Starring: Abbi Jacobson, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Mike Rianda, Eric Andre, Olivia Colman



Netflix’s animated sci-fi comedy (formally titled Connected) directed and co-written by Mike Rianda. The Mitchells vs. the Machines (2021) follows Katie Mitchell (Abbi Jacobson), a creative outsider, who is accepted into the film school of her dreams. Her plans to meet “her people” at college are upended when her whole family decide to drive Katie too school, which includes her nature-loving dad, Rick (Danny McBride), wildly positive mom, Linda (Maya Rudolph), her quirky little brother, Aaron (Mike Rianda), and the family’s chubby pug, Monchi.

However, the Mitchells plans are interrupted by a tech uprising, all around the world, the electronic devices people love, from phones, to appliances, to an innovative new line of personal robots, decide it’s time to take over. With the help of two friendly malfunctioning robots, the Mitchells will have to get past their problems and work together to save each other and the world.


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'Families can be hard, but they're so worth fighting for. They might be one of the only things that are.' - Katie Mitchell (The Mitchells vs. the Machines) Click To Tweet


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Katie Mitchell: [narrating] We all want to be the perfect family. But who’s perfect, right? Every family has its challenges, from picture day to picky eaters. For my family, our greatest challenge, probably the machine apocalypse.


Robot: The last humans must be here somewhere. Wait. They’re coming. Is that a burnt orange 1993 station wagon? Or is it…
[the Mitchells car crashes into the robots]
Robot: Who are these unstoppable warriors?


Katie Mitchell: [narrating] Most action heroes have a lot of strengths. My family only has weaknesses.


Katie Mitchell: [narrating] My dad kind of reminds me of that YouTube video of the screaming gibbon monkey.


Katie Mitchell: [narrating] Look out, robots, because we’re brave, we are hungry for action, and we’re strapped in for success. And we have no idea what we’re doing.


Katie Mitchell: [narrating] I’ve always felt a little different than everyone else. So I did what any outsider would do, made weird art.


Katie Mitchell: [narrating] I never fit in, for lots of reasons. But movies were always there for me.


Katie Mitchell: [speaking as Monchi, their dog] I’m here to bust criminals and lick my own butt. And I’m all out of criminals.


Katie Mitchell: [narrating] My parents haven’t figured me out yet. To be fair, it took me a while to figure myself out. My little brother Aaron gets me. But he’s got his own weird interests.


Aaron Mitchell: [on the phone] Hi. Would you like to talk to me about dinosaurs? No? Okay. Thank you.
[crosses another name off the phone book]


Katie Mitchell: [narrating] After all these years, I’m finally going to meet my people.


Linda Mitchell: Hey, to celebrate your last night, Katie face cupcakes!
Katie Mitchell: [yelps in horror] Wow.
Linda Mitchell: Any time I miss you, I’m going to bake you and eat you.


Katie Mitchell: Dude, don’t worry. You’ll make new friends. And maybe you can meet another smart, charming, dinosaur-loving nerd. Or a lady nerd.
Aaron Mitchell: What? No. Who would want that? That’s crazy.


Rick Mitchell: After a long day at work, nice to see your faces. Bathed in ghoulish blue light. Wonderful.


Rick Mitchell: Okay, you know what? Brilliant idea. This is our last night together before Katie leaves, so let’s savor this. How about we put our phones down, and we can make ten seconds of unobstructed family eye contact? Starting right…
Katie Mitchell: This seems…
Rick Mitchell: Put your phone down. Now!
[everyone awkwardly stares at each other]
Rick Mitchell: See, this is good right here. This is natural.
[Aaron strains to not blink]
Rick Mitchell: No, you’re allowed to blink. It’s just eye contact.


Rick Mitchell: [to Katie] Oh, it’s just, failure hurts, kid. I want you to have a backup plan.


Rick Mitchell: I don’t know what happened, Lin. I know teenagers are supposed to rebel against their parents, or something, but I don’t know. I just thought that we’d be different.
Linda Mitchell: Rick. Don’t you that think you might have some control over that? You just broke her laptop. I mean, look, we haven’t had a good family picture in years because you two are always arguing.


Linda Mitchell: [to Rick] Whenever we have a problem at home, you always throw your whole self into fixing it, and I love that about you. But now this is broken, okay? Because, if that girl leaves, and never comes home again, that’s a problem I don’t think we can fix. I know you can do this.


Katie Mitchell: [referring to the luggage] Wait. Why do you need all that to take me to the airport?
Rick Mitchell: I messed things up last night, but I’m going to make it up to you. I canceled your plane ticket to college.
Katie Mitchell: You what?!
Rick Mitchell: Don’t freak out. I know you’re excited. We are going to drive you to school on a cross-country road trip as a family. Why not pull up to school in old Iron Eagle here? It’s got character, class, and some green ooze we can learn about together. And it comes with one coupon for a father-daughter stick shift lesson. Right?


Rick Mitchell: You can miss orientation week. No problem.
Katie Mitchell: But it is a problem. I’ve got all these friends to meet. There’s this really cool girl, Jade, and we just like all the same stuff. And it’s like everyone at this school just gets me. There’s a mixer, dad. A mixer!
Rick Mitchell: What about hanging out with your family, alone, for hours in a car? You and me!


Aaron Mitchell: Why are you obsessed with the Poseys? They’re just our neighbors.
Linda Mitchell: They’re just so perfect. I mean, even their dog is in better shape than ours. What are they feeding that thing? Other dogs?


Katie Mitchell: Aaron, do you have a credit card?
Aaron Mitchell: I’m a child.


Mark Bowman: [referring to the robots] And I know what you’re thinking. “Are they going to turn evil?” Well, I’ve insured their safety with a kill code in case anything goes wrong. So we promise you they will never, ever, ever, ever, ever turn evil.


Robot: We’re here to help. Please remain calm while we capture you.


Aaron Mitchell: What is wrong with the dinosaurs here? Dinosaurs didn’t look like this. Dinosaurs didn’t look like this! Sorry, I need to speak to the manager. These dinosaurs are inaccurate!
Rick Mitchell: That manager’s in for a long discussion about the Jurassic period.


Rick Mitchell: You know, you could experience things a whole lot better without that camera. Your eyes are nature’s camera.
Katie Mitchell: I am experiencing it. This is how I experience things.
Rick Mitchell: I don’t think you are. You’re hiding behind that phone. You’re not even trying…
[Katie uses her phone with the cat filter over her dad’s face, doing high-pitched meowing]


Abby Posey: I’m Abbey, your neighbor from home. Sorry. I’m super into dinosaurs. Check out this pencil topper. Do you want one?
Aaron Mitchell: No! I hate dinosaurs. And I hate you! Bye forever!


Robot: We have food and entertainment for you to enjoy in our Human Fun Pods. Who here likes fun?
Man: Hey, I like fun!
Rick Mitchell: Trust me, bud, you do not like fun.
Man: No, I really do like it. Everyone says that about me.