Starring: Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, Seth MacFarlane, Riley Keough, Katie Holmes, Katherine Waterston, Dwight Yoakam, Sebastian Stan, Brian Gleeson, Jack Quaid, Hilary Swank



Comedy directed by Steven Soderbergh which follows siblings Jimmy (Channing Tatum), Clyde Logan (Adam Driver) and Mellie (Riley Keough), a hardscrabble family from the hills of West Virginia. Trying to reverse a family curse the sibling with the help of Joe Bang (Daniel Craig), an incarcerated explosives expert set out to execute an elaborate robbery during the legendary Coca-Cola 600 race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.


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Construction Boss: Jimmy, I’m just going to say it. I got to let you go.


Clyde Logan: You were just fired. Why?
Jimmy Logan: I was let go, for liability reasons involving insurance.


Jimmy Logan: How many times have I listened to that, Logan family curse thing?
Max Chilblain: Well, your brother’s missing an arm.
Jimmy Logan: Show a little respect.


[referring to Clyde]
Max Chilblain: A one armed bartender.
[Max and his friend laugh]
Jimmy Logan: You need to show a little respect.
[we then see  Jimmy punching Max and his friend]


Clyde Logan: This kind of stuff don’t happen to normal folk.


[referring to their daughter]
Bobbie Jo Logan Chapman: I have full custody.
Jimmy Logan: I’m getting a lawyer.
Bobbie Jo Logan Chapman: With what money?


Clyde Logan: I saw you had some sort of robbery to-do list.
Jimmy Logan: Charlotte Motor Speedway.


Jimmy Logan: Charlotte Motor Speedway. I know how they move the money.


Clyde Logan: The only guy that knows anything about blowing up real bank vaults is Joe Bang.


[Jimmy and Clyde visit Joe in jail]
Jimmy Logan: How goes it?
Joe Bang: I’m wearing a onesie, how do you think it’s going?


[Jimmy and Clyde visit Joe in jail]
Joe Bang: I am in-car-ce-ra-ted.
Jimmy Logan: Yeah, we got a plan to get you out.
Joe Bang: You Logan’s must be as simple minded as people say.
Jimmy and Clyde: Do people say that? Why?


Mellie Logan: The Coca-Cola 600 race is the biggest race of the year.


Mellie Logan: [to Jimmy] We’re going to do this for your daughter.


Mellie Logan: Hopefully you’ll have beginners luck getting it into first.


Jimmy Logan: We need like a computer whiz.
Hillbilly Cowboy: I know everything there is to know about computers, okay. All the Twitters, I know ‘em.


Jimmy Logan: Are you calling from a secure location?
Hillbilly Cowboy: I’m calling on a phone, like a real phone. I’m at the…
[Jimmy quickly ends the call]


Joe Bang: Sugar, plus potassium chlorate…


Joe Bang: Let’s load this thing.


Joe Bang: You thought I was going to use a stick a dynamite?
Jimmy Logan: Yeah, I kind of did.
Clyde Logan: Yeah, me too.


Joe Bang: Now, how many yards away is the vault?
Jimmy Logan: Twenty yards. I don’t know, I think thirty.
Joe Bang: Is it twenty or is it thirty? We are dealing with science here! Which is it?


Jimmy Logan: They’re going to know what we want them to know.


Jimmy Logan: [calling the police] I saw what I saw. It’s a purple ’77 Silverado.


[the police have stopped an old lady in a purple ’77 Silverado]
Old Lady: I’m on my way to church, I don’t have time for this.
Cop #1: Step out of the vehicle, ma’am.


[as another purple car goes past them really fast]
Cop #2: Seen that?
Cop #1: See what? I need you to focus here, this woman needs containing!


Clyde Logan: My life of crime is over.


Jimmy Logan: A little intense for the kids, ain’t it?
Moody: No, they love it.


Max Chilblain: That is massively stupid!


Mellie Logan: It’s been handled.


Bobbie Jo Logan Chapman: [to Jimmy] Oh, this is going to be good.


Sylvia Harriso:  [to Jimmy] That looks like it hurt.


Sarah Grayson: I want everything on Jimmy Logan.


Joe Bang: What do you make of this Logan curse?
Jimmy Logan: It’s just gossip.


Joe Bang: Now I’m about to get naked, so no peaking.
[Millie rolls her eyes and scoffs]
Joe Bang: I said no peaking! What did I say?


Clyde Logan: Would you give me my arm, please?
[pulls out Clyde’s prosthetic arm and holds it up]
Joe Bang: Is it this one?
[laughs and throws it over to Clyde]


Warden Burns: This is the Warden, alright? Now I got your napkin of demands here of what you want for peaceful surrender and the safe release of my guards you’re holding captive. As warden, I can, uh, approve buying a copy of A Dance With Dragons for the prison library to go up on the Game of Thrones shelf.
[everyone cheers]
Warden Burns: Now, the only problem is that, uh, The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring have yet to be published, so those aren’t available.
[everyone sighs]
Warden Burns: Well, I can’t do anything about what I can’t control.
Naaman: That is total bullshit! George R.R. Martin was supposed to deliver The Winds of Winter to his publisher over two years ago.
Warden Burns: I know that was the original deadline. That’s what it says here. But I’m reading to you from the Wikipedia page. It also says that Martin had a grueling promotion schedule or something, and it’s interfered with his writing schedule. He’s failed to complete The Winds of Winter.
Naaman: That don’t make no sense. Those two guys who transferred in from Federal last month knew about all the new stuff with the hot chick and her dragons.
Warden Burns: No. I’m telling you, I believe those two inmates had that information from watching the TV series. Again, I’m reading to you. The series has jumped ahead! It’s no longer following the books!

Total Quotes: 35