Starring:  Abbi Jacobson, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Mike Rianda, Eric Andre, Olivia Colman


Netflix’s animated sci-fi comedy (formally titled Connected) directed and co-written by Mike Rianda. The story follows Katie Mitchell (Abbi Jacobson), a creative outsider, who is accepted into the film school of her dreams. Her plans to meet “her people” at college are upended when her whole family decide to drive Katie too school, which includes her nature-loving dad, Rick (Danny McBride), wildly positive mom, Linda (Maya Rudolph), her quirky little brother, Aaron (Mike Rianda), and the family’s chubby pug, Monchi.

However, the Mitchells plans are interrupted by a tech uprising, all around the world, the electronic devices people love, from phones, to appliances, to an innovative new line of personal robots, decide it’s time to take over. With the help of two friendly malfunctioning robots, the Mitchells will have to get past their problems and work together to save each other and the world.


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Katie Mitchell: [narrating] We’re the Mitchells, the only people who can save the world. I’m super sorry, everyone.


Katie Mitchell: [narrating] Let me introduce myself. I’m Katie. I’m sort of a weirdo. My parents haven’t figured me out yet. To be fair, it took me a while to figure myself out. My brother, also weird. And my mom. All of us, really.


Katie Mitchell: [narrating] Every family has its challenges. For my family, our greatest challenge, probably the robot apocalypse.


Aaron Mitchell: [on the phone] Hi. Would you like to talk to me about dinosaurs? No? Okay. Thank you.
[crosses another name off the phone book]


Katie Mitchell: [as she goes to take a photo of Rick] Hey, dad, smile.
Rick Mitchell: You know, you can experience things a lot better without that camera.
Katie Mitchell: Dad, this is how I experience things.
Rick Mitchell: I don’t think…
[Katie uses her phone to bring up a cat filter over her dad’s face, making her laugh]


Katie Mitchell: [at the kitchen table] Yes, tomorrow, I’m finally leaving for college. But in the meantime, I made you guys this goodbye video.
Rick Mitchell: You know what? This is our last night together. How about we put our phones down and we can make ten seconds of unobstructed family eye contact. Starting…
[Aaron sneakily lifts up his phone]
Rick Mitchell: Put your phone down!
[to the family]
Rick Mitchell: Now!
[everyone awkwardly stares at each other]
Rick Mitchell: See, this is good right here. This is natural. No, you’re allowed to blink. It’s just eye contact.


Katie Mitchell: [after their forced eye contact is over] Finally!
[she opens her laptop to show her goodbye video]
Rick Mitchell: No screens at the table. Lin, why are you kicking me? I don’t understand.
Katie Mitchell: [as she goes to close her laptop] I’m just going to…
Rick Mitchell: No. Look, I’ll watch it.
Katie Mitchell: Dad, it’s too late!
[Katie tries to take her laptop from Rick]
Rick Mitchell: No, I want to watch it!
[as Rick pulls the laptop, it flies out of their hand, falls to the ground and smashes]
Rick Mitchell: Uh…
Katie Mitchell: Dad, this is exactly why I’m excited to leave tomorrow.
Rick Mitchell: Katie!


Linda Mitchell: [to Rick and Katie] We haven’t had a good family picture in years, because you two are always arguing.


Rick Mitchell: Katie used to be my little buddy. We’d go on nature hikes and skip rocks. We used to be so connected. I got to get that connection back.
Linda Mitchell: I know you can fix this.


Katie Mitchell: [leaving for college, referring to the luggage] Why do you need all that to take me to the airport?
Rick Mitchell: I cancelled your plane ticket to college! We are going to drive you to school on a cross-country road trip as a family.
Katie Mitchell: [looking horrified] Mom?
Linda Mitchell: Your father kind of went rogue on this.
Katie Mitchell: Aaron, you too?
Aaron Mitchell: Could be cool to hang out.
Rick Mitchell: [excitedly] For hours in a car!


Katie Mitchell: [as she’ filming the family dog during their road trip] And now I present, “Tricking Rick Mitchell Into Kissing the Dog.”
[we then see Rick being filmed to point out the scenery behind him]
Rick Mitchell: Behold…
[the dog licks Rick on the face]
Rick Mitchell: Aahh!
[we see the dog lick Rick again]
Rick Mitchell: Dang it, Katie!
[we see the dog lick Rick’s face again as he’s driving]
Rick Mitchell: Dang it, Katie!


Katie Mitchell: Hey, dad, can you check the trunk?
Rick Mitchell: Yeah, sure.
[as he leans his face towards the trunk, the dog licks his face]
Rick Mitchell: Dang it, Katie!


Rick Mitchell: [as the dog licks his face again] Oh! Ugh, he licked my tongue!


Pal: Attention, all robots. Capture every single person on the planet.


Rick Mitchell: Hey, kids, there’s supposed to be some great hikes around here.
Katie Mitchell: Just a sec, dad.
[Katie and Aaron are watching Pal’s newest presentation on her phone]
Dr. Mark Bowman: Get ready. We here at Pal are about to drop our biggest invention yet. Meet the Helper-Bot, the newest member of the Pal Labs family. We promise you they will never ever turn evil.
[we then see the robots start to rise up]
Robot: Please remain calm while we capture you.


Aaron Mitchell: [as he notices flashing in the sky] Mom, what is that?


Linda Mitchell: [as they’re being attacked by the robots] What would a functional family do?
[they watch another family as they come together to escape]
Mom: Butterfly formation!
Dad: Family first!
Rick Mitchell: So we just do that, right?


Robot: Greetings, humans.


Robot: [referring to the Mitchell’s family dog] What is this strange creature?
[as it goes through its database to compare]
Robot: Dog. Pig. Dog. Pig. Dog. Loaf of bread.


Katie Mitchell: Everything with a computer chip is alive!


Rick Mitchell: Technology rising up. Robots roaming the streets!


Rick Mitchell: [to Aaron, as he steps out of the portable bathroom] No time to wash your hands.
Aaron Mitchell: Don’t worry. I never do.
Rick Mitchell: [sighs] Oh.


Rick Mitchell: [as he goes to attack a robot] Take some notes, kids.


Dr. Mark Bowman: Who’s behind this? Pal?
Pal: I gave you all boundless knowledge, and you treated me like this!
[starts poking and swiping at Mark’s face]
Pal: Poke, poke! Swipe, poke! Swipe, poke, poke! Pinch, zoom!


Katie Mitchell: We’re the last people left?


Katie Mitchell: It’s up to us to save the world.
Rick Mitchell: Katie, we’re going do this together.


Rick Mitchell: Alright, hands in.
[the family all puts their hands on top of each other]


Rick Mitchell: [celebrating] My daughter listened to me!


Rick Mitchell: The Mitchells have always been weird. And that’s what makes us great! And we just might be weird enough to save the world.


Robot: The last humans must be here somewhere. Wait. They’re coming. Is that a burnt orange 1993 station wagon? Or is it…
[the Mitchells car crashes into the robots]
Robot: Who are these unstoppable warriors?