Starring: Zendaya, John David Washington



Netflix drama, written and directed by Sam Levinson. The story centers on filmmaker, Malcolm (John David Washington), and his girlfriend, Marie (Zendaya), who return home following a celebratory movie premiere. As Malcolm awaits what’s sure to be imminent critical and financial success, the evening suddenly takes a turn as revelations about their relationships begin to surface, testing the strength of their love.


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'I feel like once you know someone's there for you, and once you know they love you, you never actually think of them again. It's not until you're about to lose someone, that you finally pay attention.' - Marie (Malcolm & Marie) Click To Tweet 'I value mystery. The unknown. It's what supports the tension of a relationship and forces us to be the best version of ourselves. The “what if” factor.' - Marie (Malcolm & Marie) Click To Tweet


Best Quotes


Malcolm: I wrote, and directed, and premiered a movie that knocked the audience the f*** out tonight! Did you see that? Did you see that audience? Baby, did you see that audience?
Marie: Mm-hmm.


Malcolm: I may just want to make a LEGO movie.
Marie: You don’t want to make a LEGO movie.
Malcolm: Yeah, that’s true. But that LEGO movie was fire. That s**t was heat! Right?


Marie: And you’re complaining about reviews that haven’t yet been written.
Malcolm: Right again.
Marie: So stop. Makes you sound like an a**hole.
Malcolm: Yeah. But s**t, you know what I’m saying though.
Marie: Yeah, but save it for another day.


Malcolm: I love you, Marie.
Marie: Do you want salted or unsalted butter?
Malcolm: I’ll just have you.


Malcolm: Please, Marie. I really don’t want to fight tonight.
Marie: Neither do I. That is why I’m making you mac and cheese.


Malcolm: She sees how you are with other people. You know, you’re talkative. You’re funny.
Marie: What can I say? I’m personable.
Malcolm: Right. Which is what makes her insecure.
Marie: What does? Other f***ing human beings with personalities?
Malcolm: No. The fact that you’re not yourself and she sees it.
Marie: She’ll survive.


Malcolm: Marie, you’re angry. Marie, what you angry about? Marie. Marie? Marie! Marie.


Malcolm: I can’t go to bed knowing you’re angry.
Marie: Malcolm, I promise you, nothing productive is going to be said tonight.
Malcolm: How do you know?
Marie: Because I know you.
Malcolm: What does that mean?
Marie: And I love you.


Malcolm: Why is it that anytime anything good happens in our lives, you have to find something, anything, the most minor f***ing detail to harp on, to make ugly, to ensure that there’s no reason to f***ing celebrate.
Marie: Really? You want to go there?
Malcolm: Yes.


Marie: You forgot to thank me, Malcolm. It’s not a minor f***ing detail. That’s a big one.
Malcolm: But I’ve thanked you a million times before. You know that I’m thankful. You know I’m appreciative. And you know I made a mistake, so why turn it into something more?
Marie: Because it is more.
Malcolm: What?
Marie: It’s our entire f***ing relationship in a nutshell.


Malcolm: You’re psychotic.
Marie: You’re hyperbolic.
Malcolm: I’m not. It’s psychotic to think that forgetting to thank you is symbolic of anything other than me legitimately forgetting to f***ing thank you.


Malcolm: I’m sorry. I forgot to thank you. I am genuinely sorry, which is why I apologized to you a thousand f***ing times during the movie. I mean, I felt so guilty, I couldn’t concentrate on the movie.
Marie: Huh. That’s a shame. You’ve only seen it seven thousand times.


Marie: It’s not just about you forgetting to thank me, Malcolm. It’s about how you see me. And how you view my contribution, not just to this relationship, but to your work. Specifically in a movie you made about my life.


Malcolm: You know, Marie, you are genuinely unstable. I’m not kidding! I’m actually concerned for your mental well-being!


Marie: Are you actually yelling and belittling me from across this house because you are too busy eating mac and cheese?


Marie: Do you know how disturbing it is that you can compartmentalize to such a degree that you can abuse me while eating mac and cheese?
Malcolm: Abuse you?
Marie: Mac and cheese I f***ing made you!
Malcolm: Abuse you?
Marie: Verbally abuse me.
Malcolm: Well, thanks for the f***ing clarification. It’s kind of an important one.


Marie: What I’m saying is you spend your entire life catering to the feelings and the whims of literally everyone but me. Agents, producers, crew members, actors, f***ing fictional characters get more respect and empathy from you than I do.


Marie: You know what, Malcolm? I feel like once you know someone is there for you, and once you know they love you, you never actually think of them again.
Malcolm: That’s not true.
Marie: It’s not until you’re about to lose someone, that you finally pay attention.


Malcolm: Is what you’re threatening, if I don’t apologize, I’m going to lose you?
Marie: I’m not looking for an apology.
Malcolm: What do you want? A screenplay credit?
Marie: Don’t be cruel.


Malcolm: Well, what is it, Marie? What do you want?
Marie: The film is beautiful. I’m proud of you. It took forever to make, and it was f***ing tough. But I have one question for you. Do you think that the movie would be as good as it is if we weren’t together?
Malcolm: No.
Marie: And that’s all I wish you would have said.


Malcolm: Are we no longer fighting?
Marie: That depends.
Malcolm: On what?
Marie: On whether you can manage to not say something hurtful for the rest of the night.
Malcolm: I mean, I’m not that bad.
Marie: F*** you aren’t.


Marie: Just don’t take me for granted.
Malcolm: I don’t.
Marie: You did.
Malcolm: I’m sorry.
Marie: You can kiss me now.


Marie: I’m the only person who tells you you’re being an a**hole when you’re being an a**hole.
Malcolm: I know.
Marie: And now that you’ve made a movie that everybody loves, the world’s going to be kissing your a**.


Marie: I heard that s**t all night. “Oh, he’s so sensitive. He’s so in tune to emotion. He’s romantic. I bet he’s sweet, right?”
Malcolm: What did you say?
Marie: I said, “Well, I mean, yeah. When he’s not being an emotional f***ing terrorist.”


Marie: You know, life is going to get easier, but it’s also going to get harder.
Malcolm: What do you mean?
Marie: Just don’t believe the hype, Malcolm. And don’t push away the people who ground you.


Marie: You’re going to start making fake movies about fake people with fake emotions.


Marie: Next thing you know, you will be on your press tour for your new LEGO film. Talk about how it’s an allegory for the failures of reconstruction. “Well, I mean, the original working title was, Forty LEGOs And A Mule. But the studio got a little, uh…”


Malcolm: You should’ve never given up acting, baby.
Marie: Why, Malcolm?
Malcolm: I always believed if you found a character that actually allowed you to be yourself, you’d be astonishing.
Marie: Well, Malcolm, unfortunately no one can really write me except you.



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