Starring: Tessa Thompson, Justin Theroux, Kiersey Clemons, Thomas Mann, Janelle Monáe, Yvette Nicole Brown, Ken Jeong, F. Murray Abraham, Sam Elliott



CGI and live-action re-imagining of the Disney classic directed by Charlie Bean. The story follows an American Cocker Spaniel named Lady (Tessa Thompson), who lives with an upper-middle-class family, but is set astray when the family has a baby. However, Lady ends up meeting a streetsmart, downtown stray Schnauzer called the Tramp (Justin Theroux), and the two embark on a romantic journey as they fall in love.


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Jock: Oh, sprinting in this sweater was a big mistake.
Trusty: Your mistake was putting that thing on in the first place.
Jock: You’ve got incontinence from your mouth.


Lady: Guys, guys, guys, something very special happened this morning. Something you won’t believe. I got…
Jock: You got your collar!
Lady: I got my collar. Yep. I got it!
Jock: Oh, Lady, it’s beautiful!
Trusty: I told you it would happen.
Lady: You were right. Here I am, officially part of the family, forever.
Trusty: You’ve earned it.


[after Bull and Peg are caught by the dog catcher]
Tramp: God, I keep telling you the butcher’s shop’s a one man job. You’re always going to get caught if you don’t learn to split up!
Bull: Are you mad?
Peg: We’d rather be locked up together, than out on the streets alone.
Tramp: Alone? Uh, I think you mean free? See, while you’re locked up together, I’m free to be myself, and I’m free to be by myself.
Peg: Yeah, yeah, we know.
Bull: You say it all the time.


[to two identical poodles]
Tramp: Hey, hi! Are you two, uh, twins?
Poodle: I’m her husband, pal.
Tramp: Aha!


[as he walks through an upper class looking street]
Tramp: Woh, snob hill.


[after Lady lets Tramp hide in her kennel]
Tramp: Thanks. Well, I can’t say it’s been fun. Bye!
Lady: Oh, not so fast. What did you mean back there, about the baby?
Tramp: Oh, so now you want my help?
Lady: Do you want me to bark again?
Tramp: Oh, fine. How can I put this? Um, you’re the center of your people’s universe, right?
Lady: You could say that.
Tramp: They shampoo you in the bathtub, let you sleep in the bed?
Lady: You mean, our bed?
[referring to her kennel]
Tramp: Build you this forty-forty bathroom right here?
Lady: Gross. I have walks for that.
Tramp: Well, that’s basically all over now.
Lady: What?
Tramp: You’re about to be replaced.
Lady: Replaced? Me?
Tramp: Yeah.
Lady: I don’t think so. You can leave.


Lady: I think you can be on your way now. Thanks for your help.
Tramp: Woh! You asked for my help. Now look, you may not want to hear this, but I know people, okay? And people are not loyal. And the sooner you start looking out for yourself, and I mean, only yourself, the better.
Lady: Wow, that is incredibly depressing, and also not true. So, thanks for nothing. Bye.


[to Jock and Trusty; referring to Tramp]
Lady: Okay, you two, thank you for the backup, but he was just leaving. Weren’t you, street dog?
Tramp: Street dog? Oh, I got it. I’ll go, but only because I’m free to leave while all of you are stuck behind your fences. Just remember, when the baby moves in, the dog moves out.
[picks up the bone with his mouth]
Tramp: I’m stealing this by the way.
[as Tramp rushes off]
Lady: Hey, I let you steal that!


[after Tramp leaves]
Lady: Replaced by a baby? It makes no sense.
Jock: None.
Trusty: No way.
Lady: I mean, can a baby fetch slippers?
Trusty: Doubtful.
Jock: Don’t be daft.
Lady: Or pick up the paper?
Trusty: Not a chance.
Jock: Ridiculous.
Lady: Can a baby provide Jim and Darling with the sense of wholeness and a reason to live?
Jock: Uh…
Trusty: Well…
Lady: My point exactly.


[Aunt Sarah takes Lady to the pet store to put a muzzle on her]
Pet Shop Owner: Who is this precious little angel?
Aunt Sarah: Her name is Lady, though I daresay the name doesn’t suit her.


Tramp: Wait, I seem to remember you calling me a street dog. But here you are out on the streets. Strange. Let me guess, baby moves in, dog moves out?
Lady: No, not at all!
[referring to the muzzle on her face]
Lady: This here, this is not what it looks like.
Tramp: Uh-huh. You’re welcome for saving your life, by the way.
Lady: And in exchange, I got you a free meal. So, I think we’re even.
Tramp: That’s the craziest thank you I’ve ever gotten. Maybe you do have rabies.


[referring to the muzzle on her face]
Lady: Okay, well, seeing as I’m the reason that you got that garbage, how about you help me get this thing off my face.
Tramp: Fine. I’ll see what I can do. I think I got a friend who can help. Now, he’s a little stiff. Kind of reminds me of you.
Lady: I’m already regretting this.


[referring to the statue of the soldier in the park]
Lady: This is your friend?
Tramp: Please. Don’t be ridiculous.
[referring to the statue of the rat by the statue soldier’s leg]
Tramp: This is my friend.
Lady: Of course it is.
Tramp: Come on. You just need to hook that wire onto his teeth.
Lady: Is your plan for him to bite it off?
Tramp: Would you just do it?
[she hooks the end of the muzzle on the statue rat’s teeth]
Lady: Like this? This doesn’t feel like progress.
Tramp: Do you want me to help you, or not? Just lean back so this thing doesn’t move…
Lady: Just make it quick.
Tramp: …while I work this thing loose. What is this?
[Tramp tries to undo the muzzle with his mouth]
Lady: That’s my ear, please.
Tramp: What? Could you stop moving so much?
Lady: Ow. You stepped on my paw.
Tramp: Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to.
Lady: This is not awkward at all.


Tramp: Why do you even want to go home?
Lady: I told you. This is just one big misunderstanding.
Tramp: Mm-hmm.
Lady: Jim Dear and Darling must be worried sick about me by now.
Tramp: Uh-huh. Yeah, no, sure.
Lady: What is that look?
Tramp: Look, I hate to break it to you, I’m just not seeing a lot of “lost dog” posters up…
Lady: You may think that you know people, but you don’t know my people, okay? They would never let me wind up on the streets. Not on purpose.
Tramp: Okay, fair enough.


Lady: It’s Lady.
Tramp: Oh. Nice to meet you, Lady.
Lady: Nice to meet you too. Oh, I never asked you your name. What’s your name?
Tramp: Oh, I get called a lot of things. You know, I get Buddy, or Pooch, or Spot, or Butch, or Scram, or, “Hey, get out of the trash.”
[the both laugh]
Tramp: Who needs a name, you know? I’m free to be whoever I want to be. Free to be myself, and free to be by myself. Sky’s my roof. Walk wherever I want to walk. I walk however I want to walk.
[Tramp walks funny and Lady laughs]
Lady: You’re crazy.
Tramp: You don’t know the half of it.


Tramp: You know what? Let’s get something to eat. And I think I know just the place.
[Tramp takes Lay to Tony’s Restaurant]
Tramp: Tony’s. My favorite place in town.
Lady: It smells amazing. Do we just walk right in?
Tramp: Actually I kind of use my own private entrance. Follow me.
Lady: Wait up. Wow, I am so hungry I could eat a shoe.
Tramp: Ugh. Done it before. Overrated.
[Lady laughs]


[referring to Lady]
Tony: She’s way too good for you, Butch.
[as he pats Lady]
Tony: She’s a Cockerel Spanish girl, huh? Joe?
Joe: Yes?
Tony: Joe, listen, I…
Joe: Uh, way ahead of you.
[Tony sees Joe has brought out some bones for the Tramp and Lady]
Tony: Bones! What’s the matter with you? Tonight, Butch gets the best in the house.
Joe: I love it, best in the house. Come on, we can do this.
Tony: Go on.
[to Tramp and Lady]
Tony: One moment, please.
[as Tony and Joe get back into the kitchen]
Tramp: What’s happening?
Lady: You’re asking me?


[after Tony and Joe setup a table for Tramp and Lady]
Tony: The best table in the house. And now, your table is ready.
[Tony shows Tramp and Lady the menu]
Tony: Take it from me, you’ll want Tony’s speciale.
[Tramp Grunts]
Tony: Joe, Butch says he wants two spaghetti special.
[Tramp barks]
Tony: And heavy on the meatballs.
Joe: Are you silly, Tony? Dogs don’t talk. Yeah?
Tony: Well, he’s talking to me.


[after Tony and Joe leave them to get their meal]
Lady: Street life, huh?
Tramp: Oh, yeah. You know, I won’t even eat unless I have a table, and a table cloth, and a candle, and a menu. No, this is because you’re here.
Tony: [to Joe] Come on. Come on.
[Joe places a dish of spaghetti and meatballs on the table]
Tony: For our boy, Butch, and his nice new lady friend. Huh? Yes. Come on. Come on.
Joe: Okay.
Tony: Come on. Buon appetito.
[two diner patrons look through the window to see Tony and Joe serving Tramp and Lady]
Tony’s Patron: They told me they were out of the special.


[as Tony and Joe leave them to eat]
Lady: I thought those two were going to sit down and join us.
Tramp: Ah, don’t worry. They won’t bother us…
[they see Tony and Joe return]
Tramp: And they’re back.
[Tony and Joe start playing and singing Bella Notte as Tramp and Lady eat]


[Tramp shows Lady the city at night]
Tramp: Lady, the world. World, Lady. I think you two are going to get along just great. I sleep over there in the train yard. So, you know, sometimes I come up here, just for the view. Of course you see more in the daylight, but, you know, there’s something about the night, outside, under the stars.
Lady: I’ve seen them from the yard before, but this is something else.


Tramp: Yesterday, the only experiences you had were from behind a fence.
Lady: Yeah, I know! I know. But there was a lot behind that fence. You know? My life was full of love and meaning. I was a part of something special. We were a family. It doesn’t matter how much howling I do, I feel bad about leaving them.
Tramp: You don’t have to worry about leaving them. They already left you. I mean, look, I know how much it hurts…
Lady: Oh, how? How would you know?
Tramp: I just do.
Lady: Oh. You do know.


Lady: You did have a home, didn’t you?
Tramp: Yeah. I did. I had a home. I had a family. Oh, I had it all. They loved me. And I loved them.
[we see flashback to Tramp’s owners abandoning him once they had a baby]
Tramp: And then one day it all changed. I waited in that spot all day, and all night.
Lady: I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.
Tramp: Eh, forget it. Every dog’s got to learn someday, right? People just don’t do loyalty. Not like us dogs. And if I were still with them, I wouldn’t have met you. And we wouldn’t have had this amazing day.
Lady: And night.
Tramp: Every day could be an adventure. You and me, no leashes, or fences. No loyalty to anyone.


[at the dog pound; referring to the dog being taken by the dog catcher]
Chance: Is he going home?
Lady: Where are they taking him?
Bull: Through the one-way door.


[after Lady is taken to the dog pound and later picked up by Jim and Darling; referring to the baby]
Jim Dear: Lady, this is Lulu.
Darling: She’s part of the family now too.


Tramp: Hey, wait, wait. Hang on. You two, adopted? Never really took you two for family dogs.
Peg: In a way, we’ve always been family dogs.
Bull: At least to each other.
Tramp: What is the world coming to? Everybody’s living with people!
Bull: Easy. What are you so upset about?
Peg: This wouldn’t have anything to do with that girl we met in the pound, would it?
Tramp: What? Who? Lady? What, did you meet her? No. I’m not thinking about her. I’m doing good. I’m doing really good!
Bull: Are you sure? Because you seem like you’re doing terrible.
Peg: No, Bull, you got it all wrong. He’s doing great. He got what he always wanted, and was right about everything.
Bull: Are we looking at the same dog?
Peg: Yep. He’s free to be himself, and free to be by himself.
Tramp: By myself.


Tramp: Oh, I screwed up, didn’t I?
Peg: Yep, sure did.
Bull: What’s going on, Peg?
Tramp: Doesn’t matter. It’s too late. Her family came back for her.
Peg: You mean like she did, for you?
Tramp: Oh, man. I got to fix it. I don’t know if I can, but I got to try. I have to.
Peg: We get it.
Bull: I don’t!
Peg: Just let her know how you feel.
Tramp: Okay!
[Tramp rushes off]
Bull: Peggy, fill me in. What just happened?


Tramp: Back at the train yard, I’m so sorry for. Um, I never should’ve left your side.
Lady: You said it yourself. Nobody else is loyal, so why should you be? I should’ve just believed you.
Tramp: No. You shouldn’t have believed me. Whatever I said about that, about, you know, being free, just being alone.


Tramp: Look, um, you know I’m a street dog. And I don’t have much value to anyone…
Lady: Don’t you say that. You have value to me. I missed you.
Tramp: I missed you too.
Lady: Sometimes I come outside at night just to howl at the moon.
Tramp: Well, that doesn’t have to end. We could howl again. We can run free. Have more adventures. It’s not too late for that. Is it?
Lady: Sorry, but it is. I belong here with Jim Dear, and Darling, and Lulu. We’re a family. They depend on me. And I’m loyal to them.
Tramp: Yeah, you’re right. You deserve it, Lady.
Lady: You deserve it too. You deserve love. I’m just sorry that it can’t be with me.


[to Lady; referring to himself]
Trusty: Truth is, old reliable is old, and not that reliable.


[after the carriage collapses on Tramp and he looks like he’s died]
Lady: Come on. Please? Just wake up. Please. You can’t go. We have places to go, adventures to take. Just wake up. Please?
[Lady starts to howl in her grief and Tramp becomes conscious]
Tramp: Pretty good, kid. We still need to work on your volume.


[as the dog catcher is taking Tramp]
Darling: Stop! Stop it! You can’t do this!
Elliott: What? He was attacking your baby.
Darling: No, he was protecting our baby!
Elliott: Ma’am, any unlicensed dog, without a home, will be immediately impounded!
Darling: He has a home.
Elliott: He’s a street dog!
Darling: No, he’s not. He has a home.
Elliott: What?
Jim Dear: That’s our dog, sir. He’s coming home with us.


[after Tramp has been fully excepted into the family and been give a collar]
Lady: Wow, look at you with a collar. You almost look like a family dog.
Tramp: Can you believe it?
Lady: Well, you’ll always be the Tramp to me.
Tramp: Ha-ha.
Lady: So, how does it feel?
Tramp: You know, it kind of feels…
Lady: What, too tight? Too itchy?
Tramp: No. Um, it might take some getting used to.
Lady: Hmm.
Tramp: I was going to say, it kind of feels, um, like home.


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