Starring: Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Jason Clarke, Guy Pearce, Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska, Dane DeHaan, Chris McGarry, Tim Tolin, Gary Oldman,  Lew Temple, Marcus Hester, Bill Camp, Alex Van, Noah Taylor



Crime drama directed by John Hillcoat based on true events adapted from the novel “The Wettest County in the World”, written by Matt Bondurant (Jack Bondurant’s grandson). The story is set during the depression era in Franklin County, Virginia, and follows the Bondurant brothers who run a multipurpose backwoods establishment that hides their true business, bootlegging. Middle brother, Forrest (Tom Hardy), is the brain of the operation, older brother, Howard (Jason Clarke), is the brawn, and the youngest brother, Jack (Shia LaBeouf), is the lookout. Though the local police have taken bribes to leave the brothers alone, a violent war erupts when a sadistic lawman, Charlie Rakes (Guy Pearce), from Chicago arrives and tries to shut down the Bondurants operation.


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‘The course of your life, well it is changing, and you don't even see it.’ - Forrest Bondurant (Lawless) Click To Tweet ‘It is not the violence that sets men apart. Alright? It is the distance that he is prepared to go.’ - Forrest Bondurant (Lawless) Click To Tweet ‘We are survivors. We control the fear. And without the fear, we are all as good as dead.’ - Forrest Bondurant (Lawless) Click To Tweet


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[first lines; the three young Bondurant brother are in a pig sty on their farm, Forrest and Howard encourage Jack to kill a pig]
Young Howard: Come on, Jack. Just pull the damn trigger.
[Jack loads a rifle and circles the pig]
Young Jack: I can’t.
[Howard gets into the sty, points his gun and shoots the pig]


[in Franklin County, Virginia, as the three, now older brothers, are making their alcohol deliveries]
Jack Bondurant: [voice over] My brother Forrest once said, nothing can kill us. We can’t never die. The reason being that in the Great War, my eldest brother, Howard, saw his entire battalion drown in the sea, every last one of them. He was the only survivor. And Forrest, well, that same year, Spanish Lady Flu damn near wiped out the entire state. Got Ma and Pa and Forrest, but against all the odds he somehow managed to fight it off. So you could see why Forrest felt that way. Me and my brothers are moonshiners, bootleggers. In 1920 they paid us the Prohibition Act, making sale of alcohol illegal. Well, at least it was supposed to be.


[as the brothers make their delivery to their local sheriff]
Howard Bondurant: You okay, Sheriff?
Sheriff Hodges: Morning, Forrest.
[Forrest grunts and nods his head]
Howard Bondurant: Pure gold. There’s the white lightning, Sheriff. They come at you like a knife. Plenty of push, sharp and hot
[Howard gives the Sheriff’s deputy a crate of alcohol]
Sheriff Hodges: Oh, dammit. Give me two.
Howard Bondurant: Alright then.
[Howard gives the Sheriff’s deputy another crate]
Howard Bondurant: You alright there?
[the Sheriff’s hands Forrest some money]
Sheriff Hodges: Thank you, boys.
Howard Bondurant: Always happy to oblige and officer of the law.
[the brothers drive off]


[as the boys make another delivery]
Jack Bondurant: [voice over] They call Franklin the Wettest County in the world on account of almost everybody making the stuff. Now you can make moonshine whiskey from just about anything. Turnips, pumpkins, blackberries, cornmeal, tree bark. Anything. But at night, in them hills, you can see them fires from the stills burning like lights on a damn Christmas tree. And over them mountains, in the cities, there was a biggest crime wave this country had ever seen.


Jack Bondurant: [voice over] And all the illegal liquor was flowing down from the hills to the cities by the truck, and gangster were just scooping money off the streets, like candy. Good men like Al Capone, Tommy Maloy, that mad dog Floyd Banner, they just moved in and took over. Meanwhile we were hauling the stuff around in our old beat-up truck.


[as the boys drive up to a wake to sell their alcohol]
Forrest Bondurant: Alright, now. Jack, I want you to stay here.
Jack Bondurant: What?
Forrest Bondurant: In the truck.
Jack Bondurant: ain’t like someone’s going to steal this piece of shit, Forrest.
Forrest Bondurant: Just do what you’re told, Jack.
[as Forrest and Howard go to sell the liquor, Jack gets out of the truck and squats down near a window to look in on the music and dancing going on in the basement]


[as Jack is looking through the basement window at the wake’s activities]
Mugger #1: Give me your money, boy!
[Jack turns and sees a muggers pointing a knife at him]
Mugger #1: Yeah, you do as I say. I’m going to cut you.
Jack Bondurant: I ain’t got nothing, I was just the driver.
[as Jack is being held at knife point by the mugger, Forrest and Howard finish up their business at the wake]
Mugger #1: You ever seen a Harlem sunset? Cause I’m fixing to cut one right into you.
Jack Bondurant: I ain’t got nothing.
Mugger #1: You hand over that Goddamn money.
[just then Howard and Forrest return and see what’s happening]
Howard Bondurant: Motherfucker.
Forrest Bondurant: Hey, I’ll take care of this.


[to the mugger]
Forrest Bondurant: Hey, you! Come on out, you don’t want to do this. Why don’t you put that knife away and take you and your friends on home.
Howard Bondurant: I’d listen to him if I was you.
Mugger #1: You the boss? You just loaded those in there didn’t you? You hand over that cash or I’m going to cut some daylight into you.
Forrest Bondurant: Oh, listen here, mister. We got no way of understanding this world. But we got about as much sense of this bird flying in the sky. There is a lot that bird don’t know, but it don’t change the fact that the world is happening to him all the same.
[the mugger looks at Forrest with confusion]
Forrest Bondurant: What I’m trying to say is, is that the course of your life, well it is changing, and you don’t even see it.
Mugger #1: What are you talking about?
[suddenly Forrest knocks out the muggers with a pair of brass knuckles, leaving him to choke on his own blood, the other muggers run off in fear]
Howard Bondurant: Yep, that’s what he’s talking about.
Forrest Bondurant: Yeah, alright now.
Howard Bondurant: You alright there, Jack?
Jack Bondurant: Just caught me off guard, that’s all.
Howard Bondurant: Still good to drive?
Jack Bondurant: Fuck you, Howard!
[Howard laughs as get into the truck and Jack drives them off]


[at a barn dance, Howard and Jack sit in a corner, selling their alcohol in secret]
Jack Bondurant: Are you going to talk to Forrest about taking some of me and Cricket stuff? We got something big.
Howard Bondurant: Talking to him?
Jack Bondurant: About letting us in, Howard.
Howard Bondurant: Over that dead popsicle he’s been cooking up?
Jack Bondurant: We’re still perfecting it.
Howard Bondurant: Perfecting, my ass, Jack. That shit ain’t fit for hogs! Forrest don’t want you involved.
Jack Bondurant: Why’s that?
Howard Bondurant: That he don’t think you got grit. Give me them jars, Jack. Huh?
Jack Bondurant: Why don’t you slow down, Howard? I’m trying and sell the stuff.


[as Jack watches everyone dance, he gets drawn to a girl, Bertha Minnix, playing the ukulele]
Jack Bondurant: Who is that?
Howard Bondurant: She’s one of them crazies, from that church. Her daddy, over there, he’s their preacher. You’re going to get yourself crowbarred, Jack, if you get inside her.
[Jack laughs]
Jack Bondurant: She don’t look that crazy.
[at that moment Bertha’s father looks over disapprovingly at Jack]
Howard Bondurant: Ooh, but her daddy don’t look too happy neither.
[Jack quickly looks down, avoiding eye contact with Bertha’s father]


[Forrest returns to the Bondurant Bar where a young woman is waiting for him]
Maggie Beauford: Are you Forrest Bondurant?
Forrest Bondurant: Um…
[Forrest looks uncomfortable and takes his hat off]
Maggie Beauford: I’m Maggie Beauford.
[she holds out her hand, Forrest takes it, shaking hands awkwardly, avoiding eye contact]
Forrest Bondurant: Mm-hmm.
Maggie Beauford: They say in town you’re looking for someone to help out around the place.
[Forrest nods his head]
Maggie Beauford: Is that position still vacant?
Forrest Bondurant: Forgive me for asking, but, um, what’s a lady like you want here?
Maggie Beauford: City can grind a girl down. Gets to a point where you start looking for somewhere quite.
[just then Jack and Howard walk into the bar and stare at Maggie, Forrest walks away from Maggie]
Jack Bondurant: Damn.
Maggie Beauford: Well, Mr. Bondurant? Do I get the job?
[Forrest turns and grunts an approval]
Forrest Bondurant: Uh, hmm.


[after Jack sees Floyd Banner in town, killing some men with a Tommy gun, he watches as Floyd leaves then grabs some of Banner’s shell casing and runs off to show Cricket]
Jack Bondurant: You ain’t never going to believe what I just seen! Floyd Banner! Shoot the tires out of Goddamn car smack in the middle of town with a Goddamn Tommy gun.
Cricket Pate: Floyd Banner?
Jack Bondurant: Floyd Banner! Oh, here! Look here.
[Jack takes his hat off and takes the shell casings he’d taken from his hat]
Jack Bondurant: In the middle of all that I was thinking about you. Got you one of these shell casings, Cricket.
Cricket Pate: Oh, thanks, Jack.
[Cricket takes the casing]
Jack Bondurant: Yeah, figured we could put holes in it, you know? Put a chain threw it, hang it around our necks or something.
Cricket Pate: Oh, I could do that.
Jack Bondurant: Floyd Banner, like he had direction and vision.


[after Jack tells Cricket about Banner, he looks round and sees smoke coming from the cabin]
Jack Bondurant: You got smoke coming out of the cabin.
[they go to the basement, where Cricket’s distillation equipment for making alcohol is]
Jack Bondurant: Jesus Christ, Cricket! This going to work?
Cricket Pate: Naturally! But I’m still messing with the recipe of course, and with this set up through the pipes, no one will even know what’s down here!
[Cricket pours some of the alcohol from the pipe into a jar for Jack to taste]
Cricket Pate: Man takes one of these bottles wherever he goes.
[Jack looks at the alcohol, which is a disgusting yellow color]
Jack Bondurant: Well, partner, I don’t know if that’s the stupidest thing I ever seen or you’re some kind of damn genius.
[Jack takes a sip of the alcohol and nearly chokes as it’s so strong]
Jack Bondurant: Ooph!
Cricket Pate: Mm-hmm.


[as Forrest locks the moonshine shed outside his bar and puts the key around his neck, he hears a car drive up, he walks up and sees the police]
Sheriff Hodges: Hey, Forrest.
[Forrest walks up to the Sheriff, he sees Charlie Rakes for the first time]
Sheriff Hodges: This here is the new special deputy. He’s been brought in from the city to help us out. You know, make sure things go smooth.
Forrest Bondurant: What things might they be?
[Rakes laughs]
Forrest Bondurant: Sorry, something amuse you?
Charlie Rakes: My name is Charlie Rakes, I’m from Chicago.
Deputy Henry Abshire: That damn brother of yours, he somewhere about?
[Forrest doesn’t answer him, he looks at the Sheriff]
Forrest Bondurant: Who’s in the car?
Sheriff Hodges: That there is the new Commonwealth’s Attorney, Mason Wardell. He wants to work it so that everybody gets to do some business.


[Wardell taps on the car window]
Sheriff Hodges: Henry, go see what Mr. Wardell wants.
[Rakes walks up to Forrest and stares at him]
Forrest Bondurant: Pete, who the hell is this son of a bitch?
Charlie Rakes: Me? I’m the one who’s going to make your life real difficult from now on if you don’t toe the line, country boy.
[Rakes pokes Forrest hard in the chest with his finger]
Forrest Bondurant: Don’t you ever touch me again.
[Rakes laughs]
Sheriff Hodges: Alright. Alright.


Sheriff Hodges: Forrest, it’s already settled. Police is going to get on board eventually. Start at twenty dollars a week, thirty dollars a load, that gets you free passage throughout the whole county. No one will bother you.
Forrest Bondurant: Nobody bother me now.
Deputy Henry Abshire: Mr. Wardell, he’d like a jar of your finest apple brandy. Will that be alright?
[he holds out the money Wardell has offered, Forrest notices that Rakes is staring intently at Maggie, who’s sitting behind them peeling potatoes, Forrest grabs the money and walks towards the car Wardell is sat in]
Mason Wardell: Can I help you, son?
Forrest Bondurant: Yeah. You send your talent with the bull tire round here again, and I guarantee you personally pulling a cleaver out of his fucking skull, you understand?
[Forrest shoves the money into Wardell’s front jacket pocket and pulls it hard, he then turns away]
Mason Wardell: You’re going to regret this, Forrest.
Charlie Rakes: He’s already regretting it, he’s just too ignorant to know it yet.
[Forrest points to Maggie]
Forrest Bondurant: You want to go inside now?
[Maggie goes inside and Forrest stops and stares at Rakes]
Charlie Rakes: You thinking of drawing on me?
[Forrest stares hard at Rakes for a moment before grunting and walking off]


[the brothers meet with other bootleggers outside of Franklin]
Forrest Bondurant: Say your piece, Jimmy. I got a business to run.
Jimmy Turner: Alright, Forrest. Now we got a chance to make a good stack of money here while the getting is good. But for things to run smooth you got to grease the tracks.
Forrest Bondurant: Yeah, I hear what you’re saying, Jimmy, and, um, we go back a long ways, so I’m not going to make a big deal out of this. But, uh, I’m a Bondurant, and we don’t lay down for nobody. We’ll continue to operate free and clear as always. Me? I’ll never pay no money to no Mason Wardell. Wouldn’t mix with that damn blood sucker to come after me. I never have, I never will.
Jimmy Turner: I’m sorry you feel that way, Forrest.
Forrest Bondurant: Jimmy, do you have something that you really want to say to me?
Jimmy Turner: We can’t do it that way no more.
Howard Bondurant: I remember there was a time you got some balls, Jimmy.
Forrest Bondurant: Well, I guess we’ll see what happens then. Gentlemen.
[Forrest walks off with Howard and Jack following him]


Sheriff Hodges: Look, we got something of a problem here.
Charlie Rakes: It’s Special Deputy, and I don’t see a problem at all. I hear these mountain boys have got Indian blood in them, Cherokee. This would explain why they’re a little animalistic in their nature.
Sheriff Hodges: I don’t rightly understand what you mean, but there’s a feeling around these parts that Forrest Bondurant is different than other folks.
Charlie Rakes: Different?
Sheriff Hodges: indestructible.
Charlie Rakes: Do you mean, immortal?
[Rakes laughs]
Charlie Rakes: You fucking hicks are sideshow onto yourselves.
[he continues to laugh]
Charlie Rakes: Sheriff, do you have any idea what a Thompson submachine gun does to a mortal?
Sheriff Hodges: Well, this ain’t Chicago, you can’t just shoot him. Do that, people around here will string us up from a tree.
Charlie Rakes: Do I look stupid to you? I’ve been brought in to do a job, and I know just who to start with.
Sheriff Hodges: You know something? I don’t much like you.
Charlie Rakes: Yeah? Well, not many do.


Jack Bondurant: I can run them blockades.
Danny: You? A blockader? Shit!
Jack Bondurant: What do you mean, shit? Well, I can do it better than you can.
Howard Bondurant: Well Forrest, he don’t want to hear about it.
Jack Bondurant: Yeah, well. Yeah, well, Forrest, I’m sick of being his house dog.
[Jack takes a jar of moonshine]
Howard Bondurant: You want to tell him that, or do you want me to do that too?
[Jack takes a swig from the moonshine and chokes as it’s so strong]
Howard Bondurant: You alright there, Jack?
Jack Bondurant: Shut up, Howard. Forrest ain’t got no aspirations, he just sleeps on the mattress on the floor.
Howard Bondurant: You might want to watch your mouth there, little fella.


[Howard roughs up Jack’s hair and Jack pushes him away]
Jack Bondurant: Fuck off, Howard!
Howard Bondurant: Oh, come on!
Jack Bondurant: Stop! Stop!
Howard Bondurant: It’s alright!
[Jack takes off with the jar of moonshine]
Danny: Where you going with that stuff?
Jack Bondurant: Church!
Howard Bondurant: Hey, you better take it easy on that jar then!
[Jack arrives at church, looking drunk, in the middle of a service, he tries to catch Berth’s attention, but she stares disapprovingly at him, as the service continues with the ceremonial washing of the feet and Bertha washes Jack’s feet, he gets ill and bolts out of the church forgetting one of his shoes and puking all over the garden]


[Rakes pays Cricket a visit in his house with several other cops]
Charlie Rakes: Mind if I come in?
Aunt Winnie: Don’t expect nobody’s coming out around here.
Charlie Rakes: Who’s that?
Cricket Pate: My Aunt Winnie.
Charlie Rakes: Why don’t you tell Aunt Winnie this is not a social visit.
Cricket Pate: Well, I ain’t sure that’ll do any good, sir. She ain’t right in the head.
Charlie Rakes: Three things you got to tell us, son. Where’s the distill, where’s the liquor and where’s the money?
[Rakes opens the barrel of his shotgun and closes it]
Deputy Henry Abshire: He don’t have it.
[Rakes looks around and sees Jack by the door]
Charlie Rakes: And who might you be?
Deputy Henry Abshire: That there is Jack Bondurant.
Charlie Rakes: Well, I’ll be. I was told I’d find you here. And look, here you are.
[Rakes walks over to Jack pointing his gun at Jack’s chest; to the other cops]
Charlie Rakes: Go find the distill, leave us alone.


[after the cops leave Rakes alone in the house with Jack and Cricket]
Charlie Rakes: So, the runt of the litter. You boys don’t get it, do you?
[Jack doesn’t answer and looks down]
Charlie Rakes: Look at me son.
[Rakes uses the end of his shotgun to push Jack’s chin up, Jack looks at Rakes]
Charlie Rakes: Oh, you’re a peach.
[suddenly Rakes hits Jack hard in the face, making him smack against the wall and fall]
Aunt Winnie: What’s going on?
[Rakes points his gun at Jack again as Jack tries to get up]
Charlie Rakes: Come closer. Step forward.
[Jack steps towards Rakes]
Charlie Rakes: Stop right there.
[Rakes uses his shotgun to hit Jack hard in the face, making him fall again and kicks him]
Charlie Rakes: Get up.
[Jack gets up, blood pouring from his face]


Charlie Rakes: I thought they say said you Bondurant boys were bunch of hard boiled sons of bitches?
[Rakes punches Jack hard in the face, making him fall outside]
Charlie Rakes: Oh, this is terrible. This won’t do.
[Rakes drags Jack up and shoves him off the stairs, making fall to the ground, Rakes circles around Jack]
Jack Bondurant: My brothers going to get you! They’re going to kill you!
Charlie Rakes: Is that so? That’s not going to help you right now, is it?
[Rakes punches Jack hard again]
Charlie Rakes: Why don’t you tell those brothers of yours, we’re coming for them next.


[Rakes holds up Jacks head with his hair and repeatedly punches him in the face]
Charlie Rakes: You tell them…
Jack Bondurant: Please!
[Jack starts crying from pain and fear and tries to stop Rakes by using his hands]
Charlie Rakes: Don’t touch me!
[Rakes pushes Jack away and kicks him in the face, Jack passes out]
Charlie Rakes: Next time I come down real hard.
[he looks at his white gloves, which have now got Jack’s blood all over it, he takes them off with disgust]


[the next day after getting beat up by Rakes, Jack is at the bar, pouring salt into salt shakers, his face a mess, Forrest enters and walks up to Jack]
Forrest Bondurant: Alright. So you want to get into this racket, but I see you sitting there, looking like somebody’s punching bag. So I ask you, what do you intend to do now?
Jack Bondurant: What do I intend to do?
Forrest Bondurant: Yeah. You. What, you expect somebody else to handle it?
Jack Bondurant: No.
Forrest Bondurant: Howard maybe?
Jack Bondurant: That ain’t what I meant.
Forrest Bondurant: What did you mean?
Jack Bondurant: I don’t need no help.
Forrest Bondurant: I’m sorry?
Jack Bondurant: I don’t need no help.
Forrest Bondurant: Oh, you don’t. Here it is. As long as you are my brother, you will never let this happen again. Do you understand?
Jack Bondurant: I get it.
Forrest Bondurant: I don’t think you do.
Jack Bondurant: What if I can’t? I mean, I’m not built like you and Howard. I ain’t never been like you.


Forrest Bondurant: It’s alright. Jack, it is not the violence that sets men apart. Alright? It is the distance that he is prepared to go. Jack, look at me.
[Jack turns and looks at Forrest]
Forrest Bondurant: We are survivors. We control the fear. And without the fear, we are all as good as dead. Do you understand? Do you?
Jack Bondurant: Rakes told me to tell you they’re coming for you next.
Forrest Bondurant: Yeah, well, they’ll be back. You can be sure of that. Um…
[Forrest drops a bag in front of Jack]
Forrest Bondurant: A present from your preacher friend. You going to open it?
[Jack opens the back and takes out the shoe he’d left in the church, Howard laughs and Forrest walks off]


[two deputy Sheriff’s pay Forrest a visit at his bar]
Deputy Henry Abshire: Forrest Bondurant, it seems you’ve been involved in certain illegal activities.
Forrest Bondurant: Illegal activities, huh?
Deputy Henry Abshire: Look here, Forrest. You play ball with us we can make this here summons disappear.
Forrest Bondurant: Are you trying to shake me down, Henry?
Deputy Henry Abshire: I’m just the messenger here, Forrest.
[suddenly Howard starts stomping down from the bar towards them]
Forrest Bondurant: Have you met, Howard?
[suddenly Howard bursts out from the bar and Abshire tries to take out his gun]
Howard Bondurant: Oh, what you going to shoot me, huh?!
Deputy Henry Abshire: Howard!
[Howard beats up both deputies]
Deputy Henry Abshire: Howard!
Howard Bondurant: You going to hurt my brother?
[Howard kicks Abshire hard]
Howard Bondurant: Huh? You trying to intimidate us, Sheriff? Huh?! We’re Bondurants.


[Howard takes the nozzle from the gas pump]
Forrest Bondurant: Alright now. That’s enough now.
Howard Bondurant: Think we’re going to shut up like them other cock suckers?
[Howard shoves the nozzle from the gas pump into Abshire’s mouth]
Howard Bondurant: Huh?! Huh?!
Forrest Bondurant: That’s enough now. Howard, that’s enough.
[Howard takes the nozzle out of Abshire’s mouth]
Forrest Bondurant: Alright.
[Howard kicks Abshire before walking away from him]
Howard Bondurant: You dumb piece of shit!
Forrest Bondurant: Now you all ought to know better than to come around here when Howard’s been on the stump whiskey for a few days. Think you might want to get out of here. You give my regards to Special Deputy Rakes.
[Forrest empties Abshire’s gun before giving it back to him]
Forrest Bondurant: ain’t nothing personal, Henry.


[Maggie returns home from the bar one night, as she walks to her room suddenly Rakes comes out from one of the rooms]
Charlie Rakes: I saw you at the Bondurant place.
[Maggie doesn’t answer but moves to open her door]
Charlie Rakes: You’re not from around here. Chicago, right?
[Maggie doesn’t reply and just looks at him]
Charlie Rakes: You were a dancer up there. The Apex Club, wasn’t it? You did a little number with feathers I believe.
[Maggie opens her door, tries to quickly go in and close the door but Rake blocks it with his foot]
Charlie Rakes: Something troubling you?
Maggie Beauford: Get out of my way.
Charlie Rakes: Oh, you don’t need to worry about me. I ain’t the kind to drink from a greasy cup.
[he moves hit foot and Maggie slams the door in his face]


[as Forrest and Howard are stacking up moonshine on the back of their truck for selling]
Forrest Bondurant: Where’s Jack?
Howard Bondurant: I’ve seen him swaning around in daddy’s old suit.
Forrest Bondurant: Listen, Howard.
Howard Bondurant: Yeah?
Forrest Bondurant: I need you here with me tonight. Uh, I got some business with a couple of out of towners I never dealt with before.
Howard Bondurant: Yeah, where are they from?
Forrest Bondurant: Chicago.
Howard Bondurant: Oh, well, me and Danny we just got to stop by the steals first.
Forrest Bondurant: You just be here by eleven now, you got that?
Howard Bondurant: I got it. When have I ever let you down?


[in town, Jack looking all dressed up, approaches Bertha in her father’s car while she is drinking a soda]
Jack Bondurant: How would you like to come on a ride with me sometime?
Bertha Minnix: You must be jingle-brained if you think I’m going to get in a car with the likes of you. Anyway, you ought to be worried if my father catches you here talking to me. He’s just in the feed store there.
Jack Bondurant: Why do I need to be worried?
Bertha Minnix: You know, coming to the church meeting like that, and busting out of there like a crazy person. Are you affected in the head?
Jack Bondurant: Oh well, now. Look here. Look. A crazy person wear a suit as fancy as this?
Bertha Minnix: Still don’t explain why you acted like a lunatic.
Jack Bondurant: I didn’t want my feet washed, that’s all.
Bertha Minnix: I know who you are.
Jack Bondurant: Oh, yeah. Who’s that?
Bertha Minnix: One of them Bondurant boys. And that’s enough. There ain’t many that have a good word to say about you.
Jack Bondurant: Yeah?
Bertha Minnix: Except some rubbish about a legend. About you guys being invincible or some such nonsense.
Jack Bondurant: Say that word again? What did you say?
Bertha Minnix: Invincible.
Jack Bondurant: Well, shit. I don’t know what that means. Sounds good though.


Bertha Minnix: My daddy says you boys are the worst thing ever to hit Franklin.
Jack Bondurant: What would your daddy know?
Bertha Minnix: You sure got a funny way of courting, Jack Bondurant. That is what you’re doing, right? Courting?
[Jack smiles at her]
Jack Bondurant: Yeah. Alright then.
[he starts to walk off]
Jack Bondurant: You tell your daddy I said hi.
[as he turns to walk off he sees Bertha’s father coming out of the feed store]
Jack Bondurant: Oh, shit!
[Jack quickly turns and walks the other way]


[as Howard get drunk and misses coming back to the bar to help Forrest with the men from Chicago, back in the bar, the two men cause trouble for Maggie and she stabs one of the men through the hand, Cricket witnesses this and gets Forrest]
Forrest Bondurant: Alright now! That’s enough! Go on, get out of here!
Hophead #1: I paid for another jar, and she won’t give it. Then the bitch done me.
[Forrest looks at Maggie and she shakes her head]
Forrest Bondurant: No, you didn’t.
Hophead #1: We got to buy a hundred gallon of your liquor. Now you ain’t going to throw in some extra?
Forrest Bondurant: You ain’t buying a Goddamn thing. Now, go on, get out of here.


[Cricket notice the gun thrown in the corner of the bar, he whispers to Forrest]
Cricket Pate: He pulled a gun on her.
Forrest Bondurant: Did you pull a gun on this woman?
[suddenly the thug throws a punch at Forrest who starts beating him up and knocks him out]
Maggie Beauford: Forrest!
[the second thug then goes for Forrest, they start fighting, Cricket grabs the gun on the floor and goes to sit on the other thug and holds the gun to his face]
Cricket Pate: I may be a cripple boy, you sack of shit! But I’ll Goddamn blow your brains out if you move!
[Forrest violently knocks out the other thug, then proceeds to throw their bodies out of the bar]
Forrest Bondurant: Goddamn you, Howard!


[after getting rid of the thugs, Maggie tends to Forrest’s face wounds]
Forrest Bondurant: I think you best be getting home.
Maggie Beauford: Okay.
Forrest Bondurant: Alright.
[Maggie gets her coat and walks out to her car with Forrest following behind her]
Forrest Bondurant: Are you sure you alright?
[Maggie walks back towards Forrest]
Maggie Beauford: I had too much for one night, I guess.
[she holds out here hand and Forrest takes it to shake, she holds on for a moment]
Maggie Beauford: Bye, Forrest.
[she gets into her and Forrest watches her drive off, then he notices that someone opened the engine block of his car, as he goes to fix it the two men he beat up jump him and slash Forrest’s throat]
Hophead #1: Fucking hillbilly!
[Forrest holding on to his slashed throat, collapses to the ground, blood gushing through his hands]


[as the weather gets rough on the road, Maggie returns to the bar, not seeing Forrest bleeding out on the ground, she enters the bar]
Maggie Beauford: Forrest? Forrest? There’s something that you need to know.
[the two men that had attacked Forrest come out of the shadows, one in front of her and one behind her]
Hophead #1: Now, let’s have some fun.
[the one behind her grabs her and holds her at knife point and the scene cuts out, we then see her the next morning sat in her room, her body all bruised from being raped]


[Jack and Howard pay Forrest a visit in the hospital, as hey lies in bed here with a throat all bandaged up]
Jack Bondurant: Hey, Forrest. They doctor saying you walked in here. All the way from Blackwater Station.
[turning to Howard]
Jack Bondurant: All by himself.
[he looks at Forrest for a moment]
Jack Bondurant: Did you get them, Forrest? I want you to know that when you do, I’ll help you myself. You got all the way here from Blackwater Station…
Howard Bondurant: Jack. Why don’t you shut up a minute, huh?
[Forrest gives Howard a look and Howard turns and walks towards the door, Forrest makes a noise and Howard turns back to Forrest]
Forrest Bondurant: You should have been there, Howard.
[Howard nods his head and leaves]


[after deciding to leave town, Maggie pays Forrest a visit at the hospital]
Maggie Beauford: Look at what they did to you.
[she walks closer to Forrest’s bed and looks at him for a moment]
Maggie Beauford: I’m leaving, Forrest.
Forrest Bondurant: Uh, the bar ain’t really the quite life you were looking for, huh?
Maggie Beauford: It’s the people, Forrest. People like them, they’re why I left Chicago. I cut out and ran.
Forrest Bondurant: Come here, Maggie.
[Maggie walks up closer and sit next to Forrest on his bed]
Forrest Bondurant: Now, this has nothing to do with you either. Nothing at all. Did you check out of that place yet.
[Maggie nods her head as tears roll down her face]
Forrest Bondurant: I want you to come stay at the station for a while. With those guys still around you best off close to us. We don’t want to see you getting hurt.
Maggie Beauford: We?
Forrest Bondurant: You can, uh, you can use the spare room.
[Maggie wipes the tears from her face]


Jack Bondurant: I know a fella across county line who’ll take your whole roll for five dollars on a gallon. Cricket got a message to him.
Howard Bondurant: Five dollars?
Jack Bondurant: Yep.
Howard Bondurant: Quit it, Jack. I don’t have time for your horse shit.
Jack Bondurant: I’ll do the driving, Howard. You ain’t got to worry about nothing.
Howard Bondurant: Yeah?
Jack Bondurant: And Cricket…
Howard Bondurant: Leave Cricket. What are you going to do with Floyd Banner? Goddamn house dogs, Jack. He’ll sweep the floors.
Jack Bondurant: You haven’t got any Goddamn vision, Howard.
Howard Bondurant: Jack, get out of here!
[Howard pushes Jack aside in anger]
Jack Bondurant: Hey, what’s eating you anyway, huh? The fact that you let your own brother, old Forrest, down?
[suddenly Howard punches Jack in the face]
Howard Bondurant: Shut your mouth, huh!
[Jack looks at Howard as his nose bleeds and he walks off]


[after his fight with Howard, Jack returns to the hospital at night and steals the key to Forrest’s moonshine shed, Forrest wakes up]
Forrest Bondurant: What are you doing, Jack?
Jack Bondurant: Just checking on you.
Forrest Bondurant: I’m alright.
Jack Bondurant: Alright then.
Forrest Bondurant: I’m alright.
Jack Bondurant: Yeah, I was just worried.
Forrest Bondurant: I’ll be home tomorrow. Go on now.
Jack Bondurant: I’ll see you tomorrow then.
[Jack turns and leaves]


[Cricket finds Jack loading up the truck with Forrest’s moonshine jars]
Cricket Pate: What the hell are you doing, Jack?
Jack Bondurant: Come here and help me with this.
Cricket Pate: Shit, Jack. You’re off your nuts!
Jack Bondurant: I’m done waiting for permission.
Cricket Pate: Forrest is going to throttle you.
Jack Bondurant: Don’t you worry about that. Grab a box. You just call Gummy Walsh, you tell him we’re bringing a big load. Two hundred gallons at least.
Cricket Pate: We?
Jack Bondurant: Yeah.
Cricket Pate: You mean, you and me?
Jack Bondurant: Well, hell, I need back up, Cricket. You my partner, or what?
Cricket Pate: Shit.


[as they drive out of Franklin to sell the moonshine to meet Cricket’s contact]
Jack Bondurant: Jesus, Cricket. You look like you’re about to shit yourself.
[Cricket notices Jack putting a small gun into the back of his trousers]
Cricket Pate: Woh! You wouldn’t really shoot that thing?
Jack Bondurant: If anybody give me cause, I might.
Cricket Pate: Oh, bullshit! I don’t believe you!
Jack Bondurant: Absolutely. Pow! Right between the eyes.
[suddenly the truck starts making a strange noise and slowing down]
Jack Bondurant: What is that?
Cricket Pate: That don’t sound right.
Jack Bondurant: Did you put gas in it?
[Cricket looks down as he realizes he forgot to put gas in the truck]
Jack Bondurant: Did you put gas in the truck?
Cricket Pate: Shit!
Jack Bondurant: You forgot to put gas in it. Well, what the fuck are we going to do now?! Huh?!


[the car stops and Jack gets out of the truck]
Cricket Pate: I’m sorry, Jack! I got other things I my mind! Like robbing your brothers for instance!
Jack Bondurant: Other things on your mind! All you had to do is put gas in the truck! All you had to do is put gas in it!
Cricket Pate: I got me an idea.
Jack Bondurant: This road is crawling with cops, Cricket! You know that we’re just sitting ducks!
[Cricket takes one of the moonshine jars]
Jack Bondurant: Oh, you got to be kidding me!
Cricket Pate: What? You got a better idea?
[Cricket opens the jar of alcohol and pours it into the gas tank of the truck]
Jack Bondurant: You want to put moonshine in the gas tank?
Cricket Pate: Come on!
[Cricket manages to start the car and Jack shouts in delight]
Jack Bondurant: Oh, shit! Yeah! Yeah!
[they drive off]


[as they reach Cricket’s contact]
Gummy Walsh: You must be Cricket Pate, huh?
Cricket Pate: Jack, meet Gummy Walsh.
Gummy Walsh: So what you got?
Jack Bondurant: Well, sir, we got a hundred gallons of quality white lightning, a hundred of crazy apple.
Gummy Walsh: Real juice from Franklin County, huh?
Jack Bondurant: Yes, sir.
[suddenly one of Walsh’s men comes up behind Jack and holds a gun to his head, and Walsh and his other men surround Jack and Cricket]
Jack Bondurant: Alright. Alright.


[referring to Jack’s gun that Walsh’s man takes out of his trousers]
Gummy Walsh: What you go there? A little pee shooter?
[Walsh turns Jack and pushes him]
Gummy Walsh: Okay. Now walk! Walk!
Jack Bondurant: We had a deal.
Gummy Walsh: You’re one stupid sack of shit, ain’t you boy.
Jack Bondurant: Can’t we work something out?
Gummy Walsh: Is that how you do business, with a pop gun?
[Jack tries to turn]
Gummy Walsh: Is said, fucking walk!


[Walsh and his men throw Jack and Cricket into a dugged grave, Banner walks up to them]
Floyd Banner: You got them boys in the hole like I told you?
[to Jack and Cricket]
Gummy Walsh: Meet Floyd Banner.
[Jack watches as Banner comes up stands over them]
Floyd Banner: ain’t no honor in the business anymore. Shoot them.
[Banner throws his lit cigar at Jack]
Jack Bondurant: Wait! Wait!
Gummy Walsh: Better stand back fellas, don’t want to get your suits all splattered. These country boys can make a real mess.
[he points his gun at Jack]
Jack Bondurant: Wait! Wait! I’m Jack Bondurant! I come from Blackwater Station!
[Walsh hesitates and Banner looks at Jack]


[in Banner’s office, after Banner spares Jack and Cricket, Banner tests Jack’s moonshine by setting a light]
Floyd Banner: It’s impressive. I’ll give you four dollars, but keep it to yourself. Those boys out front they only get three and a half.
Jack Bondurant: I was told five.
[Banner looks at Jack for a moment and smiles, looks to his men]
Floyd Banner: Let’s get it unloaded.
[Banner takes out the cash to pay Jack]
Floyd Banner: I respect you Bondurants standing up to that communist District Attorney. Got everybody in his pocket. Thinks he shits and half of Virginia falls out of his ass.


[Banner places the cash on the table and Jack starts bagging it up]
Floyd Banner: There’s something you ought to know. I heard what happened to your brother Forrest. The cocksuckers that did it used to work for me.
Jack Bondurant: They work for you?
Floyd Banner: They left my outfit. Got an offer from some slick looking Deputy, he wore perfume…
Jack Bondurant: Charlie Rakes?
Floyd Banner: Yeah, that was him. What happened to Forrest had nothing to do with me. Make sure you tell Forrest that. Tell him Floyd Banner says hello.
[Banner writes something down on a piece of paper and gives it to Jack]
Floyd Banner: Give him this. Say it’s a gift. From the Midnight Coal Company.


[Banner and his men watch Jack and Cricket drive off]
Gummy Walsh: Yeah, now I remember them Bondurant boys. That boy’s brother, he’s the one who walked twenty miles with his head cut clear off, they cut a hole in his throat.
[Banner suddenly hits him hard across the skull with a shovel, he then starts shouting at his men]
Floyd Banner: I got every lawmen in three fucking states up my ass! The last thing I need is some hard ass crackers pulling a damn blood feud on me! Now get this sack of shit out of here!


[next morning, Forrest and Howard sit outside the bar as Jack and Cricket drive up]
Jack Bondurant: You’re going to want to hold on, Forrest. You’re going to hear me out. I sold your hold lot to Floyd Banner in one damn go. I’ve taken a month of load there. Not only that, I sold it for five dollars on the barrel. That’s twice what you get. Right here…
[he empties the bag of money in front of Forrest]
Jack Bondurant: …is two thousand dollars, minus my commission.
[Forrest looks unimpressed]
Forrest Bondurant: Look at you. You think you’re so Goddamn smart, huh? Swanning around like you’re Al Capone. Is he your new best friend? Well, take a good look, Jack.
[points to the large stitched up wound on his neck]
Forrest Bondurant: Yeah, that’s from your new best friend.
Jack Bondurant: He don’t own those two. Especially after Rakes hired the men that did that to you.
Forrest Bondurant: Well, who told you that?
Jack Bondurant: Floyd Banner himself.
Forrest Bondurant: Oh, Floyd Banner himself! Well, that must be possible.


[Jack holds up the piece of paper that Banner had given him]
Forrest Bondurant: What’s that?
Jack Bondurant: It’s a gift, from Floyd Banner. It’s an address, Forrest. Where you can find the bastards that cut your throat. I say we go tonight.
[Forrest doesn’t move, Jack puts the piece of paper on Jack’s shoulder]
Jack Bondurant: Anything else I can do for you, Forrest? Sweep the fucking floors maybe.
[Jack goes into the bar]
Jack Bondurant: I got somewhere I got to be.


[Jack visits Bertha, wearing new clothes and carrying a camera]
Jack Bondurant: Can I come in?
Bertha Minnix: Be better be quick then.
Jack Bondurant: I’ll be quick. I got me on them cameras. You stand right here.
Bertha Minnix: Here?
[she tries to pose for Jack to take a photo]
Bertha Minnix: If my daddy caught me with one of those things he’d murder me.
Jack Bondurant: You got to keep steady now so as I can get it.
Bertha Minnix: Alright.
Jack Bondurant: Why’d you stop moving around?
Bertha Minnix: That’s how the movie stars do it in California.
Jack Bondurant: Alright. One, two, three.
[Jack takes a picture]
Bertha Minnix: Now you.
Jack Bondurant: Alright.
[Jack poses by pulling his hat down and putting a cigarette in his mouth]
Bertha Minnix: Ready?
[she takes the picture]
Jack Bondurant: How do I look?
Bertha Minnix: Like trouble, Jack Bondurant.


[after his night out with Bertha, that evening Jack goes to the bar, looking for Forrest]
Jack Bondurant: Where’s Forrest? What?
Maggie Beauford: Jack…
[realizing that his brothers have gone after Forrest’s attackers]
Jack Bondurant: Have they gone without me?
Maggie Beauford: It don’t have to be like this.
Jack Bondurant: Shit! I’ll find out where they went.


[Jack drives to the address Banner gave him, Howard opens the door, Jack sees the walls are soaked with blood and Forrest is holding straight razor]
Howard Bondurant: You know why they say you ain’t got no balls, Jack?
[Howard hands Jack a brown bag which holds the one of the men’ testicles]
Howard Bondurant: You send these to Rakes.
[Jack sees the man left alive screaming muffled cries of despair, Howard shuts the door in Jack’s face, Jack takes the bag, wraps it in pink tissue paper and drops it off outside Rakes’ room]


Jack Bondurant: [voice over] I kept hearing the country was in a real bad way. Folks out of work, people dusted out, losing their homes and their farms and all. But from my perspective, the situation was something different entirely. See once we started shifting that liquor across the county line, that money just started pouring in. That don’t mean we were onto easy, Rakes was coming at us day and night. Then Cricket, he had one of his ideas. He stuck souped up carburetor in that Ford, it was a thing of pure beauty. He’s gifted, that boy. Me, well, ain’t no one could say I couldn’t drive a damn car.
[we see as Jack continue to sell to Banner and the brothers living well]


Jack Bondurant: [voice over] Meanwhile, Howard and me hammered out four three hundred gallons submarine stills. They were the biggest stills Franklin had ever seen, and we hid them deep in the woods where Rakes could never find them. By that time, Jimmy and them others caved in, made deals with Wardell. All except our Cousin Spoons. But Rakes took him out of control again.
[we see as Spoons has been caught by Rakes and is tied to a tree with burning tar being poured over his body]
Jack Bondurant: [voice over] We Bondurant’s, we were the last ones standing.
[Rakes then has him left tarred and feathered on the porch of the Bondurant Bar, with a sign saying ‘Bootlegger’ round his neck]


[one night, after closing up the bar, Forrest goes towards Maggie’s room and sees the door ajar, he steps closer and looks at her back as she sleeps, he turns and walks to his room, Maggie, who was awake, gets frustrated, takes off her clothes and goes to his room]
Maggie Beauford: You just going to watch me forever?
[Maggie walks closer towards Forrest]
Forrest Bondurant: Um, uh, what you doing?
[Maggie gets into bed and they make love, the next morning Maggie lies in Forrest’s arms]
Maggie Beauford: You shouldn’t keep a girl waiting.


[Jack arrives at Bertha’s house in a brand new car as she sits on a gate waiting for him]
Jack Bondurant: This here vehicle, you know what that is?
[Bertha shakes her head]
Jack Bondurant: That’s a Roma seat roaster, it’s a Ford VA. Now me and the world are going to change driving such a thing. It’s only fair of me to warn you before you open that door and you get inside, nothing is going to be the same as it was before. Your whole life’s going to change forever. Now you could sit there on that gate and shake your head, talking about ‘my daddy this, my daddy that’ till your blue in the face, or you could climb down off that gate and come live a little and get inside my car…
Bertha Minnix: Hey, Jack?
Jack Bondurant: Hold on, Bertha, this is the best part. There’s…
Bertha Minnix: Jack?
Jack Bondurant: Yeah?
Bertha Minnix: You still got the price tag on your coat.
[looking embarrassed he starts looking for the tag]
Bertha Minnix: Come here.
Jack Bondurant: Where?
[Bertha takes the price tag off the back of his coat collar and smiles at him]


[as Jack is taking her for a ride in his new car]
Bertha Minnix: Jeepers, Jack. It sure goes fast.
Jack Bondurant: Fast?
[he changes gear and drives even faster]
Jack Bondurant: Now, we’re going fast.
[they stop off at a quite lane and Jack gives Bertha a box, she opens it and sees a dress]
Jack Bondurant: Don’t you like it?
Bertha Minnix: Don’t matter if I like it, I can’t wear these.
Jack Bondurant: I just wanted to get you something nice.
Bertha Minnix: So where do you think I’d be able to wear something like that?
Jack Bondurant: I’ll take you somewhere so as you could wear something like that every day. Why don’t you try it on?
Bertha Minnix: What? Here?
Jack Bondurant: Yeah. There ain’t nobody around.
Bertha Minnix: You’re around!
Jack Bondurant: I’ll just listen to my radio and look out at this tree here. I won’t look, you can go back of the car and put it on.
Bertha Minnix: Alright. Seeing as you bought it and all.
[she gets out of the car and goes round the back, Jack puts on the radio and looks ahead]


Bertha Minnix: You better not be looking.
[Jack takes a quick peek at her changing through his front rear view mirror]
Bertha Minnix: You better not be looking!
[Jack quickly looks away]
Jack Bondurant: I’m not looking. Just over here, there’s a woodpecker on the tree.
[he takes another quick peek but then looks down quickly, Bertha finishes changing and comes over to him]
Bertha Minnix: Well? How do I look?
[Jack gets out of the car and smiles at her]
Jack Bondurant: Come on.
[Jack takes her hand and takes her through the woods, unbeknownst to him, Rakes has followed Jack and is watching them from afar]


[Jack takes Bertha to their distillation center]
Jack Bondurant: What do you think?
Bertha Minnix: What do I think about what?
Jack Bondurant: Our control room?
[they walk into the area where all the distillation tanks are]
Jack Bondurant: Hey!
Cricket Pate: Hi, sucks, Jack. What’s she doing here?
Jack Bondurant: Miss Bertha Minnix, meet my partner, the Cricket Pate.
Bertha Minnix: Please to meet you, Cricket Pate.
[Bertha shakes hands with Cricket]
Cricket Pate: Pleasure’s all mine, Miss.


[Cricket tries to whisper quietly to Jack about the fact he shouldn’t have brought Bertha there, Jack turns to Bertha]
Jack Bondurant: This is it.
Bertha Minnix: It’s a real hideout.
Jack Bondurant: Yep.
Cricket Pate: Howard’s up on the lookout.
[Cricket goes outside]
Jack Bondurant: It’s the biggest distillation setup in these hills. It provides a thousand dollars a week. No one around here comes closer to it than that.
Bertha Minnix: But you’re an outlaw, Jack.
Jack Bondurant: No, it’s just another perspective. I’m just doing what any man around here would do if he had the same strength of character.
Bertha Minnix: You got it all figured it, huh?
Jack Bondurant: Yeah.


Jack Bondurant: Damn if your face don’t belong on a coin.
Bertha Minnix: Jack.
Jack Bondurant: I mean it. I ain’t never seen nothing as beautiful as you right here. Not never. I wish I had the right words to tell you.
Bertha Minnix: You’re doing just fine.
[Jack kisses Bertha, outside, Howard watches from his lookout as Rakes and his men approach the distillation center]
Howard Bondurant: You’re a damn fool, Jack.
[Howard begins howling at the top of his lungs to warn Jack, Cricket runs in to warn Jack]
Cricket Pate: Jack!
Jack Bondurant: What?
Cricket Pate: It’s the law!
Jack Bondurant: What?!
Cricket Pate: The law, they’re here! It’s the law!
Jack Bondurant: Come on.


[outside Rakes and his men get closer]
Jack Bondurant: Alright, look. You take her!
[Jack gives Bertha’s hand to Cricket]
Jack Bondurant: Take her.
Bertha Minnix: Jack?
[to Cricket]
Jack Bondurant: Go to the Station, I’ll meet you there.
Bertha Minnix: Jack.
Jack Bondurant: Go! Go! Go, Goddammit! Go!


[as Rakes and the deputy come into the distillation center, Howard jumps down and knocks the deputy aside and knocks down Rakes]
Charlie Rakes: going to kill you, you motherfucker!
Jack Bondurant: Rakes!
[Jack walks in pointing his shotgun at Rakes]
Jack Bondurant: You remember me?
Charlie Rakes: You’re not going to shoot me.
Jack Bondurant: Oh, yeah?
Charlie Rakes: Look at you. Boo-hoo!
Jack Bondurant: Goddamn Nance!
[Jack steps on Rakes face in anger]
Howard Bondurant: Come on, Jack!
[Howard and Jack make a run for it as the rest of the police get closer]


[as the remaining deputies swarm the facility and capture Cricket and Bertha, the others pose for photos of the busted facility with Mason Wardell, then Rakes takes Cricket into the woods]
Charlie Rakes: That friend of yours, he called me a Nance. Why would he stay that?
Cricket Pate: I don’t know, sir. Maybe because you smell funny.
Charlie Rakes: What’s wrong with your damn legs, anyway?
Cricket Pate: I got Rickets when I was a kid, left me a little hincky.
Charlie Rakes: That’s it. Down a bit. Here, just go on here.
[Rakes takes Cricket into a cave]
Cricket Pate: What do we…? Why do you want me to go in there?
Charlie Rakes: It’s fine. Come on.
[Rakes pushes him into the cave and starts to suffocate Cricket]
Charlie Rakes: Makes a Goddamn mess on Charlie Rakes shirt!
[Cricket struggles as Rakes tries to suffocate him]
Charlie Rakes: He called me a fucking Nance!
[Rakes violently brakes Crickets neck, killing him, we then see the distillation center being blown up by the police]


[back at the bar, Jack tries to explain to Forrest about getting ambushed by the police]
Jack Bondurant: Forrest, I never meant to…
Forrest Bondurant: Go on, you never meant what? Walk around like you own the place. Like how you’re public enemy number one now?
Jack Bondurant: Forrest, I was just trying to make sure…
[suddenly Forrest slaps Jack hard in the face]
Forrest Bondurant: Letting you in was a mistake.
Jack Bondurant: Sorry.
Forrest Bondurant: Hmm?
Jack Bondurant: I said, I’m sorry. I’m sorry they blew up the stills, I’m sorry they got the car, I’m sorry they took your money…
Forrest Bondurant: My money? Oh, my money? This ain’t about the Goddamn money. This is about the Goddamn principle.
Howard Bondurant: Might be he’s had enough, Forrest.
Forrest Bondurant: Yeah, and as for you, you dumb son of a bitch…
Howard Bondurant: Yeah, I just heard, they got Cricket.
Jack Bondurant: What do you mean?
Howard Bondurant: They killed him. Cricket’s dead, Jack.
[Jack looks shocked and devastated]
Jack Bondurant: That boy never hurt a fly.
[Jack starts crying and Maggie comes over to comfort him]


[at Cricket’s funeral]
Jimmy Turner: Forrest. Uh, we just want to say how sorry we are about Cricket. We all liked that boy, and whatever was done to him goes beyond the point of forgiveness.
Forrest Bondurant: Yeah, well, there’s a lot that can’t be forgiven.
Jimmy Turner: Alright, Forrest. I know what we done wasn’t right…
Forrest Bondurant: You sold us out, Jimmy.


[as the Sheriff drives up to the bar, Jack walks up to his car]
Jack Bondurant: What do you want?
Sheriff Hodges: I need to talk to Forrest.
[the Sheriff goes to open his car door to get out, Jack slams it shut]
Jack Bondurant: No, you don’t. You talk to me now.
Sheriff Hodges: Now look at here, Jack. I just want you all to know that either me nor my officers had anything to do with what happened to Cricket. He was a good boy.
Jack Bondurant: Just your best buddy Rakes?
Sheriff Hodges: He ain’t my buddy. What he done to that boy, there can be no absolution.
Jack Bondurant: You come all the way down here to tell me that?
Sheriff Hodges: I’m risking something being here, Jack. Now, I come here to tell you that what happened to Cricket ain’t the end of something, but the start of something. You understand me? Mason Wardell, he’s gotten Rakes to bring in extra eighty new officers from the city. They’re going to shut down the whole damn county. They’re already got me and my deputies to close down the bridge. No one’s getting in, no one’s getting out.


Jack Bondurant: Where’s Rakes?
Sheriff Hodges: Never you mind.
Jack Bondurant: I asked you a question!
Sheriff Hodges: I’m warning you, son! You better…
Jack Bondurant: You keep your voice down.
Sheriff Hodges: You better lay low. At least till this blows over. This is a war that he’s waging. You ain’t going to survive.
Jack Bondurant: You best get out of here now. Go on.
[as the Sheriff drive off, Jack goes to his room, grabs a shotgun, takes Cricket’s car and drives off to the bridge]


[as Forrest sees Jack drive off after talking to the Sheriff, get grabs his gun and gets ready to go after Jack]
Maggie Beauford: What are you doing?
Forrest Bondurant: Well, Jack’s gone off.
Maggie Beauford: That’s it then?
[Howard runs in to tell Forrest about Jack taking off]
Howard Bondurant: Forrest! Forrest, Jack done took off with Cricket’s car!
Forrest Bondurant: I know, Howard! Go fetch the car!
Howard Bondurant: He got trouble written all over him!


[Howard goes off and Maggie turns to Forrest]
Maggie Beauford: I got to watch you die all over again.
Forrest Bondurant: What you talking about?
Maggie Beauford: I got to find you lying in a pool of your own blood? Drag your damn’ body to my car? Drive you down to the hospital with your throat cut from ear to ear?
Forrest Bondurant: Did you do that?
Maggie Beauford: I’m not doing it again.
Forrest Bondurant: I thought I walked.
Maggie Beauford: ain’t that just like you, to believe your own damn legend.


Forrest Bondurant: Wait a minute. You came back there that night?
[Maggie nods her head]
Forrest Bondurant: They see you?
[Forrest walks over to her]
Forrest Bondurant: Then what happened?
Maggie Beauford: Nothing.
Forrest Bondurant: I asked you a question?
Maggie Beauford: I told you.
Forrest Bondurant: Look at me.
[Maggie closes her eyes and start crying]
Forrest Bondurant: Maggie, look at me.
[Maggie opens her eyes and looks at him]
Forrest Bondurant: What happened when you got back?
Maggie Beauford: Not a damn thing. Now you know. Not a Goddamn one of them bastards ever did a damn thing to me.
[Forrest looks at Maggie realizing what the men had done to her and walks out]


[Jack arrives at the bridge, gun drawn screaming for Rakes to come out]
Jack Bondurant: Rakes, you motherfucker! Where are you?! Where are you?!
Sheriff Hodges: Now, hold it right there, Jack!
Jack Bondurant: Rakes, you bastard!
Charlie Rakes: You looking for me, son?
[Rakes emerges from the darkness of the bridge and shoots at Cricket’s car, then shoots Jack in the gut, Jack collapses]
Sheriff Hodges: Rakes! Deputy! Stand down, Deputy!
[Rakes walks up to Jack]
Charlie Rakes: You are one stupid boy!
Sheriff Hodges: Put down your weapon!
[at that moment Forrest and Howard drive up and start shooting at the police]
Jack Bondurant: Forrest!
[to his men]


Charlie Rakes: Kill those sons of bitches!
[everyone is shooting at each other and in the process Danny gets shot, the Sheriff shouts at his men]
Sheriff Hodges: Hold your fire!
[Forrest goes to help Jack and in the process Rakes shoots at Forrest hitting him in the shoulder]
Sheriff Hodges: Cease fire!
[shouting at Forrest as he falls down]
Charlie Rakes: Take that and your shit kicking rules!
[Jack tries to get up and help Forrest]
Howard Bondurant: Jack, get him out of there!


[as the police have ceased fire, the other bootleggers drive up and start pointing their guns at the police]
Sheriff Hodges: Stand down, everybody! Stand down! Cease fire!
[Rakes reloads his gun and shouts]
Charlie Rakes: You chicken shit sons of bitches!
Sheriff Hodges: Stand down, Deputy!
Charlie Rakes: It’s time for me to take out the garbage!
Sheriff Hodges: Goddammit, Rakes. Stand down!
[Rakes walks over to where Forrest is lying on the ground]
Charlie Rakes: You immortal?! You immortal?! What a fucking laugh!


[as Rakes goes to shoot Forrest, the Sheriff shoots Rakes in the leg]
Howard Bondurant: Someone help Forrest!
[Rakes looks around and sees Forrest struggling to stand and he starts reloading his gun, Rakes gets up and limps away]
Charlie Rakes: Get out of my way! All of you!
Sheriff Hodges: Now everybody, just stay calm!
Charlie Rakes: I work for the Commonwealth Attorney!
Sheriff Hodges: Stay where you are, Jimmy.
Charlie Rakes: You candy assed motherfuckers! Every single one of you!
[Rakes points his gun and starts shooting and hits Forrest in the stomach and chest, Forrest collapses]


[the police and the bootleggers start shooting at each other and Rakes runs into the bridge, Howard runs over to where Forrest has collapsed]
Howard Bondurant: Forrest!
Sheriff Hodges: That’s enough, dammit!
Howard Bondurant: Get some help! Somebody, get some help!
[Jack walks over to where Forrest has fallen]
Sheriff Hodges: Now you just hold it right there, Jack!
[Jack takes Forrest’s gun and starts walking towards the bridge where Rakes has gone]
Sheriff Hodges: Now everybody, just stay calm. Let it be, Jimmy.


[Jimmy and the other bootleggers point down their guns, Jack enters the darkness of the bridge and follows Rakes, Rakes turns and just sees Jack’s silhouette in the darkness]
Charlie Rakes: Christ!
[Rakes raises his gun but Jack fires his gun twice, before Rakes falls, Howard appears from behind and stabs Rakes in the back with a large knife]
Howard Bondurant: Son of a bitch!
[Rakes finally collapses and dies]
Jack Bondurant: Alright then.
[Jack turns and walks off]


[after the shootout at the bridge]
Jack Bondurant: [voice over] In December, 1933, Prohibition finished. So ended the great Franklyn County moonshine conspiracy, as it became known. That same year, Commonwealth Attorney, Mason Wardell was arrested on charges of corruption. Couple of years later, Howard moved to Martinsville, found work in textile, surprised us all by getting hitched, had a whole bunch of children. Bertha Minnix, the preacher’s daughter, well that gal always had a rebellious streak in her. We got married the following year. I ran my daddy’s farm, raised cattle, grew tobacco. After he got shot at the bridge, Forrest spent two weeks recuperating in the hospital. Then he walked out of there and married Maggie, neither of them told no one. I only found out years later. He was like that, Forrest.


[one night, after a nice family dinner, the ladies go to bed]
Jack Bondurant: Hey, come on, Forrest. Come on. Why don’t you show us the dance?
Howard Bondurant: Come on, uncle Forrest. Get up! Come on!
Forrest Bondurant: No.
Howard Bondurant: Come on!
Forrest Bondurant: No, I ain’t dancing for you two Jackasses.
[Howard and Jack laugh at Forrest]
Howard Bondurant: Come on, huh?
Forrest Bondurant: I’m going to get me some air.
[Forrest gets up, takes his bottle of alcohol, and starts walking off]
Howard Bondurant: Here we go! Here we go! Oh! Oh!
[Howard and Jack laugh as Forrest walks off]
Howard Bondurant: There’s him walking off.


[last lines; after their family dinner, we see Forrest walking out drunk into the woods]
Jack Bondurant: [voice over] Forrest once said nothing could kill us, and we could never die. Back then I actually believed it, hell I know Forrest did. Because no matter what this world flung at him, he seemed to be able to just stand up and keep on going. Getting a little more bent, a little more twisted each time. But nobody leaves this world alive, not even Forrest.
[in the woods, Forrest stands on some ice and starts dancing, but he falls through the ice and quickly gets out]
Jack Bondurant: [voice over] And in the end, it was dumb luck and pneumonia that got him. It was as simple and indifferent as that. Nowadays, we Bondurants abide by the law. People ain’t trying to cut our throats, stab us or shoot us no more. Them days are long gone. Sometimes when I’m out on the porch, just sitting around, doing nothing, hell, it sure does get quite around here.

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