monster railing and we are riding it all the way down.
[Riley gets ready to slide down the banister when she suddenly looks sad and step off]
Joy: Wait, what? What happened?
[suddenly a memory orb slides over and hits Joy on her leg]
Fear: A core memory!
Joy: Oh, no.
[suddenly Goofball Island stops working]


Joy: Sadness, what are you doing?
Sadness: It looked like one was crooked, so I opened it and then it fell out.
[Joy puts the core memory back into its place and Goofball Island starts working again, Riley cheers up and slides down the banister]
Sadness: It’s just that, I wanted to maybe hold one.
[Sadness goes to pick up another memory orb]
Fear: Joy!
[Joy pushes Sadness’s hand up to stop her]
Joy: Woh, woh, woh!


Joy: Sadness, you nearly touch a core memory. And when you touch them, we can’t change them back!
Sadness: Oh, I know. I’m sorry. Something’s wrong with me. I, it’s like I’m having a break down.
Joy: You’re not having a break down. It’s stress.
Sadness: I keep making mistakes like that. I’m awful.
Joy: No, you’re not.
Sadness: And annoying.
Joy: They, well, uh, you know what? You can’t focus on what’s going wrong. There’s always a way to turn things around, to find the fun.
Sadness: Yeah, find the fun. I don’t know how to do that.
Joy: Okay. Well, try to think of something funny.
Sadness: Um. Oh, remember the funny movie where the dog dies?
Joy: Oh, yeah. That’s not…


Joy: What about that time, with Meg? When Riley laughed so hard, milk came out of her nose.
[Joy starts laughing as she remembers]
Joy: Come on.
Sadness: Yeah, that hurt. It felt like fire. It was awf…
Joy: Okay, okay. Don’t think of that. Let’s try something else. Um, what’re your favorite things to do?
Sadness: My favorite? Um, well, I like it when we’re outside.
Joy: That’s good! Like, there’s the beach and sunshine. Oh, like the time we buried Dad in the sand up to his neck.
Sadness: I was thinking more like rain.


Joy: Rain. Rain is my favorite too! We can stomp around the puddles, you know? There’s cool umbrellas, lightning storms.
Sadness: More like when the rain runs down our back, and makes our shoe soggy. And we get all cold, shivery and everything just starts feeling droopy.
[Sadness falls onto her face crying]
Joy: Oh. Hey, hey, hey. Easy. Why are you crying? It’s like really the opposite of what we’re going for here.
Sadness: Crying helps me slow down and obsessive over the weight of life’s problems.


Joy: You know what? Let’s, uh, think about something else. How about we read some mind manuals? Huh? Sounds fun.
[she takes Sadness over the manuals]
Sadness: I’ve read most of them.
Joy: Well, have you read this one? This seem interesting.
[she picks up a manual and opens to read it]
Joy: Long Term Memory Retrieval Volume 47.
[she give the manual to Sadness]
Sadness: No.
Joy: Ooh, a real page turner.
[reads from the manual]
Sadness: Long term memory data selection via channels subgrouping.
Joy: See! Fun already. Oh, you lucky dog. You’re reading these cool things, I got to go work. Life is so unfair.
[Joy walks off looking worn out from trying to cheer Sadness up]


[Riley walks down the stairs and watches her parents, her mom is busy cleaning up the house and her dad is on the phone with his work]
Riley: Mom, Dad. Come kiss me good night.
Mom: Be right there!
[Riley goes back to her bed looking upset that her parents are so busy]
Fear: Did you hear Dad? He sounded really upset.
[suddenly a car outside goes by with a loud engine making Riley scared]
Fear: What was that? Was it a bear? It’s a bear!
Disgust: There are no bears in San Francisco.
Anger: I saw a really hairy guy, he looked like a bear.


Fear: Ooh, I’m so jumpy. My nerves are shot!
Disgust: Ew! I don’t want to hear about your nerves.
Anger: I’ll tell you what it is. This move has been a bust.
Fear: That’s what I’ve been telling you guys. There are at least thirty-seven things for Riley to be scared of right now.
Disgust: The smell alone is enough to make her gag.
Anger: I can’t believe Mom and Dad moved us here!
Joy: Look, I get it. You guys have concerns. But we’ve been through worse. Tell you what, let’s make a list of all the things Riley should be happy about.
Anger: Fine. Let’s see. This house stinks. Our room stinks.
Disgust: Pizza is weird here.
Sadness: Our friends are back home.
Fear: And all our stuff is in the missing van.


Joy: Oh, come on. It could be worse.
Disgust: Yeah, Joy. We could be lying on a dirty floor, in a bag.
[we see Riley sleeping on the floor in her sleeping bag]
Joy: Okay, I admit it. We had a rough start. But think of all the good things that…
Anger: No, Joy. There’s absolutely no reason for Riley to be happy right now. Let us handle this.
Fear: I say we skip school tomorrow and lock ourselves in the bedroom.
Disgust: We have no clean clothes. I mean no one should see us
Sadness: Yeah, we could cry until we can’t breathe.
Anger: We should lock the door and scream that curse word we know. It’s a good one!
Joy: Now, hold on. Look, we all have our off days. You know…


[the emotions watch as Riley’s mom comes to her room to say good night]
Mom: Hi, honey.
Anger: The Mom bad news Train is pulling in. Toot-toot!
Mom: Still no moving van. Now they’re saying it won’t be here till Tuesday. Can you believe it?
Anger: Toot-toot-toot!
Riley: Where’s Dad?
Mom: On the phone. This new adventure is keeping him pretty busy.
Anger: I rest my case.
Mom: Your Dad’s a little stress, you know, about getting his new company up and running.
[looking disheartened Joy goes to the side while the other emotions take over the controls]
Anger: Now, for a few well place withering scowls.


Mom: I guess all I really want to say is, thank you.
Anger: Huh?
Mom: You know, through all these confusion you’ve stayed, well, you’ve stayed our happy girl. Your Dad is under a lot of pressure. But, if you and I can keep smiling, it would be a big help. We can do that for him. Right?
Joy: Woh.
[Joy comes over to take over the controls]
Joy: Well.
[Riley smiles]
Riley: Yeah, sure. What did we do to deserve you?
[she kisses Riley good night, turns off the light and gets up to leave]
Mom: Sweet dreams.
Riley: Good night.


Anger: Well, you can’t argue with Mom. Happy it is.
Disgust: Can’t argue with Mom, that’s true.
Fear: Team Happy. Sounds great.
Disgust: Totally behind you, Joy.
[Riley closes her eyes to sleep]
Joy: Looks like we’re going into REM. I’ve got dream duty so I’ll take care of sending these to long term. Great day today, guys. All sleep well, team Happy.


[after Joy sees that Riley is having a nightmare about her move the new house and city]
Joy: Who is in charge of programming down there? I know I’m not supposed to do this, but…
[she turns off Riley’s nightmare]
Joy: We are not going to end the day like this.
[Joy brings up a core memory so that Riley can dream ice skating with her family]
Joy: Don’t you worry. I’m going to make sure that tomorrow is another great day. I promise.


[the next morning Joy is playing the accordion to make Riley feel happy; to the other emotions]
Joy: Hello. Did I wake you?
Anger: Do you have to play that?
Joy: Well, I have to practice. And I don’t think of it as playing so much as hugging.
[she throws the accordion aside]
Joy: Okay, first day of school. Very, very exciting. I was up late last night figuring out a new plan. Here it is! Fear, I need a list of all the possible negative outcomes on the first day at a new school.
Fear: Way ahead of you there. Does anyone know how to spell meteor?
Joy: Disgust, make sure Riley stands out today. But also blends in.
Disgust: When I’m through, Riley will look so good, the other kids will look at their own outfits and barf.


[to herself]
Joy: Joy. Yes, Joy. You’ll be in charge of the console, keeping Riley happy all day long. And may I add, I love your dress, it’s adorable. Oh, this old thing. Thank you so much. I love the way it twirls.
[spots the train heading towards them]
Joy: Train of Thought, right on schedule. Anger, unload the daydreams. I ordered extra, in case things get slow in class.
Anger: Might come in handy, if this new school is full of boring, useless classes. Which it probably will be.
Joy: Oh, Sadness. I have a super important job just for you.
Sadness: Really?
Joy: Hm-hmm. Follow me.


[Joy draws a circle with a chalk around where Sadness is standing]
Sadness: What are you doing?
Joy: And there, perfect. This is the circle of sadness. Your job is to make sure that all the sadness stays inside of it.
Sadness: So, you want me just to stand here?
Joy: Hey, it’s not my place to tell you how to do your job. Just make sure that all the sadness stays in the circle. See! You’re a pro at this. Isn’t this fun?
Sadness: No.
Joy: ‘At a girl.


Joy: Alright everyone, fresh start. We are going to have a good day which will turn into a good week, which will turn into a good year, which turns into a good life!
[they watch as Riley’s mom helps her to get off to school]
Mom: So, big day. New school. New friends. Huh?
Riley: I know. I’m kind of nervous, but I’m mostly excited. How do I look? Do you like my shirt?
Mom: Very cute. You going to be okay? You want us to walk with you?
Disgust: Mom and Dad, with us in public. No, thank you.
Joy: Yep, I’m on it.
[she presses a button the console]
Riley: Nope, I’m fine. Bye Mom. Bye Dad.
Dad: Have a good day in school, monkey.
[Riley starts doing a monkey impression and her parent join in]
Mom: Have a great day, sweetheart.


[Riley is sat in class in her new school and notices some girls talking]
Disgust: Okay, we’ve got a group of cool girls at two o’clock.
Joy: How do you know?
Disgust: Double ears pierce, infinity scarf.
Joy: Woh. Is she wearing eye shadow?
Disgust: Yeah. We want to be friends with them.
Joy: Let’s go talk to them.
Disgust: Are you kidding? We’re not talking to them! We want them to like us.
Joy: Oh. Yeah. Wait, what?


Fear: Almost finished with the potential disasters. Worst scenario is either quicksands, spontaneous combustion or getting called on by the teacher. So as long as none of those happens.
[back in school, Riley’s teacher enters the classroom]
Teacher: Okay, everybody. We have a new student in class today.
Fear: Are you kidding me! Out of the date! This is not happening!
Teacher: Riley, would you like to tell us something about yourself?
Fear: No! Pretend we can’t speak English.
Joy: Don’t worry, I got this.


[with Joy controlling the console, Riley stands to introduce herself to the class]
Riley: My name is Riley Anderson. I’m from Minnesota and now I live here.
Teacher: And how about Minnesota? Can you tell us something about it? Well you certainly get a lot more snow than we do.
[the teacher laughs and Joy starts laughing too]
Joy: She’s hilarious.
Riley: Yeah, it gets pretty cold. The lake freezes over, and that’s when we play hockey. I’m on a great team; we’re called the Prairie dogs. My friend, Meg plays forward and my Dad’s the coach. Pretty much everyone in my family skates; it’s kind of a family tradition. We go out on the lake almost every weekend.
[suddenly her memory of skating with her parents turns sad]
Riley: Or, we did till I moved away.
Disgust: Hey. What gives?
Fear: What?


[the emotions turn and see Sadness is touching one of Riley’s core memories again]
Joy: Hey, Sadness! You touched a memory? We talked about this.
Sadness: Oh, yeah, I know. I’m sorry.
Joy: Get back in your circle.
[Joy tries to get the core memory out but it’s stuck]
Joy: What’s going on?
Fear: Get it out of there, Joy.
Joy: Eject.
[back in class Riley gets sadder, nearly in tears]
Riley: We used to play tag and stuff.
Disgust: Cool kids whispering at three o’clock.
Fear: Did you see that look? They’re judging us!


[Riley starts to cry in class as she feels sadder]
Riley: But, everything is different now. Since we moved.
Fear: Oh, no. We’re crying at school!
[Joy sees Sadness on the console]
Joy: What? Sadness, what are you doing!
[Joy pulls Sadness away from the console]
Sadness: Oh, I’m sorry. I’m, oh.
[suddenly a blue core memory drops down]
Fear: It’s a core memory.
Disgust: But, it’s blue.
[as the core memory is going towards the Long Term Memory sphere]
Joy: No! Wait! Stop it! No!


[Joy grabs the sad core memory and tries to dispose of it]
Sadness: Joy, no. That’s a core memory!
[Sadness tries to take it from Joy]
Joy: Hey! Stop it!  Let go!
Sadness: Don’t! Wait!
[in trying to pull away from Sadness Joy knocks down the other core memories]
Fear: The core memories!
[this shuts down the personality islands and as Joy tries to put the core memories back she, Sadness and the core memories are sucked through the memory tube and sent to the rest of Riley’s mind]


[back in class Riley sits back down]
Teacher: Thank you, Riley. I know it can be tough moving to a new place, but we are happy to have you here. Alright, everyone. Get out you history books and turn to chapter 7.
[back in headquarters, Anger, Fear and Disgust are left alone looking shocked]
Anger: Can I say that curse word now?


[Joy and Sadness exit the tube and find themselves in long term memory]
Joy: Where are we? Long term memory? Wait.
[Joy finds the personality islands have shut down]
Joy: Goofball Island?
Sadness: Riley’s islands of personality, they’re all down! Oh, this is bad.
Joy: We can fix this. We just have to get back to Headquarters, plug the core memories in and Riley will be back to normal.
Sadness: Oh. Riley has no core memories. No personality islands and, no. Oh.
Joy: What? What is it?
Sadness: You. You’re not in Headquarters. Without you, Riley can’t be happy. We got to get you back up there.
Joy: I’m coming, Riley.
[they start running to make their way back to headquarters]


[Riley and her parents are sat having dinner]
Mom: So, as it turns out the green trash can is not recycling, it’s for greens, like compose and egg shells. And the blue one is recycling, and the black one is trash.
Disgust: Riley is acting so weird. Why is she acting so weird?
Anger: What did you expect? All the islands are down.
Disgust: Joy would know what to do.
Fear: That’s it. Until she gets back, we just do what Joy would do.
Disgust: Great idea. Anger, Fear, Disgust. How are we supposed to be happy?!


[the emotion watch through Riley’s eyes again]
Mom: Hey, Riley. I’ve got good news. I found a junior hockey league, right here, in San Francisco. And get this, tryouts are tomorrow after school. What luck, right?
Fear: Hockey?
Disgust: Uh-oh. What do we do?
Fear: Guys, this… Here, you pretend to be Joy.
[he moves Disgust to stand by the console]
Mom: Wouldn’t it be great to be back out on the ice?
[Disgust touches a button on the console and Riley’s answer comes out as sarcastic]
Riley: Oh, yeah. That sounds fantastic.
[to Disgust]
Fear: What was that? That wasn’t anything like Joy!
Disgust: Ah, because I’m not Joy.
Fear: Yeah, no kidding.


[insides mom’s mind her emotions discuss Riley’s sarcastic response]
Mom’s Sadness: Did you guys pick up on that?
[the other emotion agree]
Mom’s Disgust: Somethings wrong.
Mom’s Anger: Should we ask her?
[to Mom’s Joy, who is controlling the console]
Mom’s Sadness: Let’s probe, but keep it subtle so she doesn’t notice.


Mom: [to Riley] So, how was the first day of school?
Anger: She’s probing us.
Disgust: I’m done. You pretend to be Joy.
[she pushes Fear towards the console]
Fear: What? Okay. Uh, hmm.
[he presses a button on the console and Riley replies to her mother with doubt]
Riley: It was fine, I guess. I don’t know.
[to Fear]
Disgust: Oh, very smooth. That was just like Joy.


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